$5,818 Last Month!? How My Website About Squirrels and Other Backyard Stuff Makes Money

$5,818 Last Month!? How My Website About Squirrels and Other Backyard Stuff Makes Money

Last month, OwnTheYard.com made $5,818, and this month it’s on track to make more than that. Today, I’m going to show you exactly how it’s making money and where the traffic is coming from.

Overall, this is the most recent update for Niche Site Project 4!  This is a public case study site that I started in late 2018 and the site continues to do well.

Enjoy the full report by watching the video below!

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Hey everyone, Spencer here. So. Last month, which was May, 2021 own the yard.com made $5,818 in earnings. And this month it’s actually on track to do more than that. And so really, I just wanted to sit down here today and explain exactly how it’s earning its money and share the strategies behind that, where it’s getting its traffic.

And everything. And so I’m going to dive in to Google analytics. I’m going to dive into the content published and of course their earnings and exactly where that’s coming from. So let’s go ahead and jump right into it. So first let’s take a look at earnings. The site actually makes money in two different ways, Ezoic display ad. And then Amazon associates earnings.

And so if I jump into my egoic dashboard here for on the yard.com, you can see how much it’s making, right. And this is even showing June. So today’s actually June 16th. But if I go back here, And take a look at if I go monthly. All right. So if we, after clicking monthly, if we scroll down here and look at may.

We can see that the total earnings was $3,351 and 45 cents. Right? That’s how much the site made in display ad revenue. And then if we come over here to Amazon associates, I’ve already got Mae selected and the proper tracking IDs you can see that it made $2,467 and 21 cents for a total of. $5,818 and 66 cents.

Right? So that’s where that’s coming almost $6,000 last month. And so let’s look at his Zohak again, this is the display ad revenue. So if you come over to my site, you know, my site has ads on the site, which of course, it’s not going to be showing up because I’m logged in. But if you go over to own the yard.com, you’ll see that that is pulling.

One thing that I do kind of like about ease Zohak is that you can see the in-depth analytics. All right. So if I come over to big data analytics and click content, right. I can see which pages are earning the most display ad revenue, which I think is kind of interesting. Huh? Okay. And so as I pull this up, it shows that right now, I believe it’s sorted by page views.

I actually want to sort it by earnings. If I can, it looks like I need to add a column here. Okay. So now I’ve got the revenue column over here. And if I sort by the revenue, I can see which page actually earned me the most money. And that one was walkway ideas. There you go. It made me $176, which is interesting because the best water garden ideas, which actually got more page views.

Almost $50 over $50, less $122. Right. And so there’s lots of data here. I just thought it would be interesting to show you some of my top pages and then certainly some of my lowest pages there that made nothing right. And then if I go over to Amazon associates, we can see which products I’m actually making money from.

Right. If I just click on one of these tracking IDs, just to give you an idea, you can see that I’ve got a. Lego dots, magic forest bracelet. I don’t even know shipped nine of those camping chair, camping chairs, right? That’s what actually shipped the most items. What actually made me the most money.

Interestingly, really not nothing big. You know, I made 73 bucks on, on one of these, but it’s a lot of individual items. Now I thought it might actually be interesting to also see what the earnings are like for this month as well. So in Amazon, I’ve made a total of $659 and 95 cents. And if we add that to my ear, Zohak, you can see that this month, so far, I’ve made 2000.

$69 and 91 cents, right? For a total of $3,729 and 86 cents. And it is a, I’m recording this on the 16th, but Amazon’s a day late. So if I divide that by 15 days and then which is anyways, it’s that number of times 30 days. It says that I’m on pace for $7,459. Right. So I should make more in the month of June than I did last year.

All right now, let’s go ahead and take a look at Google analytics. Where’s the traffic coming from, what pages are getting traffic, et cetera. I just thought it might be interesting to show you what is actually working and getting traffic. Right? So the site’s getting, if I go to, let’s just, I like to look at sessions, right?

It’s getting anywhere from. You know, about 5,000 to six for F anyways, 4,500 to 6,200 sessions a day. Something like that. About 100 and well, it’s 169,000, almost 170,000 page views in the last 30 days. Right. So if we just look at the site content, you can see what my top pages are. Right. Best post hole Digger, apparently a coy pond ideas, walkway ideas, best water, garden ideas, tree stump, ideas, how to get rid of mushrooms.

These are some of my top pages and what’s the breakdown of where that traffic’s coming from. If I take a look at the overview, you can see that about 62% is coming from organic search. That’s Google. 23% is coming from social sources. Primarily Pinterest and 14% is direct. And so if I click on the social just so you can see the bulk of that, you know, 99% is from Pinterest.

