Hand-drawn animation has got a fantastic number of admirers in the designing world. Hand drawn art provides an original taste to the work, in this case, a slide. The most basic examples of animation drawn by hand are the sketched flipbook cartoon. The hand-drawn wonder gives us the feel of pictures and images moving freely when every page is flipped through. The hand-drawn animated videos are now a thing in the business precinct worldwide.

One thought per frame: How the hand-drawn animated videos are advantageous?

Hand-drawn animated videos are standard these days for not only for entertainment but also in the business sector.

While scrolling down the Facebook or YouTube every day, you will come across videos that showcase graphics that look like manually created accompanied by a voice that explains each slide. Brands love the technique of motion graphics in their branding videos not only because they are attractive, but also because they are economical and cost-efficient. The hand-drawn animation videos are, therefore, ideal for the companies who want to spread their brand name most interestingly and what better than animation? The time these videos take to be created are short, the message they reflect are crisp and polished and hence they click to the masses instantly.

So, when should you use the hand-drawn style of animation?

Hand-drawn animation is one of those styles of video creation that works the best with specific marketing goals amidst particular audiences. For making it simple, he we are laying the business situations where a brand needs to choose manually drawn images for marketing videos:

1. For B2B and B2C Companies

Both of these companies work with complex ideas of products and services that they elucidate to the clients, partners and most importantly, customers. Hand-drawn animation video unwinds the most critical concepts of a brand and couples them with impressive storytelling techniques for reinforcing the message lucidly.

2. When the audience needs to be enlightened with a new concept

Here, the manually drawn images, coupled with exciting voice-over techniques that will teach and enlighten the target audience about a new idea of service and product with the maximum engagement.

3. Want humor? Manually drawn animation can help

The best part about manually drawn animations is that by choosing it, you broaden the scope for your brand to go witty and creative by building audience engagement through entertainment.

4. Customized touch increases the faith

Hand drawn animated slides make the marketing video trustworthy of the brand’s creative approach. The audience will put more confidence in the brand as they will be able to feel more connected.

5. Usage of animated characters gets easier

This is another benefit of using manual drawings for videos. Each and every person out there loves animated characters and every brand has the creative liberty to create and use their brand mascot who can give a face and voice to the brand’s marketing collaterals as well.

6. When you need some extra explaining to do

Need more space to explain something? Hand-drawn animated videos will do just the job. You may want to talk more about your brand or the service or product that you are offering. Just like the tutorial videos available on the internet like how-to’s and what is…The engagement from it is unparalleled.

Here we present to you some of the finest hand-drawn animation examples:

The Oracle manually created animation video

This video is a modern warehouse management solution that is designed for supporting the complex fulfillment operations. This video provides the visibility of inventory right from the distribution center to the store shelves, hence helping the companies to increase shipment and inventory accuracy, improve customer satisfaction and then reducing the fulfillment expenses.

Manually drawn animated video from Tata Capital

Established in the year 2007, the sole aim of the company is to provide transparent and focused financial solutions so that people can realize their dreams. The company is the subsidiary of the iconic Tata Sons Limited and is a housing finance fir. This video comprising of the hand-drawn slides conveys how Tata Capital is functional and useful in meeting people’s housing, home renovation and land loans. Have a look.

Live2Support Hand Drawn Animation

A global player in the online customer support solutions, Live2Support solutions provide an unparalleled range of on-demand live chat support to more than a hundred companies around the world. This video comprising of hand-drawn images introduces the audience to the concept of real-time support solving the customer queries in a jiffy.

High point hand-drawn video

This company provides solutions that help address the potential security risks before they turn into a real issue; later on, giving security options that are tailored specifically designed for meeting the business needs. Their animation video presents an excellent narrative that reciprocates the company as an attractive package against for venture’s data protection.

IDTechEx Hand drawn video

The company offers independent market research and business intelligence services on emerging technologies to companies across the value chain so that they can make crucial strategic business decisions. This video talks about IDTechEx’s core functions and services.

Modern Construction Service Video

This online construction company provides quick and convenient project engineering services that remove the need of hiring an estimator, submittal reviewer, on-staff drawing renderer and controller of the documents. This video below is the ultimate example of the brand’s all services.

Verint manually drawn marketing video

This enterprise feedback management firm is a robust mean of collecting, analyzing and working on the customer feedback amidst all available channels. It enables its audience to capture all customer input from multiple communicative platforms while providing cross-channel reporting and analysis. This video is all about its services.

360 factors hand-drawn video

This is a cloud-based compliance management software that improves the business performance by reducing the risk. This company offers consulting services in multiple sectors like operational risk management, health and safety, expert testimony, engineering and geology and many more. The simple hand-drawn animation video below reflects effective and comprehensive solutions to compliance management offered by the brand.

Understanding the nitty-grities of drawing animation:

Hand-drawn animation videos serve a lot of purposes, right from selling, adding brand value and depth to the venture’s intention to aware its audience. These videos are majorly implemented in the landing pages of websites where the brand can easily pitch what the audience wants to see and hear. Alongside the landing page, manually drawn animated videos are also put up on the YouTube, Facebook and other such social media platforms.

While uploading on the landing page, the brand can exceed the industry standard of duration, i.e., 90 seconds. Later on, this 90-second rule mandatorily applies when the purpose reaches the prospects. In the case of the landing page, you can put your full faith in the manually drawn slide videos that are of 2 to 3 minutes in duration. Remember, people have clicked on to the landing page only after they had generated interest from your previous ones. So make good use of the advantage that you have with manually drawn animated videos.

Professional Video Making Agency: The assistant you need

Your company may specialize in offering any products or services, but to make it big in the race, there is no better alternative than video marketing. Don’t choose the best hand-drawn animation software for creating videos by your own with the help of paper animation tutorial available on the net. It is the most significant risk that you can ever take in the fierce competition. Self-created or template backed videos are not unique, so there is a chance that your marketing slide might have the same hand-drawn animation after effects as other videos of other companies. The professional video was making agencies come as the best aid in this case as they have the right knowledge and experience of the competitive market and they also know the secret sauce that your brand requires to shine among the hundreds.