Have you ever wondered how to create a Slideshare presentation? Slideshare is an incredible tool for creating dynamic and engaging content that will boost your engagement level and interest in your brand. When designed correctly and creatively, you can create a winning presentation that may be just what you need to boost your name to the level you need it to be. think about what you might like to do in the new year of 2018 and consider what you can put in a SlideShare presentation that may win you new customers in 2018.


How to create SlideShare presentation

To create a marketing SlideShare ppt, first create an account on the SlideShare site by following these steps:

  1. Go to slideshare.net and click “Sign up” in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click “Join with LinkedIn” if you have a LinkedIn account.
  3. Enter your name, email address, and a password and hit “Join Now.”
  4. Enter your country info and click “Next.”
  5. Enter your job title and company, then create a profile.
  6. Confirm your email address.

There are some additional procedures you need to do if you are entering SlideShare as a company, university or conference, so be sure to read the further instructions about this on the site.

Steps to DIY SlideShare Presentations

Once you are in and a member of SlideShare, you can create your SlideShare presentation however you want. Many people use Microsoft PowerPoint to create their presentation and then upload it to SlideShare later. Here are the steps to do that.

1. First, decide on a color scheme and which type of fonts you want to use for your presentation.

You’ll want to put some extra time into this to make the best decision. Choose carefully because it is essential. Consider using contrasting colors so the final presentation will be more eye-catching and easier to read.

2. Think about the intellectual content and how you want to present it.

Remember that an essential part of any of your digital content is the information or meat of your message. What do you want your viewers to connect to and understand the most? What is more important to focus on? You don’t need to put too much in one presentation as this can confuse the viewer. Use bullets and headlines to show your audience what is the most important.

3. Create slides for each major heading and subpoints. Break down your content into neat sections of easily digestible information. Don’t make it too long or too complex. Remember it’s not a college lecture. And, even if it is, you need to stick to the most critical points. People only remember about 4 out of a standard 20-point slide presentation later. So focus on the most important points and think about how you can make each slide more engaging and interesting.

4. Focus on the visual content.

By focusing on the visual content, you can attract more attention for your message than if you try to load on too much text. SlideShare and PowerPoint presentations are a different type of content than blogs or eBooks. Focus on the visual medium when creating SlideShare presentations because that is what people who watch SlideShare presentations expect to see.

5. Create a strong conclusion.

Creating a big wrapup for your presentation with a clear “call-to-action” is important also. Make it clear what you want people to take away from your presentation and what you want them to do. Include your contact information at the end of the slideshow, as well as your website URL so people will know where they can go to learn more. Remember you do not have to tell them everything in one presentation. Just whet their appetite for more and then send them to your site.

6. Edit and finalize.

Editing is one of the most important aspects of your presentation. Remember that you are presenting your brand to your public. Everything you put out there should have a polished look and should reflect in a positive way on your brand.

7. Add animated slides and links.

To make your presentation shine, you should also add some animated slides and add transitions that will keep the presentation flowing engagingly and interestingly. Add some clickable links so that people who download the presentation or see it online can take action and go to other sites that you recommend.

How to upload the presentation on SlideShare?

If you have created your SlideShare presentation in PowerPoint, next, you’ll need to save it as a PDF. Then upload to SlideShare.net through your membership account.

How to share a powerpoint presentation online?

You’ll be able to add meta tags and other information when you do this, allowing you to share it with your target audience and pull in more traffic.


Creating an Infographic for SlideShare

Remember that PowerPoint is a similar program that you can use to create some digital projects that you can use in your SlideShare presentation. In addition to creating a PowerPoint for SlideShare presentation, you can also create an infographic via PowerPoint as well.

Creating Professional Infographics

You can choose to create your infographic yourself or hire it done by a professional infographic design team. When you seek out the help of a professional design team, you get the time and attention that you need to achieve the result you want, plus the dedicated expertise necessary to create something that will work in all of your projects and presentations.

Remember though; not all presentation tools are created equal and, while there are many similarities between PowerPoint and Slideshare, there are also some things that won’t be compatible. Some of the sizes of your graphics, fonts, and other assets might have to have some adjustments done before they will be compatible with SlideShare if you created them in PowerPoint.

That’s the advantage of having a professional infographic or graphic design team work on your project. They understand that there are several different tools out there that business owners can use to create their presentation and several various social media platforms that they want to place them on.

If you plan to create a multi-channel ad campaign where you want to place your infographic, SlideShare, or another type of project, you will want to speak to a professional design team such as infographicdesignteam.com.

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SlideShare is just one of the many excellent tools you can use when building your brand. Talk to us to learn more about how we can help you stay on your timeline and watch your brand soar.