All right. All right now, let’s, let’s take a look at the site itself. So this is what the site looks like. And if I look at the back end, you can start to see, I know a lot of people are always curious how many posts are published on the site. And so right now there are 625 posts published. I’ve got 16 drafts and some of the more recent articles that have been published, like best pressurized, water, guns, best putting mats and on down the line.

And if you want to see the plugins that I have installed, I’ll show this backend. I’ve got a AWP that I use a lot, Emily pro and the Amazon link engine, which is genius links, all for managing Amazon associates links. Right. And then of course I’ve got link whisper, which I use to manage my internal links.

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If you’re not aware, I’m the creator of that plugin. And so if we look at LinkedIn, I really do use this a lot. My writers come in here and it’s part of the process that they add an internal link to one of my other articles. Every time they write an article. And if I look at my links report, I can quickly come in here and see.

You know, for example, this best waterproof outdoor string lights article has 11 outbound internal links that are pointing to other articles on my site. And it actually has four internal links pointing to this particular article. Right. And so I can quickly see are my writers actually adding inbound internal links.

Which is definitely one of what I want to see. I want to see at least one inbound internal links. So I’ve got a couple of these that probably could use an internal link. And if I want to do that, I just click add link. Whisper will go out that and go out there. Find a link suggestions for me. And it makes it very easy for me to just click and click add.

If I liked those, I’m not going to go through that process now on this video. But I just thought it would be interesting. You can see that coming up. I’ve got lots of squirrel articles being published here. Where do squirrels sleep? What do squirrels eat? Then I’ve got some deer articles. What do a deer eat, et cetera.

So those are. Soon to be published on, on the yard.com. Now, just as a reminder, I actually don’t do any of the writing or editing or really much of any of the work anymore on this site. It’s all outsourced. I have an editor that gets all of the content from the content writers and the editor then formats them, ads, images adds the Amazon affiliate link.

And make sure they’re following my process, which I have a spreadsheet that they follow with my entire process. And they hit publish. I don’t even review it before it’s published. And so the amount of time I spend on this site is almost zero. I get a weekly email from my editor and I basically say, sounds good.

If it doesn’t sound good, I say, Hey, let’s tweak this process a little. And change it. So maybe, you know, some months I do spend a couple hours looking for new keywords, but that at this point that’s basically all, all the work that I do early on building the site. I did put a lot of time and energy into it, but the sites, you know, over two years old and it’s now outsourced and managed and I’ll go into how much I’m spending here and just see.

The other thing that maybe you might find interesting is a trust. Let’s look at the link building. I haven’t done a ton of link building, but certainly there are links. And so if we just look at the overview, you can see that the organic search traffic, it had this massive spike last year, which I called the COVID spike, even though my site is now ranking for more keywords than it did, you know, back then, There was just this massive spike.

So many more people were home searching for outdoor stuff and buying outdoor stuff. It was just a very unique time. So if then if I look at backlinks, you can just see where some of the links are coming from. You know, I have linked to it from niche pursuits, but a lot of these others, right. Are.

Just sort of natural links that have come in anyways. This is nature.org. That’s cool. I didn’t even know about that one. You know, I’ve got some Wiki, how anyways, bee keeping club. Oh, that’s cool. So I share a lot on Pinterest and I do believe a lot of the links actually have come from people then using those pins or those images from Pinterest, they put them on their own blog and then they, then they linked to me a lot of times they use the images and don’t link to me.

But other times they. Right. And so the site does have, you know, lots of links and it’s getting new links every day. Now let’s look at the top pages here. Okay. So top pages, you know, you can see that according to AA, my page is bringing in the most traffic, how to level your backyard, koi pond ideas.

That’s not accurate. Right. You know, if we compare this little side note, don’t always trust everything that you see in AHS, right? It does a decent job at just the best that it can. But. You know, so koi pond ideas, walkway ideas. Those are really my, so I don’t know where the walkway ideas is. Okay. It’s down here.

Right. So everything’s not in the exact order, right. You know, dance, how to make a dance floor. It says is one of my top pages. It’s not even one of my top 10 pages really in analysts. Right. So take things that AHF says with a grain of salt, salt, but it’s an amazing tool. Now let’s take a [email protected]

All right, I’ve already got lots of content and I’ve taken a break for a few months of really publishing a lot of new content. I’m going to go ahead and double down and start doing about 20 articles a month. That’s the plan. I’m going to continue doing about five pins a day. I have somebody doing Pinterest for me, and then updating about one or two old pieces of content using market muse or surfer SEO per week.

