10 Techniques To Increase YouTube Conversions

10 Techniques To Increase YouTube Conversions

Why is Video Marketing so popular these days? Why does each and every marketer wants to get a video done for their business and social media channels? What has contributed to such a massive craze for videos? Well, there are so many reasons contributing to the ever-growing popularity of video marketing these days. But the one good reason can be, customers now want to see the products in action. Consumers prefer videos than any other marketing channel because videos are easy to digest, fun to watch and quick to share. And marketers love video marketing owing to the considerable return on investment it offers. Leveraging video marketing in the right way has good rewards and boosts YouTube conversions to a great extent.

Video preference is one of the primary driving force behind the kind of content marketing done today. In fact, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! And the 5 Billion videos are watched every day. This clearly implies the affinity we have towards videos and how a marketer can utilize YouTube to generate traffic.

This whole YouTube traffic generator thing sounds excellent if one is serious enough to drive traffic to the YouTube channel and multiply sales. For a marketer looking for new ways to increase revenue, video can be an effective tool to drive traffic and convert it into sales.

Although video is everywhere, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, YouTube is still the most preferred and viewed video platform that has tons of potentialities. Despite this, very few marketers utilize YouTube the way it should be and thus missing a large chunk of the market to dive in.

So if you want to get your brand message out to these millions of prospects and boost YouTube views, this article is for you. Keep scrolling down to know the 10 proven techniques to increase YouTube conversions.

1. Create a Custom and Eye-Catchy Thumbnail

This might seem to be petty, but that’s not true. In reality, the thumbnail of a video catches the gaze of a viewer and makes the person stop and click. Amidst the ocean of videos, an eye-catching thumbnail is the only way to trigger curiosity in the onlookers’ mind and help them pick you out of all.

Also, custom thumbnails can create a brand identity and brand recognition, and increase engagement by a whopping 154%. Through the thumbnails, your videos get instant recognition and new prospects come pouring. And with time, your custom thumbnail itself becomes an extension of your brand that leads to more conversions.


2. Enable a Goal-Driven “Next Click” Strategy

Enable a “next click” strategy for each video you publish. This goal-driven call to action will coax the viewers to take action to do something after the video ends. Either your goal can be taking the viewer to a landing page or watch another video or be engaged on a social media channel.

Depending on your goals, this next click strategy generates significant business and drives conversions. Moreover, this strategy enables you to be pro-active about your steps and ensures efficiency. And without a CTO, technically you end up to nowhere.

So if you are wondering as to how to increase YouTube subscribers to your channel, incorporate a next click framework that will gently push the viewers in the right direction and purchase your product or service.

3. YouTube as a SEO Tool

The recent factor of YouTube SEO tool is true! Because if you don’t get seen, you lose business. YouTube being the second most popular search engine, people tend to look up all their queries here. From “how to bake a cake” to “how to put the perfect liner”, YouTube gets all kinds of searches. Thus, marketers must ensure to put suitable keywords that will draw more people to their videos.

When a user finds the exact video he/she is searching for, your video will get sure shot clicks. Targeted keywords draw the audience based on their browser search. This is a great way to get more conversions through YouTube. You would get a lot of resources on the Internet about YouTube keyword tips.

However, don’t use clickbaits in your video tags that can cause trouble than doing any good. Clickbaits are severely punished by Google and result in harsh penalties.

4. Offer Free Stuff to Build Relation with Viewers

Who doesn’t love free stuff! We all do! this concept works best when you intend to boost your YouTube conversions. When users watch your video, they would expect it would bring some value to their life in exchange to the time they have invested. Take advantage of this situation and offer them something ‘free’ to take home.

It can be a bonus video, a video checklist, a pdf or maybe an eBook adding value. One more idea is to merge your reference URL with your freebie item. That will make the conversion process smoother, faster and a lot easier!

5. Compel the viewers to watch your videos till the end

You wouldn’t ever want that people pause and leave your video midway! Sounds terrible right? Well, YouTube traffic statistics say that 80% of viewers who watched a video on YouTube has made a purchase for sure. However, that’s just half news. The full news is, they have to watch it till the end to understand your product or service and your brand message.

