Mind-Blowing Numbers of What Happens in an Internet Second

Mind-Blowing Numbers of What Happens in an Internet Second

It might be only a single second… but in terms of what happens throughout the world and especially online, it’s quite amazing. Even more amazing when you consider the Internet is still really only 20-something years old (yes, I know it was invented earlier, but in terms of real usage it’s around 20 years). Over the years I’ve seen a massive transition from the simple world of HTML sites to the engaging world of social, live video and connectivity that we have today.

However… as advanced and oversaturated as it may seem we are today, just wait til you see the internet of a few years from now!

In this article and infographic we are going to take a look at some of the mind-blowing numbers and what happens online in a simple internet second. To kick things off, let’s first look at live internet stats of the internet as a whole, how many users are online and what they are actively doing.


It’s easy to look at these numbers and say billions of users are online and doing millions of things online daily without any hesitation. However, when you start to break it down into an individual second, then you can really appreciate the sheer amount of volume and activity we are talking about.

What Happens in an Internet Second

Here are some of the mind-blowing numbers of what happens in an internet second, provided by the “What Happens in an Internet Second” infographic shown at the bottom of this post.

  • 10,407 Tweets are being sent out through Twitter
  • 2,881 photos are being uploaded to Instagram
  • 2,319 new posts are being published to Tumblr
  • 1,912 Skype calls are being made
  • 30,650 GB of internet traffic is taking place
  • 51,232 Google searches are being made
  • 110,265 YouTube videos are being watched
  • 2,437,859 emails are being sent through the world

As online marketers, we are always hungry for more data — which is exactly what I have waiting for you in this next section.

Not only are we hungry for stats and analytics, it’s always mind-blowing to think that there is still room for growth on the internet and still money to be made. After all, how many people can still be using Amazon, eBay or starting a website or blog for the first time, right?

To answer that question… A LOT!

  • Even if you’ve been on the internet for what seems like forever, new people are getting online for the first time every day. Whether this is because they are finally old enough to start getting online, or getting the technology in their country… it’s happening daily. Over 3.2 billion users are currently online, which is still less than half of the population in the world… we’ve still only scratched the surface!
  • In addition to how many people are using the internet, have you ever thought about how many web sites are online as well? Previously the number passed the one billion mark, but was then lowered after an audit of fake/spam sites. The number of active sites online is hovering in the 900 million range and will surpass that billion mark soon enough.
  • People, websites… and Google. They all intertwine together and Google is the puppet master over all of it, supplying over 3.5 billion search engine queries daily!

Now that you have a better idea of how large and fast growing the internet is, it’s time to get motivated and scale your numbers to higher levels than ever before!

To see all of the numbers again in a visual form, be sure to check out the infographic below.

Every Second on the Internet (1)

12 Ways to Increase Website Traffic Without Blowing Your Budget

12 Ways to Increase Website Traffic Without Blowing Your Budget

When starting a new website, blog or business on the internet, it’s not just about the content you create. Sure, it’s going to be one of the most important aspects of it — but at the end of the day, it really comes down to your content promotion and getting traffic to your site.

In short, this is just a big numbers game. With over a billion active websites on the internet today, how are you ever going to complete?

The answer is simple — create better content than your competition, provide more value, and then put in the marketing effort to make sure your audiences finds it. At this point in the game, focusing solely on “great content” will likely get you nowhere.

However, not everyone has a massive budget that they can blow through each month, just to get traffic flowing to the site. On the flip side, there are plenty of “free” methods for increasing exposure, backlinks, and traffic to your site as well. To further stress this point, I thought it would be a great idea to ask 12 different entrepreneurs and business owners from the YEC community this same question — “What is the best way to increase website traffic without blowing through your budget?

1. Create Social Media Content

There’s no cost to generate a solid social following, outside of time and creativity. When done correctly, you can then push that captive audience to any website you want. Focus on being genuine and authentic, pull in followers that truly want to engage with your brand and don’t be overly promotional. Share information that will be helpful and useful, mixed in with some calls-to-action

– Jonathan LongMarket Domination Media

2. Contribute Guest Posts to High Traffic Sites

Even if you don’t have much money for marketing, you are rich with knowledge. Identify a few different websites that have a lot of traffic and contribute your knowledge to those sites. Give away the farm and create something immensely valuable for that site. Link back to your site, use a popup to collect emails from the inbound traffic influx and begin creating your audience.

– Brett FarmiloeMarkitors

3. Build One Incredible Piece of Content

Great content is the path to more traffic. Don’t just write filler two-paragraph blog posts. Put all of your energy into creating one incredible piece of content like a piece of software, in-depth video lesson or webinar series.

– John RoodNext Step Test Preparation

4. Email a Link to Your Site

Find out who your ideal target person is and email them a link to your site, and a brief explanation of why they would be interested. Qualified traffic is more valuable than lots of junk from a funny social post.

