Pay-per-click, or PPC is one of the most popular business models in affiliate marketing. Hence, the success of many affiliates depends largely upon their earnings per click (EPC for short). This is one of the crucial metrics in the business, as it represents the average amount an affiliate makes with each ad click. To put it simply, you know your business is not doing well if your EPC is lower than what you pay for each click and vice versa. Affie is here to help you optimize your EPC ads and make the most out of them.

EPC hacks for beginners

If you are new to the business of traffic monetization it would be very wise to take some time to do some research. 2020 has brought a lot of turmoil to the vast majority of businesses, and affiliate marketing isn‘t an exception. For example, many small businesses were forced to stop their PPC campaigns, so bidding on keywords is less used. As you can see, the market largely depends on outside factors. If you know how to adapt, though, this could be a great chance to advance your business.

Optimize your EPC ads right from the start

Knowing and understanding your EPC is the first step to improving it. Devote some time to studying your own and the expected average earnings in your niche to understand how you compare to others. Then analyze other affiliates in your niche and see which strategies they are using.

An illustration of a funnel and a upward facing graph.
Understanding your EPC is one of the first steps.

Making text EPC ads longer can drastically improve visibility since it allows visitors to find out more about your business. However, the quality of copy will always be more important than the amount of text. Analyze your audience and try to think of ways to speak directly to them.

Making sure your site loads quickly is basically a must nowadays, as visitors‘ expectations have grown. The bounce rate increases dramatically the longer your pages take to load.

5 ways to improve your EPC ads

Campaign optimization is not a one-time thing. As long as a campaign is up, you should experiment and see what is the best way to improve your ads. Making different changes can truly propel you above the competition in unexpected ways.

Boost the quality score of your EPC ads

This instruction sounds very logical, but many affiliates don‘t understand what determines ad quality. To put it simply, Google Ads scores them on a scale from 1 to 10. The factors that make up quality scores are click-through rate (or CTR for short), landing page quality, and ad relevance. In other words, all your efforts to keep your visitors engaged with your site also increase your ad score. As we previously stated, loading speed is a great place to start, but the options to improve user experience on your site are basically limitless.

A laptop with an online furniture store site open.
Make your site as attractive and enjoyable as possible!

A/B testing

You may think you understand what works best. However, affiliate marketing is a growing industry, and you should do as much testing as possible to see if you can increase your EPC even more. A/B or split testing means sending one half of your audience to one version of a page and the other half to a different one. To put it simply – this is the best way to understand which strategy will work better and refine your ads. Many elements of any page can be tested, including

  • Ad copy
  • Visual media
  • Colors
  • Layout

Any of these things can have a greatly positive impact on your CTR, and thus, your EPC as well.

Target EPC ads wisely

Targetting any and every internet user is usually not a great strategy. Utilize different filters to make sure only people actually interested in the product you are offering to see your ads. This way you will both boost the click-through rate and cut down on the expenses. Likewise, segmenting your target audience by applying different filters is a great way to personalize the ads and make them more effective for each group within. Some of the more effective ways to segment your audience include dividing it by

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Previous online behavior
  • General interests
  • Device type

Additionally, you should consider the time of day, week, or year and choose to show your ads exactly when there‘s a bigger chance to complete a conversion.


Remarketing is one of the best ways to make your ads more relevant and boost your conversion rate. In other words, you should show ads to users who have already expressed interest in purchasing an item. This is a chance to turn your abandoned leads into paying customers and grow brand visibility. Remarketing usually has a high success rate, especially if you give those users an additional incentive to purchase, such as a time-limited offer. At the end of the day, putting something in your cart is the best indicator that you really want it but are unsure about buying it.

Illustration of a phone with some ads on the screen.
Place your ads strategically!

Optimize for mobile

Mobile traffic is quickly becoming the most important type in business. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, smartphones are developing quickly, and have become more affordable. Secondly, they are more convenient for the majority of the population as they are portable and have basically all the features a desktop computer has. Online marketing can only benefit from the ability to market products and services anywhere and at any time. Especially so if you have access to a user‘s location. Hence, you should use this opportunity to implement responsive design into your campaigns and optimize your bids for mobile devices. This way you will be in charge of how much money you are investing in mobile clicks, and directly influence your EPC.

To conclude

EPC doesn‘t exist in a bubble, independently from the rest of your campaign. In other words, many elements of your business are interwoven and depend on each other. However as EPC is a great indicator of your success in the business, it is very important to keep an eye on it to make sure everything is going smoothly.