We have an absolutely amazing community and we are quickly becoming one of the best affiliate marketing forums. There are many reasons for this, but one big thing is that affLIFT has the best platform.

Here are some pro tricks to use affLIFT most efficient and get the most from our community!

#1. What’s New​

Okay, so every forum has a “What’s New” section. What’s so different about ours? Well, first off, we have 2 quick opportunities to find our What’s New pages:


Personally, I prefer the blue New posts button on the right. That button specifically brings up the new posts that you have not viewed. There’s a lot going on within affLIFT all the time. Keeping up can be tough so keep an eye on What’s New a few times a week! 😃

#2. Highlight and Reply​

This is a trick most members, even those who have been a part of affLIFT for awhile, do not know about because it’s not obvious. When you are reading a post that you want to reply to, you can actually highlight the specific text you want to reply to and a Reply button will show:


By replying directly to the user this way, you make it easier for everyone to understand what you are replying to because it will be quoted in your reply and it also notifies the person you reply to via email and a notification on the forum that you replied to them so they can see easily see/reply back!

#3. Bookmark​

When you find a post that you really like that you might want to reference or come back to in the future, you can Bookmark that thread:


Every post on the forum has a Bookmark icon shown above. Click it to add the post to your Bookmarks.

You can find your Bookmarks by clicking on your Username and then the Bookmarks tab:


I will keep this Article updated with more tips and tricks for using affLIFT so you can get the most out of our community!