7 Ways to Bring Content to Life with Online Video

7 Ways to Bring Content to Life with Online Video

By infographicdesignteam.com

As a business owner, you have always to stay above the learning curve regarding what you do in your adverting and marketing strategies. As technology changes, your target audience follows that trend, and they demand more and more from the content you provide.

Multiple platforms for mobile devices has created the need for increasing vigilance on the part of businesses to meet the changing needs.

Web content must always be interesting and engaging on your site, your blog, and your sales page, to engage an ever-changing audience. At times, it seems that businesses are in the entertainment business, rather than the publishing business when it comes to online content.


To help with this process, let’s take a look at how businesses and brands of all sizes need to start putting more consideration into their content marketing efforts, while also not settling for just text and image based content.

Is having a website enough?

When the web first started and businesses first made their presence online, having a website was enough. It was enough then because there were very few businesses that had websites. The competition was low. And people were easy to please. Now it’s not a question of if you are online… but how and where you are being seen. This is especially true for small business just getting online.

Creating Brand Evangelists

But today business owners must appeal to the customer where they are and provide the type of engaging content that they not only will connect with, but want to share with others. When you create content that people want to share, it is like arming your business with hundreds of individual sales representatives, and you don’t have to pay them a cent! This can all be done with a good video.

What is the appeal of video and animation?

One might wonder what the big deal is about the video. After all, we see numerous programs and commercials every day on network TV. Wouldn’t it seem that people would grow tired of a video? Amazingly, the amount of time people watch and engage with YouTube and other video platform sites has increased, the amount of time they spend with TV video has decreased.

Network TV Ratings are Dropping

According to this article by Variety magazine, on-demand viewing on mobile and other devices has created a sharp decline in TV viewing in recent months. Netflix is believed to be the cause of a 50% decrease in network TV viewing. Mainstream TV is in trouble. The TV audiences have moved online with their mobile devices. They are still hungry for content, but they are not looking for it in the same places that they did a decade or more ago.

The Play’s the Thing

People like the animated video because it appeals to their need for fun. Animations are cute. They are engaging. They draw us into the action. And they tell a story. Just like in ancient times when Shakespeare was creating “Hamlet,” the play’s the thing. People love a good show. They always have. And animated video appeals to the need to see a drama unfold.

You Don’t Have to Be Shakespeare

Even though the excitement for drama may have begun long ago, you don’t have to be Shakespeare to cash in on the results. Businesses of all sizes today are learning how to tap into the power of video marketing for their online ad strategies to create interest and fun around their brands.

A Book by Shakespeare under a Magnifying Glass

Here are seven quick and easy ways you can bring your content to life with online video.

1. Tell a story. As we said before about animated video, people love a story. If you create an explainer video with your content, you will engage customers at a new and exciting level and create a story they will want to listen to over and over again and share with their friends.

2. Insert humor. Humor never gets old. In our day of endless tragedy in the media that we hear every day, people need a break from it. They need to smile and laugh. Coca-Cola’s “Smiles” campaign went viral, and they received millions of views shortly after launching that ad campaign. Was it any more sensational than their previous ad campaigns? Maybe not. But it made people laugh and smile. And that’s what they need.

3. Use whiteboard animations. Whiteboard animations are growing increasing popular in sales presentations today due to their ability to take the visitor through a presentation in the same way a live salesperson would if they were standing there before you. Don’t forget to ask a professional animation specialist how to get in on this video trend with your message and watch your revenue hit the ceiling.

4. Put the video on your blog. People love blogs because it tends to take the corporate out of the office and give them a personal touch. Sometimes the CEO or business manager does not write the blog, but when they do, there is a mass appeal to visitors. It gives the business owner a way to make a personal connection with their intended audience, share any updates on the company with people who visit the blog, and offer them a chance to respond. If you put an animated video on the blog, it will increase engagement even further and will serve as an excellent SEO enhancer by increasing your search results in Google.

5. Use video as a way to announce new releases. You can increase the hype of an upcoming product release with video as well. Using compelling animations through characters or whiteboard animations, you can quickly explain new additions your company is working on or talk to your current customers in video emails. Research shows that video emails increase click-through rates as much as 200-300%.

