So, let me paint a picture for you.  Two days ago I had just finished a 6 mile run, and I decided to grab myself some chocolate milk…you know for recovery.

As I sit down, I think to myself, “This is a perfect time to check my Google Analytics stats on my phone – you know like any internet geek would do”.

I pull out my cracked android phone and start pulling up my sites, – meh, it’s not great today…Own The looking pretty good today!

Then the next site I pull up (a Mom Blog I own…yes, a Mom Blog), makes me nearly spit out my chocolate milk!  That can’t be right, the traffic is skyrocketing!

In fact, as I take a look, I realize at this rate it just might crack 10,000 visitors for the day…woohoo!  Sure enough, by the end of the day, my MomBlog cracks 10,000 visitors!

And then the next day, it cracks 11,000 visitors.  And today, it’s looking like it will do about the same.

Today, I wanted to share 2 things.  First, I’ll share how my site has been getting all of this traffic, just in case you are curious.

But secondly, I’m going to share exactly how much money a site that is getting 10,000 visitors a day makes.

Oh, and be sure to stick around until the end because I have a major caveat.  So, what do you say, should we dive into it?

Let’s see exactly how much money a site makes that is getting 10,000 visitors a day!

How Much Money Does a Website Make that Gets 10,000 Visitors a Day?

The first thing that I’m going to do is pull up the Google Analytics for my mom blog, which still makes me chuckle a little bit that I own a mom blog, but I do and it makes me some money. I’m going to share the traffic stats, where it’s coming from.  

On Tuesday, March 17th of 2020, it got 10,392 sessions for the day. And then just yesterday, which is March 18th, there were 11,466 sessions for the day. 

This is a big spike because normally the site is getting about six to seven thousand visitors a day. Now I could go over the entire history, I will just say that traffic had not always been at six to seven thousand visitors a day, it used to be higher. And then through some trends, Pinterest updates, it’s gone both up and down.

It’s nice to see it going back up to where I would like it. 

Let’s see where the traffic is coming from. When I pull up the acquisition sources in Google Analytics, I can see that about 60% is coming from social media sources, 21% is coming from organic search which we’ve worked really hard on, and about 15% says is direct visitors, and about 5% is referral traffic.

The huge bulk of the traffic is coming from social media sources. When I click on that, I can tell you that most of that, 98%, is Pinterest. This is a site that has always done really well on Pinterest. I guarantee you that when I pull this up, that the huge spike is due to Pinterest. Normally, it was getting three to almost four thousand visitors a day from Pinterest, and the last couple of days, it’s been six to almost seven thousand visitors coming from Pinterest. 

Diving even further, I can see which page and which pins are doing really well on Pinterest. Unfortunately, I wish it was across the board, just all my pins were getting more traffic, but for the most part, it is one page that has had this huge spike. It’s a crafting pin. It looks like a lot of people are becoming interested in doing this particular craft and it’s just taken off. A ton of visitors are coming to that page, and then the rest of the site is continuing on about where it was, but I’ll take the spike in traffic. Let’s dive into the earnings now and see how much money this type of traffic makes. 

How the Site Earns Money

This site earns money in two primary ways. First, display ads, and that is primarily through Ezoic. We run Ezoic ads on the site. It’s similar to Google AdSense if you’re familiar, just display ads there. And then the other way is Amazon Associates. We do also collect emails since we have an email list. We make some money there but the bulk for sure is those two sources, Amazon Associates and Ezoic ads, so I’m going to share those. 

Ezoic for March 17th, the first day that it broke 10,000 visitors, was $150. That’s actually not much more than it earned the day before, I think there’s a little bit of a delay. The amount that it made on March 18th was $174, which I think is more accurate for the first day that it broke 10,000 visitors if that makes sense, so about $170, $174 in Ezoic earnings.

That is an earnings per 1000 visitors of one day was $15.91 cents, the other day was $16.92 cents. I can jot those down. I’m going to get the average earnings per visitor here just to give you an idea so you can calculate how much your own site might be making. 

I’ve got my Amazon Associates account pulled up for the mom blog. If I look at the 17th, it made $138.89 cents. And then the next day, it actually earned less, just $76.93 cents. A lot of that is timing with shipping and what goes out. It actually may make more money tomorrow, but that gives us an average.

If we were to average that out, $138 and $76, that’s going to be a little probably close to $110. If we say it made between those two days $110, and then on Ezoic, it did $160, so that’s $270 roughly is what it made. Not bad. About $270 is what my site made getting 10,000 visitors a day. If I was to get 10,000 visitors for the entire month over 30 days, that’d be just a little over $8,000. 

Like I said, the site does earn a little bit of money from other sources, but this would be the bulk of it for sure. If the site can do $8,000, that would be great. I’d be very happy. It’d be a very good investment for me. I’ve, of course, have writers and somebody working Pinterest so I don’t actually put a lot of time into the site myself anymore. It’s nice to be able to see that I can get potentially $8,000 a month for this site if it were to stay up at this level of 10,000 visitors a day. 

As promised, at the beginning, I have one huge caveat and that caveat is that all sites don’t earn equally. Perhaps fortunately for you if you’re listening, this site that I have actually earns a lot less per visitor than most sites. The reason for that is because most of the traffic is coming from Pinterest. They bounce very quickly. It’s difficult to monetize that traffic. Really the only way to monetize this huge spike in traffic for me is through display ads for the most part. People are not sticking around and shopping on Amazon, very few of them are, which is why I didn’t really see much of a spike in my Amazon earnings but I did see a spike in the display ad revenue. 

If I were to take $270 that it made in the day and divide that by 10,000, I can get an earnings per visitor, so $27ish what it would make per 1000 visitors. Let’s keep that number, $27 per 1000 visitors because if I multiply that by 10, that’s going to be $270 which is what I made for 10,000 visitors, so about $27 per 1000 visitors. 

How Do the Earnings Compare?

How does that compare to other sites? Well, let’s look at Own The Yard real quick. For Own The Yard, it also primarily gets money through the two same sources, through Ezoic ads and Amazon Associates. I’m going to just average out over the last seven days. Over the last seven days, the site has made $295.43 cents through Ezoic ads. If I look at Amazon Associates, it has made $466 and 80 cents. So let’s just put $467, and let’s figure out how many visitors that’s got from Google Analytics and then we’ll do that calculation. 

It’s had just over 13,000 sessions over the last seven days, 13,096 visitors. You can see that it’s making way more per visitor. If I do that math, $295 from display ads, $467 from Amazon, that’s $762. If I do that math, $762, I get just over five cents, which if I multiply that by a thousand, $58.18 cents. You can see that it is more than double per visitor what I make on my mom blog. Own The Yard makes about $58 per 1000 visitors, whereas the mom blog makes about $27 per 1000 visitors. 

Again, a lot of that has to do with traffic sources. Most of the traffic coming in Own The Yard is through Google Search. People are searching. They’re looking for products, they’re going to the buying guides, and they’re more likely to buy. It’s not just coming from Pinterest. 

I can also say that some sites earn even more than that, I won’t go through all the calculations, but I will just say on a per visitor basis, it makes even more than Own The Yard. That gives you a framework where to look at your site. I think the mom blog is a little bit on the low side, but you now know how much money a site getting 10,000 visitors a day could make. Hopefully, that gives you a little bit of motivation. It gives you a little bit of knowledge to know what is reality, what you should look to, and what you could expect if your site started getting 10,000 visitors a day. 

By Spencer Haws

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