Selecting a niche is one of the first steps any new affiliate has to take in their career. Figuring out which type of product you want to advertise will determine the way your campaigns will look and work. The best formula for choosing a niche is considering your own interests and figuring out which one of them has the biggest potential to sustain a lucrative business. In other words, you should look at the most profitable affiliate niches and find common ground with them. Affie is here to help you find your perfect niche for EPC.

What to expect when looking for your niche for EPC?

As we have previously stated, choosing the right vertical in affiliate marketing is a lot easier if you also consider your own interests, passions, and hobbies. This way you will be able to both enjoy what you do and make a profit.

However, simply choosing something you feel good about won‘t cut it. Your niche has to fulfill some basic conditions, Most importantly, they are

  • Possibility of marketing multiple products
  • Good commission rates

That is to say, you should think ahead and figure out which one of your interests can branch out later on. If you choose something extremely specific, you will run out of possibilities to create new campaigns fairly quickly. You should pick something that makes it relatively easy to boost your EPC profits.

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The right niche will be both fun and profitable

It is also important to be able to get a good return on investment from the products you advertise. Your business will not be sustainable otherwise. As the number of affiliates rises steadily, it is clear many verticals and niches are perfectly capable of being both profitable and bringing in a steady flow of commissions. These niches most often belong to the hobby, tech, health and fitness, and lifestyle, but we firmly believe you will be able to find something to suit you no matter your affinities.

Best affiliate marketing niches ranked by clicks

Here are some specific examples of niches that are doing really well in 2020.


The current events have made many people reconnect with this hobby, as it doesn‘t require going out or socializing. The gaming verticals are especially lucrative because gaming is a universally enjoyable activity. In other words, there are games out there that fit your goal audience‘s preferences perfectly. The gaming industry is getting more competitive by the day, which makes it relatively easy to find a good offer. Additionally, you don‘t have to limit yourself only to games themselves, but gradually add different gaming accessories to your campaigns. Seeing what your audience likes and then offering exactly that is the right way to optimize your EPC campaigns.

niche for EPC

Any EPC calculator will show that your success depends on the marketability of your products and the fact that they appeal to your audience. Similarly to gaming, the tech industry keeps finding new ways to make people‘s lives more interesting. This highly competitive market is great for affiliates who enjoy playing with new gadgets and have an affinity for reviewing them. However, you can still profit from including different gadgets and appliances in your campaigns even if you aren‘t running a tech-oriented site. Interests and hobbies that can‘t be improved by different

Illustration of a laptop.
As technology improves so do your chances.

Health and beauty

With the global pandemic of 2020, it is natural that people are paying a lot of attention to their own health. Different products are hitting the market daily, and companies that make them need someone to help them push them a step further. This niche can be tricky, as not every company is working in its customers‘ best interest, unfortunately. Thus, we recommend being extra careful and making sure you make an informed decision before striking a deal. When it comes to different beauty-related products, we also recommend being cautious. Both these markets are vast and offer a lot of potential for affiliates, but it is very important to build a reputation by working with great companies and offering high-quality products.

Home improvement

Most people have limited their time spent outside. Hence, they probably want to enrich their lives by changing up their living spaces. This can range from simply purchasing decor to total renovations. This vertical is great because it can be transferred into so many niches. Generally, hobbyists passionate about their interests love including them into the appearance of their homes, so different accessories can be advertised no matter the topic of your content.

As you may imagine, your EPC will vary as well depending on what you decide to promote. As a general rule, small and affordable items will be easier to advertise to any audience, but your EPC will be lower. In contrast, if you decide to promote luxury items you will get fewer commissions and make more money from each of them. To put it simply – you will have to take your site‘s size and audience into consideration. Only then you can decide how your business plan looks.


If your goal is better-understanding EPC ads and you‘ve done some basic research, you‘ve realized supply and demand play a big hand in your success. So, when you think about niches that can bring a lot of profit in 2020 you will have to consider your audience‘s living conditions.

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Think about your own experiences in 2020.

As most people are forced to decrease their outdoor activities, they turn their attention to themselves. They do this through hobbies, living space, health and loved ones. Chances are, you are also doing this yourself. If you are considering affiliate marketing as an extra income source, applying your own experiences to your business is a great place to start. Here are some other niches that could be interesting to many:

  • Pet toys and care
  • DIY
  • Online courses
  • Online dating
  • Finance

However, if there is something else you have turned to this year for comfort, you should absolutely try to share it with the world. Incorporate your personality into your niche for EPC and see where it takes you.