Starting a graphic design agency is a big undertaking. It requires a lot of planning, resources, and money. But, like anything else online, there are also hundreds of opportunities that you can cash in on if you have a good strategy.

Graphic design is in high demand. If you have the talents to create original graphics or designs, you can be involved in a wide variety of industries such as web design, graphic arts design, and even interior design. Graphic design is needed in a variety of contexts and people are often willing to pay well for this uniquely creative skill.

In this post, we will talk about the advantages of starting your design agency, as well as some of the resources and tips you may want to tap into to get your design company started.


Why Start a Design Agency?

If you have talent in graphics or artistic design, you can tap into a lucrative opportunity through graphic design advertising. Many different types of people need professional designs today for their websites, logos, and other digital assets. The original design is important for branding, and many companies will pay you well for creating these graphics and other designs for them.

Other advantages in setting up your own top creative agency are that you will have an opportunity to establish yourself as a digital artist that can create some different items that you can sell online.

Some websites and platforms allow you to sell your digital assets online such as Digital Point and iStockphoto. These royalty-free image platforms can help you to create a sales platform that also allows you to sell premade designs. This can add to your revenue streams and help provide extra cash flow while you are building your business. It will also help you to establish yourself as a graphic design artist and promote your business on other platforms.

How to Start a Graphic Design agency

Once you decide to create your design agency or marketing solutions agency, there are some specific steps that you should take before you get started. As with any new business venture, you should do your research and your homework before you start launching your business. It’s best to make mistakes in the process of starting your company rather than make them with a client’s work. This can hurt your reputation if you are trying to promote yourself as a high-quality graphic designer. So make the worst mistakes in the early stages of developing your business and avoid the big mistakes once you get customers.

The following steps should serve to get you started with your design agency so that you can work on improving your technique and growing your business.

1. First, assess the tools and resources that you have already. Consider your talents as a part of your resources. Everything you can bring to your business will help define what it becomes in the future. The tools you use can include graphic design tools, online resources, and images that you will use in your designs. It’s a good idea to collect your graphics and images ahead of time so that you will have everything you need before you get started. However, you will always want to look for other tools and assets that will help you to grow your business as you get new ideas. So stay flexible to changes.

2. Think about the tools you’ll need to get started.– You need to do some research to find out what you’ll need to start and maintain your business. You may need to download a good selection of artistic design software such as Adobe PhotoShop, Canva, or other online tools. Then you’ll need to practice using them until you master the tools before you start taking clients.

3. Consider your budget. Decide how much money you need to start your business and take notice of any resources you can tap into to get the money you need. The sources of your reserve can come from a variety of sources such as bank accounts, business loans, or other sources. It’s best not to borrow any more than you have to when you are getting started with a new business. But sometimes you have to do this as you are gaining ground with your business cash flow.

4. Connect with other design experts.– One of the best things you can do when you are getting started with your design business is to connect to other well-established designers. By connecting to some of the most influential people in your industry, you’ll be able to use their power to get you more leads, while helping them out, as well. Make sure you arrange it to where the influencer also gets something out of it, such as a plug for a new eBook or a link back to their website. That way, they will want to help you more.

5. Start a website and a blog.– Your website and blog will serve as your virtual real estate that people will come to find out how they can purchase your services. You should have an online portfolio (see #7) on your website on a separate page that people can view to see the kind of work you do. Also, make sure and include your contact information on your website and your blog so people can contact you.

6. Use media such as videos and podcasts or infographics to promote your work.– People love podcasts and video. You can attract a larger number of viewers if you use media on topics that appeal to your target audience. Videos can help attract a much larger portion of your audience, especially if you address issues that matter to your customers. If you are design company owner, you may want to illustrate how you do some of your work or talk about topics in design such as 3D design techniques or other things you can share with your viewers.

Podcasts are also a good asset to add to your website, and listeners can take your podcast with them with their mobile devices. Infographics are also a great idea because they combine high-quality graphics with significant data and information. You can use infographics to promote your ideas and design services in a streamlined way.

7. Create an online portfolio.– If you do creative work in the design industry, you need to have an online portfolio that viewers can see. This will give them an idea of the kind of work you do, and they can communicate with you about what type of designs they may want. Onlne portfolios are important because they illustrate the kind of work you do. This will help you match up your services with people who are interested in your skills and who may want to hire you.


How to Create an Infographic for your Design Agency

Creating an infographic for your design company is a good idea because it can help you to promote your business to the people that are most likely to do business with you. Use samples from some of your best work to attract your clientele.

You can feature a particular sample on your main page or show a video that highlights one of your best creations, and then provide a form where people can sign up for a free estimate.

How an Infographic Can Help Get New Leads

If you are considering creating an infographic for your design business, look at some samples by professional infographic design companies first. This will give you an idea of how good infographics look. Then you can brainstorm ideas that you want to include on your infographic based on your business goals.