Meteora Automation Tool to Boost Instagram Engagement and Sales

Meteora Automation Tool to Boost Instagram Engagement and Sales

By now, it’s been clearly proved that Instagram isn’t something of a wet squib. It has exploded on the social media scene like a big bomb, and gone on to become one of the fastest growing social networks. All kinds of product-based businesses and influencers from across industries are leveraging this social platform to drive momentum among their audiences and boost sales.

The speed at which Instagram is growing, you can expect it to get even bigger in the years to come. If you conduct commerce on the internet, you must include this social network in your marketing plan.

But once you’ve joined Instagram, the real challenge that stares you in the face is the growth of followers and engagement. After all, Instagram is also social media and you can’t hope to achieve success on it without making an strenuous endeavor in the right direction. If you don’t want to get caught up in a never-ending loop of trying hard to climb uphill (competing against industry rivals), you should definitely invest in a tool which would automate the whole process.

That’s exactly where Meteora comes in!

What is Meteora?

Meteora is a powerful Instagram account management software which helps all kinds of businesses and influencers build an engaged following, grow sales and build brand credibility through automation.

Using this tool, you can easily create an ecosystem which, in turn, naturally propels your brand and establishes long-term customer relationships. Whether you’re an Amazon seller, Shopify seller or belong to just any industry, you can use Meteora to quickly market your products and boost your sales – while having complete peace of mind. This Instagram account management tool has been meticulously developed to take the pain out of social media marketing.

The Anatomy of a Meteora Campaign

The main purpose of using Meteora is to boost sales on Instagram. The tool has all the inbuilt features and techniques to automate much of the engagement and interaction that you need to create on Instagram to market and sell your products. Through the use of Meteora, your Instagram following increases automatically, while also offering the ability to block fake followers. You don’t have to like, follow or comment on social posts yourself because Meteora does it all for you while you sit back and watch your audience grow and see your prospects turn into paying customers. At any time, you can access the Meteora dashboard and check out the performance of your Instagram campaign.

All you need to do is tell Meteora the kind of audience you seek and the tool will give you the matching parameters to set up.

Audience Targeting:

Meteora offers four ways to target an audience – location, event, competitor and hashtag. If you want to target people based on your interest in a specific niche, hashtag targeting is what you need. Likewise, you can also target on the basis of a particular location, event or a competitor. Next, you can define all the parameters to fine-tune your targeting.


Now, that you’ve described the audience you’re looking for, it’s time to set how you’d like to interact with them. While setting up the parameters, you can refine the messaging as well. If you want to follow an Instagram user who interacted with one of your posts, Meteora helps you do that. You can also pre-write a comment and save it so that Meteora will automatically post it for your in response to a user’s comment. You can write these comments in advance based on the day of the week, location etc. You can also reword your comments anytime.

Key Data and Metrics:

Once your campaign has been executed, the data will start to come in. As you review the data, you’ll get a better sense of how the entire campaign is working. Based on the initial data of your campaign, you can refine your targeting further for better results. The reporting screen will keep you up-to-date at all times about the overall performance of your campaign. You’ll know how many likes and follows have been completed. You’ll find out how many fake Instagram followers have been blocked. The live feed on the dashboard will present a quick picture of what’s happening with your Instagram account in real time.

Meteora Pricing Plan

To suit different needs, Meteora offers three different pricing plans.

Basic [$49/mo]:

If you’re just starting out with Meteora, this is the plan you should probably pick up. The plan includes all engagement types, location targeting and hashtag targeting. Using this plan, you can grow your Instagram account by 25-55 new followers on a daily basis along with dedicated support.

Premium [$99/mo]:

This plan is a high recommend for savvy marketers. Some highlights of this plan include unlimited targeting (location, hashtag, event, competitor), fake follower avoidance etc. On account of higher suitability for a wide range of serious online marketers, this pricing plan is the most popular on Meteora. Choose this plan to grow your Instagram on a big scale.

Pro Setup [$249/mo]:

This is the best of all. With this plan, you’ll have a world-class team at hand to support your Instagram growth. Key features of this plan include direct message interactions, Google AI sentiment detection, algorithm-based target optimization, one on one target set up with an expert etc. This plan is a surefire choice, if you plan to make it big in market.

In addition to these plans, Meteora also has in store bulk pricing offers. If you’re a marketing agency, you should feel free to get in touch with the customer care team of Meteora to negotiate a great deal.

So, Are You Ready to Grow with Meteora?

Over 25 million businesses are already using Instagram to expand the reach of their products and grow their sales. If you plan to hit Instagram with a bang and do better than most other businesses with the least effort, Meteora is the tool you need. Automate all of your Instagram marketing and get ready to watch your follower engagement grow and your product sales shoot up quickly.