So that’s really just the plan going forward. I don’t have any big link building plans or anything like that. Just continue publishing new content on low competition keywords, keep doing Pinterest and updating some old content. And again, this is going to be all outsourced, right? I, I’m not doing most of the work here.

The site is managed by my editor and I have writers and people doing everything for me. How much do I pay for this editor that is managing the site for me? I’m actually going to show here in Upwork is where I have them hired them from $1,400 or sorry, $18,000 total. That’s over about two years.

And a lot of that was upfront. The last 30 days I’ve spent $245. So. Usually now on average, I pay her, you know, depending on how much she gets done that month between 200 and $500 a month, and then to publish 20 new articles a month. Right. I spend anywhere from, depending on the length, 50 to a hundred dollars per article.

So that’s anywhere from a thousand to $2,000 per article. So maybe I’m spending 1500, $2,000 on average. So the site is profiting well, and it’s pretty hands-off for me. So overall that’s owned the yard.com. I just wanted to jump in, share how the site has made about $5,800 last month, and that it’s on track to do even more than that.

Most of the traffic’s coming from Google and you can go check out the site to see exactly how it’s laid out, but hopefully you found. What I’ve explained helpful and overall, just an update on the site and how it’s doing. Thanks again for watching.

Marketing: How to Find Underpriced Sources of Traffic in 2021

Marketing: How to Find Underpriced Sources of Traffic in 2021

The biggest challenge for any brand is to figure out how to get attention. Everyone has Facebook tunnel vision because they’re the 800lb gorilla in the industry.

But Facebook as a platform has become more difficult to work with. Yes, even more than usual. 

  • Facebook costs keep increasing
  • Organic reach is a joke
  • Unpredictable banning policies for advertisers. I’ve seen guys running the most vanilla Shopify stores ever getting banned. 
  • Public approval of Facebook seems to be at an all-time low due to The Social Dilemma documentary and Facebook banning Trump. 
  • And iOS 14 is coming. Apple will severely limit Facebook’s ability to track users’ activities across the web. 

Some people will stick to Facebook no matter how much their platform changes. However, all these changes have many marketers scrambling to diversxify away from Facebook. So the question is, which platforms should you focus on for distribution? 

I want to share a mental model that can help you answer that question.

Think about attention as an asset class
. Yes, an asset such at the stock market or real estate.

The profits are made when you can find underpriced assets and exploit them. It’s kinda like buying TSLA stock or Bitcoins last year vs. buying them today.

Using this mental model: WHERE can you find attention right now that is underpriced?

If you’re a performance marketer, it’s as simple as costs vs results.

If you’re a content creator, then it’s resources vs impressions. (How much effort it takes to create a piece of content vs how much attention it gets). 

What does it take to start a successful business? Everyone talks about having a great product or building a brand.

I’ve seen so many companies over the past decade explode because they took advantage of an undervalued distribution channel. 

I’m going to share with you some examples, what causes attention to be underpriced, and where some underpriced attention assets are in January 2021. 

Whether you’re a content creator or a performance marketer, this mental model will apply.

Note: I first heard about this concept through a Gary Vaynurchuk video. 

Companies Built off of Underpriced Attention

Between 2013–2016, everything I posted on my Facebook page reached at least 75% of my followers. 

For example: If I had 10,000 Facebook fans, each post reached 7,500 people. So I took advantage of that and posted twice a day. 

These days, I have 30,000 Facebook followers. I’m lucky if posts even reach 5% of my followers.

What happened? Facebook started tweaking the algorithm. They wanted to make more space for ads and posts from friends and families. 

But during that time period, so many content powerhouses such as Buzzfeed were built.

2013–2016 was the golden age for Facebook fan pages. Now imagine trying to build a media company in 2021 off of Facebook fan pages.

The playbook doesn’t work anymore.

GymShark is a billion-dollar company that sells fitness clothing. Their marketing came from partnering up with emerging social media fitness stars. They’d give them free merchandise, and the stars would promote their affiliate link. You might know this now as influencer marketing. However, this was groundbreaking back in 2012. 

Warby Parker hired a publicist within a few days of launching. The publicist helped them get featured in GQ with an article called the “Netflix of Eyewear.This led to a 200,000 person waitlist. 

So many DTC brands got huge during 2012–2016 because Facebook clicks were so much cheaper.

Are you seeing a pattern? There’s a “golden age” for every distribution channel. There’s no need to whine because you missed out on the golden age for something.

You’re in the middle of the golden ages of several distribution channels right now—you just have to figure out what they are. 

