VPN Security and Usage for Bloggers: What You Need to Know

VPN Security and Usage for Bloggers: What You Need to Know

Everyone who knows what it’s like to earn money online uses several payment systems that allow them withdrawing money they have earned. Certainly, all the passwords and logins are saved on the computer, so any hacker is able to enter the system and use it. Even if the data is not stored on a laptop, but in a notebook, it can still be stolen if you connect to Wi-Fi in public places.

TorGuard VPN Review will make it possible for you to avoid such a situation. VPN encrypts information sent by the user, and scammers can no longer get it. In other words, if you buy a VPN, you can be sure that all your data will be protected, and no one will be able to monitor your network activity.

Privacy Policy And Its Significance

If you are a political activist, journalist or blogger, you live and work in a country with an authoritarian government, your freedom and safety may depend on being able to keep your online activities in secret. If you have to work with private or secret information, make sure it is encrypted.
Nowadays, loss of personal data threatens anyone who surfs the web. But there are people for whom this issue is especially important – bloggers. Creating, maintaining and monetizing a blog is a hard job taking years. Safety is critical here: confidentiality loss may destroy the reputation created over the years, and often destroys the entire project.

Anyone surfing the web is constantly exposed to the possibility of losing privacy. User’s data may be seen by third parties who want to use the information obtained with the maximum benefit for them. If the passport is the main identifier in life, IP address has the same function online. And every website user visits saves this address. VPN service hides the real IP from third parties, and neither the person nor the computer can identify it. It is replaced by one of the multiple IP addresses that are located throughout the world. Due to a special connection, you may access any content, visit websites that are available only to residents of certain countries.

Nowadays, online privacy is at risk. Are you concerned the provider is watching you online? Do you want to protect your personal data? Or maybe you just want to access blocked sites? The online privacy issue is becoming increasingly significant since hacker attacks become more frequent, network censorship develops, and providers monitor users on the web.

TorGuard is an excellent security service with a zero log policy that will impress those who value their privacy. Also, the service is a catch for users working with torrents. Visiting TorGuard website, you are able to also find a lot of useful information, such as a YouTube channel.
Unlike lots of analogs, TorGuard offers very interesting solutions: a proxy server based on BitTorrent designed for secure file sharing. It also supports Socks5 with access to more than 100 servers, and the traffic is sent through several dozen IP servers in multiple countries allowing you hiding your identity. There is also a VPN network supporting OpenVPN and LT2P.

256-bit encryption provides a high level of security. There are also such protection means as MITM and G / PGP. No user actions are seen even by the provider. Using firewall rules, you are able to set up a spam block. The service, however, collects some personal information when signing up for marketing purposes:

  • Unlimited speed;
  • unlimited traffic;
  • 1600+ servers;
  • OpenVPN/SSTP/L2TP/IPsec;
  • safe web surfing;
  • 5 devices can be connected simultaneously;
  • protection against hackers;
  • 2000+ IP addresses in 50+ countries of the world;
  • free customer support.

Entering the data of your bank card or mentioning personal data in correspondence, you put yourself at risk; that’s exactly why you have to install at least free VPN service which will encrypt your data.

Why Bloggers Need VPN

Nowadays, there are lots of places where you can blog. But almost all of them are united by one thing: zero security. That’s why it’s essential to use a VPN when creating an online blog. Let’s see why security and VPN access are so important for a blogger.

Almost any blogger blogs from different locations. At least in their own city, as well as many bloggers travel a lot making traveling a part of their personal brand. That means they actively use public Wi-Fi, and almost all of these points are known for extremely low security. VPN is a must; every time you connect to the network through public Wi-Fi, your personal data can be seen by scammers. So the first reason why you need the service is safety.

VPN is also important for other reasons. The second reason why you need VPN access is visiting blocked websites. In different countries, the government has a different understanding of what people can visit on the web and what they can’t do online. It becomes possible for you to access blocked content only via VPN. Even a free service allows viewing blocked sites.
Another reason why you need to install


How Top Bloggers Make Money Blogging [Infographic]

How Top Bloggers Make Money Blogging [Infographic]

Making money with a blog is a dream come true for many bloggers around the world. Just think about it… this is the age of blogging!

