Videos are one of the most intriguing mediums of communicative marketing tools today. They are the best story-telling devices and have been used by almost all businesses to inform, engage and persuade their potential customers. However, besides using them as explainer videos or social media videos, did you know you can use videos as a design element too? Yes, videos on homepage are the answer. Homepage videos improve your business website, stimulate senses of your target audience instantly and help you stay relevant across all devices. In addition to that, these videos can invoke an emotional response from your potential clients and you can see longer staying times.

Our article is designed to let you know the several benefits of adding videos on homepage of your website:

1. Establish a Strong Brand Personality

Needless to say, visibility matters a lot today. It is the age of fighting for prominence amidst tough competitors. But you can’t stand out in the strife if you are not unique. To become one-of-a-kind you need to establish a strong brand personality. Adding videos to the homepage describes your character to your target audience. Embedded videos are a great way of displaying your company culture in a more appealing and modern way. Your visitors would understand your business persona and decide how you are different than others within the industry. They can easily relate to what you are trying to convey and build a long-lasting emotional connection with you.

2. Homepage Videos Boost SEO

Website homepage videos can be a stimulating SEO (search engine optimization) act to rank better in Google. Websites with embedded video have an increased chance of featuring on the front page listing on Google. Visual communication is said to have a considerable impact on a large number of audience. Reports published in have confirmed that 88% of visitors prefer to adhere to a site when there are videos on the homepage.


3. Entertains and Engages Potential Customers

Homepages are the first things in a website that a site visitor comes across. Through these they form the first impression of the website. Hence, it’s necessary to craft a delightful experience for them. Adding videos to your homepage is the best way to engage your audience with your brand. Website with video background serves a two-way purpose- one, it is informative and two it is entertaining. Such a site has the quality of captivating your audience both actively and passively. There’s no denying the fact that your target audience gets fully involved with your brand. Thus they spend more time on your site and actively participate with your value proposition and call to action.

4. Increases Credibility and Trustworthiness of the Brand

Do you portray a credible and reliable image to your customers? If not then take the opportunity of homepage videos. The best use of video on website is to increase your brand credibility and promote trustworthiness. Focus on creating an interactive video website, set up a live streaming event and ask your customers to participate, let them ask questions about the services/products and explain to them how your product/service can solve their problems. These endeavors of yours are quite beneficial because it will turn skeptical buyers to rely on your brand above others.

5. Widens Your Reach and Increases Your Visibility

Embedding videos on your website naturally give your site an SEO boost. As adding videos on the homepage gives your website an improved search engine ranking more and more people can see you and spend more time on your site compared to your competitors’. Videos are more shareable which means other communities and companies will share your content. When a visitor learns about your brand and gets satisfied he/she talks about it and shares his/her experience to the acquaintances and this way you accomplish your goal and spread your brand name to a large group of people.

6. Homepage Videos Double Lead Conversion

Needless to say, the primary goal of creating a website is to drive traffic and find potential customers. To do this, you must be searching for unique ways to increase regular visits to your website, video on the homepage does it for you. You can’t afford to lose prospective clients once they come, you need to keep your site visitors stick to your website. Incorporating videos on the homepage would expose your value proposition to the potential customers and further encourage them to take specific buying actions. Homepage videos are a great way to get people to regularly visit your website because they simplify the product benefits and communicate those to the audience in an exciting, attractive and interesting way.


7. Conveys Your Message Instantly To the Target Audience

Now we know that people have a lower attention span, lesser than a goldfish. And this attitude of your website visitors makes them skim through a site that presents information textually. In fact, most of the time they miss important messages you might have tried to convey and your purpose is not achieved and you continuously lose prospective customers. Well, there’s a solution to this problem. If you want your website visitors to digest every bit of information you share, introducing videos can make it faster than information they read. Videos are undoubtedly an excellent complement to your copy and will strengthen your message overall.

Take a look at the finest examples of videos on homepage:

  • Rypple: Cloud Computing-Based Management Platform

Rypple, is a platform that is ideal for managers and employees to improve performance. The company displays its video on the homepage as an introduction to the problem it promises to solve and its benefits. The company says that it has seen an incredible increase in conversions. Clients have agreed that this video tells a story that they can easily relate to and understand its purpose.

  • Wishpond: Marketing Automation and Lead Generation Platform

Wishpond has embedded video on its website to give its web visitors an opportunity to understand it better. The company takes visitors through the day of a marketer using their platform. The video has been created practically to make every marketer know how he/she would benefit from using the platform.

Go Pro, the leader that offers high quality action camera. This small, versatile and lightweight device is available with a waterproof casing. There’s an incredibly engaging video on its homepage. The video lets the viewers enjoy the camera itself in a variety of unusual situations from another Go Pro.

Rounding off

Are you still baffled whether considering videos for your website homepage is worthy or not? The advantages of using videos mentioned above hopefully answers all your queries for sure. Finally, we can conclude there are enough reasons of using videos in web design. A video is the present; it’s the future too. Hence to strive in the competition as a marketer you need to align yourself with the recent trends, i.e. embedding videos on your homepage.