Everyone knows that the landing page is the most important factor when promoting an offer. Yet, some companies still either “don’t get it” or seem to take advantage of affiliate networks and their affiliates. The best way to lower conversions on a lead gen, is to offer too many options, and other methods where affiliates would not receive a commission. Obviously, if a company is looking for a lead generation, the user should be sent directly to a landing page with direct information and a lead gen form on the same page.

While looking through different affiliate offers across the internet, I decided to take another look at the Medical Hair Restoration offer. I believe the last time I saw this offer, the landing page went directly to a lead gen form. Here is what the current landing page for “Medical Hair Restoration” looks like.

medicalhairrestoration by you.
Will this offer convert on your referral, or theirs?

Sure, this is a great looking landing page… but how will it work on conversions? I haven’t personally tested this offer enough to get full stats on conversions, but right off the bat, here are several reasons why I would not want to promote this offer/landing page.

PHONE NUMBER: On the right side of the page, where it offers the “FREE DVD PACKAGE“, it tells the users to “Call Now for Rush Delivery“. If an affiliate is sending traffic to this page, and someone orders through the phone number, they WILL NOT get credit. There is not coupon code or anything to suggest this lead will be credited to the appropriate affiliate.

TOO MUCH GOING ON: Right when you get to the page, you are overwhelmed with offers. While the main purpose for the affiliate is to get users to request the “FREE DVD“, I can only imagine how many targeted users are lost or fade off to another section of the site. Some pages on the site do contain a lead gen form, but it’s still not in the user’s face.

LIVE CHAT: Through out the site, you have the option to talk with someone from their LIVE CHAT. I’m sure they can answer any questions you have, and may even want you to call their number… further lowering your chances of getting a lead.

Now, if you go to Google and search “medical hair restoration“, you will come across another adwords advertiser landing page that looks like the following.

medicalhairrestorationshortform by you.
This is a great example of a landing page that converts.

Now this is the landing page that should be used on all networks, or at least an option for the affiliate to use! There are NO phone numbers for the visitor to call, and their only option is the lead gen form. They either want the free hair transplant information dvd, or they don’t.

The medical hair restoration offer is available through certain affiliate networks and pays out $28.00 per lead. However, in such a competitive and high cost niche, why would the network and advertiser even offer up a landing page with so many distractions? Would you ever promote an offer that has methods for lead generation, outside of your referred traffic?

Landing Pages with Direct Call to Actions Work Best

Since we are sticking with the topic of how to create a great landing page that results in higher conversions, we can take a look at the following example from titleloans-florida.com. The loan industry is an extremely competitive one, but if you know how to target your audience and focus on a niche market, you can find a lot of success.

In the landing page screenshot below we can learn a lot from this advertiser, their business and the audience they want to go after. With the name of “Florida Car Title Loans”, it’s obvious which geographic audience they are going after. We also know they want to target people that are already driving and need a loan for their car title. Once they have their marketing in front of the right audience, then it’s time for their landing page to do the work for them.


The landing page is setup nice and include all of the major points we listed in our 8-step optimization guide, which includes:

  • LOGO – The logo at the top left side of the page makes it easy for everyone to see what the site is all about, it also makes it look more professional.
  • PHONE NUMBER – Using a phone number on your landing page is also a great way to increase trust with your audience. Most people won’t use it, but seeing it there is enough to make the person want to use this site over others without a number.
  • SOCIAL ICONS – Social icons show activity across Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Just another way to connect with your audience and prove trust.
  • BULLET POINTS – Landing pages are all about getting your message across to your audience without taking up a lot of space. The bullet points on this page are perfect, as they make the process of requesting a car title loan a simple three step process.
  • CALL TO ACTION – The call to action on this page is the main focus for the end company or advertiser. They simply want the user to fill out this form and nothing else. With a short form and really no other options on this page, it’s a great example of how landing pages should focus on their call to action area.

Now that you’ve seen a few examples of good and bad landing pages, take these ideas back to the drawing board and improve the current setup of your own landing pages.