7 Benefits of Clickworthy Video Thumbnails in Video Marketing

7 Benefits of Clickworthy Video Thumbnails in Video Marketing

You may appreciate it, or you may frown at it – but the good ol’ video thumbnail is the first thing that viewers will see on your video. And video thumbnails give either a good or a bad first impression. One might disbelieve, but thumbnails can actually make a huge difference to a video by hiking the views or narrowing it down.

Because thumbnails are an excellent way to make people click and watch. The more they are visually striking, the higher is the chance of the video getting clicked. From video marketing angle, small things matter the most. The background score, the faces on the video, the lighting, so and so. Therefore, choosing the right video thumbnail is paramount for the success of any video.

Though the old adage goes by, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, we still tend to make our decision just by looking at the outer appearance. That said, thumbnails on videos are the metric these days upon which the videos are judged. Standing out in the crowd more often depends on apt thumbnails.

YouTube, being the online video streaming giant, proudly possesses 1.8 Billion monthly users. That said, your videos need at least a hundred thousand views to consider successful. Thumbnails are like mini posters for your video that briefly show what the content is all about. The current era is mostly about visuals. An engaging image on your video not only has a great potential to attract viewers, but also represents the video content with a strong impact.

What are Video Thumbnails and what are their primary role behind Youtube videos?

Video thumbnails are mini images that so got their names from being the size of a human thumbnail. These are easy to scan and quick to register. Any interested viewer can simply click on or hover on a thumbnail to expand it further to see the full picture. The main purpose these mini posters serve on YouTube is, to entice viewers on clicking on the videos.

Suppose you have just finished watching a video and you get to see an engaging thumbnail of another video. By instinct, you will click on it to find out more. That’s exactly why a marketer must always have thumbnails strategically put on their videos.

Whether you have a product or a service, video thumbnails are key elements in your video optimization strategy and cannot be overlooked.

Thumbnail act as a Conversion Machine!

Yes, it might sound crazy, but thumbnails, when done perfectly can bring lots of positive changes in your conversions. Behind the creation of every video, the fundamental intention is to spread it to as many people as possible. And when it doesn’t, all the efforts you have taken to create it goes in vain. Conversion happens only when your video is watched by many. This is only possible when the video features a strong thumbnail.

Moreover, our attention span is waning day by day. Marketers and YouTubers, have less than 10 seconds to hook their target audience. Which makes it all the more challenging to gain views. If you can’t catch their attention, your video won’t catch the buzz and the dream of creating viral content will remain a dream.

A boring thumbnail that doesn’t pique the viewers’ interest is likely to be ignored and moved on. Just like a book cover determines whether the book will be read or not, so does a thumbnail to a video. So imagine all the possibilities these tiny pictures have in spreading your videos to all and sundry. We’ll discuss the benefits of thumbnails in video marketing in detail. Keep on reading folks!

Coming to the key benefits of video thumbnails, one must never forget that these visual snapshots are one of the most crucial video optimizations. Hence, you have to make them enough creative, authentic and accurate. Only then people will click and watch your video content.

1. Boost Video Conversion Rates

Just as they multiply the traffic to your channel, thumbnails also give your video conversion a robust impetus. If the video is not clicked and watched, it doesn’t matter how compelling your content is. As we now know that viewers click on a video by looking at the thumbnail, once they do that and starts watching your video, the rest is taken care of by the script.

If the content is powerful and attracts your audience, then chances are there that they will convert. But the first step towards conversion is to make them watch your video, which is done by a perfect and enticing video thumbnail. Sparking your viewers’ interest in your content directly impacts your video conversion.

2. Maximize your Video and Search Traffic

Thumbnails are the first thing that drive eyeball and make heads turn. During web searches, if your video features a nice thumbnail, the result won’t show up in the plain text. This attracts viewers’ attention and teases them to watch the full video. Playing a key role in web searches, a video thumbnail image is remarkably instrumental in increasing views and traffic.

A visual snapshot of your video is one of the vital optimization aspects to attract views on YouTube, and augment branding.

