Instagram is a powerful tool to boost your online marketing sales. With its incredible growth, Instagram has become a prime social media platform to make your business a big thing. Harnessing the power of Instagram for your business can prove vital for your business which will pay you off in the long run. It has got a treasure of features that are no less than an arsenal for a marketer to turn his Instagram fans into loyal customers. But yes, you must know how to utilize the platform.

Though Instagram doesn’t always come to your mind whenever you think of social selling or sales announcements, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter top your list always. But Instagram, being the younger one, has already made itself a prime platform for marketing. And many brands are actually leveraging Instagram for their betterment in social media marketing.

Now, Instagram can act as a social portal to your store. Once you have an active and engaged audience, explore your possibilities in Instagram and start selling your product or service.

Today in this article, we would tell you everything about selling on Instagram and how you can use it not only as a marketing channel but also a revenue booster.

1. Instagram Posts work like magic
Posts are not just textual shares beaconing your customers and prospects to buy your products, but they are a way to create a buzz around your brand and increase your brand recognition. The more you share posts on Instagram, the more you spread the word about your products. This is a great selling technique which is subtle, yet effective.

Make your posts a potpourri of many things. You may share an update about your product or service, an engaging trivia, or a thought provoking quote. Someday you may just share a few pictures of your happy customers. This way the posts won’t be a marketing pitch beseeching people to buy your product, rather would keep your audience engaged.

2. Make use of Shoppable Instagram
Most of the customers in Instagram buy products just by checking the photos of the products. Photos increase their urge to purchase a product, and they frequently buy those products they find images for. So how much easy you make their journey through the path of purchase, is up to you. Set up a shoppable Instagram gallery, that you can link to your Instagram bio.

Your potential customers can visit your Instagrams storefront that contains dynamic clickable images. And these pictures will lead them to product pages from where they can make their purchases. Payments can be made through credit cards on a secure server.


3. Include effective CTA in your bio
Make your store or website link as visible as possible in Instagram. Because only when someone finds your business out there, will be willing to check your bio, which happens to be an ideal place to take them to your store. So put an effective CTA in your bio that would tempt them to look into your products, buy them and increase your traffic and boost your sales.

4. Testimonials play an important role
People are psychologically drawn to the experience of others similar to them because they can relate. And this is the reason why, social proofs testifying your service and product, play a significant role in convincing potential customers. Testimonials and reviews must be an inseparable part of your Instagram sales strategy. You may just upload a video or photo of your customer who is satisfied with your service, along with the testimonial he/she has given.

So if your potential customers see your existing happy and satisfied customers, they will also feel the urge to choose you.

5. Create Instagram Videos
Videos are perhaps the greatest way to engage customers and kindle their thought process. Even if they are momentarily hesitant, an excellent video explaining your product and service can drive away their hesitation and doubt. Create a captivating explainer video and upload on Instagram and see your sales rate reach its pinnacle.

6. Create an Instagram Marketing Funnel
Another substantial and significant way to sell on Instagram is to build a constructive Instagram marketing funnel, augmented with strong tactics. Though it is ignored by many since most of the Internet marketers cannot make time for it. But setting up a productive marketing funnel can pay off a great deal as your business expands and your followers increase.

Creating an Instagram marketing funnel is quite easy and doesn’t take a whole day or a whole week. Rather you can do it within an hour.

7. Use Customer Photos in your Instagram Storefront
Photos of your customers can serve as another social proof to your potential clients, just as it happens when you share client testimonials. Images tap into the psyche of your prospects and induce them to start believing in you and have faith in your services. The more you share photos of your satisfied customers, the more your prospects would start believing in you. Because people always want to taste the good experience that they see in others.

8. Seasonal promotions
For any kind of marketing, personalization is the key. Personalization builds a relaxed and friendly condition on which you can proceed further to connect with and approach your prospects. It is an excellent way to push up sales and create an ever growing fandom. Try putting up seasonal promotions. For, e.g., a Valentine’s Day 50% Discount, or an Easter Bumper Sale, or a Christmas Bonanza! Something that is directly related to the season and the amusement related to it.

Seasonal promotions are great in building connections since they have promotions and discounts attached to it,  and secondly because they play on the events that are loved and enjoyed by all.


9. Flash discount
Similar to seasonal promotions, try giving flash discounts to your target audience who follows you loyally. Discounts will convince them to turn from being just a prospect to a paying customer. Create an engaging social media image for your Instagram store announcing the flash sale, and share the image as much as you can. Create a hype around the sale and see how it works.

Ensure to put a coupon code or a specific link that your target audience can avail to get the discounts on the specific products. Don’t forget to put the coupon code or the link in your bio to make it easy for your target audience. Since flash sales are time bound and continue for a short period, so your prospects would anyway hurry and try to grab the discounts.

10. Team up with an Influencer
Influencers are everywhere in every industry. And it goes without saying, how effective it is to be tagged with an influencer of a market. Try to partner and team up with an influencer and create a sponsored post featuring how your product/service has helped him/her. The post must also contain a discount, also may be a short description why they like your service. Request them to tag your business account in the caption with a lucrative discount, so they can recommend their huge fans and followers to purchase your product soon.

The Final Wrap-up
So these are the few tips that can definitely help you yield more sales through Instagram. Try to adapt them to your marketing strategy and give your business a great boost. Hope you have got a top-to-bottom approach to using Instagram for selling your product/service. so what are you waiting for? Start upping your Instagram game!

And if you think we have missed any tip or idea, please feel free to share it in the comments section below.