How to Apply and Get Approved as a MaxBounty Affiliate: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Apply and Get Approved as a MaxBounty Affiliate: A Step-by-Step Guide

We believe you deserve the opportunity to become a MaxBounty affiliate regardless of your experience level.

If you have the desire to lawfully promote campaigns, we want you to apply to and be approved into our network.

We also believe you deserve to know exactly what it is we value in an affiliate application.

In this guide we are going to tell you.

By understanding what it is we look for and following our preparation steps, you can increase the chances of your MaxBounty application being approved.

We have divided the application process into three stages:

  • Pre-Application Stage: How to prepare for filling out the application.
  • Applying to MaxBounty: How to fill out the application accurately and answer each question.
  • Post-Application Stage: How to approach your post-application phone call and how to follow-up.

Pre-Application Stage

There are several actions we recommend you take before heading to our sign-up page and clicking ‘register’.

Following our pre-application steps will benefit you by:

  • Helping you create a high-quality application that has a greater chance of approval.
  • Preparing you for the questions in the application.
  • Decreasing the time it takes you to fill out your application.

Create a Website/Landing Page

In the application you will be asked to provide a URL for your website/webpage.

We understand that if you are a beginner, this might not be something you have at the moment. That is why this is not a mandatory requirement to be approved into MaxBounty.

However, having a website or landing page can go a long way in improving your application’s appeal.

Even if it is not a final product, giving us a glimpse of your work-in-progress will allow us to see your vision.

If you have an idea of how your site or LP will eventually look, prepare a rough draft or mock-up. You can then host the image on a site like Imgur so that you are able to give us a URL.

Have a Plan

In the latter half of your application, you will be asked to explain how you plan to promote our campaigns if/when your app is approved.

This is one of if not THE most important thing that we look for in any affiliate application.

A well-thought-out plan lets us know you are serious about becoming an affiliate. It also allows us to make sure your strategy falls in line with our terms and conditions.

This is not just a prerequisite. It benefits YOU as well.

Not only will your chances of approval improve, it will also increase your chances of finding early success.

By planning out your strategy, you will be prepared to promote campaigns upon gaining access to our network.

Do the necessary research and take the time to determine the following:

  • Which traffic sources you will be using (paid VS free, traffic type: social, email, display, etc.).
  • What verticals, niche, or campaigns you would like to promote.
  • Which countries you plan to promote the campaigns in.

Create a Skype Account

In your application, you will be required to provide us with a Skype ID.

If you don’t currently have one, we recommend creating one now. This will save you from having to scramble to do so mid-application.

We ask for this because Skype is one of the most common ways that you and your Affiliate Manager will communicate with each other. You will be able to initiate a conversation or ask important questions quicker than through phone or email.

If possible, we recommend using a Skype handle that resembles the name on your affiliate account. This will make it easier for your Affiliate Manager to mentally connect the two accounts and know who they are talking to.

Have your photo ID ready

We recently implemented ID verification in our application to reduce fraud and accelerate our vetting process. This step will ultimately help you get approved into our network quicker if no fraud is detected.  

Make sure you have possession of a real, valid, and readable photo identification in English. Take high quality photos of both the front and back of your ID and have them ready to submit on your device.

Pre-Application Checklist

Before you apply, double check that you have completed the steps we mentioned above.

  • I have a website/landing page. If I do not, I have an idea as to when I will get one OR a reason why I do not have/need one.
  • I have a clear plan as to how I will promote campaigns.
  • I have created a Skype Account.
  • I have a valid photo ID in English within my possession.
  • I have took photos of my ID and it is easy to read the information on my card.

If you answered yes to all the above, you are now ready to apply to MaxBounty!

Applying to MaxBounty

If you followed the steps in the Pre-Application stage, filling out your application should be quick and easy.  

First, head to our Affiliate Page on and click “Become an Affiliate”.

Then, you will be taken to a log in/register screen. If you don’t already have an active affiliate account with us, click ‘Next’ to begin your application.

Page 1: Basic Info  

To start, just provide us with your name and a valid email that you wish to be associated with your account.

If you will be operating as a company or team, you can also provide the name of that in this section.  

Page 2: Security

Create a password and provide TWO security questions in case you forget or lose your password.

Make sure your password is between 8-12 characters long and includes at least one number, letter, and special character.

Take the time to select security questions that you will be sure to remember the answers to if you forget your password. Otherwise, you will require the assistance of your Affiliate Manager to reset your password.

Page 3: Contact Info

Provide us with one or two contactable phone numbers where we can reach you.

