10 Free Email Marketing Templates and How to Use Them in Your Campaign

10 Free Email Marketing Templates and How to Use Them in Your Campaign

Are you looking to improve your marketing campaign with email marketing templates?

Standing out among the 30 million businesses in the United States is important. Doing so allows you to have the edge when it comes to the customer’s decision on which brands to do business with. Failing to do this means that your brand gets lost in the vast ocean of businesses.

If you want your business to thrive, coming up with a marketing campaign is the way to do so. Email marketing is a popular choice because it’s easy to pull off and isn’t as high-maintenance as other marketing strategies. Because of this trait, though, other businesses are likely to use email marketing tactics, too.

To make your emails stand out, use these templates in your marketing campaign! Read on and check them out today!

1. Constant Contact

Constant Contact offers a large array of templates for you to use. This is perfect if your brand is flexible in its tone. You can be warm and welcoming in one email, then you can switch to a professional template to promote your knowledge about your field.

What’s great about Constant Contact is that it has some categories for you to choose from. There’s the “Announcements” category for when you need to convey a message to your audience. This is useful if your business is going under maintenance for a while and you need to let customers know what to expect.

There are even templates for Newsletters available for you to use. These are handy if you want to relay valuable information to your subscribers. Speaking of subscribers, there are even Thank You templates available.

You can use this template together with a bot to send emails to your new subscribers. Thanking them for subscribing is a great way to increase the success of your campaign. This is because it makes the customer feel more involved with your brand.

With this many templates to use, you’re sure to have an easier time sending your emails. You can also employ the services of this website to help you validate all the mail you’re sending: https://emailoversight.com

2. Mailchimp

Do you want to have more control over how your emails look? Mailchimp can help you with this issue! They provide over 100 templates for you to choose from for your emails.

What’s great about it is that Mailchimp allows you to customize these templates. This means that you can adjust your emails to fit your liking. This is important if you’ve established a brand identity beforehand.

Most brands find themselves forced into a specific layout because of the common email templates. This often makes the emails look off and stray from their brand’s identity. It’s a surefire way to make customers make them as spam as they often think it’s from fake accounts or hackers.

With the customizability that Mailchimp offers, you’re sure to avoid this issue. You will be able to create your own emails that will engage your audience your way.

3. ZOHO Campaigns

Do you want to ensure the success of your email marketing campaign? ZOHO Campaigns can help you with that. This is thanks to the extensive template choices it offers for you to use.

What’s great about ZOHO Campaigns is that it has an A/B testing system, too. This is a way for you to test out different email formats and such. It will help you discover which format or content will work better with your audience.

The platform also offers you analytics to help you get a more accurate reading on your marketing campaign. This way, if you find something that causes people to stop reading your emails, you can fix it right away. It’s a surefire way to increase the success rate of your email marketing campaign.

Another great thing about ZOHO is that it offers a separate category for business emails. These templates ensure that you sound as professional as you can be when sending them. It’s a great way to build your brand as an expert in the field.

The platform even offers a subscription package for you. Paying for it can allow you to send 12,000 emails per month. It’s a great way to make sure your future emails are all uniform when sent to your readers.

4. EmailOut

If you like the email plan that ZOHO Campaign offers, but can’t afford it, then consider EmailOut. This service allows you to send 12,500 emails per month. You can even choose up to 2,500 users from your email list to send it to.

This is useful if you’re sending out blog posts to your readers on the regular. This is also among the reasons why content marketing and email marketing go hand in hand.

The moment a reader subscribes to your mailing list, they’re showing interest in your service/product. It’s important to capitalize on that interest by sending emails until they do business with you.

This is a form of remarketing that allows you to increase the conversion rates per email. It’s a great way to generate leads while gaining new customers. You only need a good CTA to seal the deal in your emails.

5. Cakemail

Do you like editing your templates? If so, then Cakemail is the platform for you. They allow you to download your templates to edit on your own. By doing this, your brand identity stands and you’ll create your emails to your liking.

This is also great if you plan on capitalizing on the growing SEO trend that revolves around mobile devices. All the templates follow a responsive design, which means it’s compatible with mobile devices. This way, your customers won’t have any problem opening your emails on their phones.

You can also have a Cakemail editor do the job for you. This is a useful feature if you’re not familiar with code languages. This feature is only available with their premium package, though.

6. Benchmark

Benchmark is an all-in-one tool that can help you get your marketing campaign started. The platform has a starter package that allows 14,000 emails to 2,000 users. It also offers free A/B testing and good email targetting.

Using Benchmark is a great way to start off your business. The free package is good enough for you to increase your reach.

Once the free starter plan is over, though, you need to pay to use their services. What’s great is that there are some added automaton features when you opt for the premium package.

7. Mailjet

If you’re only catering to a small audience, Mailjet is a good option for you. This allows you to send up to 200 emails a day for an entire month. This will total to around 6,000 emails every month.