3. Spread your Content/Message through Thumbnails

Thumbnails are like mini posters that speak a tonne about your video and its content. People can get a quick idea of what your video is about and thereby deciding whether or not they should watch it. Custom thumbnails emote the true essence of your content and therefore never settle for a generic thumbnail.

Try to make it custom. When you don’t prefer your video to be created in templates, then why should your video thumbnail be generic? Upload custom poster frames and then be ready to smell success.

4. Save Space with Thumbnails

Thumbnail images show a lot of information conclusively, yet in a small space. You may show different media content in a tiny preview image and let you tease the audience. And yes, you may say thumbnails are like teasers that slowly unfurl the main content. They are small pages allowing the viewers to have control over what they want to watch.

5. Thumbnails are remarkably User-Friendly

Video thumbnails are relevant in video marketing in a way that are user-friendly and let your audience have a great UX. These can be processed quickly and are fun to watch. Thumbnails lessen the effort for anyone by making them aware of the video content beforehand. And thumbnails are not just relevant for videos. They can also be perfectly used in websites.

6. Thumbnails increase Interactivity

As mentioned above, thumbnails can be implemented in websites that create interactivity with your audience. The clickable option of a thumbnail makes it all the more charming and entertaining. Anything interactive, entices the human psyche. That’s what exactly happens when you incorporate thumbnails on your videos.

7. Thumbnails Speak about your Skills and Prowess

Let your viewers have a taste of your skills in video marketing, as well as video making. The thumbnails you choose for your videos, give an idea of the concept even if the images are small in size. The main motto is to captivate the attention of the viewers. Anything that stands out from the rest, will definitely get into their notice. And custom thumbnails, when designed right, are enough to tingle the viewers’ curiosity and make them want to the video in its entirety.

What are the Best Practices for Video Thumbnails!

Creating click-worthy thumbnail images need some basic rules to be followed and maintained. Thumbnails have been remarkably effective in video marketing, grabbing the audience’ attention and portraying the content of your video. So considering all these factors, let us delve deep into some of the best practices and tips to create impactful video thumbnails.

Put a close-up of the video subject or the product. Leverage the close-up images of your products or video subjects, as people are psychologically driven by close up faces. If you are creating a comparison style video, then think of putting up the images of the two video subjects you are striking the comparison between. Close shots of human faces draw the eyeballs faster than anything else.

Showcasing strong emotions on an image is also beneficial to entice the audience. Emotions connect individuals, so more the emotion quotient in your video, higher is the chance of people getting drawn to your content. Ensure the white of your subject’s eyes is visible that exaggerates the emotion quotient in your audience. The more they are driven by strong emotion, the faster they can connect with your video.

Bright backgrounds with contrasting colors are instrumental in making your video stand out. Complimentary colors stand against each other and grab attention. Dark, shadowy blurbs often repel the audience from continuing their watch. So remember to create custom thumbnails that have enough brightness, and has something to stand out as a focal point. Designing your thumbnails as such is a surefire way to catch a lot of eyeballs.

Add text to the thumbnails for enhancing the quality. Remember, thumbnails are just snippets for the video and must contain as less text as possible. Several social media platforms have strict guidelines regarding the word count to put on thumbnails, so be sure of that. Don’t use click-bait texts to lure audience, and then give them something they don’t expect. YouTube severely penalizes Clickbaits.

It’s better to use human faces if possible. Our eyes process human faces faster than anything. Feature a human face in the thumbnails with emotions that people love to see. The face can be yours, or one of your friends or a marketing influencer. When a product is shown by a person, it creates a sense of trust and reliability and urges the viewer to click and see more.

Success is short-lived if you are not consistent. Lack of consistency fails to evoke a sense of brand recognition. If your videos differ from each other in terms of style, look and feel, and branding, audiences are less likely to have a positive impression on your brand as a whole. Dissociating your digital assets from your brand is the worst mistake marketers must ever make.

