Quora Marketing 101: How to Grow a Loyal Brand and Following on Quora

Quora Marketing 101: How to Grow a Loyal Brand and Following on Quora

Quora is a relatively new social media platform that has drawn some attention from several circles lately. This platform is unique because of its approach. It asks a question that people can answer on the forum and encourages interaction and social engagement.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, the platform is not as “busy” regarding its design. It requires you to jump into a discussion that resonates with you to get started. Then other people will leave their answers as well and join in the discussion. You have an opportunity to interact with and reply to other comments or to start your question thread.

Since Quora is based on a “discussion thread” type system, it is more of a forum than a social media platform. But, because of its social engagement elements, it is also a social media site.


How to Use Quora for Business to Boost Your Brand

If you are looking for a different kind of social media platform that allows a high level of social engagement, quora marketing strategy might be a good option to use to encourage a higher level of interaction among visitors and customers.

Because of the question format that Quora is based upon, there may be some advantages to using this system also because of how you could find out what is on your customers’ minds.

Below are some ways on how to use quora effectively to increase your business:

1. Pose a question that is likely to be of interest to your readers.

Use customer service emails or social media comments to come up with questions to post on your Quora account. This will show your customers that you are interested in addressing the questions that they care about and you can open the question up to answers from others, as well as posting your answer from your company.

2. Offer credible answers that add value to your customers’ experiences.

As a business owner, you can increase your credibility with customers by answering questions on Quora in a valuable way. You can do this by first posting a question that others can attempt to answer, then come in with your answer on behalf of your brand. Your answer will appear to be more expert if answered professionally and if it offers value to the reader. Make sure that you sign the statements you make on Quora on behalf of your brand so that people will know that it is your official answer. You can also use this opportunity to reply to other answers that customers might make to inform them about what you can do for them.

3. Promote your Quora account on Facebook and other social media.

To get more reactions and interest about your Quora account, you can promote it on other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Quora is not as well-known or as popular as Facebook or Twitter, so why not post a link to your Quora questions or account on these other channels?

4. Include links to your Quora account on your website.

Remember when you are building a brand, you need to coordinate all of your efforts on your platforms. One way to do this is to include your Quora and other social media accounts on your website. Remember that people will go to your website more than any other asset, so you need to put the link to your various social media accounts on your site. Quora is becoming more popular than it has been in the past, so your web server may offer a Quora share button where you can enter this information.

5. Use an infographic to ask important questions.

Another way to promote your brand using Quora is to create an infographic for your website in which you include your social media links, including Quora. Put your links to social media on your infographic and include a statement such as “What question do you want to ask us?” This kind of enticing copy along with a dynamic, attractive infographic will serve to incite interest in your target audience to go to your Quora page.


The Key quora marketing tips

Remember that, in the real world, you can shake the hands of your clients, offer them a seat in your office or store, and talk to them in person about how you can help them. But, online, you must develop and build your brand and your credibility in another way. Much of this is done by social proof. Social proof is a technique used to develop credibility by proving to people that you have something valuable to offer them. (Kissmetrics). You can see a great example of a professional profile above in Neil Patel.

Quora is just another outlet that you can use to build your brand and your social proof that you have something valuable to offer your customers. If nothing else, you can use Quora to provide helpful information to your potential clients in a similar way to a blog or other informational format.

It is a simple forum type system, but it can be a great way to initiate interaction and increased social engagement for your customers and target audience. When you show customers you care about the questions they have or offer your questions for discussion, you are offering proof that you are interested in their pain points and trying to help them solve their problems.

When it comes to online marketing, that’s everything.

How to Create Digital Assets

You probably already have some digital assets. These can include videos, podcasts, social media pages, and infographics. But you should consider the development of digital assets as something that you should continue to build on as you build your brand.

The key to success using Quora is to link it to your other digital platforms, assets, and channels so that people will find your brand on a variety of platforms. This brings in people from different channels, rather than just depending on your website or blog alone to achieve this.

Increasing your level of social engagement is essential, and Quora can help you to grow your brand, increase your following, and improve your level of social proof and credibility.