Your video content has to be engaging and entertaining enough to hold their attention until the end of the video. And you just have 5 seconds in your hand! Yes, the first 5 seconds is what that holds the attention of a viewer. Within that small span of time, you must make your point or your video will be paused and shifted over.

Also, YouTube’s SEO algorithm is fond of long view times.


6. Pinning a Comment is a Good Idea!

Just as someone finishes binging on a video, they quickly go down to the comment section to check what others say about the piece. Take advantage of these eyeballs and pin a comment to the top of the comment section. That will appear to the new prospects right in the center as your comment will always stick to the top of the comment list.

You may pin a customer testimonial or a brief introduction of what the video is all about and mention a backlink that will take the viewers to your website. The comments section is one of the most prime areas where users flock around, so take advantage of it and pin your comment there.

7. Video titles should be fewer than 180 characters

While searching for a video, the first thing that our eyes get drawn upon, is the video title. The title is one of the primary determining factors whether or not someone would click to watch the video. So ensure you write a catchy, brief, yet informative video title, that compels viewers to click. As per the current YouTube algorithm, titles should not exceed 180 characters.

So you must be smart enough to include the vital information within those few letters. One rule of thumb is, include the important tags and keywords at the beginning of the title. That way, people will get to know what the video is about.

As we know mobile devices account for the most YouTube traffic, reaching people through their Smartphones is the ultimate motto for every marketer. Longer titles don’t show up properly on mobile devices, hence keeping your video titles short is paramount.

8. Leverage the ‘Card’ Power

Everyday YouTube comes up with something new. One of those newbies is the ‘Card’. These small white, circular icon with an “i” in the middle adds further interaction to a video, displaying various CTOs throughout. You can promote your brand and other videos on your channel utilizing these cards.

YouTube allows you to add up to five cards to a video, and they can be donation cards to raise a fund, add polls, cards to link with other videos, or to an external site, or playlist cards to link with similar YouTube content. Depending on what type of channel you run, you may fully leverage these cards to your profit, by getting the viewers to your website or on your email list.

9. Collab is the New Trend

Collaborating with other channels and YouTube personalities is the hottest trend amongst YouTubers now. Collaboration can bring effective results and a more significant impact to your channel. You just need to find the right partner to engage and build relationship that adds value and conversion to your YouTube videos. So this technique is definitely worth giving a try.

You get more exposure and more subscribers by shining a spotlight on your channel. When you collaborate with other channel partners or video creators, you open a chance of turning their viewers into your subscribers too. Thus, you piggyback on the channel partners and make it to success.

If you are mentioned by a prominent YouTube personality, who has a fan following much bigger than yours, the shout out can drive substantial YouTube conversion.


10. Subscription is the Key – Ask for it

More subscribers mean more visibility, exposure and targeted traffic. Gaining fresh subscribers trigger YouTube conversions strikingly. A robust subscriber base creates a strong online community for any channel. Also, YouTube rewards handsomely to channels or video creators. And of course, you build your authority with a large subscriber base behind you.

So encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel by either giving a compelling call to action within your video, or by asking people to subscribe personally. Be present in the video itself as it ends, and ask for the subscription by interacting with the viewer. Interaction on a personal level creates a connection between the video creator and the viewer. That is also a good way to increase subscribers.

Final Thoughts

Generating YouTube conversions might not be rocket science, but yes, there are certain worthwhile rules to follow that will give you the desired ROI. Harness the power of YouTube video marketing with the above-mentioned tips and optimize your channel.

Keep creating meaningful video contents and encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel, and you may be able to increase your conversions over time. Brands tell stories and video is a powerful way to do that. Harnessing video marketing through YouTube helps you stay afloat, reach your existing clients and prospects in less time and convert traffic into sales.


The Competent Guide Of Posting Pre-Recorded Live Stream Videos On Facebook

The Competent Guide Of Posting Pre-Recorded Live Stream Videos On Facebook

What if I say you, you can post your live stream videos, not as a literal “live” content?

With the turn of 2016, we saw a major upgradation in the realm of video content production. This sudden upheaval brought Live videos in the picture, which were an instant hit. It’s late 2019 & we are on the verge on stepping into the next era; and live videos are still taking the world by storm.