6. Use quick links to new video content on social media. Twitter now offers a way to do video ads within their platform. Like Facebook, you can incorporate video in your ads or posts to increase engagement and conversion rates. It would be wise to try this. But you need first to get the advice of a professional before launching an ad campaign so you will know how best to use your budget to get the most from your budget.

7. Create a caricature of yourself and put yourself in an animation. This will create a higher interest level in your business by putting yourself up front and center with your customers without using talking head. Animations are much more efficient than talking head video. By using animations and creating a caricature of yourself in the video, you can talk to and engage customers without actually having to be on camera.

These seven tips are relatively easy to apply, but some take more research and preparation than others do. The best thing you can do when planning your digital ad strategy is to analyze what you have in place now and how you can best utilize the power of video to help your brand. To see some examples of video animation work we’ve done for other clients, be sure to look through our video portfolio area.


How to Start Bringing Your Own Content to Life

The experts at InfographicDesignTeam.com know the business of animated video and bringing your best content and data to life. We can create original infographics, video animation and even make a caricature of you for the video. No matter we are creating for you and your brand, it will be engaging content that will drive traffic and keep people sharing your content and coming back for more.

So think about the web content that you currently have and how it could be made better and more efficient by using online video. The internet has become the new “network TV” that people watch when they want and where they want. With no time restrictions on time slots of when your material will run, you can set up a video cash machine that runs 24/7, 365 days per year. But you need some help to do it.

How to Create a Mind-Blowing Instagram Video Strategy

How to Create a Mind-Blowing Instagram Video Strategy

 By infographicdesignteam.com


by Like all other social networking sites, Instagram is being dominated with video contents, that majorly show up in its newsfeed and Instagram Stories. Instagram now boasts of housing more than 500 million active users and more than 20 billion photos and videos shared.

It’s time for instagram video marketing

And yes, along with its logo makeover, Instagram has gone through one other significant change as well. Now, the time limit for Instagram videos have been increased to a whopping 60 seconds, from the 15 seconds it used to be. This increase in the length of the videos is a great boon for all Internet marketers. Because now they can show up their product videos all the more vividly and in detail. This emerging social media tool has a lot to give and has immense potential to dominate the social media realm with endless possibilities.

Yes, though photos make up the most of the Instagram feed. But video comes with a dynamic content, gives an impetus to the viewers to tag their friends, buy a product, share word-of-mouth stories about a brand. And today, one doesn’t need a degree to create an engaging instagram video for business. If you just have your smartphone with you, you are sorted. And now, when we already see the growing trend of videos all over the Internet, creating engaging and compelling videos for the ever evolving Instagram is the need of the hour. Because honestly, video marketing and creative instagram videos is a match made in heaven.


To help you understand the simple, yet efficient instagram video tips to create an engaging, I have put together a few tactics for creating best instagram videos. Keep reading, and you may find just what you were searching for.

1. First thing First!
You cannot expect Instagram to be devoid of any set decorum or a set rule. Study the culture of Instagram, what kind of contents prevail the network, what are the favorite topics of the Instagrammers, and what extra value you could give to them. If you create content that is off the Instagram culture, your content may be ousted by the audience. To create Instagram optimized videos, ensure that you take care of the necessary parameters of the newsfeed and stories.

Long and boring captions are major fails when it comes to Instagram. You just have 60 seconds to explain or showcase your service or product, and thus grab the attention of your target audience. Captivating the attention of your audience is the first step to create a perception of your brand in the viewers’ minds.

2. Create a credible perception of your Brand
Ensure that your audience gets all the help to find you, to reach out to you, and to connect with you on both Instagram and your other social media handles. It is of utmost importance that you have an Instagram button on your website, where from your visitors could be redirected to your Instagram account. Your bio and profile must be filled with authentic and unambiguous details about your brand, as well as a redirecting backlink to your website.

Ask your fan base and happy customers to create testimonial videos for you, as they are considered to be highly authentic by other prospects. You may also reach out the marketing influencers to say a word or two about your brand. Whatever you do, strive to build your own unique impression of your brand in the Instagram world.