What Causes Attention to be Underpriced

Let’s look at the underlying forces affecting attention. Understanding this means you’ll be able to identify opportunities a decade from now. 

1/ First, People underestimate network effects.

There’s always a hot new platform. People love novelty, and each younger generation wants to claim a platform of their own.

A hot platform can grow its user base exponentially, and that user base is hungry for content.

There’s a sweet spot where the supply of content can’t meet the demand.

In the early days, there’s not enough content creators to feed the machine. So anyone creating content is going to get a massive organic boost.

That’s why it seems like there are new TikTok celebrities every day, while building a fanbase on YouTube is so much slower. 

This reminds me of one of the 22 Laws of Immutable Marketing: “It’s better to be first than It is to be better.

You HAVE to bring your A-game to stand out on YouTube now. People demand great editing, a charismatic personality, and high production values.

A decade ago? Sitting down in front of the camera and telling stories could go viral. People didn’t have options.

/2 It’s a pain in the ass to advertise. All platforms are a pain in the ass to work with in the beginning.

I can’t tell you how much easier it is to set up ads on Facebook now vs 2008.

Here’s the thing: friction is good for us.

That friction is what’s keeping the competition away. Eventually, the platform will build out its advertising tools to make it easier. Then the floodgates will open.

Right now, it’s a pain in the ass to work with influencers. It won’t be one day. There will be platforms, benchmarks, and standardizations that make it easier.

Prices will go up. 

Train yourself to think that “pain in the ass” = opportunity. 

/3 Marketers don’t like to take risks.


That’s why marketers always want to know what’s “hot” and they’re constantly stealing ideas from each other.

It’s their way of lowering risk. Some people aren’t willing to give a new platform a try until they see results from other people. They’re waiting for that step-by-step guide or that case study.

It reminds me of investing in crypto or a hot stock. By the time everyone’s talking about it on your newsfeed, a lot of the profits have already been taken. 

Where to Find the Current Arbitrage Play? 

It’s tempting to feel as if it’s too late. Ah, if only I was more aggressive with Facebook Ads in 2015! Why didn’t I start a TikTok account last year?

Remember this: there’s always a new opportunity right now.

Here’s how I train myself to look at opportunities.

/1 Where is your target demographic spending their time online?

I love hip-hop and forums a lot. I remember a few months ago that this app called “Clubhouse” was blowing up. 

My fiancé love skincare. I noticed she was posting questions on different Facebook groups.

Get into the trenches and see where your customers are hanging out.

/2 What apps or websites are gaining a lot of traction?

You want to have a macro view of the landscape.

I love looking at charts. I use charts as a way to update my mental database.

Everything looks normal to me except for #8 in the Overall downloads. What is SnackVideo?

It’s important to look for data by demographic.

I saw a chart a few days ago. I can’t seem to find it anymore.

I learned two things from that chart: first, Snapchat is the #1 app for Gen Z. It ranked higher than Instagram and TikTok. I had no idea Snapchat was still popular.

Second, boomers love Nextdoor. If you’re advertising to older people, well they’re all hanging out on Nextdoor. I took a look at their advertising page. I see an advertising department that’s not well built out. Minimum spend is $25,000. This is friction, and friction = opportunity. 

Friction is good. Facebook and AdWords make it easy for anyone to advertise online. The easier it is to advertise, the more competitors you’re going to face.

You can think of friction as a defensive moat. 

Influencer marketing still works well in 2021. Part of that is due to its inefficiency. There aren’t any standards or efficiency. It’s a pain in the ass working with influencers.

It’ll be much more efficient five years from now. I can see there being more marketplaces and formulas that people follow. Contracts will become standardized. While it’ll be easier for you to work with them, the prices will skyrocket. 

/3 Always take advantage of new features on an existing platform. The first-mover advantage is real.

I made bank when newsfeed ads were first introduced on Facebook years ago. It was new and people were slow to adopt it. 

Instagram is giving boosts to anyone making a Reels video (Their TikTok competitor). Using Instagram’s “Shop” tab is free money.

On YouTube, creators that are using the “stories” feature and the “premiere” feature are getting attention that they otherwise wouldn’t.  

One great way of staying on top of platforms is to follow the right people. Gary Vee is someone who’s always on the cutting edge of social media.

He said that “Musical.ly” was going to be the next big thing over five years ago. If you haven’t heard of Musical.ly, it’s the former name of TikTok. 

Next, follow brands that are on the cutting edge of marketing. Watch what they do.

Where are the Opportunities Now in 2021?

You might be wondering where the opportunities are now in January 2021.

Here are a few interesting ones.