– James McDonoughSEE Forge

5. Hit the Streets

In today’s digital era, hitting the streets means roaming the web looking for interactions. Engaging in other’s work will draw attention to your work as well (make sure your content presentation is on lock). The web isn’t a one-way street. By posting on other’s threads, you’re not only visible to them, but to other people that are in their social media circles.

– Andrew NammingaAndesign

6. Leverage Industry Influencers

In marketing, one of the easiest ways to reach new customers without paying a fortune is by tapping influencers who already have a captive audience of fans and followers. Find influencers who would appreciate your product or service and partner with them to promote your brand. Many will be willing to do it for free, while others would be happy to take an affiliate commission.

– Firas KittanehAmerisleep

7. Manage Your Online Reputation

It doesn’t cost a penny to be on Angie’s List, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Facebook, Google+ and Yellow Pages. Survey your customers first to make sure you can stop negative reviews in their tracks. Then, syndicate the positive ones all over the internet by asking for feedback on sites your customers belong to.

– Tommy MelloA1 Garage Door Service

8. Feature Trending Topics

Using buzzwords or writing about trending topics is the best way to generate website traffic and rise up in search engine results without paying a penny. At my agency, we make sure to pay attention to trending topics in the media and write about them ASAP. Whether it’s a new Instagram update or the latest video game, quick turnaround time is crucial because you want to strike while searches for these topics are at their highest.

– Bryanne LawlessBLND Public Relations

9. Take Advantage of Word of Mouth

Get others talking about you to do the legwork for you. This includes telling friends, family, colleagues and others who, in turn, can share it with others. They can pass around your website address or share it on their own social media sites and emails.

– Drew HendricksButtercup

10. Participate in Forum Discussions

We participate in several LinkedIn forums and other online forums where we know our clients come for help. If we make good contributions, users click on our profile and visit our website. It doesn’t cost us anything, and it also improves our digital reputation because it shows our clients that we are very dynamic in the community. Try it.

– Piyush JainSIMpalm

11. Produce Video Content

Create interesting content about your product, service or industry with an engaging video. Everyone has access to video on their phone, laptop or tablet. Whether on-the-go or at home, video is accessible and more engaging than text. As long as your content is captivating, people will share it and become more interested in your brand, which will bring them to your website.

– Stanley MeytinTrue Film Production

12. Blog Often

You need to have a blog. Blogs are very cheap, and often free! They’re also super easy to use and are a great way to start generating website traffic. Get a content director working on it right away and make sure to blog often. Your content should be relevant to your product, and at the same time interesting to read. Happy blogging!

– Manick BhanRukkus

How to Create a Mind-Blowing Instagram Video Strategy

How to Create a Mind-Blowing Instagram Video Strategy

 By infographicdesignteam.com


by Like all other social networking sites, Instagram is being dominated with video contents, that majorly show up in its newsfeed and Instagram Stories. Instagram now boasts of housing more than 500 million active users and more than 20 billion photos and videos shared.

It’s time for instagram video marketing

And yes, along with its logo makeover, Instagram has gone through one other significant change as well. Now, the time limit for Instagram videos have been increased to a whopping 60 seconds, from the 15 seconds it used to be. This increase in the length of the videos is a great boon for all Internet marketers. Because now they can show up their product videos all the more vividly and in detail. This emerging social media tool has a lot to give and has immense potential to dominate the social media realm with endless possibilities.

Yes, though photos make up the most of the Instagram feed. But video comes with a dynamic content, gives an impetus to the viewers to tag their friends, buy a product, share word-of-mouth stories about a brand. And today, one doesn’t need a degree to create an engaging instagram video for business. If you just have your smartphone with you, you are sorted. And now, when we already see the growing trend of videos all over the Internet, creating engaging and compelling videos for the ever evolving Instagram is the need of the hour. Because honestly, video marketing and creative instagram videos is a match made in heaven.


To help you understand the simple, yet efficient instagram video tips to create an engaging, I have put together a few tactics for creating best instagram videos. Keep reading, and you may find just what you were searching for.

1. First thing First!
You cannot expect Instagram to be devoid of any set decorum or a set rule. Study the culture of Instagram, what kind of contents prevail the network, what are the favorite topics of the Instagrammers, and what extra value you could give to them. If you create content that is off the Instagram culture, your content may be ousted by the audience. To create Instagram optimized videos, ensure that you take care of the necessary parameters of the newsfeed and stories.

Long and boring captions are major fails when it comes to Instagram. You just have 60 seconds to explain or showcase your service or product, and thus grab the attention of your target audience. Captivating the attention of your audience is the first step to create a perception of your brand in the viewers’ minds.

2. Create a credible perception of your Brand
Ensure that your audience gets all the help to find you, to reach out to you, and to connect with you on both Instagram and your other social media handles. It is of utmost importance that you have an Instagram button on your website, where from your visitors could be redirected to your Instagram account. Your bio and profile must be filled with authentic and unambiguous details about your brand, as well as a redirecting backlink to your website.