3. Make smart use of “Hashtags”
Not only does the Twitterattis use “hashtags”, but also the Instagrammers are a fan of relevant and trending hashtags. But yes, you must be very focused with your hashtags. Big brands use them efficiently, and thus they have attained the stature of being “big.” Be selective with the hashtags you use, because if your video posts contain too many of them, that seems a bit unprofessional. As well as gives an impression that you are confused. And since hashtags do not have spacing in between them and are merged as a single word, it can sometimes be that the real message intended, does not get conveyed.


So while posting your video content, stay true to the recent trends that are in the air, and use simple but effective keywords related to the trend. Thereby you would make it easier for your Instagram fan base to reach out to you.

4. Consider Animated Explainer Videos
Instagram is the best platform to explain your brand, your product, and services within one minute. And it goes without saying that 80% of brands try this platform to showcase their products and services.

So the competition is arduous and a single mistake on your part, you are doomed! To stay ahead in the race, you have to portray your brand from a different angle, present it as unique. And this can only be done by Animated Explainer videos. Explainer videos are short yet effective. And could be created with an informal tone in them. These are not your corporate videos where it needs to be sober and formal, Animated videos possess and inherent fun factor in them, and hence they are so loved by all and sundry.

Animated videos also have an amazing storytelling technique that works well with the Instagram audience. In each of your animated videos, there must be a story, a unique story that makes your brand stand out from your competitors. These are cost effective as well, unlike live action videos. So you must think of using animated videos as a worthy choice of your Instagram video arsenal.

5. How To Videos – The Best Choice
One of the main ingredients for creating a killer video for Instagram is a video that solves a problem, which gives a solution. Try creating some “How To” videos and see your video views skyrocket. Nothing is better than teaching something new or showcasing how to solve a problem.


User manuals are old school,  now is the era of “How To” videos. Show your audience as to how your products could be used, thus creating more engagement around it.

6. Post at the Optimal times
Do an extensive study and find out the optimum time for posting your videos. Posting your video several times a day will not create any desired result if not you post them at the time when your fan base is active. The optimal times when your video will be viewed most, search for those time slots and thus share your video.

And remember, quality content has its own flair. It will keep your audience coming back to you. Identify the right use of your video and post it smartly.

7. Augment your Brand Visibility, Credibility
Stay active and share your video content at least three to four times in a day. This helps you to increase your view views, your brand visibility, and credibility. Killer videos are not just made in one day but are built with perseverance, dedication, and effort. Posting your content more than twice helps to augment the visibility of your brand in your target audience’s newsfeed. The more they watch it, the more your efforts are paid.

8. Create compelling content
Content is king everywhere. Be it Infographic, be it a Blog post, be it some other journalistic stuff – or be it a video. Content must be compelling enough to draw attention and make heads turn. Strive to come up with a compelling script that not only increases your conversions but also makes people stop and think about your brand. Focus on the interests of your target audience, which things interest them more, and create a script around the same. You may give some sneak peeks of your company, the behind stories, the employees, share some photos in the video from your latest office picnic trip. These emotional touches embellish a video content and make it compelling.


And Instagram is the best place to showcase your compelling content. So get started to create a killer content for your killer video and unleash the power of your creativity.

9. Keep in mind – Instagram Analytics
So you have studied the basic of Instagram, created compelling contents, tried animated explainer videos, made smart use of hashtags,  and shared your video at the optimal times, more than twice. So all set and done?

Well, no.

You forget the most significant element for your killer video for Instagram. The analytics!

What effort is a success when it’s not evaluated and analyzed? Don’t miss out on the Instagram analytics and leave your job incomplete. Try using authentic analyzer tools and track the performance of your posts, the usage of hashtags, monitor the trends, how and when your audience is interacting with your video content, track the comments your posts receive, detailed report of your video performance across other social media profiles. And most importantly measure the engagement generated by your video. Identifying influencers around is also imperative for the success of your video.

Analytics are there to inform you where exactly does your video needs a tweak and how is it performing. This helps you to further maximize your social presence by taking necessary actions for your contents.

Final Words
Instagram is an ever growing and ever evolving social network. And the more it evolves, the more diverse its opportunities become. Try out the tips mentioned above for your next video content, and see it become a killer video for your Instagram handle.