Start by creating a digital asset such as an infographic that you can put your Quora information on. Then come up with a smart byline to attract attention. You can gain a more significant following by utilizing these techniques and get the attention of your target audience in a big way and reap benefits of using quora.

If you need help creating an infographic, we’re here to help. We have been helping business and brand owners for many years with a professional infographic. We can do video infographics, PowerPoint presentations, static infographics, and more. Just check out our design process on our website to learn more.

Creating a stunning infographic that helps you promote your social media presence may be one of the best things you can do to grow your brand and increase your social media engagement and brand loyalty.

Let us know how we can help by filling out our form online. There is no obligation, but we’ll get back to you with a free quote. We love helping businesses succeed, and yours can be next!

10 Surprising Features of WordPress Most Site Owners Aren’t Using

10 Surprising Features of WordPress Most Site Owners Aren’t Using

Do you like using WordPress for your website platform? If so, you’re not alone. Many business owners, personal bloggers, and online organizations have chosen WordPress as their web design platform of choice for many reasons. Not only is it an excellent format to use when trying to publish content but it also has some excellent features that authors and site owners find irresistible. Check out these features first then read the rest of this article for more WordPress features and benefits.

For one thing, it’s easy to use. WordPress has many easy-to-access features that don’t require expert knowledge to figure out. It is simple to configure to get it to do what you want it to do and it can help you create an appearance that fits the type of business model you have.

For example, online publishers can use one of the publication or media templates that create the look you’d expect to see with an online newspaper or publication. Restaurants can utilize one of the food services templates or add WordPress features plugin that helps to portray the type of business they want.

But there are so many benefits of using wordpress for website, many of which are overlooked. In this post, we’ll take a look at 10 WordPress features you may not know about that can save you time, money, and resources when you go to build your online website through WordPress.


1. Help tab

One of the unknown features is a nifty little thing called the “help tab.” If you go to your Dashboard, you’ll find a drop-down menu labeled “Help.” You have two options from there including the support forums or documentation on dashboard option. There are tons of documentation pieces that you can use to find the information you need.

2. Screen options

Besides the “help” menu, you’ll also find the “screen options” menu. WordPress will give you the options that you can customize, but there are many more options you may not have known about without exploring further. Below are some of the other options you can choose from using this menu.

  • Categories
  • Format
  • Tags
  • Featured image
  • Excerpts
  • Other plugins

All of these options will give you more choice on how you want to utilize your customizations menu.

3. Multiple page blogs option

Have you ever been working on a blog post only to find that you ran out of room too fast? Well, you can always use the multiple page blogs option to fix this problem. Splitting up your blog into several pages can also help your SEO and give your readers places to access your stuff or to bookmark for later. Remember, too; it takes much longer to read a longer post so you may improve your site engagement levels by doing this.

4. Distraction-free Writing Mode

If you’ve ever been writing a blog post that you can’t seem to get done, think about what might be distracting you from finishing the task. If you have trouble focusing on your blog posts, WordPress offers a distraction-free writing mode that will help you focus on your writing tasks and make the screen look less busy. You can also choose the full-screen option if you want to get rid of all of the other items on your desktop that might distract you from your work.

5. Auto-embed Content

WordPress 4.4 came out with this nifty add-on that allows you to paste a link into the post editor and enable WP to generate a Post Embed. There is a clickable box in the body of your content that includes all of the information that you need to reference it later including the page’s content, title, featured image, and an excerpt of the page. All of the multimedia, images, and other content will also be embedded in this way.

6. Reset a draft post’s URL

Ever been writing a post and saved it as a draft that you need to edit and change later? If you make a boo-boo with a post, you don’t want to publish this lesser-quality version to the world. Instead, you can change the post URL either manually or automatically using the setting already on the WordPress platform.

If you do change your title before you publish, you will have to edit the permalink to reflect those changes. If you tell WordPress to reset it on an automatic basis, you can click “edit,” clear the text and close it. This will narrow your permalink URL to match the new title.

7. Hyperlinking Shortcut

If you blog regularly, you will want to save as much time as possible when posting links to your posts. When you use the Ctr/Cmd+K shortcut option, you will be able to open a hyperlink box in the editor without having to click any buttons. But you can also just highlight the text you want as the link and paste the link itself. This is a quick but simple action that will save you a lot of time in the long run.