What’s great about Mailjet is that they include an advanced statistics feature. This should help you keep your audience happier and more interested in your emails. With the small number of followers you have, it’s important to keep everyone interested.

8. Email Octopus

This is a good choice if you manage a lot of email accounts. You can send unlimited emails to 2,500 users without any issue. You only need to create an account to use this feature.

If you don’t want to make an account, though, you can still use 11 free templates. The only feature locked behind a paywall is the automated functions feature. If you’re meticulous enough, though, you can manage all your emails without it.

9. ActiveCampaign

If you’re a brand that’s looking to use lots of colors on their templates, consider ActiveCampaign. It has lots of templates that you can use for personal or business purposes. These have tons of designs, layouts, and color schemes for you to use.

This is a great choice for you if you care about how your emails represent your brand. What’s great is that ActiveCampaign allows you to edit their designs to fit your liking.

This is another great choice if you’re still building your brand. Using these elements and colors can help you reach out to the right audiences.

10. Litmus

If you have coding experience prior to your marketing campaign, then you will enjoy what Litmus has to offer. This software allows you to automate your email marketing process. This way, your readers won’t mark your emails as spam as often.

What’s great is that Litmus also gives you analytics for your campaign. This allows the campaign to scale as it goes on.

Speaking of scalability, Litmus also helps you with this. This is because it has features that will help you become more productive. This is thanks to the reusable templates and task lists to keep you on track with your campaign.

Use These Email Marketing Templates Today

Do you want your email marketing campaign to succeed while exerting minimal effort in making each email? Check out these email marketing templates and get the best ones now! Use them to define your brand and create amazing emails today!

Do you want to learn more about digital marketing? Check out more of our posts to learn all you can about email marketing today!

Animation Video & Political Campaign- Let’s Explore The Unexplored

Animation Video & Political Campaign- Let’s Explore The Unexplored

In today’s blog by Animated Video, we have decided to come up with this lesser-trodden topic – how animation video has changed the scenario in political campaign. How effective are they in assisting an individual to achieve their canvassing milestones? Let’s find out below…

So, how did it all start?

“It’s the summer of 1952. TV ownership is on the rise. US presidential candidate Dwight Eisenhower meets advertising legend Rosser Reeves to talk campaign strategies. Reeves, the Don Draper of the real world, suggests a series of 30 second ads with a simple premise. A viewer asks a question. The candidate answers. “Eisenhower Answers America” is born. Reeves and his team run the ads between popular shows, reaching the largest number of viewers possible. The campaign is a roaring success and Eisenhower wins the election.”Source

Eisenhower Political Video

From that time until today, we find videos everywhere – on TV, on streaming platforms, social media platforms and even the games we play on our phones come with animation videos upon watching which – one can get quick rewards. The marketers are making use of videos in the wisest ways possible to promote contents, products and services but blending the possibilities of videos with political campaign is a combo of sure shot success.

Today, with the explosion of digital media, advertisers are reeling in unprecedented exposure – their advertised products & services become viral and are ‘shared’ like wildfire. This ensures the heightened reach of the advertisement. What’s more? Through this amazing popularity, marketers are coming up with content ideas that are never-seen-before. Also, smart devices are making it easier for the contents to reach the audience faster than ever before.

Running For President? Or As A Local Councillor? Videos Are Versatile

So what does a political campaign video need? A Hollywood style crew? A Hollywood style technical team? NO, NO & NO! All you need is a powerful story that will be presented in an equally impactful way – through animation video. And for that, getting hold of the right animation agency is a precursor. Videos are very much versatile and they can change the face of any campaign (even if that’s for getting elected as the office union president! Just saying!).

What Makes A Political Video Successful?

The points mentioned below are extracted from the trends, analysis of political videos over the years from popular election campaign ideas of many political dignitaries. From deeply insightful to some extremely questionable ones, we all have come across them during the election seasons and taking lessons from them here, we are laying down some of the best tips:

1. Set A Clear & Lucid Point Of Takeaway
What message do you want to convey to your audience? Turn it into a slogan and then put them across various slides of the video. Slogans are prevalent in any type of advertisement because THEY WORK! They work properly to get the audience attention since the 1st slide itself. A slogan connects deep into the emotion and impact in a deep-seated way. In a video when slogans are incorporated wisely, they get imprinted in mind. It becomes a shared sentiment for the voters as one with the candidate’s war cry.

The best example would be Barrack Obama’s “Yes, We Can” which became so popular, that there came out a music video based on it.

2. Hit The Right Chords Of Audience’s Emotion
Imagine this – you are standing against your brother in the election. You both know that you are a better candidate than he is. But the outsiders do not know that. Even the most reasonable voter will face a dilemma if they do not get to understand what each of the candidates are offering as solutions to their persistent problems. What’s more? People love to get a glimpse of their favourite leader’s personal life – like what he or she does in the free time, educational qualification, hobbies and what not?