The first 20 seconds is the crux of your video and is considered to be the creamy layer. Try and choose a thumbnail that represents this 15-20 seconds, and puts forth the actual story. Hook the audience with the glimpse of these crucial moments that adds value to their viewing. Because some are willing watchers, who would watch your video no matter what. But mostly you will get non-subscribers who are yet unaware of you or your brand. This group is more likely to leave if they are don’t greeted with value early in the video. Thumbnails help you in this.

The Most Vital – The Thumbnail Size

The most accepted and ideal YouTube thumbnail size is 1280 x 720 pixels. Make sure the image has a clarity even in such small size. If the image gets pixellated or cropped so as it covers the most critical piece, then all your efforts go waste. The minimum width has to be around 640 pixels and the recommended ratio happens to be 16:9.

With better-sized thumbnails, you can leverage YouTube to its fullest and win video clicks. Ensure the maximum file size must be not more than 2MB. And all the common file types are accepted as YouTube thumbnails, viz; .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG.

Final Words

With all said and done, an effective thumbnail has a far-reaching effect on your videos and video marketing campaigns. An effective online campaign depends on several aspects. A custom video thumbnail is the most vital among them. So while planning for the script and doing your research, think of creating a striking thumbnail to enhance the effectiveness of your video.

With thumbnails incorporated, you can successfully market your videos. Get better conversions and make the entire process of your video campaign seamless. There are several resources as to how to add thumbnail to YouTube video on Android devices. Check out those resources to upgrade your arsenal.

You might think about how to make your own thumbnails for YouTube videos that bring tonnes of views to your contents. However, it is always recommended to consult a professional agency, that is an expert in creating engaging designs and can bring out what exactly your target audience wants. If you are in search of some good video thumbnail examples, you may reach out to us. We are happy to help always! 🙂

One may optimize his/her explainer/promotional videos with thumbnails that create a great first impression and boost visibility. Planning about it beforehand saves all the time and stress that you may otherwise face. And thus, the bottom line is, if you don’t draw people to your video contents, it is unlikely that they will get clicked upon and viewed.

Create thumbnail image templates that you can update as you release the episodic videos, no matter where the videos are played, these images would look astonishing. Updating video thumbnails create a sense of refreshment in the eyes of your audience. There are myriad of thumbnail ideas for YouTube, that can draw the viewers in.

With these few tips, you can get a winning video thumbnail to maximize the visibility of your video and brand. So start creating your videos with awesome custom thumbnails and spread your word across your target audience.


Pros & Cons of Offering Small Business Benefits Packages to Employees

Pros & Cons of Offering Small Business Benefits Packages to Employees

If you are planning to expand your business from a one man company, to a multi-person organization, you will likely need to start thinking about employee benefits and how you might be spreading the best packages across your employees and staff. As much as I love the concept of being a sole-entrepreneur, if you want to grow and scale your business in size, this is just another process that is required to have in place.

Wondering if you should go the extra mile for your employees?

79% of employees would choose a benefits package over a salary increase. But a small business may have as much to lose as it has to gain by offering a benefits package.

Below, we’re taking a look at the pros and cons of offering a small business benefits package to employees.

Pro: Attracting Quality Employees

The most obvious advantage of offering employee benefits lies in the quality of candidates it helps attract.

A flat salary actually has limited use to the modern worker. It may help pay for basic living costs, but it leaves many of the big stresses of life up in the air. A single look at life insurance quotes will be enough to show you what your employees are up against when they’re trying to cover everything with only a salary.

Add the medley of other life expenses, and it’s clear to see why employees are getting pickier about who they work for. By offering a benefits package, you can attract employees who are more serious and selective about their careers.

Pro: Giving Something Back

“But I already pay a salary!” we hear you cry.

Think of it this way: is a salary enough compensation for the many long hours of their life an employee spends at your company? After all, we only live once. A salary represents the minimum possible compensation for the raw labor an employee provides.

In truth, most employees provide a lot more than that.

Offering benefits can give something back to the people who spend that time bringing success to your company. It also shows them that you value them as individuals with personal lives and circumstances.

Pro: Driving Motivation and Retention

A business needs more than warm bodies to become a success. It needs employees who are engaged and motivated. Motivated employees will work hard, innovate, and even boost sales.

