Scott Voelker’s 19 Year Journey From Home Builder to Amazing Seller to Online Business Builder

Scott Voelker’s 19 Year Journey From Home Builder to Amazing Seller to Online Business Builder

Scott Voelker may be a new grandparent but has the energy of a teenager. This year marks his 19th year being self-employed, and although he is slowing down to focus more on family, his workload at Brand Creators is still more than most will tackle in a lifetime.  Running the Rock Your Brand Podcast is his primary focus with nearly 900 episodes and 16 million podcast downloads, but that’s just the start.  Last year Scott checked a few things off his to-do list:
  • Wrote the book Take Action Effect.
  • Ran a high-level mastermind (10 people at $25,000 to join).
  • Completed a $200k home renovation for an Airbnb rental. 
  • Managed his podcast 175k-350k monthly downloads.
  • Created online courses for Brand Creators.
  • Hosted a live event with over 250 people in attendance. (pre-Covid)
  • Completed a handful of exciting case studies. 
  • Sold a business which all together netted just at 7 figures.
In his early days, Scott would see others being successful with a project or business and think, “I can do that, I can do better”, and next thing you know he would be building something new.  For those that know Scott best, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Even before Scott was building a business, he was building homes in the construction industry. Scott loves to create new things.  Scott has been in both the online world and physical brick and mortar businesses. He previously ran a photography studio for 5 years. It’s these types of experiences that have made him incredible at building brands. 

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Scott’s Philosophy on Building Brands

Interestingly Scott has been able to boil down two things that are the same for every brand.  Whether it’s building an Amazon FBA business, launching a live event, selling courses, brick and mortar stores or niche websites, Scott says one thing is always consistent. 
Traffic + Offers is the core of any business.
You have to have an audience to sell to (traffic) and something to sell (offers) that makes a profit. 

Scott’s Key Strategies on Building Brands

While this is a bit simplified, Scott dove a little deeper into business strategies that he used to build the business that netted him 7 figures in the three and half years building the company he recently sold.  This particular business he grew with a business partner.  While it started off as an Amazon FBA business, they also built an authority site in the space that really enhanced the overall business.
  1. Grow your email list.

    This is a traffic channel you can control. It’s also efficient and cost-effective. Running contests and landing pages with lead magnets was Scott’s go-to strategy in growing an email list for their authority site. With the contests, he was finding he could run a Facebook ad and generate email subscribers at .15-.18 cents per subscriber. The lead magnets would be closer to .70 cents per conversion, but he found subscribers’ quality to be much greater. The tool he uses for the contests is Giveaway Boost, a WordPress plugin. He actually partnered with Chris Guthrie a mutual friend of ours to build this tool. Check out Giveaway Boost for yourself!
  2. Don’t Disregard Ad Monetization

    For the longest time, Scott was convinced that adding ads to your website wasn’t worth it. He felt it diluted the value of the site and distracted from the main goals of the site. In his case the goal was to sell products on Amazon not earn revenue through selling ads. This all changed after talking with someone who was having success with ads. Scott decided to give it a try, and his only regret was that he didn’t start sooner. Using premium ad platforms (like Mediavine and Adthrive), he was sometimes generating nearly $6k a month in display ad revenue. The Amazon products were still the primary money maker, but the extra income far outweighed the negatives of adding ads to his site.
  3. Diversity Monetization

    Similar to how he diversified the advertising fees. Scott recommends repurposing content for additional revenue. For example, after doing Facebook live events, he would upload the video content to YouTube. After a while, the YouTube channel started making a couple of hundred dollars a month for little extra work. Another monetization strategy was to include a call to action for a paid product after converting someone from a Facebook Advertising campaign. The primary goal is to capture the email subscriber, but if you can upsell them on the back end to offset the ad costs, it makes running ads a game-changer.
  4. Consistency is required

    When Scott signs up in his own head to do something, he’s going to do it. Scott says consistency has done him well. The fact he has 900 podcast episodes is a testament Scott can be consistent. Scott’s giving credit to consistency reminds me a lot of what Nathan Barry from ConvertKit said in one of our last podcast episodes, it’s evident that consistency is a critical factor in any brand. 
What I love about these strategies is that it doesn’t matter what business you are in. They work. The products they sold in this business were accessories to household items—for example, an accessory to a Kirby vacuum or other appliances. 

