Infographics are fundamental to any effective marketing strategy. They engage your audience by informing and entertaining them at the same time. Using free infographic makers can help position your company as an industry leader.

The better your infographic ideas are, the more people will count on you to post fun and informative content. The only problem is that they can be expensive and intensive to make. Luckily, there are free infographic makers to take the trouble out of making the informative visuals.

In fact, there are a lot of them. There are so many free design tools available to you; it can be challenging to choose the right one. Keep reading below if you’re still trying to figure out which free infographic maker is right for you.

1. Piktochart Makes Infographics Fun

Piktochart bridges the gap between experienced professionals and new designers. With it, you can design your next hit post in a matter of minutes. All you need is the research to back up your infographic and half the work of making an infographic will already be done.

It features professional-grade templates you can use to produce hard-hitting materials. Just fill in the blanks with whatever content you want to and your infographic will be ready to post. It can export your infographic in practically any format you may need.

And if you ever want to upgrade from the free version, the option will always be there. However, you won’t need to pay to access its powerful tools.


2. Canva Shows the Power of Free Infographic Makers

Canva has empowered average businesses to design logos and infographics that resonate with their audiences. Its power doesn’t come from its extensive toolset and professional-grade templates, even if it does have those too. Instead, Canva is great because it’s simple to use.

It features a drag-and-drop interface which practically anyone can master in minutes. As long as you have a mouse and a computer, you can create an infographic from scratch. It also features a library of professional images and clipart to help you create a fun and informative infographic.

You can also upgrade your account to access a similarly extensive library of templates.


3. Google Charts Can Help Chart Your Design

Platforms that help you prepare unique and striking infographics are great, but they don’t always adjust the information you want to post about. That’s where Google Charts comes in.

Even though it lacks the extensive design tools that other platforms have, it can help you in different ways. With Google Charts, you can quickly and easily adjust data in real time. Its dynamic data tool links directly to the data that Google maintains.

That means you can prepare infographics about search trends or general interest around specific subjects. And once you prepare it the first time, you’ll never have to worry about it again since it will always stay updated.

4. Biteable Makes Your Creativity Big

Biteable enables the creative heads to make HQ video or motion infographics that are easily shareable on Twitter, YouTube & Facebook. The video infographics are, without a doubt, engaging and the pre-stored soundtrack in the software makes the content n audio-visual treat.


5. Visme Lets You Speak Visually

Build excellently appealing infographics on any subject with Visme. The free infographic tool comprises of nearly 100 free fonts, millions of free images, thousands of quality icons and innumerable audio pieces.

This tool is amazingly unique as it allows the users to create their infographic content in just a few minutes. Visme‘s library database contains many pre-created assets that are quickly dropped and dragged in places of need. Even the non-designers can create their content with expertise.


6. Snappa Helps Amateurs To Work Like Experts

This is aimed at the non-designing creators who want to ‘whip-up’ something amazing in just less time as 10 minutes or so. It has a convenient drag and drop interface and the controlling of elements is easy as it seems. Snappa has preset templates that are pre-optimized to be used in the social media. The free packages permit nearly four to five downloads of high resolution and royalty free stock visuals.


7. Mind The Graph & Make Way For Creativity

This platform is exclusive for creating scientific visual contents. This free infographic makers website’s illustrations complement a majority of data right outside from the scientific papers. The free online infographic maker provides numerous infographic designs that have out of the box concept of visualization.

Mind The Graph has got thousands of icons that are used for livening up any journal paper. Also, you can edit your work on the move.


8. Kartograph Will Take Your Creativity To The Next Level

Kartograph is a map-based infographic website that is used to make free interactive and illustrative maps for data professionals. It is a convenient and straightforward framework that suits to the need of programmers and aforementioned data professionals to present their ideas in a jiffy.

Free Infographic Makers and then The Professional Agencies

You don’t need to invest in hundreds of dollars of software to make infographics. Free infographic makers are there to help you bolster your marketing strategy. They can be a valuable tool to help you lead your industry and spread your brand.

Thinking of a useful infographic can seem impossible. They’re vital to your overall marketing strategy, but they can also be tough to create. It’s an art to know the difference between good and bad infographics — one that takes skill.

For an infographic that is guaranteed to leave a mark in your industry, contact us here. Our team of experienced professionals knows good infographics from bad ones and will design a perfect one for you!