Did you know that in May Americans streamed 15 billion videos? That’s an increase of more than 2.5% from April and the number only continues to increase. What was once a gimmicky way to attract attention is now the preferred method of communication. No one wants to read a 3,000 word sales pitch when they could watch a 3 minute video instead, so it’s no surprise that video marketing has become an integral part of many affiliate marketing strategies.

But, how well does it work and is the increase in traffic and sales enough to justify the added cost of a video marketing campaign? Let’s take a closer look.

The Myth about Cost

There is an ongoing belief that video production costs more than content writing. The idea being that because video requires more advanced technology and software it is more costly than a simple page of text which could be written by almost anyone.

First, let’s not forget how hard writing content for an online audience is. Writing a successful page of content, whether it is a simple keyword optimized article for a directory or a review for your blog, is not easy. It either takes you time to write personally or it costs you money to pay a freelance contractor. And with Google’s recent assault on low quality content and their ongoing campaign to ensure quality on websites they rank, content writing is a lot tougher than it once was.

Now, let’s consider video. Video recording software comes for free with every major operating system. Even upgraded software like the ever popular Camtasia Studio can be had for less than $300. Combine that with faster computers, high Internet speeds and free storage on YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook (among dozens of others) and you have an easy way to reach a lot of people for very little money.

How Do You Do It?

What makes video marketing so successful is the branding capability of the medium. The reason not everyone can make a sale on the Internet is that not everyone knows who you are. Without trust, convincing a random stranger to purchase a product you recommend is not easy. And without a face or voice attached to it, your website only makes this marginally less so.

A video on the other hand is a powerful medium through which you can reach out to your audience and build a relationship that will last. Video blogging in particular offers the resources and knowledge readers need in almost any niche imaginable. This relationship converts more prospects into sales.

Video is powerful because it is personal. It’s easier to trust someone you can look in the eye, and with video this is possible. Combine that with the ability to offer value through real time demonstrations and one-on-one discussions and it’s no wonder that video blogging, webinars and video reviews are quickly becoming the tools of choice for many affiliate marketers.

By affiliaxe.com

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