When logged in to your MaxBounty account, your Affiliate Manager’s contact info is displayed underneath their name in the top left corner. Here you’ll see their:

  • Phone number and extension
  • E-mail address
  • Skype handle

In the bottom right hand side, you can also click on a speech bubble over a red icon to open up the Tawk.to live chat application.

Although we recommend using all four of these methods for contacting your Affiliate Manager, knowing which to use based on what you need can improve response rate and efficiency.

We know your time is valuable. The quicker you get assistance, the quicker you can work on your campaigns.

Below, we went into detail on what each contact method offers and how to determine which you should use to reach your AM.


You should contact your Affiliate Manager by phone when you require an urgent response during MaxBounty operating hours. That’s because it’s the method of communication that can connect you to your AM in the shortest amount of time.

Vocal communication can also sometimes make explanations easier to understand.

Best used for:

  • Urgent tracking issues
  • Technical concerns
  • If you need assistance on a variety of items


You should contact your Affiliate Manager by e-mail when you require a detailed response on an issue that isn’t of immediate urgency. An e-mail should also be sent if for whatever reason you’re unable to reach your AM by phone.

E-mail is a great option because it ensures you have an easily accessible written record of your conversation with your Affiliate Manager. This is useful if the assistance you need from your AM is something you think you may re-visit again.

Best used for:

  • Suggested campaigns to promote
  • Problem solving requests
  • General Guidance


Communication through Skype should be used for casual day-to-day inquiries. It’s also a better written form of correspondence than e-mail for urgent matters.

This is the best option if you think what you need to discuss will require some back and fourth conversation rather than a single question and answer.

Best used for:

  • Quick questions
  • Touching base
  • Following up on previous requests


We recommend that Tawk.to is primarily used for contacting your Affiliate Manager regarding your pending application. However, once you’re accepted into the network, it can be accessed in the Affiliate Dashboard and used for any contact need going forward.