Increase Site Revenue with 100% Fill Rates from PropellerAds

Increase Site Revenue with 100% Fill Rates from PropellerAds

To make money online the internet, you need to be aware of the many different monetization methods available. If you focus on just one of them, you are not only leaving a lot of money on the table, but you are also potentially stunting your growth and conversions in the process.

A perfect example of this could be seen when I created a million dollar site that was monetized through several different methods, such as Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, display advertising and popups. However, it’s not just about using as many different advertising methods as you can, but instead using the best ads that relate with your audience while also not interfering too much with their site experience.

PropellerAds is an advertising network for site owners and bloggers that want to get the most revenue out of their site audiences, through the use of internal split testing and ad serving based off your existing audience’s interest and geographic location.

PropellerAds Media

When choosing an advertising or affiliate network to go with, you want one that will provide you with a wide range of options to choose from. Everything from the different types of advertisers you can work with, the ability to target your audience based off demographics or geo-graphic targeting and also whether you want to deliver leads on a CPA, CPL or CPS basis.

All of these benefits and options are available through PropellerAds.


With so much competition out there in the world of online marketing, PropellerAds knew they would need to offer superior support, services and monetization to stay above the competition. For this reason, they currently work alongside many big name brands, while also offering their own internal ad testing and 100% inventory monetization — which means you are always making money off your audience, no matter where they are from or the volume.

The benefits to using a network like PropellerAds versus running your own advertising, is that they can easily rotate and split test offers on their backend since they also have a unique platform and advertiser database in place. In short, you are gaining access to a powerful advertising network, while also having the premium backend tools and reporting of a full service agency.

Increase Revenue with The Onclick Popunders

Different sites earn money in different ways. If you have your own site and brand, you may make the most of your money by pushing online courses or personal training. If you are a review site, you might get the most money by sending traffic off to advertisers and sites with relevant products and services.

No matter what type of site you have, if you are using popup or popunder advertising, you will already know how effective they are. PropellerAds has their own ‘onlick popunders’ available for their site partners, which are the “perfect solution for publishers wanting to get paid for every ad impression.”

You can see a quick example of the concept in the screenshot below.


In today’s world of online marketing and technology, there are lots of ways to serve popup advertising to your audience. However, PropellerAds’ onclick popunders might be one of the most effective methods yet.

In most scenerios, when someone comes to your site, you may serve them with a popup right away or wait a few seconds. Either way, a popup is served but you don’t really know if the end user is engaged or not. With the onclick popunders, the ad is only served after the end user makes an actual click on a site. This way it knows you audience is looking directly at the screen and fully engaged.

Depending on your browser, this popunder may appear as a new popunder window or appear within a new tab — however, the experience is still the same in that it get’s the user’s attention. With so much attention being focused on the popunder, you can assume they are going to get more click and conversion activity than traditional advertising, which is why PropellerAds partner sites are highest very high eCPM averages across the board.

Another advantage to serving such advertising through PropellerAds is that the campaigns are guaranteed to be malware-free, which is very important when focusing on the end user experience. Speaking of which — as a partner of PropellerAds, you will also have full setting functionality on how often these ads should be displayed while also having access to full analytics to better understand how well the ads are performing with their audience.

Improved Site Monetization to Your Mobile Audience

Monetizing your desktop browser based audience is easy, but what about mobile advertising? This is something many site owners are still struggling with, as popups and traditional advertising might not be displayed in the same way on mobile devices — and sometimes not at all.

PropellersAds also has their own mobile advertising solutions in place, called dialog ads. These ads are a lot like popup or popunder advertising as mentioned earlier, but strictly for mobile based users. You can see an example of one of these in the screenshot below.

PropellerAds Dialog Mobile Ads

Again, when it comes to site monetization it’s all about choosing what methods are best for your wallet, but also for your audience at the same time. If you have a high authority and trusted brand where each visitor to your site is potentially worth a lot of money, it’s probably not in your best interest to serve such advertising to your mobile audience. However, if you have a lot of generic traffic or entertainment based sites, this could be a perfect method for increasing your site revenue by thousands of dollars per month.

In addition to the popup mobile advertising, PropellerAds also have mobile interstitial ads which are extremely effective for any site with an existing app and smartphone/tablet users. Many game developers are currently using these solutions to generate massive earnings by offering their games completely free.

