Hello dear Famoid Blog readers. Here we are with a completely different subject and solution, again. Every week we try to provide you with information on different issues such as social media channels, account information, user information, and solutions to problems you face in the tech world. Today, we’ll talk about some issues on Twitter, which has a high number of users in Turkey. We are getting a lot of questions about what to do when a user has forgotten their Twitter password, resetting Twitter passwords, and closing Twitter accounts. For example, “I forgot my Twitter password and I want to close my account, what should I do about this?” The solutions are very easy once you know what to do.

Mail addresses and usernames are some of the basic pieces of information that allow us to log in to our social media accounts, so when we forget one of the two it leads to a great deal of trouble. However, whether you have forgotten your email or have changed the phone number you’re using for password recovery, we have a solution for you.

First, let’s start with the following question: “I don’t know my email and I forgot my Twitter password”. To solve this, first go to your Twitter account. When logging in, you will see a button for forgotten passwords. Click this button. You need to enter your email address or phone number here. Since you have forgotten your email address, you need to enter your phone number here.

After you enter your phone number, a code will be sent to your phone. You can login to your account by typing this code in this page. After you login to Twitter, you can see the email address you used to sign up for Twitter on your profile page. Next time when you want to login, you can use this email address. So, if you forgot your Twitter password and do not know your email address, the solution is that simple.

I forgot my Twitter password and I want to close my account. 

In order to close your Twitter account, you must first log in to your account. If you forget your login password, you need to go through a few steps to enter your Twitter account. Open the Twitter application on mobile or desktop. Then click the “I forgot my password” button. A screen pops up here; type in your email address if you know it, and type in your phone number if you do not know your email.

If you wrote your email address, they will send a password reset message to your email. If the email doesn’t show up in your inbox, check your spam folder, as some email services may mistake it for junk email. It may also take some time for this Twitter password reset message to arrive, so don’t panic. After the password reset mail arrives, you can reset your Twitter password and create a new one by clicking on the link in the mail.

If you do not know your email to login to Twitter, use your phone number. Your phone will receive a code; with this code, you can reset your password. After resetting your password, you can log in to your account with the new password. Once you have logged in to your account, enter the settings page. Here, tabs will be opened on the left; enter the account tab. At the bottom of the page that opens, you have the option to disable the account. Click on it.

  • If you click “Disable account” on the resulting pop-up page, your account will be disabled within thirty days. Remember, after a Twitter account is completely closed, you can not access any posts, shares or videos on that account.

I forgot my Twitter password, how can I reset it?

All social media accounts have a separate password, so you can have trouble remembering all the passwords of all your accounts. One solution is to use the same password across all your accounts–but most cybersecurity experts recommend against this, because if you have the same password for all accounts, it means if one account gets compromised, all of your accounts may be compromised. It’s better to try to remember different passwords (or use a password manager/keychain) and just know what to do when you forget your password. With Twitter, if you forget your password, as you can see in the above picture, just click the “I forgot my password” button. After that, your Twitter password change link will come to your email address. If you forget your email address, have it sent to your phone. You can then reset your password and create your new password to access Twitter.

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