6 Amazing Ways How Video Content Marketing Can Amplify Your Business

6 Amazing Ways How Video Content Marketing Can Amplify Your Business

Video content marketing is a powerful phrase in itself. These three words have the ability to rule your consumers in the way you want to. This is because visuals, as we know them, have the quality of being embedded in the human brain for the longest time. Audio-visuals, if done right, are even better.

Enticing ones can stay in your memory as long as forever! When compared to print advertisements, audio clips and other media, videos emerge victorious in every single aspect, including their chances of going ‘viral’; a word which the universe is obsessed with right now and you should be too.

Video content marketing should not be an option. Instead, it should be on top of your list when preparing your marketing strategy since it can change the way your brand is perceived and accepted entirely.

Video Content marketing can really take your brand and business to a whole new level. Here’s 6 amazing ways how it can amplify your business!

1. They improve your SEO

Most people usually make this point but what about the statistics? Is there anything that can prove so? Yes. Believe it or not, adding a video to your website increases your chances of appearing on the very first page of Google by a whopping 53 times, according to Comscore.

However, this in no way means that you can do a sloppy job of posting any irrelevant video to your website and leap right up on Google. Your video content needs to be crisp and relevant, without which you are going nowhere.


2. Get your audiences hooked on to you

Consumer attention, something that every brand desperately craves for, is not a distant dream anymore. Video content is known to be consumed way more than any other kind of content. Consumers love watching videos and pay more attention while doing so.

With uncountable videos and other content floating around, numbered in millions, you need to stand out with unique video content that will divert the consumer’s mind from another one to you. Make it click-worthy and make it view-worthy if online fame is what your business is looking for.

3. When people love to talk

Since video content is extremely attractive, it should be no surprise that it is shared, commented on and liked way more than other types of content. These make the best social media posts and people can’t help but share them.

Short and crisp videos get the most attention as they don’t drain the viewer of too much time and energy while at the same time, giving the required dose of information or entertainment. So, get ready to make some really interesting shareable content and see it go viral.


4. The social media gurus are on your side

Mark Zuckerberg solidifies every business’s belief in video content marketing! With features like auto-play on giant social media platforms like Facebook, is there any doubt about how much attention they actually get? The world’s biggest social media marketers and online technology gurus are already proving this fact loud and clear.

You need to catch up and take advantage of these liberties. Get those videos rolling and let people see your content in action as they scroll their timelines. Don’t let go of such opportunities where you can stop them right in their tracks, at your own will.

5. Once they are in, they are in

How many times have you paused a video, closed it and gone back to what you were doing? Surely, you did that to those videos that were utterly boring and unhelpful. However, most of the good ones were seen right till the end. Isn’t it?

The same goes for your target audience. Give them what they’d like to see, package it just the way they want to see it and see them lock their eyes until the very end. Greater retention rates, better conversions, bigger profits, more business, viral videos, even more business, expansion, world domination, launch on another planet…… Time to become a cult leader, is it?


6. Get into their hearts

Nothing touched you like that movie scene where you saw a grandma bond with her granddaughter. Well, had you read the same thing somewhere, it probably wouldn’t have had the same impact as it did when you watched these people on a screen, with some background music, visual effects and voice modulation.

This is what a video is capable of doing. Melting you, making you feel absolutely overwhelmed or happy. You have to do the same to your consumers. Induce emotions in them via brilliantly scripted and executed videos. Even a brand story is very much capable of bringing tears to someone’s eyes. You can invoke any emotion you wish to! Such is the power in your hands when you go for video content marketing.


With so many things that you can do with just one video, there is no reason for it to be somewhere in the middle of your strategy list. You need to bring it right up and at the top. If content is the king, video is sitting right on that throne. When it is that important, you must go for a good video creating company like animatedvideo.com that has expertise in creating all kinds of videos ranging from corporate videos, explainer videos and mobile app videos to tutorial and marketing videos.

The company that has the necessary prowess to understand your needs and delivers what you need will be able to do justice to your campaign. It is time for you to invest some time in thinking of a video campaign that will take you to the money bags!


5 Quick Tips to Create Amazing Explainer Videos that Increase Sales

5 Quick Tips to Create Amazing Explainer Videos that Increase Sales

Explainer videos are simply one of the best ways to convert an audience into a high-quality lead or sale. We all know the power of online video and how effective it is with not only audience engagement and grabbing attention, but also with an increase in conversions and ranking higher in the search results. The big question is… why are so many websites, bloggers, and brands still sitting on the sidelines when it comes to video content creation and usage?