Never has it been so easy for someone to start a business or brand on the internet, while also only needing to spend a few dollars in the process. Someone with just a few dollars in their hands and a few hours a week could quickly build an empire of sites or a brand that could sell for hundreds of millions of dollars down the road. It’s happened before and it’s happened again.

This post is all about the Blogconomy and how bloggers are making money with their blogs, using content to generate attention and revenue and everything else you ever wanted to know about blog monetization.

Different Types of Bloggers

We all know that there are many different types of bloggers and many of us will start as one type and end with another. I personally like the “Full-Time Professional” and “Entrepreneur” blogger models.

  • The Part-Time Professional
  • The Hobbyist
  • The Full-Time Professional
  • The Corporate
  • The Entrepreneur

Different Types of Bloggers

How Bloggers are Making Money with their Blogs

When it comes to making money with blogging, only 14% of bloggers earn a salary through their blog. These earnings can actually be broken down even further:

  • $24,086 is the average annual earnings
  • $33,557 average annual earnings for corporate bloggers
  • $1,000/year is what the average blogger earns when they are getting paid to post content to their site.

How Much Do Bloggers Earn

When it comes to blog monetization, there are plenty of methods to choose from. The most common ways to generate revenue with a blog are through display ads, affiliate marketing links and search ads. I’ve always been a fan of direct advertising, affiliate marketing links and building my own products.

Depending on your niche, site traffic, customer value and volume… each of these monetization methods will vary on how much they can earn for you. For example, if you had a high traffic celebrity gossip blog like PerezHilton.com, you would want to go with banner advertising (possibly on a CPM basis). If you had a product niche site that people were coming to read reviews before making a purchase, an affiliate program that you would earn a commission on for each lead would work very well.

Ways to Earn Money with Blogging

Looking for new ways to make money with your blog? Be sure to check out how over 50 other bloggers are making big money in my Meet the Bloggers series over at BloggingTips.com.

Highest Earnings Blogs on the Internet

While there are a ton of blogs on the internet, some are earning more than others. There are also huge blogs that are owned by corporations and private companies that don’t release the earnings from their sites. However, there are also many blogs that do release their earnings and have enough information out there to give a good idea of how much they are making. These are some of the big money making blogs on the internet today.

  • Huffington Post $2,300,000
  • Mashable $560,000
  • Perez Hilton $450,000
  • TechCrunch $400,000
  • Smashing Magazine $190,000
  • Timothy Sykes $150,000
  • Gothamist $110,000
  • Tuts Plus $110,000
  • Car Advice $70,000
  • Venture Beat $62,000

Though John Chow ins’t on this specific list, we know he is making over $100,000 a month at times as well!Top Earning Blogs

How to Start a Successful and Profitable Blog

I’m sure after reading this post and seeing all the big money that is being made by bloggers around the world, you are probably just waiting to get started with your own blog!

Before jumping in, make sure you follow these quick tips that will set you on the right path.

  • Get a great domain name. No numbers, hyphen or weird TLDs.
  • Set yourself up with a quality web host and don’t spend too much either.
  • Choose the best advertising for your audience and don’t sacrifice their on-site experience.
  • Use affiliate programs and links when recommending products or services on your blog.
  • Create quality content that provides value to your audience. Don’t just write for SEO.

Blogging Tips and Tricks

Special thanks to ignitespot for pulling all of this detailed blogger information together. You can check out the full infographic below.

highest earning blogs

Best CPM Advertising Networks for Bloggers: 2020 Edition

Best CPM Advertising Networks for Bloggers: 2020 Edition

Best CPM Advertising Networks

Do you have a high-traffic website and are looking to monetize the footer of your website with CPM ads?

 Here, I have compiled a list of the best CPM ad networks that a publisher like you can join & start earning money.

What are CPM ads?

CPM (cost per thousand impressions) advertisements are a great way to earn income with your blog. CPM advertising pays you according to the amount of impressions received on an advertisement.

