Of the many different ways to make money online, one of the hottest crazes right now in the world of affiliate marketing and online business is starting an online store. The reason why this market is so hot right now is that often times you won’t need to hold any inventory, deal directly with customers or even collect payment. This all depends on the type of online store or e-commerce site you want to create, but in short — the technology and software solutions are now in place to make it easy enough for anyone to get set up and live in no time.

One such tool, Datafeedr allows WordPress users to simply, quickly, and seamlessly create an affiliate store by connecting with more than 30 different affiliate networks and 13,000 merchants from around the world.

Let’s take a look at what Datafeedr has to offer, and how you can start earning money with an ecommerce or online store of your own.

Datafeeder Offers a Powerful Suite of WordPress Plugins

We are all already familiar with the success and power of WordPress, but it’s still something I have to stress all the time. The free CMS has created millions of smaller businesses, applications, themes, plugins and much more — ultimately making it possible for anyone to create any type of website or online business they like.

The same applies with Datafeedr and how they have made their integration with WordPress simple, fast and seamless — which allows site owners to focus on the content and promotion of their site, and not the technicalities of setting a custom solution up.

With all of that in mind, Datafeedr provides much more than just integration with WordPress — they are essentially providing a full affiliate marketing and shopping solution out of the box. At the same time, Datafeedr has a wide range of tools and features that they offer to all of their users, but they also have a system in place that allows for the access to individual plugins, components, and features as well. This is where the customization of features really comes into play.

Once connected with Datafeedr, site owners will have access to over 30 affiliate networks and over 13,000 merchants from some 20 countries around the globe. This type of access is a much for anyone looking to compete in the world of online shopping, coupons, e-commerce and product sales.

As an active affiliate, you should instantly recognize many of the names on the supported networks list that Datafeedr works with. Some of the more popular networks on the list include Clickbank, Conversant, Rakuten Linkshare and Shareasale.

To get started with the setup and integration process, site owners will need to connect with the Datafeedr API plugin which allows for integration to your WordPress site. Once this is in place, you can start playing around with the functionality and customization of other plugins offered through Datafeedr.

Creating an Online Store with WooCommerce Integration

As mentioned earlier, WordPress has spawned millions of plugins, businesses, and opportunities for site owners and brands around the world. One of the most popular being WooCommerce, which is a platform to help with the setup of an online store, tracking products and taking in new customers.

This is also where the Datafeedr WooCommerce Importer comes into play, as it will allow site owners to seamlessly integrate the two together while offering access to millions of different products that can be promoted right away.

As with all components of Datafeedr, again there is no need to worry about programming or hiring a designer to get your site or online store up and running. You also won’t need to log in and out of each affiliate network that you want to work with as well — this can all be done right through the platform and plugins being used. In short, through the use of the Datafeedr WooCommerce Importer and it’s built in search feature, site owners can start listing and promoting more than 350 million products across 30+ different affiliate networks, while also working with over 13,000 merchants.

Another added benefit to working with Datafeedr, is that affiliates will earn 100% of their commission and not need to share a portion with outside networks or integration tools. There is also no need to download, import or parse through datafeeds, which can get quite confusing for the average site owner or affiliate marketer. All products are automatically pulled through the Datafeedr plugin and updated as needed from their direct affiliate network or merchants as well.

If all of this sounds a bit confusing, Datafeedr has you covered, as they have a great step-by-step setup guide for working with the WooCommerce Importer. If you are familiar with WordPress, you will have no problem setting this up yourself within a few minutes time.

Creating Product Sets and Comparison Engines with Datafeedr

Keeping with the theme of making the process of setting up an online store as easy and customizable as possible, Datafeedr also offers a Product Sets plugin. This plugin allows for the setup of related products that can easily be imported into your store. This is quite similar to what you might see when shopping on Amazon, where they recommend similar products of interest.

When selecting products to add to your store, all it takes is plugging in the product name, brand, price, if the item is on sale and has an image. This can be seen in the screenshot below as well.

In addition to providing users with the ability to add related products to their site, an even more exciting option is their comparison shopping feature, which is accomplished by using the Comparison Sets plugin. Everyone always wants to save the most money possible, and the best way to accomplish this is to compare prices across a wide range of sites. By providing your audience with this information, you are instantly giving them the best pricing options available, further increasing the likelihood for them to take action on your site — all while earning a commission in the process.

You can see an example of this feature in action above, with the product being available through Wayfair, Overstock, Amazon, and Rakuten. The prices are quite similar, but your audience would definitely appreciate the instant $15 in savings they could get when buying through Wayfair.

There are also plenty of advanced features and customization options for this plugin as well — which includes the ability to create comparison widgets, change currency options, import Amazon locale and set items to display based off specific maximum or minimum sale prices.

Going Live with Datafeedr

To get started with Datafeedr, you can access all of their WordPress plugins for free. Each of them is available through the official WordPress plugin directory, so you can conveniently research and install each of them at your own will. This is just another added benefit of Datafeedr solutions, as you won’t need to download or install the plugins through FTP or mess around with any ZIP files.

Once you are ready to start using any of the integration plugins, you will need to subscribe to one of the Datafeedr API plans. Each plan varies in cost depending on how many API requests you would like to use each month. You can see a full breakdown of each plan below.

Regular pricing plans start at $29/month which allows for up to 1,000 API requests each month and each request can call up to 100 products. The recommended plan is the “Basic Plan”, which allows for up to 25,000 API requests or the $99 professional plan for up to 100,000 API requests. The best way to measure what plan is best for your business and site is to look at your existing traffic and how many products you would like to push.

The option is also there to change your plan at any time, and each also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, more people are shopping online than ever before. Big brands and affiliate marketers both know this all too well. Datafeedr not only got in ahead of the game and created a revolutionary set of WordPress plugins, they are also making it easier for site owners and affiliates to earn more money in the process by creating advanced online stores of their own.

Head over to Datafeedr today and explore your opportunities with selling online through the power of affiliate marketing.