If you, like most people, find yourself checking your phone compulsively for updates, new pictures, posts to favourite, and are generally a social media addict, you may find that you do run into the occasional frustrating glitch, even with your favourite programmes. For regular users of Instagram, this can prove incredibly annoying, especially if the app crashes as soon as you open it, leaving you unable to do anything at all, even on your own profile – let alone in terms of people you’re following.

Instagram Keeps Crashing When I Open It

Diagnosing the problem might prove difficult if you’re just experiencing an immediate crash whenever you open the app – you don’t know if it’s caused by a problem with the app, with your device, or with Instagram’s own servers. However, you can get some idea by trying out the browser version, or asking to borrow a friend’s device to see if you can get it to open on theirs. If other people aren’t experiencing the same problem, and you can’t replicate it on their devices, it’s probably either your device, or that your app has broken, rather than something wrong at Instagram’s end. This is particularly likely if you’ve recently updated your device’s software.

If this isn’t the case, and other people are struggling too, you are probably safe to assume that Instagram have encountered a problem, and their technical team will be working to get it back up and running. There’s not much you can do in this scenario except wait and see.

Possible Solutions

There are a few things you can try once you’ve ascertained that it’s an issue on your end.

  • Turn the device off and back on again. Yes, this is the tech advice you’ll get from pretty much anyone you ask, but it’s something which can definitely solve a lot of problems, and is a simple step to try.
  • Check that you have the most up to date version of Instagram available for your device, and if you don’t, make sure you download and install it. Once you’ve done this, again restart the device and see if it’s worked.
  • Consider uninstalling and then reinstalling the app, which will usually fix issues on your end. Having a clean install ensures no parts of the app have got deleted or stuck in a loop, and means you definitely have the most up to date version.

If You’re Still Stuck

If you’re still struggling, however, and you’re sure it’s your device, you might want to contact technical support at Instagram. They should be able to help you work through a few different tests to diagnose the problem and from there provide you with a fix. If it’s a problem with your device, you may end up needing to talk to your provider, but if it’s only Instagram’s app that’s having problems, they can probably find a solution for you. In a worst case scenario, remember that you can use the browser version as an emergency back-up to keep you online and active.

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