Some stats on live stream videos would prove this claim valid,

  • Live video is more appealing to brand audiences: 80% would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts.
  • 45% of live video audiences would pay for a live, exclusive, on-demand video from a favorite team, speaker, or performer.
  • 75% of executives watch work-related videos at least once a week.
  • The video streaming market is projected to be worth a whopping [$70 billion] by 2021.

Well, the way live videos are predominantly expanding, no sooner would they take over the other online media outlets too. Nobody can deny it that video content is the most engaging kind of content now. And being an Internet Marketer, you must feed your subscribers and fans with a regular dose of video contents.

But at the same time, it is challenging to come up with unique contents every day. On top of that, every single video production takes substantial time. But the world doesn’t wait for anyone, or does it? That’s the reason the live video streaming industry is booming.

This has enticed the teenagers and the millennials, who make up the target audience section for many brands. They publish their own live videos, as well as follow the video of other brands too. “Going Live” is a pop culture now. And a majority of your audience is also waiting for you at the live streaming platform. Keep on reading and you will get to know how you can execute a pre-recorded video Facebook Live.

There are several live streaming platforms to be named, Periscope, Ustream, Instagram, YouNow, etc. But the best of them is, Facebook Live. But why Facebook Live? Because Facebook Live videos are viewed 3x longer than usual newsfeed videos. If a viewer leaves any comment on a Facebook Live video recording, it automatically shows up on their newsfeed too.

This prompts their friends to view the video. Once your live or pre-recorded facebook live video goes on air, a notification goes to all your fans and followers. Moreover, live stream pre-recorded videos tend to be shown on the news feed higher than any other content.

Most of the audience follows a brand’s Facebook group faster than they do the other channels. Hence creating a buzz on Facebook would help you in the long run. Publishing live videos there, can help you leverage your existing audience, hook them to what you show them and build potential customers. Even the big marketing influencers put up their live videos, thus catching up with the trend.

But now the question is, are you ready to go live the instant it comes to your mind? Or do you need some preparation? Or would it be nicer if you can publish a pre-recorded video of yours, as a live video content?

Well, yes. Good news is now that’s possible even. We would let you know some hacks as to how you can do it. You can easily live stream your existing video content and reach more people.

Hack 1:

An easy to use and non-technical solution awaits you, with which you can stream your pre-recorded videos via Facebook Live.

Livereacting is a brilliant tool that helps you do exactly that. A convenient tool for all social media agencies out there. The most striking feature of Livereacting is its ease of use, no need of any
third-party OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). Also, it works perfectly well even if you have a poor Internet connection.

Just upload the existing video, schedule a date for the live streaming, and voila! Best choice for online brands and the marketing influencers.

How to facebook live? The process

1. You must sign up to the Livereacting website through your Facebook account. This is needed to get you the access to your profile.

2. Well, this may sound like a click-bait, but in today’s world, nothing comes for free. So, to get the benefit of publishing existing video contents as live, you just need to pay a minuscule amount of $3.99 to purchase 1 credit. It’s super cheap I tell you given the perks you get.

3. You may choose “Stream pre-recorded video” template.

4. Now choose where exactly you want to go live, whether on your profile or your page. This is as per your requirement. If you are an individual, then of course it would be your profile. However, if you represent a brand then it would be your Facebook page.

While you are about to upload facebook live video, remember a few things like,

  • Livereacting only supports .mp4 files and not any other extension. Hence if you have any other file format, then it is recommended to convert it into an mp4 file.
  • The live stream videos must have an audio and not completely mute.
  • The video duration must be longer than 60 seconds.
  • Check the file size, Livereacting supports up to 1000 MB.
  • The video must follow all the terms and conditions Facebook has. Livereacting is just a tool that is helping you to upload videos, the actual boss is still Facebook.
  • The maximum duration of videos is 240 minutes per 1 credit. If the video exceeds the length, you need to buy more credits. Sort of pay as you go.

5. Now, upload the file and check the preview before making it to the channel.

6. If you are happy with everything, then click on Post to Facebook to go live. If it is for your page that you want to publish sometime after, then schedule it as per your time.