Instagram 5xx Server Error – What is that mean? [Explanation]

Instagram 5xx Server Error – What is that mean? [Explanation]

No website can avoid running into the occasional glitch and problem, and when you consider how vastly complicated many social media websites are, it’s not surprising that their users encounter lots of different errors and difficulties at various times. There are so many different aspects to these websites that things are bound to go wrong occasionally, and a common error which many Instagram users seem to come across is the Instagram 5xx Server Error. This is perhaps one of the most frustrating, as it usually won’t allow you to access the website at all, and often doesn’t give very much information besides the error code.

Instagram 5xx Error - Explanation

Instagram 5xx Error – Explanation

Instagram 5xx Server Error

The 5xx Server Error seems to be one which crops up every now and again, and has done throughout Instagram’s existence. It’s not specific to Instagram: 5xx refers to any error code 500-511, which covers server errors. These errors appear when the website’s server is failing to fulfill requests, and therefore the website cannot display the requested data. The different numbers refer to different server errors which can occur, and may tell you whether the error is temporary (for example, when a website is down for maintenance), or permanent (if a website has been removed).

How Can I Troubleshoot This?


Knowing that a 5xx Server Error refers specifically to a problem with Instagram’s servers isn’t enough on its own. There are a few different things you can try which might help you more specifically identify the problem, which may help you decide what action to take.

  • The first step is to google the specific error number you’re getting. For example, error 503 means that the service is unavailable. This is usually temporary, and may appear if a website is undergoing maintenance or experiencing problems. If see this error, you probably want to just try again later, and google whether Instagram is having issues at the moment.
  • If you’re using the app, check the browser version (or vice versa). It’s a server issue, you will probably find the same error codes with both, but it’s worth making sure of this. If one is working and the other is not, it’s likely not a server issue and you may need to do further research.
  • If you see error code 511, you need Network Authentication. This means that you are being intercepted before gaining full access to the internet, and may be the case if you try to access free public Wi-Fi without having entered the correct code. Make sure you get the necessary information, and then try again, as this error is not one with Instagram’s server, but lies with the network owner. You may need to agree to terms and conditions or log in to solve the problem.


Server issues are often caused by maintenance or problems on the website’s end, but it’s worth searching for the specific error code you see and checking what it means. You may find it’s something which can be sorted out from your phone, and at the very least may get a better idea of what’s causing the problem, even if it’s down to Instagram to fix it.

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Instagram Live Isn’t Working, Why? [Quick Fix – 2020]

Instagram Live Isn’t Working, Why? [Quick Fix – 2020]

What Is Instagram Live?

Social media websites are always looking for new tools and features to appeal to their users, and Instagram is certainly no exception to that rule. Instagram Live panders to the trend of immediacy, and also creates a sense of urgency to be online and on top of what’s happening at all times. It’s proven a popular feature with all sorts of users, but that doesn’t mean that it is without its issues, and because it’s such an immediate form of media, these can be the source of a great deal of annoyance and frustration. If your best friend is live streaming an important event you can’t get to, and Instagram Live won’t work for you, you might find yourself getting a little hot under the collar.

Instagram Live Not Working

Instagram Live Not Working

Trying To Fix It


It may not be easy to pinpoint why your Live isn’t working, and there a few different ways in which it might break. You might find that you are unable to view live streams, or you may find that you can’t start one. The Live feature may appear to have vanished entirely from your account. It’s always worth remembering that Instagram might be experiencing problems at their end, so you should check for any updates or notifications about issues or maintenance before you spend too much time troubleshooting. However, if you can’t find anything, some of the below suggestions might get your live feature up and running again.

  • The first thing to do is to try restarting the app, which is a great way to solve a variety issues, and is often the simplest place to start. It’s advisable to power off your entire device and then turn it back on, as this will ensure Instagram has closed completely, and that you will be starting a fresh session when you reopen it once your device has powered up.
  • If this hasn’t solved the problem, check whether Instagram has released any updates for your devices, and if so, download and install them, then restart the device again.
  • If you have access to any other devices, you could try logging in there to see if Live works on them. Equally, if you have multiple accounts, use these to check whether it’s just an issue with one account.
  • If none of these solutions work, you should consider reinstalling the app from scratch. To do this, delete it from your apps list, then use the apps store to find and reinstall Instagram. This should hopefully resolve any issues caused by your device or app playing up, and may restore your access to live videos.

Those Solutions Didn’t Help

If none of the above suggestions have made Live work, then you might need to consider getting in touch with Instagram’s help and support centre. They should be able to work with you to diagnose the issue and offer solutions, and they can also tell you if other users are experiencing problems, and whether it’s something their technical team are working on.