How Tal Melenboim is Changing Influencer Marketing with Zoe Dvir

How Tal Melenboim is Changing Influencer Marketing with Zoe Dvir

Tal Melenboim is a leading expert in influencer marketing. He has recently developed a new project called Zoe Dvir, which will significantly increase the ROI of influencer campaigns.

Tal Melenboim is Reinventing Influencer Marketing in a Stellar Way

Tal Melenboim is a pioneer in the field of influencer marketing. He developed a new project called Zoe Dvir. This is a boutique influencer marketing agency that creates Instagram personas for customers in various industries.

The digital advertising industry has evolved significantly since the turn-of-the-century. In recent years, one of the biggest trends is the emergence of influencer marketing. Although the ROI of influencer marketing is difficult to measure, available data indicates that it is significantly higher than most other marketing channels. A podcast by Convince and Convert showed that the ROI of influencer marketing is 1,000% higher than traditional display advertising.

Marketers around the world are coming to terms with the substantial benefits of influencer marketing. A study from Linqia showed an astounding 39% of marketers said they were planning to increase spending on their influencer campaigns. By contrast, only 5% intended to decrease their influencer marketing budgets. There will be a strong demand for Zoe Dvir services, as interest in influencer marketing continues to grow.

As marketers become more invested in influencer marketing, they are exploring new ways to refine their strategies. They have discovered that Instagram is the best social network. In fact, 92% of marketers prioritize investing in influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram over those of any other network.

How does the strategy Tal Melenboim created work?

Tal Melenboim uses computer generated images to create influencer accounts. Each account caters to a different industry. Here are some of the benefits of this approach.

Tal Melenboim has developed an efficient and cost-effective approach with Zoe Dvir.

The most important aspect of any influencer marketing campaign is the reach and credibility of the influencer accounts. A majority of influencer marketing agencies forge relationships with prominent bloggers and users on major social networking sites. This tends to be a costly strategy, because these influencers recognize the authority of their brand and charge accordingly.

Tal Melenboim came to the realization that it is much more cost-effective to build his own proprietary Instagram accounts from scratch. He developed a novel strategy with Zoe Dvir, which relies on computer generated images.

Computer generated images are personas that are developed with computer generation technology. Since the agency can create Instagram accounts with computer-generated images, they don’t need to pay exorbitant fees to third-party Instagram users.

They retain full control of the influencer marketing funnel

Agencies that provide traditional influencer marketing services are at the mercy of the influencers they work with. As we mentioned above, they often need to pay premium fees for sponsored posts. However, this is not even the biggest drawback, which Tal Melenboim has addressed with the Zoe Dvir project.

Even if agencies are willing to pay influencers to promote their clients, they are still going to face other uncertainties. It’s also important to know when and how to use humor within your content and writing styles. Some of these challenges include:

  • Instagram influencers might have their own hangups about working with certain types of companies. Even if these companies are not controversial, it can be frustrating to hear that an influencer won’t partner with them. The approach that Tal Melenboim developed makes it easier for companies to connect with a reliable influencer.
  • Influencers might choose to abandon social media at any time. Nothing would be more frustrating than to have an ongoing, profitable partnership with an influencer that suddenly decides to delete their account overnight. Tal Melenboim is able to assure his clients that his influencers won’t disappear, so he can guarantee that their content will be posted.
  • The brand of a third-party influencer is going to be a lot more fluid. They typically see their social media platform as an extension of their own personality, just as much or even more than their professional brand. They might engage in behavior that diminishes their credibility or causes them to lose followers, such as posting obnoxious binge drinking pictures or expressing controversial political positions. This means that the intrinsic value of their brand is much more volatile. That is not always a good thing.
  • You are going to be on their schedule. Your agency might be paying them a large amount of money, but they might still schedule content weeks later.

Agencies like Zoe Dvir that retain ownership of their influencer accounts have much more autonomy. Tal Melenboim can guarantee his clients that sponsored content will be posted within a reasonable timeframe. He also has much greater control of the direction of the brand, because he won’t be mixing personal and potentially controversial perspectives with their content.

Engagement can be as high or even higher than with traditional influencer accounts

It is easy to see how using computer generated images with Zoe Dvir is much more cost-effective than reaching out to real-life Instagram influencers. You can create content more quickly and easily. You also don’t need to dedicate a massive budget to compensating third-party Instagram users.

However, it is easy to see why many marketers would still be skeptical of this approach. Their most obvious concern is that accounts with computer generated images might not be as engaging.

While it is easy to see the basis for this concern, it is not supported by actual data. Empirical data from Instagram account shows that they can be just as engaging.  Take a look at the most popular virtual Instagram model, lilmiquela. The engagement rate with this account is 27.3% higher than the average engagement rate of accounts with real-life models with similar appearances and follower demographics.

Since engagement rates with virtual Instagram users are relatively high and the costs of developing them are significantly lower, the ROI of using Zoe Dvir can be exceptional.

Tal Melenboim can reach a global audience with Zoe Dvir

Influencer marketing agencies are going global. They are working with brands all over the world to help them expand their reach. Unfortunately, some influencers focus on creating content that is only relevant to local followers in their own region.