7. Once you go live, you would see a dashboard to control your live stream videos. You may use it accordingly and enjoy your cool Facebook Live.

Isn’t it super easy? And that’s not just all. Livereacting also provides brilliant tools to make your internet marketing comfortable and hassle-free. You may try it for your further campaigns. Not to mention their customer support system; you may provide them with feedback regarding their features, and they would listen to your suggestions.

Even while the live streaming your pre-recorded video Facebook Live, you may ask for their help if you face any issue. Just a few clicks, and you can schedule and stream any video on Facebook as if it’s a live video content.

Hack 2

Well, this is entirely free and you don’t need to spend a dime. But this is mainly recommended for the technical people.

The process:

1. First, you need to download and install OBS Studio as per your OS. OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software that you need to configure.

2. Go to your Facebook Page ->Publishing Tools->VideoLibrary->LIVE+

3. Get your STREAM KEY and hit Preview. You will see an OFFLINE screen, keep that tab open.

4. No go to OBS software, navigate to Settings. Then go to Stream. Select “Facebook Live” and enter the StreamKEY you got from Facebook.

5. Select a pre-recorded video in OBS.

6. Go to Sources, then Add->VLC Video Source-> now add a playlist by selecting video files. That’s it, now you are one click away to stream your video.

7. Next, to avoid outside noises, go to the OBS dashboard and disable “Mic/Aux”. Just keep VLC source audio in ON mode. Click on START STREAMING.

Now you are just one click away!

8. Go to your Facebook page & you will see PREVIEW of the stream. Now hit GO LIVE.

There you go! You are now live on Facebook with your pre-recorded video.

Bonus Tips for Savvy Marketers!

These tips are for those Internet marketers who are keen on streaming their new services/products, demonstrations, or any tutorial. Before venturing out with pre-recorded video Facebook Live, one has to follow some rules of thumb.

  • Stick to your brand values and brand message in the live video. Your authenticity will define your brand as a whole.
  • As per Facebook’s recommendation for live videos, you can go live for about 10 minutes. However, you may stay live for up to 90 minutes.
  • Think of catchy descriptions to make your audience ready for your live video.
  • You may give out short teasers that will pique their interests
  • Engage with your audience during the live session by responding to them the moment they comment anything.

Final thoughts

So you see, your Facebook Live doesn’t have to be live. In this blog today, you have learnt the hacks to stream your pre-recorded Facebook Live videos appearing them to be live. Well, this is indeed a big help for bloggers, marketers or individuals who are a bit nervous or hesitant to telecast videos in real-time. But since live videos get all the engagements, hype and create buzz than usual videos, we all are after it to turn them to our business benefit.

If you are short of any resources for your next video-creation, always seek the option for a professional agency. With a pool of talented individuals, every project gets delivered the best content for every requisite without any quality and service compromise.

So go ahead and stream your videos on Facebook Live through the hacks mentioned. And let me know how things went. You may need a bit of practice twice or thrice, to get it all right. But once you get used to, you can make it big out there. Get in touch if you need any help in creating any video for your brand that you may telecast as live on Facebook. And also feel free to ask if you have any question as to how to broadcast pre-recorded video on Facebook Live.

Post text: In this blog, find out how you can turn all eyes of your audience on Facebook through posting live videos that are pre-recorded.

Meta-description: Learn how pre-recorded live stream videos for Facebook can be a game-changer for a brand’s social media expanse.

13 Actionable Strategies to Grow a YouTube Channel in 2020 (Besides Optimize My SEO)

13 Actionable Strategies to Grow a YouTube Channel in 2020 (Besides Optimize My SEO)

How can I grow my YouTube channel?

Why’s my YouTube not growing as fast as others?

I’m posting good content but I see other mediocre content perform better than mine!!

Is it good to upload videos to my channel daily?

How long does it take to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

Or should I just buy my first 1000 subscribers and hopefully grow from there?

Sounds like questions you ask yourself?

Well, growing a new YouTube channel can be so frustrating especially now that there are billions of videos posted daily. But it’s even better knowing that about 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.