Seize the opportunities the social network is giving you, to reach more and more prospects and stay warm and live in your existing customers’ minds. Video ads are being rolled out in Instagram these days. So don’t lag behind and follow the trend. Rather be a trendsetter and make your own trend!

Instagram Hashtags Strategy: 9 Ways to Grow Engagement on Instagram

Instagram Hashtags Strategy: 9 Ways to Grow Engagement on Instagram

Written by Zac Johnson
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Instagram is all of the buzz lately. It’s where kids and audiences want to be, and where content creators and brand advertisers NEED to be.

However, Instagram is unlike any other website, search engine, or social media platform out there.

Having quickly approached well over a billion active users, the platform replies on images, videos, comments and hashtags to create content for their audiences. There is also little-to-no URLs and clickable links on the platform — except for in the author bio and through advertisements on the site.

With all of this in mind, a lot of time, work and effort needs to go into an effectively Instagram marketing strategy.

To help with this process, today we are highlighting a few of the best tools, working methods, and tricks to properly use Instagram hashtags, while reaching new audiences around the world.

9 Useful Instagram Hashtag Tools, Tips and Tricks

  • Use Relevant Hashtags Only

It might seem appealing for you to include a countless amount of hashtags, merely because they are slightly related to your niche. This might also make you think that you are reaching onto a larger audience, however this is often the complete opposite and just makes your content look like a spammy mess. Be careful to select on the necessary and high volume hashtags that are relevant to your audience.

  • Pinpoint the Hashtags Trends for Your Hashtags

If you want to find the best Instagram hashtags, then you need to dive down into smaller niche markets. You can do this by sorting through content manually on the platform, or by using a Instagram hashtags resource site that highlights the top hashtags trending for the day, or around specific topics. 

  • Consider The Strategy Used by the Leaders in the Industry

Now it may be difficult to come up with the perfect strategy to increasing your engagement overnight. In fact, the possibility of this happening is slim! This is why you should watch what the successful leaders in your industry do and try to implement the same strategies, see if they work.

  • Be as Specific as Possible

The reason why you should be utterly specific when it comes to choosing your hashtags is because this notably narrows down the pool of customers. This will make it easier for you to create a highly engaged audience. For example, if you had an axe throwing business and were looking for new customers, take a look at what other competitors in your area are sharing, and also see what hashtags they are using as well. This is a method that has worked extremely well for Kicksta and the many accounts they help manage through their social sharing platform.

  • Use Hashtags in Captions and in Comments

Another highly used strategy is incorporating hashtags in captions and in comments. While they are not clickable, the use of a visual hashtag within your videos and images is always a good idea. This will further increase the visibility of your account, granted that you choose your hashtags most sensibly.

  • Consider Your Target Audience

Just as you always consider your target audience before creating an eye-catching Instagram bio, the same goes for hashtags. Hashtags ought to be customized depending on your target audience; otherwise, you won’t manage to achieve your targets.

In addition to creating customized content for your targeted audience, it’s also a good idea to start implementing video into your Instagram marketing strategy as well. When doing so, make sure each video is short, has some type of branding and call to action, and is also something that your audience will enjoy. If not, creating and launching such videos could backfire and just hurt your overall brand and social media presence.

  • Place Hashtags in Your Instagram Stories

Moving on to another tested strategy – namely incorporating hashtags in your Instagram stories. This increases the possibility of your account showing up to a new user, thus, potentially growing your engagement and your base of followers.

  • Incorporate Geographical Tags

Research points out the high efficacy rate of implementing geographical tags, as they do what you expect them to do: increasing your rate of engagement. You can include a location to any video or photo you post.

  • Create Your Own Hashtag

And finally, another approach that will most likely help you reach your goal is to come up with a hashtag of your own, something that is characteristic and representative of your account. Not only will this make for something unique and exciting of your own, it will also make the process of following relevant comments and Instagram updates from other people using your unique hashtag as well.

There you have it: Nine efficient ways in which you can increase the rate of engagement on Instagram by using hashtags sensibly. Remember, hashtags, if used correctly, are the key to growing your account!