Every new startup should have a strategy to win their first few sales. Like any business, startups have to have traffic.

In 2020, blogging is one of the best ways to drive that traffic. After all, 86 percent of content marketers consider blogging their number one medium.

If you’re not sure where to start, you’ll need to focus your approach and use the high point scientific telescope technique to help you.

The High Point Scientific Telescope Technique

When you’re creating a blog, getting some perspective can help you organize your thoughts.

First, laser focus your sights on the intention of your blog. Look at the best parts of your startup like you’re looking through a High Point Scientific telescope and examine your goals. What do you hope to achieve?

In terms of marketing and driving sales, there’s an open list of goals to consider. Blogs are most commonly used for

  • Customer retention
  • Affiliate marketing sales
  • Building email lists
  • Promotion for Local Products and Services

Blogs help you drive free traffic to your site. If you’ve got something to sell, a blog can direct your audience to whatever you’re selling.

Information that’s helpful and free always increases the value of your brand. That’s exactly what blogs are designed for. Here are some blogging ideas to get you started.


A Frequently Asked Questions section can be some of your blog’s best content. In fact, it’s so useful that even Google uses it. Just below your search results on Google, you’ll find a “People Also Ask” tab.

This helps Google users find trends in resources or information in one place. Ultimately, FAQs centralize popular information. Using them can increase your SEO and bring new users to your blog.

Top 10 Lists

Nothing keeps an audience reading your blog like suspense. Top 10s are lists that rank items based on your own criteria and build suspense for the final item.

If you simply want to maintain your reader’s attention, suspenseful top 10 lists are the way to go. They can be both informative and entertaining, no matter what your product or service is.


Reviews are designed to inform your reader about certain products and services. They work well for tech blogs because users can see a product’s realistic performance before making a purchase.

If you’re in the affiliate marketing tech niche, reviewing products is also a good way to establish trust between you and your readers. Users are always looking for customer experiences to inform their buying decision.

Instead of visiting sites like Reddit, your users can visit your blog to find the answers they need.

How-to Guides

There’s a sea of how-to tutorials and information on Google. The reason is that they’re highly successful pieces of content. Like FAQs, how-to guides can increase your SEO because more people at a time search for that information.

You can also use how-to guides to promote your products and services. For example, an eCommerce store with a blog can show users how to solve a problem by explaining how a product or service works.

Buying Guides

Buying guides are also some of the most helpful tools you can implement on your blog. If you sell something, a buying guide should be one of your first pieces of content.

It uses authoritative recommendations to help customers make more informed and efficient decisions about what to buy.

In other words, they make buying easier for the customer and selling easier for you.

Using the High Point Scientific Perspective

Ready to start trying some of these ideas?

Remember that these ideas are only as good as your product, services and goals. Without focusing your goals like a High Point Scientific telescope, you’ll have a hard time establishing a relationship with your audience.

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