Ask your fan base and happy customers to create testimonial videos for you, as they are considered to be highly authentic by other prospects. You may also reach out the marketing influencers to say a word or two about your brand. Whatever you do, strive to build your own unique impression of your brand in the Instagram world.

3. Make smart use of “Hashtags”
Not only does the Twitterattis use “hashtags”, but also the Instagrammers are a fan of relevant and trending hashtags. But yes, you must be very focused with your hashtags. Big brands use them efficiently, and thus they have attained the stature of being “big.” Be selective with the hashtags you use, because if your video posts contain too many of them, that seems a bit unprofessional. As well as gives an impression that you are confused. And since hashtags do not have spacing in between them and are merged as a single word, it can sometimes be that the real message intended, does not get conveyed.


So while posting your video content, stay true to the recent trends that are in the air, and use simple but effective keywords related to the trend. Thereby you would make it easier for your Instagram fan base to reach out to you.

4. Consider Animated Explainer Videos
Instagram is the best platform to explain your brand, your product, and services within one minute. And it goes without saying that 80% of brands try this platform to showcase their products and services.

So the competition is arduous and a single mistake on your part, you are doomed! To stay ahead in the race, you have to portray your brand from a different angle, present it as unique. And this can only be done by Animated Explainer videos. Explainer videos are short yet effective. And could be created with an informal tone in them. These are not your corporate videos where it needs to be sober and formal, Animated videos possess and inherent fun factor in them, and hence they are so loved by all and sundry.

Animated videos also have an amazing storytelling technique that works well with the Instagram audience. In each of your animated videos, there must be a story, a unique story that makes your brand stand out from your competitors. These are cost effective as well, unlike live action videos. So you must think of using animated videos as a worthy choice of your Instagram video arsenal.

5. How To Videos – The Best Choice
One of the main ingredients for creating a killer video for Instagram is a video that solves a problem, which gives a solution. Try creating some “How To” videos and see your video views skyrocket. Nothing is better than teaching something new or showcasing how to solve a problem.


User manuals are old school,  now is the era of “How To” videos. Show your audience as to how your products could be used, thus creating more engagement around it.

6. Post at the Optimal times
Do an extensive study and find out the optimum time for posting your videos. Posting your video several times a day will not create any desired result if not you post them at the time when your fan base is active. The optimal times when your video will be viewed most, search for those time slots and thus share your video.

And remember, quality content has its own flair. It will keep your audience coming back to you. Identify the right use of your video and post it smartly.

7. Augment your Brand Visibility, Credibility
Stay active and share your video content at least three to four times in a day. This helps you to increase your view views, your brand visibility, and credibility. Killer videos are not just made in one day but are built with perseverance, dedication, and effort. Posting your content more than twice helps to augment the visibility of your brand in your target audience’s newsfeed. The more they watch it, the more your efforts are paid.

8. Create compelling content
Content is king everywhere. Be it Infographic, be it a Blog post, be it some other journalistic stuff – or be it a video. Content must be compelling enough to draw attention and make heads turn. Strive to come up with a compelling script that not only increases your conversions but also makes people stop and think about your brand. Focus on the interests of your target audience, which things interest them more, and create a script around the same. You may give some sneak peeks of your company, the behind stories, the employees, share some photos in the video from your latest office picnic trip. These emotional touches embellish a video content and make it compelling.


And Instagram is the best place to showcase your compelling content. So get started to create a killer content for your killer video and unleash the power of your creativity.

9. Keep in mind – Instagram Analytics
So you have studied the basic of Instagram, created compelling contents, tried animated explainer videos, made smart use of hashtags,  and shared your video at the optimal times, more than twice. So all set and done?

Well, no.

You forget the most significant element for your killer video for Instagram. The analytics!

What effort is a success when it’s not evaluated and analyzed? Don’t miss out on the Instagram analytics and leave your job incomplete. Try using authentic analyzer tools and track the performance of your posts, the usage of hashtags, monitor the trends, how and when your audience is interacting with your video content, track the comments your posts receive, detailed report of your video performance across other social media profiles. And most importantly measure the engagement generated by your video. Identifying influencers around is also imperative for the success of your video.

Analytics are there to inform you where exactly does your video needs a tweak and how is it performing. This helps you to further maximize your social presence by taking necessary actions for your contents.

Final Words
Instagram is an ever growing and ever evolving social network. And the more it evolves, the more diverse its opportunities become. Try out the tips mentioned above for your next video content, and see it become a killer video for your Instagram handle.

Seize the opportunities the social network is giving you, to reach more and more prospects and stay warm and live in your existing customers’ minds. Video ads are being rolled out in Instagram these days. So don’t lag behind and follow the trend. Rather be a trendsetter and make your own trend!