This basically gives us the hope that we can as well grow our YouTube channels to the high thousands or even millions. Now that’s completely true with the right strategies and tools (which we’re going to be sharing with you in this pretty long guide).

With YouTube’s massive growth, it’s even estimated that by 2025, half of the viewers unders 32 will not subscribe to a Pay-Tv service or software.

That’s huge for this video streaming platform!

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to grow your YouTube channel the right way, quickly. We’ll be revealing strategies that have helped us grow our client’s channel to hundreds of thousands by producing effective content and following the exact strategy we’ll be sharing with you here.


Let’s get started:

13 Actionable Ways to Grow a YouTube Channel Besides “Optimize My SEO”?

First off, we got this question from Quora.com but we’ll not only reveal strategies to grow your YouTube channel besides SEO. We’ll also reveal our best YouTube SEO practices right in this guide.

This way, you’ll have a complete, an up to date blueprint to grow a new (or struggling) YouTube channel.

So let’s get started:

1. Be An Active Commenter

Did you know commenting could be as powerful as having a celebrity share your YouTube link?

I think not, right?

Here’s what we mean

Have you noticed the new comments section?

I bet you have.

Well, it simply highlights or pins the best comment on any YouTube video. Think of it as free exposure to thousands of viewers on a YouTube video that’s related to your channel.

Since the new YouTube look, we’ve paid close attention to comments and drop comments on videos or channels with people that might be interested in our content.

And here’s the part I love about dropping comments.

You don’t need to get a “best comment” before you get free exposure. Simply dropping engaging comments can lead to hundreds or even thousands of likes from people around the globe.

Let me ask you; when was the last time you scrolled through and read the comments on a YouTube video while watching it?

Probably not long ago right?

Most viewers prefer to read what people (fans, audience, customers etc.) have to say in the comments while playing and listening to videos.

Thus, here’s a strategy:

Step 1: Make a list of 10 to 15 YouTube consistent channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers (that are your target audience too).

Step 2: Subscribe to their channels and turn on post notifications.

Step 3: Actively drop engaging comments that get viewer-attention.

Think outside the box and make people relate so well to it. That’s what stands out!

2. Ensure You Have a Branded YouTube Profile

Branding is crucial in YouTube marketing. As a matter of fact, YouTube’s mission is to “give everyone a voice and to show them the world”.

YouTube gives you the opportunity to showcase your personality, passions, skills, ideas and more through your videos.

Branding is simply the tone, feel and characteristics that sets your channel apart from the other channels

If you are like me, you kind of tend to remember a channel just because of something that’s consistent in their videos.

Your branding should be simple, professional, clear and representative.

Fortunately, YouTube features like the ‘Customize your Channel’ provides us with all the necessary tools we need to ensure a branded and recall-able YouTube channel.

YouTube even advises, you “described your brand in five words”.

You can begin from maintaining consistent social media images, patterns and colors.

3. Research 3 hashtag keywords for every YouTube video you upload

Hashtags are really starting to take off on WhatsApp. It’s even grown more during the Convid-19 pandemic.

Have you noticed YouTube displays 2-3 hashtags to any viewer watching any of your videos on a mobile device.

If you add 6 hashtags in your video description, YouTube will pick the first 3 and display it to your viewers (and certainly used as a strong search criteria.

For example, if you publish a video on e-commerce marketing and add these hashtags:

  • #ecomm
  • #cars
  • #shopify
  • #entrepreneurship
  • #marketing

YouTube’s bot will pick the first 3 which are; #ecomm, #cars and #shopify to display. Therefore you might want to make sure the first 3 hashtags you insert in your videos are the more relatable to each video.

There are several ways you can get hashtags that’ll help your videos rank. You can use tools, applications, websites.

4. Use Google to find recommended headlines & titles.

This is a simple yet effective strategy to get the best headlines for your YouTube video.

As you may know, getting your headlines right is key in marketing. This is no different for YouTube videos that you publish.

And since headlines can be a bit tricky (which is why marketers even start using mismatched headlines for clickbait), you need to pay attention to it and we’ve found Google suggestions to be really helpful in giving suggestions people often search for online.