If you take a look at any of the most popular services or products on the internet today, most of them have an explainer video on their main page. The reason why explainer videos work so well is that more audiences are choosing video over text and images than ever before. After all, wouldn’t you rather watch a short 30-second video on why or how something works, versus reading a 500-word article? Of course, you would… and at the same time, with attention spans now being lower than ever, video might just be the best way to connect with your audience and convert them on the first time around.

With all of that in mind, it’s important to continually stress the importance of online video and how easy it is to actually get started. Today we are going to be taking a look at this simple five-step process to get started with your own explainer video.

1 – Start with a Script

Before investing some time and money into an explainer video of your own, you’re going to have to think about what you want to explain to your audience, how you are going to address their problem and ultimately solve it in the process. This can all be done through the use of an explainer video, but you are going to want to write up a script before moving forward. Doing this beforehand will not only save you time, money and resources, it will also help with the overall value and creation process.

2 – Choose Your Video Creation Platform

While there are many ways to create online videos, explainer videos are slightly different in how they are made. In most cases, a great explainer video is either done through custom design or through the use of whiteboard animation. One of the best platforms out there for creating whiteboard animations is mysimpleshow. Not only does their platform have an easy-to-use drag-and-drop platform, it’s also one of the most cost-effective solutions out there. Create an account for free to benefit from what that video creation and storyline templates have to offer, or upgrade to one of their business plans to have complete customization and control of your video creation projects.

3 – Bring Your Content and Words to Life

How many times have you been to a website or blog and read their text content and simply weren’t impressed? Now think about the times you went to a website selling a service or product and they had an explainer video to demonstrate or walk you through the process. This was probably a lot more convincing. More often than not, explainer videos will increase the likelihood of your audience acting on an offer and purchasing right away. That’s because video and audio connect with an audience like never before. In addition to a script, it’s important for you to map out how your explainer video is going to visualize what you have to offer while also making it easy for your audience to understand and getting them to want to act right now.

4 – Record a Great Voice Over

Many businesses and brands will create an explainer video but simply stop at the animation and script part. If you want to have an effective explainer video, you need to add a voiceover. This can be done through anyone on your team, yourself, or even a professional. Platforms like mysimpleshow also offer the ability to transcribe text to audio, which is a great option for anyone that doesn’t want to create a video using their own voice or might not speak English. No matter what route you go with on the on the voiceover, make sure it’s professional, high quality and gains trust from your audience while also being welcoming in the process.

Explainer videos have also been noted as one of the best ways to create online video without being on camera. In this article from Entrepreneur, you can see some of the many benefits to going with an explainer video over a ‘talking heads’ video, such as the ability to capture the viewer’s attention and increase click-through rate. However, one of the biggest draws to explainer videos is that you won’t need to put on the makeup, make sure your room is clean and have a professional photographer or camera equipment in the process.

5 – Effectively Market and Promote Your Explainer Video

Once you’ve had an explainer video created for your site, it’s time to put it to good use. If you want to get the most out of your explainer video, you are going to need to know how to effectively promote it in the right places and get it in front of your target audience. The first thing you are going to want to do is to place this explainer video on your main site or sales page. However, that is only part of the process. Thanks to the power of social media, you can start answering relevant questions that might apply to your business, while redirecting users back to your site and explainer video. The option is also there to create original content on your blog, thus incorporating your explainer video to complement the content. At the same time, you don’t want to stop with just one explainer video. If you have a high-end ticket item or something that provides a lot more value to people, you can create new explainer videos to target different audiences and then use those videos to market your product as well.

Increase Conversions and Engagement with Explainer Videos

As you can see, with only five simple steps you can get started with an online explainer video of your own. If you aren’t currently using online video to grow your brand reach and increase conversions, I highly recommend you get started today. With more people now using their mobile devices and tablet to browse the internet and find engaging content, this means ‘text content’ is on the way out and video is here to stay.

It’s now more important than ever to incorporate explainer videos and video marketing into your online business strategy. Follow the quick tips and working methods mentioned above, while also keeping an eye on your competition and seeing how they are currently using online video and explainer videos to improve their businesses and customer acquisitions.