What is CPM

An “impression” means a single instance of an advertisement appearing on your website. This means that even if your readers are not clicking on your blog’s ads, with CPM ads, you can still get paid.

Note: To ensure a better income from CPM ads, be sure to place them in prominent positions on your site.

You might find CPM ads very appealing, but they work best for bloggers who get a high volume of traffic. If you are driving traffic in the area of thousands of visitors per day, then you can get a good amount of money from CPM ads.

Most CPM networks pay $1 to $10 per one thousand impressions (depending upon various factors).

Also Read:

If you are interested in making money through CPM ads, here are the top CPM advertising programs which you can join to make money from your blog.

For a quick glance, these are the listed ad networks:

  1. PropellerAds
  2. HillTopAds
  3. Conversant Media
  4. Exponential

Page Contents

Best CPM Ad Networks of 2020: Editor’s choice

1. PropellerAds

Properllerads review
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This is a great CPM ad network that you can try in 2020.

They offer an ad for all screen types which makes it a popular choice for various webmasters, while multiple payment options make PropellerAds an ideal choice for bloggers around the globe.

Getting started with PropellerAds is easy as your account will be created immediately. After that, you just need to add your domain & verify ownership. You can read  Propellerads review to learn more about them.

Propeller Dashboard
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Important info about PropellerAds:

  • They follow a Net30 payment policy (they have up to 30 days to pay you).
  • The minimum payout is $100.
  • They offer real-time reporting (which is something we all love).
  • They offer an 80:20 ratio & payment is made with Payoneer or by wire transfer.
  • You can create a free Payoneer account here (you will also get a $50 signup bonus).
  • They offer all popular ad sizes & types.
  • When I was going through the site, a few ad types were completely new to me such as “CatFish ads” and “Site Skins.”

Overall, this is a solid eCPM advertising network for bloggers and large publishers.

Create a free account on PropellerAds

2. HillTopAds

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HillTopAds is another great CPC/CPM ad network for webmasters with medium or high-traffic websites.

What makes them stand out is their anti-ad blocker technology that ensures you get paid for most of your traffic.

The minimum payout is $50, and unlike other ad companies, they don’t charge anything for transaction fees.

They offer a wide range of payment options including Payoneer & Bitcoin.

The interface is quite modern & easy to use. Getting started is easy & you can submit more than one website to get approval.

They offer a wide variety of ad types & it works great if you have a lot of mobile traffic.

This is one network you should definitely try.

Sign up for HillTopAds

3. Conversant Media

Conversant Media
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Conversant is a popular name in the advertising industry.

They offer monetization for websites, mobile optimized sites, and also mobile apps. They are the same company behind the popular affiliate network called Commission Junction & they are one of the more reliable CPM-based ad networks.

About the Conversant CPM program:

  • They require 3,000 impressions per month for your site to be accepted.
  • Like PropellerAds, they also have a wide range of different sizes and types of advertisements.
  • The minimum payout is $25.
    • They pay through paper check and PayPal.

This is a really good alternative for those who can’t get into other ad networks due to high traffic requirements.

Create a free account on Conversant

4. Exponential (Formerly Tribal Fusion)

Exponential CPM ads for Publishers
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The downside with Exponential is they require a minimum of 500,000 unique users per month. When I checked out their site requirements for publishers, I found it to be very strict for upcoming bloggers.

But the great thing about them is the quality of CPM ads. They are one of the best in the advertising industry.

They offer high impact ads such as Rising Star ad formats and pre-roll ads with 55% of revenue going to their publishers.

Site requirement CPM advertising

Aside from that, their minimum payout is $50 (in net revenue) and payment is Net45.

Create a free Exponential account

Here are a few more CPM advertising networks that you can try in 2020:

I have not tried these personally, but based on reviews from reliable publishers, I suspect they’re worth trying:

These are just a few CPM advertising networks that I have found worth considering. What other CPM ad networks do you know of & are working great for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

Here are a few hand-picked guides on blog monetization for you to read next: