Are you looking to improve your marketing campaign with email marketing templates?

Standing out among the 30 million businesses in the United States is important. Doing so allows you to have the edge when it comes to the customer’s decision on which brands to do business with. Failing to do this means that your brand gets lost in the vast ocean of businesses.

If you want your business to thrive, coming up with a marketing campaign is the way to do so. Email marketing is a popular choice because it’s easy to pull off and isn’t as high-maintenance as other marketing strategies. Because of this trait, though, other businesses are likely to use email marketing tactics, too.

To make your emails stand out, use these templates in your marketing campaign! Read on and check them out today!

1. Constant Contact

Constant Contact offers a large array of templates for you to use. This is perfect if your brand is flexible in its tone. You can be warm and welcoming in one email, then you can switch to a professional template to promote your knowledge about your field.

What’s great about Constant Contact is that it has some categories for you to choose from. There’s the “Announcements” category for when you need to convey a message to your audience. This is useful if your business is going under maintenance for a while and you need to let customers know what to expect.

There are even templates for Newsletters available for you to use. These are handy if you want to relay valuable information to your subscribers. Speaking of subscribers, there are even Thank You templates available.

You can use this template together with a bot to send emails to your new subscribers. Thanking them for subscribing is a great way to increase the success of your campaign. This is because it makes the customer feel more involved with your brand.

With this many templates to use, you’re sure to have an easier time sending your emails. You can also employ the services of this website to help you validate all the mail you’re sending:

2. Mailchimp

Do you want to have more control over how your emails look? Mailchimp can help you with this issue! They provide over 100 templates for you to choose from for your emails.

What’s great about it is that Mailchimp allows you to customize these templates. This means that you can adjust your emails to fit your liking. This is important if you’ve established a brand identity beforehand.

Most brands find themselves forced into a specific layout because of the common email templates. This often makes the emails look off and stray from their brand’s identity. It’s a surefire way to make customers make them as spam as they often think it’s from fake accounts or hackers.

With the customizability that Mailchimp offers, you’re sure to avoid this issue. You will be able to create your own emails that will engage your audience your way.

3. ZOHO Campaigns

Do you want to ensure the success of your email marketing campaign? ZOHO Campaigns can help you with that. This is thanks to the extensive template choices it offers for you to use.

What’s great about ZOHO Campaigns is that it has an A/B testing system, too. This is a way for you to test out different email formats and such. It will help you discover which format or content will work better with your audience.

The platform also offers you analytics to help you get a more accurate reading on your marketing campaign. This way, if you find something that causes people to stop reading your emails, you can fix it right away. It’s a surefire way to increase the success rate of your email marketing campaign.

Another great thing about ZOHO is that it offers a separate category for business emails. These templates ensure that you sound as professional as you can be when sending them. It’s a great way to build your brand as an expert in the field.

The platform even offers a subscription package for you. Paying for it can allow you to send 12,000 emails per month. It’s a great way to make sure your future emails are all uniform when sent to your readers.

4. EmailOut

If you like the email plan that ZOHO Campaign offers, but can’t afford it, then consider EmailOut. This service allows you to send 12,500 emails per month. You can even choose up to 2,500 users from your email list to send it to.

This is useful if you’re sending out blog posts to your readers on the regular. This is also among the reasons why content marketing and email marketing go hand in hand.

The moment a reader subscribes to your mailing list, they’re showing interest in your service/product. It’s important to capitalize on that interest by sending emails until they do business with you.

This is a form of remarketing that allows you to increase the conversion rates per email. It’s a great way to generate leads while gaining new customers. You only need a good CTA to seal the deal in your emails.

5. Cakemail

Do you like editing your templates? If so, then Cakemail is the platform for you. They allow you to download your templates to edit on your own. By doing this, your brand identity stands and you’ll create your emails to your liking.

This is also great if you plan on capitalizing on the growing SEO trend that revolves around mobile devices. All the templates follow a responsive design, which means it’s compatible with mobile devices. This way, your customers won’t have any problem opening your emails on their phones.

You can also have a Cakemail editor do the job for you. This is a useful feature if you’re not familiar with code languages. This feature is only available with their premium package, though.

6. Benchmark

Benchmark is an all-in-one tool that can help you get your marketing campaign started. The platform has a starter package that allows 14,000 emails to 2,000 users. It also offers free A/B testing and good email targetting.

Using Benchmark is a great way to start off your business. The free package is good enough for you to increase your reach.

Once the free starter plan is over, though, you need to pay to use their services. What’s great is that there are some added automaton features when you opt for the premium package.

7. Mailjet

If you’re only catering to a small audience, Mailjet is a good option for you. This allows you to send up to 200 emails a day for an entire month. This will total to around 6,000 emails every month.

What’s great about Mailjet is that they include an advanced statistics feature. This should help you keep your audience happier and more interested in your emails. With the small number of followers you have, it’s important to keep everyone interested.

8. Email Octopus

This is a good choice if you manage a lot of email accounts. You can send unlimited emails to 2,500 users without any issue. You only need to create an account to use this feature.

If you don’t want to make an account, though, you can still use 11 free templates. The only feature locked behind a paywall is the automated functions feature. If you’re meticulous enough, though, you can manage all your emails without it.

9. ActiveCampaign

If you’re a brand that’s looking to use lots of colors on their templates, consider ActiveCampaign. It has lots of templates that you can use for personal or business purposes. These have tons of designs, layouts, and color schemes for you to use.

This is a great choice for you if you care about how your emails represent your brand. What’s great is that ActiveCampaign allows you to edit their designs to fit your liking.

This is another great choice if you’re still building your brand. Using these elements and colors can help you reach out to the right audiences.

10. Litmus

If you have coding experience prior to your marketing campaign, then you will enjoy what Litmus has to offer. This software allows you to automate your email marketing process. This way, your readers won’t mark your emails as spam as often.

What’s great is that Litmus also gives you analytics for your campaign. This allows the campaign to scale as it goes on.

Speaking of scalability, Litmus also helps you with this. This is because it has features that will help you become more productive. This is thanks to the reusable templates and task lists to keep you on track with your campaign.

Use These Email Marketing Templates Today

Do you want your email marketing campaign to succeed while exerting minimal effort in making each email? Check out these email marketing templates and get the best ones now! Use them to define your brand and create amazing emails today!

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