As online marketers, we can truly appreciate the value of great ad copy and landing pages that convert. With more people entering the world of internet marketing every day, profit margins are getting smaller and we can use every advantage we can get.

One such advantage would be to have access to a team of our own designers and copywriters. But let’s be honest, many of us don’t have the funding or assets to hire a full team of designers and marketers to continually split test and tweak multiple ad campaigns like multi-billion dollars ad agencies do…. however, we do have the power of creative thinking and technology on our side!

With many of us being individual affiliate marketers and one-man operations, a competitor spying tool like could open up a whole new world of research and profitability for affiliate marketers and businesses of all sizes.

In short, BoxOfAds is in the business of data… and in our business, DATA IS GOLD.

How BoxOfAds Works & Makes You Money

BoxOfAds is a spy tracking tool that allows you to make the most out of your ad campaigns by providing you with data from the competition. Catering to both Pay-Per-View and Media Buyers, BoxOfAds allows you to look at the various ad copies (text/banners) and landing pages being used to promote sites across a while range of networks (like TrafficVance and LeadImpact).

The end result is over 3 million PPV ads, 1 million daily unique banners and another million plus display text ads all at your finger tips.

BoxOfAds Marketing

How BoxOfAds can make you money is two fold; whether you are an online marketer or looking for competitive research to back up your existing campaigns. Here are just a few ideas.

– Choosing the best sites and audiences to target
Landing page comparison against top brands
What brands are advertising on which PPV networks
Keywords being used by your competition
Start / end date of campaigns, along with “Days Seen”
Exposing additional campaigns your competition is running
Millions of Text / Display ad copies at your finger tips

Now that’s we’ve covered the many benefits of BoxOfAds, let’s put their system to use.

Right when you login BoxOfAds, you are greeted with a simple search box for you to fill out. Select DISPLAY or PPV, then enter the keyword of your choice or select from one of the “Top Searches” listed below.

Box of Ads Welcome

Since weight loss is always a huge winner, I’ll click on the “diet” keyword listed in the Top Searches. In the results below you can see a list of the top diet sites and campaigns running right now across various networks.

Box of Ads Diet

Randomly picking one, I selected the second site that was listed… which was also a good option because it’s showing 218 display ads, 166 text ads and a whopping 3299 publishers as well.

After clicking on the site name, you are then given a thorough break down on the top creatives being used by the site, their top publishers, trends, associated keywords and more.

Box Of Ads Overview

At any point you can also use the left side menu again to sort through the Overview, Publishers, Display Ads, Text Ads and Landing Pages for the specific site selected.

Clicking on “Display Ads” yielded the results below. You’ve no doubt already seen these banners (or similar ones) throughout your internet browsing already. They’ve been all over the place — which means they work!

Box of Ads Diet Ad Copy

Clicking on any of the individual banners will show a further detailed report like the one below.

Box of Ads Diet Breakdown

You can also pull the same types of reports for Text Ads as well. These are perfect for when you are trying to create ad campaigns of your own, or killer headlines and call to actions that you already know work well.

Box of Ads Text Ads

The end goal here is for you to take the data from viewing other ad campaigns and use it to perfect your own campaigns, marketing and sites — not to copy/steal the campaigns and try to replicate your own success.

Introduction to PPV (Pay-Per-View) Advertising

ppv_ebook_bannerWhether you are a beginner or experienced PPV marketer, there is always more for you to learn. Perfecting your ad campaign and squeezing every ounce of profit out of your campaigns is key to longterm success.

BoxOfAds has created a free “Introduction to PPV Advertising” guide that offers great value to anyone interested. Inside the report you’ll discover:

Meet the most popular PPV Networks

Learn about the best strategies in PPV
Learn how to increase Your Revenue at least 100%
You can grab a free copy of your guide here.

BoxOfAds – An Affiliate Marketer’s Dream Tool

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to understand every aspect of your campaign… whether it’s your landing page conversion, best performing site partners, customer value and especially what and where your competition is advertising. allows you to do just that.

BoxOfAds currently offers a free 3 day trial to all new users. When signing up for an account, you will need to choose between access to PPV ($199/m) or DISPLAY ($147/m) data. There is also a $246/m option which grants access unlimited access to both PPV and DISPLAY reports.

When you break it down, the rate of less than $10 a day to access the detailed information through BoxOfAds is well worth it for any established or dedicated affiliate marketer. Try it out and let me know what you think.