Extra incentives are a great tool to add that extra spark of motivation. Employees with access to benefits feel they’re there for more than the “daily grind”. Not only are they less stressed, but they’re also more positive about the company they work for.

Over time, that means more productivity and less attrition through employees moving on to better opportunities.

One of the benefits of offering company health benefits to employees should be clear: fewer sick days. Your staff might take more days off for smaller problems, but the upshot is that those smaller problems won’t progress into more serious conditions.

Pro: Creating Brand Ambassadors

Even for megacorps that have achieved the status of a household name, marketing makes up a huge percentage of their business spend. For small businesses, it can bleed them dry.

So, the value of free marketing is clear. But free promotion doesn’t begin and end with social media. Have you considered the value your employees have as brand ambassadors?

People expect employees to be a little cynical about the company they work for. It’s a real achievement to turn that cynicism into positivity. A benefits package could lead to your employees singing the praises of your company.

Positive word-of-mouth about your company then starts with your employees – and ripples out through their social circles and online presence.

This is also something Sarah Lahav, CEO of SysAid, had to think about. Founded in 2002, the company has grown their customer base to over 10,000 companies, while also serving locations in more than 140 countries around the world. This simply wouldn’t have been possible as a single-person company, but being a brand ambassador and an image for her company, Sarah continues to see daily improvements and growth within the company.

Con: The Visible Cost

The additional cost of offering benefits isn’t always welcome for a small business.

On top of that, a small business also won’t have a lot of buying power to negotiate cheaper rates. For a small business, benefits might turn out to be a luxury you can’t afford.

Benefits can also obscure your cash flow. The price of insurance can fluctuate over time. Any benefits you offer based on reimbursement are unpredictable.

It’s vital for a small business to control its cash flow. Providing benefits is often undesirable for small businesses, as it introduces uncertainty.

Con: The Hidden Cost

The full cost of offering benefits isn’t obvious at first glance. We’ve outlined the obvious costs, but what about the hidden costs of a benefits package?

Offering benefits sucks up a wealth of administration time. You might even need new hires capable of delivering the details of your benefits scheme. That heaps extra costs on top of the obvious cost of offering benefits.

As you offer more benefits, your administrative time increases. For a small company, those costs can run out of control. This isn’t an option for some small businesses that struggle to control their cash flow.

Con: Legal Pitfalls

When you enter the insurance game, you’re also entering a legal minefield.

Making a misstep along the way could leave you subject to legal action. That could be a deathblow for a business operating on thin margins.

Legal action against your company will soak up time and money. It’ll also drag your reputation through the dirt, making it harder to attract quality employees in the future. It could even damage your brand.

You could take extra care to make sure this doesn’t happen, but that’s yet another expense on top of the cost of providing benefits.

Con: Finding the Benchmark

Information is one of the most powerful weapons you can have against your competition. But it can be hard to figure out what sort of benefits package your competition has on offer.

In contrast to offering a flat salary, that makes it tough to decide where your benefits package should stop. You’ll need to put some serious work into finding out what candidates in your industry are searching for.

If you lowball your benefits package, the accompanying reduction in salary will drive candidates away. Overextend, and you risk bankrupting your business. You need to find the balance that keeps you competitive.

The Small Business Benefits Package: Yea or Nay?

The exact situation of every business is different, so we can’t tell you whether a small business benefits package is right for you. But we’ve given you enough info that you’re now equipped to decide whether it’s the way to go for your business.

Looking for more business advice? Check out our top podcast episodes.

What Is Link Building In SEO & What Are The Benefits Of Building Links?

What Is Link Building In SEO & What Are The Benefits Of Building Links?

Seo, Abbreviation, Acronym, Backlink


Link building is one major aspect of search engine optimization that you ought to know. In this guide, you will learn what link building is, and how it is beneficial for your website.


Link building is the process of getting links to your site. Most webmasters feel that writing quality articles will help them in getting links, but that’s not 100% true. Unless you specifically try to get links, it will be hard for you to do so.

