You must have heard a lot about e-learning infographics, but you might not know how and where to use them. And I am sure you are even baffled about how it can help you in growing your business. In this article, let me tell you how you can use infographics to make the process of gathering information more accessible and also your organization benefits from it.

First, let us discuss what e-learning is and how it is essential in today’s world.

The term “e-Learning” was first coined by Elliott Maisie in 1999, and since then the phrase was used professionally. E-Learning, or electronic learning, is the process of delivering any kind of training through digital resources.

This formalized learning is made available through electronic devices that are connected to the internet such as tablets, computers and even mobiles — this way users find learning easy as they can access their training materials anytime and from anywhere.

Needless to say, e-learning is one of the most convenient and impactful ways of training online learners today. If we take a closer look, in this new economic age, e-Learning is beneficial to both learners and organizations. There’s no denying that the popularity of e-learning marketing strategy has skyrocketed over the years.

Isn’t it amazing to know that e-learning offers an affordable, time-efficient way to train your employees too? In other words, through this form of convenient training method, your employees will enhance their skills and knowledge.

Interestingly, besides training your employees, you can also use this useful medium to train your partners and customers & increase adoption, retention and thereby generate higher revenue.

What are e-learning infographics?

Now, when we go through the history of the e-learning industry, we find that several factors have facilitated the process of electronic learning and made it popular. Besides the availability of internet and affordability of devices, one of the crucial factors to make e-learning ubiquitous is the development of multimedia.

As e-learning progressed, the ability to integrate elements such as images, videos, audio and graphics proved to be a more reliable way of keeping learners engaged compared to traditional learning.

Here, we can’t deny the importance of infographics for getting significant attention to any course. Infographics are everywhere, they are on whitepapers, on websites, newspapers and even ads.

Then why don’t we leverage the prowess of infographics for online learning and tap into the immense instructional potential of them?

You will surely nod if I say – in this shortest attention span era, infographics represent information visually and let the readers digest complicated bits quickly.

The rule of thumb for using infographics – use them when you think the information on the screen can be best understood using visuals.

So, let’s embark on the journey of creating e-learning infographics. According to e-learning statistics the demand for e-Learning market is rising rapidly and is expected to reach $275 billion by 2022.

E-learning Infographics – An Easy-Peasy Way of Education!

By now we have understood that Infographics are the ideal tool for representing training topics and complex trends to the users. Thus delve deeper into the matter and combine images with text to provide all the essentials and keep online learners engaged through smartly designed education infographics.

When the entire education industry is witnessing a marked price rise and it has become quite challenging for students to keep pace with the exorbitant cost, infographics can play a vital role. They are inexpensive and let every kind of students benefit from it.

Take a look at the amazing benefits of the stellar education technology infographics:

1. E-Learning Infographics Engage Online Learners

Education in modern times has become extremely complicated. Students face a constant overload of information as they have to assimilate information from thick textbooks, web contents and the like. As a result, the students’ tend to skip a lot of information thus missing out on important stuff.

But things take a different turn with e-learning infographics. Sounds interesting? Take a look – infographics that are created solely with educational purpose are designed with attractive segments that feature bright colors. Such infographics make information easy to absorb with lots of images, graphs and charts and thereby reduce cognitive overload. Additionally, these infographics might include links to supplement online training materials that rope the online learners into the topic.

2. E-Learning Infographics Simplify Statistical Information

As a new age marketer it’s natural for you to include statistics to deliver product related information, but aren’t statistics hard to understand when they come in written forms? Then what do you do, how do you convey your message across to your audience? Well, there’s nothing to worry about, here are e-learning infographics to ease the problem, they make statistics instantly understandable.

Take my words; infographics are visual aids; they are not only quickly understood, but can also enable a better analysis of every data. With infographics for e-learning, you can display multiple statistics and convey your information in a simpler way.

3. Promote Your Product or Service Through E-Learning Infographics

A well-crafted e-Learning infographic can help you promote your product or service. These types of communicative materials can also enhance your brand image and bring new online customers into the fold.

Infographics created particularly for e-learning is so designed that they clearly convey your messages and elucidate any misconceptions.

Using such contents will develop relationships with your audience because the infographics engage your audience without navigating constant product pitches. And this approach is more likely to make your audience trust what you have to say.

4. Boost Your SEO With E-learning Infographics  

One of the best marketing perks of using e-Learning infographics is – they help boost your SEO efforts.

By producing easy to understand infographics with targeted keywords and relevant metadata, you are sure to grab the attention of your target audience.

Additionally, if you want to make your infographics more visible in the eyes of Google, you can use a brief description to increase the likelihood of high rankings. Needless to say, you will also increase the e-Learning course sign-ups.

5. Easily Accessible and A Perfect Training Tool

E-Learning infographics are versatile; they are compatible with any device. Online learners can download the image and even view them while offline. This is a great advantage for remote employees too, as they can use such materials to refresh their memory when they aren’t within any wi-fi range.

This way, an e-learning material becomes an ideal training tool and preferred by all. As a moderator if you want to prevent learners’ dissatisfaction make sure your infographic is optimized and there’s the loading time is also reduced.

So, what does this mean for you?

This is the best part of the story, when you design blended learning infographic, as an entrepreneur you are sure to bank upon it for prosperous returns.

We have scoured the internet and identified a few tips on how to create the best educational infographic; read along-

  • First, find out what topics are trending in the market and which courses have higher market value.
  • Secondly when you decide to design an e-learning infographic make sure you present ideas that stand out among the crowd.
  • And finally, grow your business by selling/marketing these educational infographics.

Market Your Business With Infographics

Undeniably, infographics bring you heightened success as infographics are relatively inexpensive to produce and convey a lot of information appealingly. And the best of all, infographics spread like wildfire as they can be easily embedded in blogs and social media sites.

So, infographics are the best tools to help you market your business:

  • Infographics help in raising brand awareness
  • Infographics are the fantastic ways to reveal your expertise in a said field
  • With infographics you can establish your authoritative tone amidst the competitors.

Your Turn

From the above discussion it’s clear that e-learning infographics have several advantages. Designing one such content will surely let the world know in which fields you have the expertise. E-learning infographics thus have two benefits – one, you market your business and two, you can even use such infographics to train your employees due to its cost effectiveness and lower environmental impact.

Infographics can be of varied types and each demand different treatment. Infographic Design Team is the best place where you get anything you want to amplify your business.