PropellerAds Partners are Earning Up to $7 CPM

The success and earnings of a web site isn’t entirely on the basis of volume. Instead it’s all about the focus and niche of a site. Some very targeted sites may have an average site visitor value of $1, while other’s might have a value of .0001 per visitor. In the end it’s all about split testing different advertisers and methods to see what works best.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, this is something PropellerAds offers for each of their site partners. Instead of simply guessing which ads will convert the best, PropellerAds has billions of impressioned server and a wide range of advertisers across many different niches. This way they can place the best ads that convert most effectively with your audience.

In addition to serving the highest converting advertisers, their network also promises a near 100% fill rate. This is a huge benefit for anyone with a site that don’t know how to monetize, or has a lot of traffic outside the US market. With all of these factors in place, ProperllerAds has site partners seeing eCPM rates as high as $7 — with some CPM rates going as high at $10 depending on the geographic location.

In the screenshots below you can see some of the data reports for their site partners and how geo-graphic targeting can result in higher eCPM averages.

Geo-graphic targeted traffic:


Mixed geo-graphic targeted traffic:


When using monetization on your site, be sure to follow these recommended tips to see the highest earnings from PropellerAds and their wide range of advertiser creatives.

How to Increase Revenue with PropellerAds

When trying to make money with a web site or blog, there are simply two ways to do it.

  1. Increase traffic to your site
  2. Increase revenue per user

While both are extremely important, figuring out how to earn more money per user to your site should be priority. When you know how much your audience is worth, you can spend money to get more of it. Then it’s just a numbers game on scaling your revenue to the max.

To learn more about increasing revenue on your site and to start implementing any of the monetization methods mentioned above fill out the very short registration form to join PropellerAds today.

Examples of Good and Bad Landing Pages

Examples of Good and Bad Landing Pages

Everyone knows that the landing page is the most important factor when promoting an offer. Yet, some companies still either “don’t get it” or seem to take advantage of affiliate networks and their affiliates. The best way to lower conversions on a lead gen, is to offer too many options, and other methods where affiliates would not receive a commission. Obviously, if a company is looking for a lead generation, the user should be sent directly to a landing page with direct information and a lead gen form on the same page.

While looking through different affiliate offers across the internet, I decided to take another look at the Medical Hair Restoration offer. I believe the last time I saw this offer, the landing page went directly to a lead gen form. Here is what the current landing page for “Medical Hair Restoration” looks like.

medicalhairrestoration by you.
Will this offer convert on your referral, or theirs?

Sure, this is a great looking landing page… but how will it work on conversions? I haven’t personally tested this offer enough to get full stats on conversions, but right off the bat, here are several reasons why I would not want to promote this offer/landing page.

PHONE NUMBER: On the right side of the page, where it offers the “FREE DVD PACKAGE“, it tells the users to “Call Now for Rush Delivery“. If an affiliate is sending traffic to this page, and someone orders through the phone number, they WILL NOT get credit. There is not coupon code or anything to suggest this lead will be credited to the appropriate affiliate.

TOO MUCH GOING ON: Right when you get to the page, you are overwhelmed with offers. While the main purpose for the affiliate is to get users to request the “FREE DVD“, I can only imagine how many targeted users are lost or fade off to another section of the site. Some pages on the site do contain a lead gen form, but it’s still not in the user’s face.

LIVE CHAT: Through out the site, you have the option to talk with someone from their LIVE CHAT. I’m sure they can answer any questions you have, and may even want you to call their number… further lowering your chances of getting a lead.

Now, if you go to Google and search “medical hair restoration“, you will come across another adwords advertiser landing page that looks like the following.

medicalhairrestorationshortform by you.
This is a great example of a landing page that converts.

Now this is the landing page that should be used on all networks, or at least an option for the affiliate to use! There are NO phone numbers for the visitor to call, and their only option is the lead gen form. They either want the free hair transplant information dvd, or they don’t.

The medical hair restoration offer is available through certain affiliate networks and pays out $28.00 per lead. However, in such a competitive and high cost niche, why would the network and advertiser even offer up a landing page with so many distractions? Would you ever promote an offer that has methods for lead generation, outside of your referred traffic?