Selling the Business

After three and half years and the decision to simplify a bit, Scott and his partner in this Amazon FBA business decided to sell.  Scott and his partner choose Quiet Light Brokerage to sell. Before they sold, they met with their team and were sure to prepare themselves early. They started to get their financials in line with a third party accountant and prepare the business for the sale.  Their preparation paid off. When listing the business, 6 offers came almost immediately. They choose one of the highest bidders, but unfortunately, Covid hit. 
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The benefits of taking the extra time to prepare financials allowed the buyer to leverage the SBA lending options. When Covid hit, finding a bank open to complete the deal delayed things. Eventually, after about a month, the buyer backed out.  They went back to the drawing board and eventually sold the business to a very capable, if not better, buyer.

Getting Back to Creating a Lifestyle Business with Brand Creators

Selling the business was a significant component of simplifying and getting back to creating a lifestyle business for Scott.  Scott knew he was pushing the limits with so much going on. Even with the sale of the business, Scott made an important decision. He was no longer going to compare himself to others. He would instead look at what he wanted. Pick his own numbers to challenge himself with, understand those numbers, and get real with it.  The first step was the rebrand of his podcast from “The Amazing Seller” to “Rock Your Brand”. 

Rebranding Amazing Seller to Rock Your Brand Podcast

In business, it’s not uncommon to take on the identity of your business brand.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been referred to as the “Niche Pursuits guy” Scott found he was known as being the “Amazon Seller Guy”. He wanted to expand to other things than just the Amazon sales.  No, he’s not saying goodbye to Amazon, but Amazon is simply a tool. The rebrand allowed Scott to focus on what he was truly great at, building brands.  The rebranding also allowed him to stay true to himself and the lifestyle business he wanted. The Rock Your Brand podcast allowed him to not just talk about Amazon selling, but all things business. Not only could he have unique guests on his show, but he could talk about health, fitness, or even business mindsets, things that are often highly needed and neglected for entrepreneurs.  But the broader niche didn’t solve all his problems. In fact, this required him to focus more. He scaled back even more by stopping the sale of his courses, slowing down on case studies, deciding to put his focus in just a few areas. 

Scott’s New Focus

  1. Brand Creators Academy
  2. Brand Accelerator Live Event (once per year)
  3. Little Workshops 3-hour lessons he can tackle on a Saturday and turn into evergreen content.
  4. Podcasting 3 times a week.
Scott and I go way back, and I’m excited to see him put his focus into these areas. He’s built himself a great funnel and will hopefully be able to spend a lot more time being grandpa “Papa” Scott.  One of the things Scott and I connect the most with is our attention to the family. Many people say that family comes first, but with Scott, you know he means it. From his father as his mentor to how he makes his kid’s events a priority. Even with taking on so much, it’s evident his family truly comes first.  You can read more about Scott, his family, podcast, and brand creators academy at
Pixlr Express Editor 101: Create Amazing Graphics Online for Free

Pixlr Express Editor 101: Create Amazing Graphics Online for Free

If you are a business owner, you are always on the lookout for great editing tools. Whether it is video or photos, you need to edit, having the right tools is important for your branding and advertising. You also have to keep in mind the technical specifications that are needed to create graphics online that will work on multiple platforms and sites.

Being able to find the right mix of creative and technological prowess is not easy.

If you are looking for a great free online graphic editor, Pixlr Editor Express Editor is a great tool. At, you can download three different editors version pixlr editor download including Playful, Efficient, and Advanced. There is a video tutorial on this photo editor by Lauren from The Thinking Closet.

She explains how you can use Pixlr Express to edit photos, add stickers, animations, and other assets to create a better photo. Here are some of the tips she mentions in the video:


1. Bring in your photos.– You can bring in new photos by selecting your photo files that you want to add and placing them on the canvas. If you don’t already have a portfolio of images to use, you can always join a royalty free resource site. Download images and customize them to your liking within a tool like Pixlr.