You can simply plug your topic or headline and see which “term” of key phrase is searched more often than others. This way, you’d be targeting specific keywords (or rather search phrases) that people exactly type in their search bar.

Why’s this so important?

A while back, I was putting together a guide on blogging and content marketing mistakes but we had a little challenge whether to go for the phrase “blogging mistakes” or “content marketing mistakes”.

But with a few Google searches, we found that people typed in more of “Blogging mistakes” than the latter. But on the other hand, “Content marketing mistakes” would be targeting the specific audience we wanted, rather than the popular “blogging mistakes”.

5. Thumbnails are still key

I bet you already know how important thumbnails are not just on YouTube but all other social media platforms today.

Your YouTube thumbnail must pass the message your video wants to send to viewers. And if you’re like me, you pretty much always look at the thumbnail of any video before even clicking to watch.

I mean, which videos amongst the following are you most likely to click and watch?

Even though the term we searched for was “Best SEO Secrets”, I bet you’d most likely click the third video.

Is that correct?

Well, that’s because the thumbnail alone is catching and kind of gives you a glimpse as to what you’ll learn in the video (300,000 pageviews!).

We use Canva.com and a few mobile applications to create beautiful images for our thumbnails.

How to change your YouTube video thumbnail on mobile?

Step #1: Download the YouTube channel app (called YouTube Studio) which is available on both iOS and Android stores

Step #2: Log in to your YouTube channel and select the video you wish to change its thumbnail.

Step #3: Click on the edit thumbnail then you can upload any image from your gallery.

6. Target both tapped & untapped keywords in your description

So this might sound a little different from what you’ve seen on the internet. Most times, experts say you should go for (or target) untapped keywords or untapped markets.

But here’s the thing;

We don’t always advise you to focus on untapped keywords.

And here’s why…

If you check any keyword research tool, like Google keyword planner, it’s going to be obvious that the untapped keywords or phrases are the ones with the lowest search frequencies. They’re not always having lots of searches monthly.

On the other hands, the “tapped” keywords have 1000s or even millions of searches monthly.

For example, how well would your video content perform if you rank for an untapped keyword, with 100-200 monthly searches?

Not so well right?

Well, here we advise marketers and businesses to try to find a balance between tapped and untapped keywords.

Yes, they’re more difficult to rank for; but with the proper promotions, you would definitely climb up quickly.

7. Make it SUPER EASY for your readers to subscribe

Here’s how to create a single YouTube subscribe link for your channel:

This way, you can share your links and make it a step easier for users to subscribe to your channel.

8. Embed your Videos between your Blog Posts (or on your websites)

Blog posts are really huge when it comes to traffic. For instance, with a single blog post, you can attract tens of thousands of visitors monthly.

As a matter of fact, this very guide I wrote for a client a while back has attracted about 20,000 visitors. Most of which are from Google!

Thus here’s the thing:

How about embedding your YouTube videos in between these articles?

That would not only increase your views and subscribers, but can also boost your website’s SEO. It’s no news that embedding video content on your website helps with your search engine rankings.

In fact, including a video on your web-page drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs – According to Brightcove.

This is even more solid knowing that 93% of all online experiences start with a search query.

Here’s the math…

10,000 people read your content to read…

Half see your video and watch.

Dozens would subscribe if you have a great, engaging video.

Get the idea?

9. Always move your viewers to your next video

At the end of your videos, we all agree that most times YouTubers just ask for likes, comments and subscribers. That’s effective but to take it to a whole new level, you need to “sell” them on your next YouTube video.

It’s even better if your business creates sort of a series of specific YouTube videos.

Rather than just asking for engagements (which is in no doubt a great strategy), you should also sell viewers on your next video. In fact, YouTube tracks how long a user stays on the platform after watching your video.

Here’s what I mean…

If a user lands on your YouTube video and after watching, the user closes the YouTube tab. This will negatively affect your video performance because it shows YouTube that your videos may not be engaging.

On the other hand, if users click on another video after watching yours, you get a boost in your SERPs.

This strategy is really effective and I could remember a particular YouTuber who got me to watch about 5 of his videos one after the other.