8. Image Editing

You may or may not know that WordPress has the power to edit your images right within the WP program. WordPress is a robust program with lots of surprises. To use the WordPress picture edit function, just select an image and click on the “edit image” link near the image thumbnail in the details section. This will select the image you want to change. Then rotate, clip, tweak, or whatever you want to do to improve the image. Don’t forget to save the changes. Not interested in using WordPress for image editing? Try these free image editing tools instead.

9.What is a WordPress site Filesystem API

This feature was created with WordPress 2.6 to handle the auto-update features. You can save a lot of time using this feature when developing your applications or web pages that require internal file maintenance.

10. Change the author’s name

Ever write something embarrassing and then decide to attribute it to another author? We’re just kidding! But there really may be times you need to change the author’s name once you’ve created a post. You can easily switch the attribution of the author/user without logging out using the “change author” option within WordPress. All you need to do this is to have a user account on whatever post you’re working on to make the change.


Creating Your WP Website

Well, we hope these tips will help you to get the most out of your WordPress site. Go ahead and create a website with WordPress anytime you want. Then contact us to help you fine-tune and polish it.

We are webdesignteam.com, and we can easily integrate your WordPress site with our platform. We can also show you how we can include neat scripts like Joomla, WooCommerce, HTML, and CSS, to name a few. We have expert coders and creative engineers who have what it takes to create your website or take the one you already have from WP and incorporate it into our platform.

Contact us today for a free quote and get your brand out there! It’s never too late to get started with your website and blog. But don’t wait another day. Let 2018 be the year you set the world on fire! Visit us today at webdesignteam.com.


9 Untold Secrets of Content Marketing That Increases Your Website Conversion

9 Untold Secrets of Content Marketing That Increases Your Website Conversion

Content Marketing Strategy is not a new concept in the world of digital marketing, but with several innovations, gradually this idea has developed as a vital marketing approach more than ever before. Marketers consider content as the king of digital marketing because it is a crucial element to reap the rewards regarding lead conversions.

Website conversion is one of the essential factors for the success of any online business. Conversion means prompting one’s visitors to do what one wants them to do, whether purchasing a product or downloading any document. However, each company has to develop a particular type of content marketing strategy according to its niche.

Companies need to focus on creating high-quality, unique and engaging contents for its target audience. Users get attracted to pieces that are entertaining, interesting and useful. Contents are of varied types; they range from texts, images, videos, infographics, webinars and podcast. Different types of content generate various kinds of leads. Besides creating an excellent material, it is also essential to ensure that these are relevant and shareable to the industry.


Marketing that uses contents requires two funnels – Purchase funnel and Content Marketing Funnel. The purchase funnel or conversion funnel is a model that is a consumer-focused approach. This pipe describes the entire process of a customer’s journey through the buying of a product or service.

The content marketing funnel is a marketing process which increases the leads to a continuous content flow. This system converts the users into actual customers who are likely to pay for the products or services.

Content marketing funnel includes three different aspects:

Knowledge: When visitors initially discover the brand.
Assessment: The moment a qualified prospect finds out whether the offered product or service is the right fit for him or not.
Buying decision: when the prospect gathers the final necessary information before purchasing the brand.

Understanding why content marketing is essential to increase conversion

Content marketing has become the buzzword in the digital marketing scenario. Nowadays, instead of pitching about the products or services, companies provide appropriate and useful information to their customers to help them solve their issues and understand the offered product and services.

The Content Marketing Institute defines the content marketing strategy as a preferred marketing technique as it aims at creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent articles to attract and retain a limited market. The primary goal of content marketing is to initiate useful customer action.

The approach of marketing through the contents yields the same result of driving traffic for both the established brands as well as small business owners alike.


How to increase conversion rates through content marketing

Every brand around the world is spending over 25% on an average of their total marketing budget on this ever-evolving technique. But sometimes digital marketers get lost when it comes to differentiating between contents that work and articles that cannot make an impact on the audience.

Mentioned below are some of the untold secrets of Content Marketing that can enhance your Website Conversion.

