Are you interested in running a successful business? Well, this requires a lot of determination and hard work. You also have to employ the right techniques, and you have the latest tools. An example is the ERP software; it helps you in managing business operations, lowering costs and improving customer service. There are many other reasons to employ the right ERP software in your business.

What is ERP software?


ERP software is a handy tool for all businesses. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a type of software utilized by most companies. It’s beneficial in the management of the day-to-day activities such as;


  • Accounting,
  • Procurement
  • Project management
  • Risk management
  • Compliance
  • Supply chain operations.


The software also integrates planning, marketing, finance, human resources and purchasing. It enables the smooth running of a company with a single system. And this makes the processes less laborious. How does the software work? ERP applications intensify communication in a company. It allows communication between the different departments through the sharing of information. 


ERP software also gathers data about the business’s activities, and avail it to other divisions within the company. It enhances access to information and keeps a company updated on all the key processes.


What are the features of the best ERP solution?


ERP software helps streamline business processes and is one of the most powerful data management tools. However, choosing the best solution can be daunting. When I was seeking the best automation solution for my business, I was rather spoilt for choice. But, Appvizer guided me on the best way to streamline processes in my business. I then learnt about ERP and chose the most suitable solution for my needs.


 Key features to check out for include;


Integration: The best ERP ensures that its different capabilities work harmoniously allowing you to regulate and manage most of the data-driven tasks. 


Automation-The ability to computerize tedious tasks within a business is vital. The software should perform challenging tasks such as order entry, invoicing, reporting, payroll and many more.


Data analysis: ERP assists in the collection of data from different departments within your business. But how well can it interpret the data? The best ERP solution should find trends and patterns in your business processes. And this will help in making the right decisions.


Ease of reporting: Your ERP should feature tools such as pie charts, bar graphs, customizable dashboards and visual representations to help present your data in the best way possible. It should also allow for the protection of sensitive data.


Accounting: Go for ERP solution with robust accounting tools. It will help in the management of accounts payable, fixed asset management, risk and tax management and many more.


How will ERP solution benefit your business?


ERP software is the best solution for entrepreneurs that wish to scale growth in their business. It comes with numerous perks and can reshape the future of your venture in various ways.

Although it may come with a high price tag, it’s evident that the benefits of integrating such a solution in your business are immense. These are;


1. Cost reduction

Implementing ERP in your business operations can significantly lower business costs. And this is particularly true if your business operates different manual processes. It supports efficient inventory management which enhances accuracy in shipping processes through lowering costs related to lost merchandise, lost inventory and customer service costs. 


What’s more? ERP comes with different tools to help you in foretelling your client’s purchasing patterns and behavior. With such information, you can decrease dead stock and lower the cost associated with holding inventory. It’s also worth stating that ERP impacts the accounting department in any business. Automating accounting processes saves time and money that would instead be used in manual procedures.


2. Enhanced customer service& Satisfaction


Installing ERP software in your business permits the storage of information in a single database. It streamlines operations across all the department, making it possible for workers to access data. For instance, employees can easily access information on sales, inventory to make more versed decisions. Such information comes in handy when serving clients; it saves time and leaves customers satisfied by prompt services. 


3. More growth opportunities


With ERP, you can collect useful customer data, making it easier to plan for the future of your business growth. For this reason, it’s advisable to choose software that will still be useful as your business grows. The best software should feature advanced functionalities for bigger database size and higher transaction volumes.


4. Improved data security


Modern ERP systems come with attractive yet advanced functionalities to enhance data security in a business. For instance, it features advanced user-permission settings and is more robust and secure to guard your Excel sheets and Google documents. Moreover, you can alter the user permissions settings to protect your sensitive data from unauthorized users.


5. Informed business decisions


The latest ERP systems feature all the necessary applications to standardize your data. It also has inbuilt tools that you can use to forecast the future accurately. It acts as a one-stop-shop for all your business performance indicators. Besides, you can use the data generated to make the best decisions to benefit your business.


6. Increase revenue generation


 ERP system streamlines daily operations. It allows workers more time to engage in other activities to generate revenue. For instance, the software can drive reports without requiring complex spreadsheets. It will also automatically link the daily sales to your accounting system. 


7. Accessibility


Technological advances happen each day, and ERP systems have evolved. Nowadays, most sellers offer applications for mobile devices that provide enhanced flexibility and access. As such, you can handle key business processes from anywhere. You can as well choose your software from the various niche vendors to match your needs and budget.


The latest ERP systems are easy to use and offer updates in real-time.

Some of the critical (key performance indicator) KPIs are;


  • Sales
  • Web traffic
  • Revenue
  • Customer acquisitions


The bottom line


Now that you know the benefits associated with ERP software for your business, it’s time to upgrade from those manual processes. One thing, though! Acquire your ERP system from a reputed seller and choose the best ERP solution for your business needs. Remember, ERP software is somewhat costly, and you want to get the best quality for your business.


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