It’s that effective!

Think about it…

How easy is it to convince a viewer who just watched a video about “10 email marketing mistakes to avoid” to go ahead and watch your previous video, “How I made $1,000 through email marketing”?

Pretty easy right?

If your channel covers more than one specific market; say digital marketing (includes email, ads, social, SEO etc).

Your videos about email marketing should “sell” the next video on email marketing. And vice versa!

This is even better with the YouTube playlist feature. Create playlists to keep people on YouTube.

Here’s how to:

10. Have an Active Instagram Account – it really helps with YouTube fan base growth

The overall aim of having a YouTube channel isn’t just to get subscribers right?

It’s either to promote a business, products, services or brand. Is that correct?


So having an Instagram account really helps. Within the years, we’ve noticed that for most YouTubers, Instagram is their major community platform where they engage with their fans.

And here’s how they do that:

At the end of every video, they invite viewers to follow them on Instagram and drop the links in the description.

It’s so effective, even celebrities harness this strategy!

Now this is crucial because most of your viewers might not subscribe to your channel the first time they land on your channel (or video). And when you have a solid fan base on Instagram, you kind of have a platform of people always ready to watch your videos.

Whenever you put out a new video, you have an audience that would most likely be interested in your new video. You can do this by sharing short clips and sending your Instagram followers back to your YouTube channel.

And the call to action (CTA) would be to swipe up or click the link on your bio to watch the full video!

11. Offer giveaways, shoutouts and pin your most important comments

One of my good friends, Braydon Ross, grew to 5,000 subscribers in less than 2 months using giveaways!

That’s huge and I bet I mustn’t highlight how important and powerful giveaways are. In recent years, more and more businesses are doing giveaways and free shoutouts to viewers, subscribers; as they’ve realized how powerful these strategies are.

We’ve especially seen how most YouTubers and Vloggers do that to grow their channels.

Seen how TheAceFamily does giveaways and FREE shoutouts?

It’s so effective that people literally dream of getting just a shoutout from this channel.

Your business or brand could also do the same to grow to your first 1000 YouTube subscribers.

I recall a friend of mine who started a new YouTube channel and decided to use giveaways as his major growth strategy and within a month, his YouTube channel went viral.

How’d he do that?

He simply did a monthly giveaway (IPhone X) to the most active subscriber who watches, likes and comments on his videos.

Hundreds of people rushed into this giveaway which eventually grew the channel quickly. I mean, who doesn’t love Freebies!?

12. Build backlinks to your videos

Backlinks are so important that almost every online business is after them. They’re one of the major criteria that Google uses to rank content on search results.

When it comes to ranking your content, Googlebot uses backlinks as a key result determinant.

That’s no different for your YouTube videos. They also need backlinks as well.

Here’s why we love this strategy so well…

By building backlinks to your videos, you won’t only rank your videos on YouTube search, but also on Google.

Building backlinks can be overwhelming but when done right, it can be the pillar to your online business. So whenever you publish new videos, you want to reach out, write guest blogs or even link back to your videos from your own website.

Here’s a simple hack we use:

Step #1: After creating and publishing a great YouTube video, we get it ready for backlinks.

Step #2: We search Pinterest and Google to find blog posts that are related to our videos and we’re sure our videos will add value to anyone reading.

Step #3: We then craft reach outs asking them to check our new video and embed it in their blog post if it’s worth it.

Works really well especially as it doesn’t take anything to add people’s videos to your website. As a matter of fact, you’d be getting an SEO advantage just by doing that!

13.Target keywords that already have a Video Carousel in the SERPs.

Have you ever noticed videos ranking first on some of your searches on Google?

I bet you have!

Here’s our strategy(learned from Brian Dean, SEO expert from backlinko.com)…

When doing your keywords research, go for keywords or phrases that already seem to have videos ranking up on Google.

This is quite easier to rank for and appear on Google’s number #1 for your target keyword as a number of videos have already proven to rank well.

This would give you a huge boost to your YouTube channel as well.

What’s next?

How have you tried to grow your YouTube channel and how have the results been so far?

Not so good?

Let us know what strategies you’ve tried and what you aim to try in the comments!