Select which time zone you are in and your preferred time of day to communicate. Your Affiliate Manager will use this information to know when they should contact you. This is important for both your post-application phone call and for general contact if/once you are approved.

Below that, provide us with the Skype ID that we discussed earlier in the guide.

Page 4: Address Details

Simply input your address details and ensure all information is up to date and accurate.

Note that there are separate State/Province sections for countries within North America and countries in other continents. Leave the one that does not apply to you blank.

Page 5: Identification

Upload both the front and back photos of your photo ID that we discussed in the Pre-Application section of this guide. Ensure the information on your card is easy to read in the photos.

Page 6: Important Information  

This is the fundamental page of MaxBounty’s affiliate application. It is also the section that is most likely to influence your approval chances. Therefore, it deserves some extra attention.

Let’s go over each individual question so that you know exactly what’s required.  

How did you hear about MaxBounty?:

If you have been referred to our network by a current MaxBounty affiliate, this is where you can put in their name and/or Affiliate ID#.

If an affiliate we already trust can vouch for you, we will take that into consideration when reviewing your application.

Alternatively, if you were not referred by anyone, you can just tell us where you heard about our network (social media, an industry forum, etc.).

What’s your experience?:

Select one of four options for much how experience you have in affiliate marketing. Keep in mind that we do accept beginners, so just be honest.

Describe your past experience in affiliate marketing:

This is where you can expand on your previous experience. If you have worked with other networks, tell us which ones and which verticals and campaigns you promoted.

If you have experience using advertising platforms like Facebook or Google ads but not in an affiliate marketing context, please share that with us.

Once again, MaxBounty accepts affiliates from all experience levels, so there is no reason not to answer this question honestly.   

How do you intend to promote offers?:

Remember earlier in the guide when we discussed the importance of having a plan? Now is the time to tell us what you have in mind.

Describe your plan in as much detail as you can within the character limit provided. Anything that does not fit can be expanded on over phone later on.

What campaigns are you looking for?:

Tell us which vertical or specific campaigns you plan to promote.

Your Affiliate Manager will use this information to recommend campaigns to you if/when you have been approved. It will also show us that you have done your research.

Your Website URL:

Provide us with the URL of your website or landing page if you have one.

As we discussed earlier in the guide, this is not mandatory. If you do not currently have a website, just type “no site right now” in this section.

Is this account for Incentive Traffic?

Incentive traffic is where an affiliate rewards a user for generating a lead to a campaign.

Examples of incentive traffic rewards include:

  • Virtual currency
  • Online tokens
  • Gifts
  • Cash
  • Unlockables

If you do not plan on promoting campaigns with incentive traffic, select ‘No” to this question.

If yes, please describe the incentive:

Expand on which method you will be using to incentivize users when promoting campaigns. Be as detailed as possible here.

If you answered “No” to the previous question, leave this field blank.

Page 7: Terms and Conditions

Simply check all three boxes, agreeing that you will follow our terms and conditions, then click ‘Submit’.  

To learn more about what is not permitted at our network, click on ‘terms and conditions’ in the bottom box.

Verifying your Application

Once you have submitted your application you will receive a verification email titled “Verify your MaxBounty application”

Open the email and click the confirmation link inside. You will then receive a 2nd email titled “Finalizing your MaxBounty Application” that includes your 6-digit Affiliate ID# and Affiliate Manager contact info. Both are important pieces of information, so either save the email or write down its contents on a piece of a paper.  

Post-Application Stage

Phone call Interview

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive a phone call interview from a MaxBounty Affiliate Manager. This usually occurs within 1-3 days after submission.  

This is a mandatory component of our application process, and must be done over the phone rather than on Skype or other IM software.

The primary purpose of this phone call is for MaxBounty to gain additional insight into the information provided in your application.

Be prepared to go over any of the following during your phone call:   

  • Clarification on details of your application such as address or contact info.
  • Your plan for promoting campaigns.
  • Which campaigns you would like to promote.

As long as you are able to answer questions clearly and the information you provide during the call matches the info in your application, your Affiliate Manager is likely to approve you.  

Following up

If you have submitted your application but have not yet received a phone call, you can accelerate the review process by calling your Affiliate Manager.

You can find their phone number in the 2nd email you received after you submitted your application.

Logging in

If your Affiliate Manager approved you at the end of your phone call, you can now log in to our Affiliate Dashboard using the email and password you provided in your application.

Congratulations! You are now an active MaxBounty affiliate!

Stop reading this and start promoting our network of thousands of campaigns!

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