Secret 1: Create contents to convince target audience to take further action

Contents have a convincing and persuasive power on the audience. Hence, while producing such materials, companies should aim to satisfy the target audience about their needs. People must get the impression that the offered product or service is the best in the market.

Before publishing such documents, decide how the audience would react to the piece. Develop contents that provide solutions or answers to persistent problems or questions. Create contents to augment emotional response in the audience. These approaches are some of the proven methods that compel users to read the write-ups and share it again and again.

Secret 2: Build a strategy to influence your competitors’ audience also

Building a perfect strategy to influence competitors’ audience is one of the best ways to increase one’s reach through content marketing.

Online marketers should look for opportunities where they can create compelling write-ups and leverage other people’s audience.

As a marketer one needs to ensure the best possible customer response. One should develop a winning marketing plan with detailed marketing objective. It is essential for entrepreneurs to identify productive ways to target the intended audience.


Secret 3: Use Plugins to share and promote content quickly

When you’re publishing content to draw visitors to the site, it is also necessary to make it easy for the people to share the content further. Although, these people might not be potential customers, yet they may share the content with someone who will be interested in the information you provide.

The internet offers several plugins for social sharing. Online dealers can use the available plugins according to their preferences. Among many plugins, – ‘AddThis’ is a favorite one that can be used in various locations throughout one’s site. The -‘AddThis’ service is one of the preferred plugins among others because it has the capability of showing the geographic location and web activity of the visitors.

Secret 4: Build a network of your clients amongst competitors

The internet is a crowded space; almost all businessmen within the industry would post contents to reach their clients. So, it is essential for every online marketer to build a network among the people who value the content.

Content marketers would find success when they focus on matters of not just creating great content but also on building up great relationships.


How to build an effective client network?

One can create a comment section on the blog. Social media Facebook, Reddit, Twitter play a vital role to build fan following and a network. With such customer relation, a marketer can experience a consistent flow of traffic to their site and continue regular sharing of posts as well.

Secret 5: Create high converting landing pages

Creating a high converting landing page is another untold secret of content marketing. This activity results in improved website conversion. A landing page is the most significant part of a website; it is the first page a visitor sees when he starts browsing a site.

Thus, marketers must produce a landing page with attractive images and engaging write-ups to capture the attention of the targeted leads. Further, the landing page should have the capability of conveying a message well.

Secret 6: Keep posting blog sequels and series

To generate more traffic and improved user experience, bloggers should generate more leads by presenting series or chains of posts related to their previous posts.

Keeping target audience tied up to the content is another proven method of website conversion through content marketing.

Digital marketing professionals are of the view that posting content in a sequence has several SEO benefits also. The more pages one can create, the more opportunities a reader can find the company through search engines. Additionally, a high-ranking post will even bring much more traffic and lead to conversion as well.


Secret 7: Podcast should be used in content marketing

Besides the traditionally written contents, a podcast has taken the front seat as a prominent content marketing tool. It is a type of material that adds variety to a text-based content strategy.

A podcast is an easy way to generate guests’ content and further, it can influence the audience more. Among several benefits, a podcast can attract an deal buyer. It creates awareness regarding the brand and establishes the company’s status within the industry.

Secret 8: Graphics are content too – give importance to graphics

Graphics are visual contents and so to succeed in content marketing one must adequately go for visual treatment. If marketers fail to produce visuals that are not appealing, the website might lose prospective consumers. The human brain is equipped to process visual information faster compared to plain text. Research shows that people on an average remember about 20% of what they read, but never forget something which they see in an image or video form.

A marketer can thus use strong visuals in the form of images, charts, screenshots and symbols to appeal to his readers.

Secret 9: Analyze situation-what type of content fits your business

One should consider analyzing the content type that fits the business. The activity of identifying appropriate content is necessary for marketing and website conversation. There are several types of contents and each has its converting power. Enterprises should take a closer look before investing in this marketing approach. One should identify which type of content has been more successful and which model will establish ROI.


Effective marketing is not possible without excellent content and so Content Marketing has evolved as an engaging trading technique in today’s environment. To create a better impact, a marketer must plan adequately and devote the maximum amount of time to explore what will initiate good content marketing. Each entrepreneur must aim to produce high-impact content that will pay-off and make readers come back again and again.