The convenient nature of shopping online has made many online stores as popular as, or even more popular than their brick and mortar counterparts. This has enabled the rapid development and rise in popularity of affiliate marketing. However, the possibility to window shop and change one‘s mind after going on an online shopping spree has created a problem physical stores don‘t have. Imagine filling your cart in a store and leaving it without actually going through the cash register. is here to help you tackle the problem of affiliate marketing site abandonment.

Conversion rate optimization

While there is no foolproof way to make sure your leads convert into paying customers, there are some changes you can make to your website that will incentivize your audience to go through and complete the conversions. Making your site as easy, fun, and rewarding to use is the best way to get a higher conversion rate. Some of the steps you can take are

  • Capturing quality leads
  • Making the purchase process as short as possible
  • Adding incentives to purchase
  • Signaling safety
  • Keeping your audience engaged throughout the site
  • Using the knowledge you have about users
Illustration of multiple people exchanging ideas and using their computers.
Good conversion rate takes time and effort!

Target the right audience

The surest way to get the best converting offers is to make sure you are advertising to the right people. In other words, it is important to do some research before you even start promoting. This will help you in two ways. Firstly, it will prevent you from spending money on advertising to people who just aren‘t interested in the product. Secondly, a well placed and thought out ad can be that final push a person needs to actually go through with the conversion. Hence, your conversion rate will go up as well.

Affiliate Marketing Site Abandonment: No unnecessary steps

Most visitors prefer a short and sweet purchase process where they don‘t have to fill in a large number of fields. Think of it this way: Would you rather purchase something right away or do 20 push-ups before you can access the register in a store? Additionally, wouldn‘t you wonder why the store owner needs you to do that? Every additional unnecessary field means more annoyance for the customer, as well as more time to rethink if they really want to spend their hard-earned money.

your audience

Excluding luxury items, most audiences enjoy being able to save some money. That is why coupons and limited-time offers are such a great marketing option. Nothing can incentivize a person more to purchase something they already want than being able to do it with a lower price tag. In other words, this is a great tactic to boost your conversion rate. Additionally, you will be able to reach a larger audience, as offering coupons can attract people who are searching the internet for a good deal and may not have heard of your site previously.

Illustration of a computer with a hand holding a gift on the screen.
A coupon can do wonders!

Affiliate Marketing Site Abandonment: Trust signals

Making sure your audience knows you are not scamming them can drastically boost your conversions. You can manage this in two similar ways. The first one is reassuring potential buyers their data is safe with you through certifications. The second one is making sure they know they will get the product and that said product really works. You can achieve both by adding positive customer testimonials and reviews to your landing page.

Keep your visitors’ attention

Your entire site should be engineered with user experience in mind. You can apply this rule to the site‘s design, media you use, any text within your pages, and any other element. Here are some features you can add to your site to prevent users from leaving.

A pop up appears when users are about the leave the site while having items in their cart.

A time counter that shows how much time is left until the end of your limited time offer.

A chatbot that can answer frequently asked visitor questions.

Different visual media – photos, GIFs, animations, and videos that showcase the product‘s strongest traits.

Affiliate Marketing Site Abandonment: Remarketing

In most cases, putting an item into your cart means having the intention to buy it. Sometimes, however, people need more time to think about the purchase. This doesn‘t have to be bad, and you certainly don’t want to rush your visitors if they aren’t ready to commit. However, there is a possibility of them forgetting about the product or buying it elsewhere. Hence, remarketing is a great option in this case. In short, this means displaying different ads for the abandoned product to the user after some time, as to remind them. This method works best when you combine it with an additional incentive, like a coupon or a time-limited code.

Illustration of behavioral remarketing.
Remarketing can be a powerful tool!

Segmenting and optimization

Generic, one size fits all marketing is a thing of the past. You should utilize the ability to segment your audience using different filters. This way you‘ll be able to show different groups within your target audience different versions of ads for the same product that appeals to their situation and preferences.

Consider how the language we use on the internet changed rapidly just in the last ten years. Use this development to change up the language of different versions of your ads. With this single adjustment, you can present the product to multiple age demographics. Not to mention making localized changes to the copy of your ads seen in different countries, cities, or even parts of the same city.

Naturally, you won‘t be able to get everything right on your own, no matter how creative you are. However, your audience itself can prove to be a great ally in this case. Namely, by conducting different A/B tests aimed at particular segments of your audience, you will be able to see which marketing move to use.

As you may have noticed, reducing site abandonment is all about making the user experience as pleasant, interesting, custom, and safe as possible. We hope these tips helped you understand where to start on your way to a higher conversion rate.