Back in the day, link building was an easy process. You could easily automate tools to submit to article directories and Web2.0 sites to generate backlinks. The quality of the article or inbound links didn’t matter so much.

On April 24, 2014, Google launched the Google Penguin algorithm, and it changed everything about link building. Today, link building is much more of a skill, and it takes time to get it right.

Link building is the process of getting links from high authority sites, quality sites, and relevant/related sites. The focus is on quality and relevancy of links. More than that, diversity of links plays a significant role in higher search engine ranking.


Benefits of Link Building

Link building is an important part of search engine optimization, and here I’m showcasing some of the major benefits of link building for your website.

In general, the popularity of a website or blog is determined by the number of inbound links.

The number of inbound links from quality websites is also a big factor in determining your Google Page Rank (PR).

After starting a blog or website, it is always advisable to spend the starting few weeks on link building so that you will have more exposure on search engines.

Incoming links from an authority website are always rewarded in Google Search. Effective link building doesn’t mean building unlimited links; it means getting genuine links from reliable websites.

Some benefits of link building:

  1. More visibility of your blog in search results.
  2. Receive traffic from other websites linked to you.
  3. High-quality incoming links mean your site will be admired as a valuable resource. This can be easily done by writing quality content.
  4. Link building also helps in getting indexed in search results quicker.
  5. Link building is also considered an important aspect of SEO.

Link building can be performed with many strategies:

  • Writing epic content (content that is linked to naturally).
  • Guest blogging.
  • Infographics.
  • Epic videos.
  • Directory submission.
  • Dofollow blog comments.
  • Dofollow social bookmarking websites.
  • Write pillar content and inform bloggers.

There are many other strategies that people follow, but if you have a niche site, it is always advised to make a proper plan for link building.

4 Uncommon and Powerful Link Building Techniques

  1. Free or Low Cost eBooks

There are other ways besides the mighty Google to reach an audience. So what if your choice of keywords is extremely competitive?

Have you researched the competition for those words in the ebook industry?

Marketplaces like Amazon get their fair share of traffic, and you can capitalize on it to reach your audience.

Create and list your eBook in a few of these marketplaces. You can go as low as $0.99 or list it for free through SmashWords to build an audience. Include links to your website in the eBook and the traffic will follow.

Make sure you put your best foot forward because you’ll need a five star rating, or close to it, for the book and traffic to explode.

2. Hire An Experienced Blogger

Getting an established and visible blogger to write a post for you is not as difficult as you think. Your investment could reap results that will last a lifetime.

Ideally, you should approach someone who’s visible in your niche and make the proposal. Most bloggers like to link to content that they’ve written around the web.

When you hired blogger links back to his post on your site, you’ll not only get a high quality link but also benefit from additional traffic coming your way. 

Do this once a month and you’ll have a solid backlink profile built from the sites of your industry’s key influencers.

3. Interview an Influencer

It might be a pipe dream to think you can score an interview with Oprah, but you can definitely access a few influencers in your field.

Ideally, the person you interview should have a heavy social media presence and be a recognized blogger who is respected for his contributions.

Most influencers will not refuse an opportunity to share their experiences with your community.

An influencer will also promote anything they do on their blogs, and to their social media community. You’ll benefit from the backlinks, recognition, and traffic.

4. Questions and Answer Sites

Quora and Yahoo Answers are just two of many Q&A sites that you can see what questions people are asking.

Pay attention to the questions asked on these sites, and when you find one that is particularly interesting, compose a blog post providing a detailed response.

Once you’ve completed and published the article, you’ll also need to compose a short summary of your in-depth answer.

This summary is what you’ll post to the Q&A site in response to the question.

You’ll also need to include a link to the blog post with a more detailed response. You’ll not only get a backlink to your article, but also a steady stream of traffic from people who are searching for answers to that particular question.

These uncommon link building techniques are powerful but should not replace your other link building strategies.

Use them thoughtfully and they will put you miles ahead of the competition.

Do let us know: Which strategy do you follow for link building, and what are the other benefits of link building you can think of?

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