Landing Pages with Direct Call to Actions Work Best

Since we are sticking with the topic of how to create a great landing page that results in higher conversions, we can take a look at the following example from The loan industry is an extremely competitive one, but if you know how to target your audience and focus on a niche market, you can find a lot of success.

In the landing page screenshot below we can learn a lot from this advertiser, their business and the audience they want to go after. With the name of “Florida Car Title Loans”, it’s obvious which geographic audience they are going after. We also know they want to target people that are already driving and need a loan for their car title. Once they have their marketing in front of the right audience, then it’s time for their landing page to do the work for them.


The landing page is setup nice and include all of the major points we listed in our 8-step optimization guide, which includes:

  • LOGO – The logo at the top left side of the page makes it easy for everyone to see what the site is all about, it also makes it look more professional.
  • PHONE NUMBER – Using a phone number on your landing page is also a great way to increase trust with your audience. Most people won’t use it, but seeing it there is enough to make the person want to use this site over others without a number.
  • SOCIAL ICONS – Social icons show activity across Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Just another way to connect with your audience and prove trust.
  • BULLET POINTS – Landing pages are all about getting your message across to your audience without taking up a lot of space. The bullet points on this page are perfect, as they make the process of requesting a car title loan a simple three step process.
  • CALL TO ACTION – The call to action on this page is the main focus for the end company or advertiser. They simply want the user to fill out this form and nothing else. With a short form and really no other options on this page, it’s a great example of how landing pages should focus on their call to action area.

Now that you’ve seen a few examples of good and bad landing pages, take these ideas back to the drawing board and improve the current setup of your own landing pages.

Mind-Blowing Numbers of What Happens in an Internet Second

Mind-Blowing Numbers of What Happens in an Internet Second

It might be only a single second… but in terms of what happens throughout the world and especially online, it’s quite amazing. Even more amazing when you consider the Internet is still really only 20-something years old (yes, I know it was invented earlier, but in terms of real usage it’s around 20 years). Over the years I’ve seen a massive transition from the simple world of HTML sites to the engaging world of social, live video and connectivity that we have today.

However… as advanced and oversaturated as it may seem we are today, just wait til you see the internet of a few years from now!

In this article and infographic we are going to take a look at some of the mind-blowing numbers and what happens online in a simple internet second. To kick things off, let’s first look at live internet stats of the internet as a whole, how many users are online and what they are actively doing.


It’s easy to look at these numbers and say billions of users are online and doing millions of things online daily without any hesitation. However, when you start to break it down into an individual second, then you can really appreciate the sheer amount of volume and activity we are talking about.

What Happens in an Internet Second

Here are some of the mind-blowing numbers of what happens in an internet second, provided by the “What Happens in an Internet Second” infographic shown at the bottom of this post.

  • 10,407 Tweets are being sent out through Twitter
  • 2,881 photos are being uploaded to Instagram
  • 2,319 new posts are being published to Tumblr
  • 1,912 Skype calls are being made
  • 30,650 GB of internet traffic is taking place
  • 51,232 Google searches are being made
  • 110,265 YouTube videos are being watched
  • 2,437,859 emails are being sent through the world

As online marketers, we are always hungry for more data — which is exactly what I have waiting for you in this next section.

Not only are we hungry for stats and analytics, it’s always mind-blowing to think that there is still room for growth on the internet and still money to be made. After all, how many people can still be using Amazon, eBay or starting a website or blog for the first time, right?

To answer that question… A LOT!

  • Even if you’ve been on the internet for what seems like forever, new people are getting online for the first time every day. Whether this is because they are finally old enough to start getting online, or getting the technology in their country… it’s happening daily. Over 3.2 billion users are currently online, which is still less than half of the population in the world… we’ve still only scratched the surface!
  • In addition to how many people are using the internet, have you ever thought about how many web sites are online as well? Previously the number passed the one billion mark, but was then lowered after an audit of fake/spam sites. The number of active sites online is hovering in the 900 million range and will surpass that billion mark soon enough.
  • People, websites… and Google. They all intertwine together and Google is the puppet master over all of it, supplying over 3.5 billion search engine queries daily!

Now that you have a better idea of how large and fast growing the internet is, it’s time to get motivated and scale your numbers to higher levels than ever before!

To see all of the numbers again in a visual form, be sure to check out the infographic below.

Every Second on the Internet (1)