1/ Instagram Reels

Death, taxes, and Mark Zuckerberg stealing ideas from the latest social media apps.

He’s scared of TikTok. So he introduced the feature Reels on Instagram to play catch up. They’re incentivizing people to create more Reels by giving them a ton of reach.

If you’re a creator, Reels is a great place to get eyeballs.
If you’re a marketer, test out Reels with influencers. It’s newer so there’s not as much established pricing yet. 

/2 Clubhouse

Clubhouse is the talk of the tech world right now. There hasn’t been a social media app using audio as the main form of communication until now.

You might be thinking, isn’t that pretty much where people chase clout and try to sell courses? Well, yes. 

But TikTok’s reputation originally was where teenage girls dance. Instagram was where people post food and travel pics.

As the network grows, so do the opportunities.

I’m sure in the near future we’ll see more niched rooms. Let’s say you’re starting a skincare brand. Imagine hosting a daily room for skincare Q&A.

/3 YouTube Ads

YouTube ads aren’t new.

Why do I think they’re a great opportunity now?

Google is getting more aggressive about monetizing their videos. YouTube video watch times keep growing.

And finally, it’s a pain in the ass to create YouTube videos. It doesn’t take much to create a 20-second ad for Facebook. Long-form YouTube videos take time and resources. And to be frank, most people seem “scared” to make YouTube ads.

That creates a tremendous  opportunity.

/4 Snapchat Ads

When was the last time you heard someone talking about Snapchat ads? Barely at all, compared to Facebook ads. 


Snapchat is the #1 app for Gen Z. 

There are tons more opportunities out there right now besides the ones I listed.

Here’s the thing: it’ll require experimentation. There’s no step-by-step guide out there. 

The Current Opportunity

As an entrepreneur, you’ll always have a feeling that it’s “too late.” You’re looking at the playbooks of other people and realizing you can’t follow them directly anymore. There are too many changes, and too many competitors.

That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

There’s more competition than ever before because the barriers of entry has been reduced.

While you’re thinking it’s too late, there are other entrepreneurs taking advantage of the opportunities that you’re blind to now.

Five years from now, you’ll be thinking back on all the opportunities that were around in 2021!

So train your mind.

Reasons to Consider Field Sales Mobile for Your Business

Reasons to Consider Field Sales Mobile for Your Business

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, at no cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Customer relationship management or CRM systems are crucial for business decision-making. Featuring this system to your enterprise makes it easy for entrepreneurs to identify failure, success, and growth opportunity. The system can do this because of the existing customer records. Agencies find customer relationship management as the best way to gather accurate data for end-user confirmation and adoption.

However, if a CRM system lacks a mobile solution, the chances are high that an enterprise will remain with bulk software invoice and unhappy sales representatives. To understand what a field sales mobile solution means for business, here are four points on mobile as a crucial communication mode.

Mobile Growth Explosion

In 2018, internet access through mobile devices accounted for more than 45% of all online activities. Considering that the mobile traffic contributed to less than 0.8% nine years before, the number of mobile online users has drastically overshadowed that of desktop users.

This year’s projection on mobile online trading, suggests that the number of users will rise to 67%. Platforms such as Google Analytics claim that half of business-to-business enquires are done from mobile devices. Regardless of your activity online, mobile usage has become the go-to option.

Phone Are Part of Human Life

Data shows that more than 50% of email recipients used phones with 90% of online users having a smartphone. Almost everyone owns a phone that can access the internet, making a mobile device significant in modern time. Troparé is one of the many agencies taking advantage of this data to reach as many clients as possible for the best field sales service.

Utilizing a tablet or smartphone is like second nature with smartphone owners surpassing toothbrush owners. From the data, experts suggest that mobile devices are here to stay. It is one of the reasons why businesses need to use them to their advantage.

Current Workforce Trends

The current age of entrepreneurs is full of millennials. This generation is conquering the workforce, and they serve as the largest consumers of online mobile usage. A mobile customer relationship management system facilitates faster and smarter workforce. Keep in mind that this group of citizens contribute to 45% of the workforce in the US.

Perfect Combination

Field sales and mobile technology only translate to profitable result as long as you use them to build strategic ideas. The majority of the world’s population spends most of their time on their mobile devices. The current and future workforce is hooked to utilizing these devices with more than 60% of them sleeping with their devices due to business deals. It explains why the majority of mobile employees utilize their time online to continue business activities.


From the information above, it is easy to determine that people spend a lot of time and money on their mobile devices. When you have a group of individuals that already embrace modern business apps, it is only right to give them an appropriate resolution like mobile solution. A mobile CRM is a dedicated system for external sales reps.

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