2. Add borders.– If you want to add borders to your photos, you can do so once you have added your photos. You can choose from a variety of different types and widths of borders. You can decide not to use borders if you don’t want them.

3. Use browse function to bring in individual photos.– To bring in more pictures for a collage or infographic, use the “browse” function.

4. Use the “adjustment” button to crop first.– One of the first things you should do is to adjust your photo to improve the quality. By using the adjustment tool, you can increase the lighting, adjust the contrast, and bring in more color saturation to improve the color. This is especially effective when creating photos featuring people or events that you want to focus on. Pixlr Express allows you to improve the overall quality. Use the vibrancy tool to improve skin tone or other colors, as well as other aspects.

5. Add lighting effects to improve the quality of the photo.– The use of good lighting is important to the quality of your photos and images. Adding lighting effects to make your photos darker or lighter, you can greatly improve the look of your work and make it appear more professional.

6. Resize to change the pixels to 750. This speeds up your blog or website loading time.– This is a recommendation by Lauren at The Thinking Closet. She has used 750 on many of her photos and collages and liked this size. However, if you are making an infographic, you may want to consider changing this to meet the needs of your project.

7. Use the contrast tool to add light or darken the contrast.– Once you have adjusted the lighting effects, you will want to tweak the contrast a bit. That’s because changing the lighting will sometimes fade out the photo a bit. So you use the contrast to improve the clarity and quality.

8. Use focal blur function or filters to give it a different look such as vintage or black and white.– The “focal blur” function allows you to give your photos a unique look that appears to focus on the center of the image. It creates a blur effect for everything that is not in the center circle. This is a professional-looking effect that many well-known photographers use to enhance a picture.

9. Use text editor to choose a creative font.– Using the creative fonts will help to personalize or customize your image so that you can create a unique look for your work. Play with a variety of fonts when creating professional images or graphics or infographics.

10. Add labels, ribbons, and stickers to enhance your image.– If you want to add a label, Pixlr Express will let you do that. It’s easy to do. Just select the ribbon or label function so that you can pull it into the photo like a sticker and place it in the position you want to. If you need royalty free images to use within your visual content, be sure to check out any of these free image sites.

Magic Wand and Selection Tool

The magic wand and selection tool allows you to select specific parts of your picture or graphic that you want to cut out of the photo. The lasso tool is a great tool to use also. It allows you to circle the selection you want and cut it out of the image. This is usually used to place the image on another layer or picture to create a unique effect.

You can use Pixlr Editor to locate the section you want to cut from the main photo. Then place the image wherever you want or use the Advanced Pixlr Editor to layer it with other pictures. This might be a good thing to use if you plan to create infographics or collages where you are featuring several graphics.

Pixlr Express is one of the simplest online design tool credited to edit professional-looking photos and deliver incredible simplicity, unlike the advanced option. You’ll need Adobe Flash Player to run the program.

How to Create an Infographic in Pixlr Express

If you want to create an infographic in the Pixlr program, you can do so. Just bring in your photos that you want to put into your infographic and follow the steps in the video or our tips above to edit and adjust your infographic.

You will probably want to use the “collage” option and bring in different photos that you plan to use in your infographic, then start using the editing functions to enhance it. If you don’t use the collage function, you’ll want to choose graphics that will enhance your infographic and promote the idea of your infographic in the best way.

To make your infographic in infographic format, you could use PowerPoint after you have edited your photos in Pixlr Express to create your infographic.

There is another great video tutorial on Pixlr Express at this link. This narrator talks about how to create specific edits and how to focus in on the subject in various ways.

Getting Started with an Infographic

You should think of creating an infographic in a sort of “layered” fashion, much like the tools you see in Pixlr Express or the advanced editor. By layering images on top or behind each other, you will create a more complex mix of graphic images that will complement your images and message in your infographics.

If you need help in designing and creating your images or infographics, contact us at

We create customized infographics for businesses to use on their websites, blogs, and social media. We have been doing this for over a decade, and we enjoy showing business owners how they can maximize their impact on the web through the magic of infographics.

For samples of our work, feel free to go to our online portfolio page. Then contact us to learn more about how we can help you edit, create, and publish your customized infographics to your websites, blogs, and social media pages.

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