When it comes to logo design and the identity of your brand, skimping on the design and quality process is not something you should consider. At the same time, not everyone has hundreds or even thousands of dollars to spend on a professional looking logo for their site. Fortunately there are millions of designers on the internet and one of the best ways to connect with them is through the use of online design contests.

One of the best reasons behind using an online market place or contest format for your logo design, is that you will get a wide range of creative ideas from different designers around the world. In this article we are going to be looking at DesignHill.com, which has become a powerful asset for individuals and brands of all sizes to outsource and create amazing graphic designs.

DesignHill.com – Marketplace for Custom Designs

DesignHill.com is an online marketplace for custom graphic designs. Think 99Designs, but at a much more affordable rate. For many people, 99Designs is one of the top sites on the internet for getting custom graphic design work done, but most of the time you are still looking at a few hundred dollars in out of pocket costs. DesignHill was created not only to cater to the massive freelance designer market, but also for bloggers, site owners and brands that want a high quality logo, but don’t have a huge budget for it.


While the main focus of this article highlights how to get a custom and affordable logo design for your site, DesignHill actually offers design services for all of your needs, such as clothing, infographics, business cards, letterhead, CD covers and mobile icons. The concept behind every logo design is to create a contest listing on their marketplace and choose a winner from their many active designers on the site.

As you can see from the figures displayed on the bottom of their site, already $40,000+ has been paid out to designers, with over 10,000 designs being created through the site from over 23,000 different designers around the world.

How to Create a Logo with DesignHill

Once you visit the main DesignHill site, you will see a popup window giving you two different choices, which are to run your own custom design marketplace contest or to create your own logo in their readymade logo store. The contest marketplace is the main attraction on the site, but the readymade solution just went live and delivers high quality logos that are available at a rate of $99. In short, you can look through the collection of readymade logos on their site, and if you find one you like, you can buy it and have the full rights to the logo and use it as your own.


When creating your own custom design contest you get to walk through a simple wizard process that asks you a few questions about your potential logo design, color usage, shapes / sizes and anything else that might help designers create the best design for your needs. The more detailed information you can provide, the better results you will see from active designers and their submissions through the site.


In the screenshot above you can see a few of the questions and details requested when setting up your design content. From the basics of slogans you might like to use and any specific colors, to more sophisticated questions like what types of logos you currently like and also the ability to rank your preferred logo based on what values your logo should be based on and who your target audience is. If you put in the time and effort to fill out the design request form, you should be more than happy with the results through the site.

After completing the design request form and your payment information, your design contest will then go live. Once live, you will start to see new submissions coming in from various designers on the Designhill marketplace. When you come across a logo design you like, you can choose the winner and DesignHill will send you the final design files.

Active Design Contests on DesignHill

To get a better understanding of how the concept works, you can take a look at some of the active contests running on DesignHill right now. Notice the differences in pricing and entries posted. The more you can pay for a design, the more submissions you will receive.


Once you have a live design contest running, it’s also important for you to provide feedback for the designers and letting them know of any changes or direction they should be taken. You should also leave feedback for the winner of your contest after the design has been received as well.

In addition to viewing the active contests running on DesignHill, you can also look at the individual portfolio of designs from different designers on the site as well.


No matter what type of design work you may be looking to have done, be sure to look through the full design gallery to get an idea of the work you might expect to receive, while also getting new ideas and concepts for the direction of your own logo creation.

DesignHill Pricing Models

As mentioned earlier, you will see different price points throughout DesignHill on active contest listings. This is how DesignHill has setup pricing on their site, and it’s not about naming your own price for getting work done, but instead selecting what prize level you would like to fall into — thus increasing submissions, quality and expectations in the process.

There are four set pricing packages for each category of design. Logo design work starts at $199, Twitter Design at $149, Website Design at $499 and TShirt Design at $199… with 35+ other design categories available as well.

While there is no guarantee that you will receive a set number of designers and submissions for your contest, DesignHill does provide an accurate estimate on the type of numbers you should expect (as seen in the chart below). All contests must be paid in advanced, but the funds won’t be released to the winner until your contest promotion has ended and you’ve received all of your request design files.


Creating a Killer Logo or Design with DesignHill

There are millions of sites and brands on the internet and if you want to stand out from the crowd, one of the best ways to do this is through the use of your own logo design. Since the majority of us aren’t designers, sites like DesignHill make it easy for us to explain exactly what we want, while tapping into a world of designers to get the work done.

When creating a design with DesignHill, not only do you get the extra added benefits of tapping into a wide range of designers and choosing from multiple designs, you also get to save money in the process. Compare design costs of DesignHill with any single agency and you will see the clear difference.

Create a logo design contest with DesignHill.com.