Tal Melenboim has taken a different approach with Zoe Dvir. He has created influencer accounts that have much broader messages. This makes it easy to optimize content for brands all over the world.


Instagram 5xx Server Error – What is that mean? [Explanation]

Instagram 5xx Server Error – What is that mean? [Explanation]

No website can avoid running into the occasional glitch and problem, and when you consider how vastly complicated many social media websites are, it’s not surprising that their users encounter lots of different errors and difficulties at various times. There are so many different aspects to these websites that things are bound to go wrong occasionally, and a common error which many Instagram users seem to come across is the Instagram 5xx Server Error. This is perhaps one of the most frustrating, as it usually won’t allow you to access the website at all, and often doesn’t give very much information besides the error code.

Instagram 5xx Error - Explanation

Instagram 5xx Error – Explanation

Instagram 5xx Server Error

The 5xx Server Error seems to be one which crops up every now and again, and has done throughout Instagram’s existence. It’s not specific to Instagram: 5xx refers to any error code 500-511, which covers server errors. These errors appear when the website’s server is failing to fulfill requests, and therefore the website cannot display the requested data. The different numbers refer to different server errors which can occur, and may tell you whether the error is temporary (for example, when a website is down for maintenance), or permanent (if a website has been removed).

How Can I Troubleshoot This?


Knowing that a 5xx Server Error refers specifically to a problem with Instagram’s servers isn’t enough on its own. There are a few different things you can try which might help you more specifically identify the problem, which may help you decide what action to take.

  • The first step is to google the specific error number you’re getting. For example, error 503 means that the service is unavailable. This is usually temporary, and may appear if a website is undergoing maintenance or experiencing problems. If see this error, you probably want to just try again later, and google whether Instagram is having issues at the moment.
  • If you’re using the app, check the browser version (or vice versa). It’s a server issue, you will probably find the same error codes with both, but it’s worth making sure of this. If one is working and the other is not, it’s likely not a server issue and you may need to do further research.
  • If you see error code 511, you need Network Authentication. This means that you are being intercepted before gaining full access to the internet, and may be the case if you try to access free public Wi-Fi without having entered the correct code. Make sure you get the necessary information, and then try again, as this error is not one with Instagram’s server, but lies with the network owner. You may need to agree to terms and conditions or log in to solve the problem.


Server issues are often caused by maintenance or problems on the website’s end, but it’s worth searching for the specific error code you see and checking what it means. You may find it’s something which can be sorted out from your phone, and at the very least may get a better idea of what’s causing the problem, even if it’s down to Instagram to fix it.

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Twitter’s Timeline Isn’t Updating Properly (Solution)

Twitter’s Timeline Isn’t Updating Properly (Solution)

Site bugs and glitches are perhaps the Achilles heel of all social media sites – anything which turns a relaxing, fun browsing experience into a technical struggle against stubborn websites defeats the whole purpose of social media. For those who aren’t technically inclined, encountering any problems is usually something which instils a sense of dread and gloom, but there are a few tricks you can try to get your social media up and running again, ensuring you get maximum socialising time.

Twitter’s Timeline Isn’t Updating Properly

If you’re a regular Tweeter – or just following some important people – then your timeline not updating is a major annoyance. This is particularly true if you know you have updates, but Twitter’s timeline is happily pretending nothing is going on, and if you’re trying to follow a discussion of any sort, it’s beyond frustrating.

Twitter’s Timeline Isn’t Updating Properly

Twitter’s Timeline Isn’t Updating Properly

Things To Check


To begin troubleshooting, there are a few different things you should try to help you pinpoint where the issue lies.

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection, and if it’s poor, try again later before you spend too much time troubleshooting. You may find that there simply isn’t a good enough connection for new Tweets to come through.
  • If you’re experiencing the issue on Twitter’s app, try opening a browser and checking whether this happens there as well. If you have more than one browser installed, try on different browsers.
  • Try on a couple of different devices, and see whether your timeline updates normally on another device. Alternatively, ask a friend to check their account and see if they encounter similar issues.
  • See if refreshing the webpage (if you’re using the browser) is enough to resolve the problem. Check whether the timeline shows new updates at the point of refreshing, but then stops updating again.

Ways To Fix It

  • The first thing you should try is closing the browser or app, and then reopening it. If this works, remember to check whether it’s a temporary fix or whether it solves the issue entirely.
  • Try clearing your cache and cookies, which should ensure information isn’t getting intercepted or sending incorrectly. Also check whether any extensions are causing interference by turning them off.
  • Occasionally, changing your username or password can result in this sort of issue resolving itself, perhaps because it jogs something on Twitter’s servers. This is an odd fix, but can work.
  • If the app is where you notice the problem, consider uninstalling it and doing a clean install to make sure it’s fully up to date and hasn’t encountered a glitch.
  • If none of the above help to resolve your issue, consider contacting Twitter’s support team. Although some users suggest this issue sorted itself out (apparently randomly) after a period of time, it’s worth letting the Twitter team know something is going wrong, as they may be able to help you. If other users are experiencing the issue and it gets reported, they know the technicians need to look into a fix.

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