Social media is becoming increasingly popular, and Instagram is amongst the top ones, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t run into issues occasionally. These can occur on the browser, the app, or both, but no matter what, they often lead to frustration and time wasted trying to troubleshoot and fix the error.

Instagram Won’t Let Me Log In

People often find that they have trouble logging into Instagram, and get a variety of different error messages when they try. Some will suggest the account has been disabled, others might say the wrong username or password has been entered, and some just won’t do anything. This is one of the most frustrating errors you can come across because it makes contacting Instagram difficult – because you can’t get onto your account to do it!

Possible Causes

There are a few possibly causes for Instagram refusing to let you log in.

  • You do have your name or password wrong – it does happen to the best of us.
  • You’re logging in from a device Instagram doesn’t recognise and it wants more verification.
  • The information isn’t sending properly between your device and Instagram’s server.
  • Your account has been blocked.
  • Instagram is experiencing problems on their end, and their server isn’t sending the correct information back, or can’t load your account.

Potential Solutions To Try

You may have to try a couple of these to get the desired results, but they will give you a starting point to at least do something other than hit the ‘log in’ button a hundred times in frustration.

  • Double-check your username and password are entered correctly, and you haven’t accidentally hit caps. If your details auto-enter, try deleting them and writing them out again.
  • Check whether the issue reoccurs on the browser version, if you’re using the app, or vice versa. It’s also worth checking it on different devices, and finding out from a friend or the internet whether Instagram is having any site-wide issues. If it is, try again later, and you may find you can log in with no problem.
  • Shut the app down, restart your phone, and try again. If incorrect information is being sent for some reason, this might solve the problem.
  • Tap the ‘forgot your password’ option, and then log into your email and change your password. This is always annoying, but may be a reasonably simple fix to the problem.
  • If you are still having problems, you could consider deleting and then reinstalling the Instagram app. This should allow you to enter your details afresh and may solve a number of different issues, not just the log in one.
  • If you’re still struggling, consider getting in touch with Instagram for help and support.

Bugs with social media sites are always frustrating, and turn a relaxing, fun experience into a source of annoyance. Trying the above fixes might help solve your issue and get you back into your account, although if you’ve been blocked for violating Instagram’s terms of service, they won’t help.