In a video, especially in an animated video, you will have the full scope to present yourself in the most attractive way. People cannot travel past to get a flashback of your achieving high school graduation – but you can definitely show them that through a compelling animation of how you did it.

With the right frame, right color, moving voiceover – magic can be created.
Animation video is known to be able to connect to the audience with awe-intriguing visual factors and when it comes to connecting them emotionally, they work wonders.

3. Psychologically Engage Your Audience With Video
We all have grown up watching cartoons. Watching Ben 10 on screen has inculcated a feeling that we can be powerful in combating challenges when we need. Scooby Doo told us that humans are the only ghosts to be scared of, beneath the mask. Animation Video has psychological effects on human minds in the most possible ways. For a political campaign, what more can be useful? The intention is to educate people about your ‘political goals, aims and desires’ that will help them to be hopeful about your candidature and when coupled with animation video, their envisioning of your greater picture becomes easy.

They will believe in you more, through the video.

4. What’s Your political campaign strategies’ score?

Get that answer on how your digital political campaign video is performing on the social media. Today, social media platforms have given people a number of benchmarks of gauging a content’s popularity through the elements such as like, share, comment, care, love, angry, sad and what not! It is important to have a social proof so that you can convince more and more people without even directly saying anything about yourself. Your political campaign ad video will do it all.

The video, through these benchmarks will get a review in the eyes of the people as to how you envision in changing their lives. They will rate you and if the rating is higher, then my friend you will stand to get more followers automatically. Videos come with an excellent power of connecting to the people so make great use of it. And how do you get to know your score? It is through the analytics data generated by and obtained from the same platforms like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

5. The Best Election Campaign Messages Carry A Strong Call-To-Action
The vast world of online marketing we all understand that without a compelling CTA or Call-To-Action any marketing asset stands as a useless creation. An animation video in this case, is an effective CTA itself as it constantly plays the bugle of your feats and reflects your bright and unique ideas of welfare.

I mean, come to think of it, your brand name, your campaign logo, featuring you (or your cartoon figure), speaking of your aims and then asking others to join you in your mission – what else can be more evocative than an animation video for your political campaign. The stronger your message will be, the louder your CTA in the video will become. That’s the power of animation in political campaign.

Taking Point 2 Into Consideration, Will The Privacy Of The Candidate Be Compromised?

Well, that depends – in case of live videos, the exposure is more whereas, animated videos give an individual the window to be creatively selective about giving out the details of your daily activities. In politics, security of an individual stands at a vulnerable position and keeping it in the front seat of consideration is important. So in an animation video, one has that freedom to change the scenario he or she is working in. So, every morning if you are going out to a certain place for morning exercise, you can just depict it as your own garden at home. It is as simple as that. And no, it is not lying, but it is all about keeping security of yourself prioritized alongside social welfare.

A Small Tip To Success: Conduct A Survey To Gauge The Public Pulse!

Conducting anonymous surveys on public can get you a practical image of what they think of your ambitions for social welfare. Once you get the pulse through a thorough survey, the next step will be strategizing a new pitch that will help you tie-up the ‘loose ends’ or the flaws in your political strategy. But how would you conduct a survey?

Take the assistance of versatile evaluation and assessment platforms service providers around you. They will design a simple survey set-up as per your requisite which will fetch you the exact data of your desire. This small step will benefit you in the long run surely!

And All You Need Is A Professional Assistance Of A Professional Creative Team

At Animated Video, we make it a point to keep our creations unique and in the same line of your requisites. That is why, we put ourselves as your extended creative team first so that every video we make for you are original, emotional and carrying the perfect story for impactful telling. Our creative experts and thinkers work for you and with you until we see that smile of content and satisfaction on your face. Those are our ultimate rewards, our driving force. Explore our range of video specialties today.

How to Properly Plan a Social Media Marketing Campaign

How to Properly Plan a Social Media Marketing Campaign

How to Properly Plan a Social Media Marketing Campaign

Written by Zac Johnson

As an entrepreneur, having an effective marketing strategy in place to promote your business is essential so that your products and/or services become known to potential customers, which will result in an increase in sales.

There are many ways to promote your business, and a strategy that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of social media, considering that millions of people have free access to most of these platforms. There are a few factors you must consider to have an effective marketing approach in place, therefore, in this article, we will advise you on how to properly plan a social media marketing campaign.

Set Campaign Goals

The very first thing you must do is define what goals are and consider what it is that you are trying to achieve with your campaign. Helping you identify this, will guide you through what your campaign should look like. Some common goals for a social media campaign include increasing brand awareness, increasing customers and sales, increasing your social presence, and engagement of potential customers through these platforms. After deciding what your objectives are, you can start making a plan that will make sense and best work to help you achieve this.

Create Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is a document that covers vital demographic information, such as gender, age, and income, location, interests, and hobbies, about your ideal audience. When it comes to marketing, it is important to understand that you cannot simply target the general population – rarely one product will apply to every single individual. Therefore, you must know who your potential customers are so that you can find ways to reach this specific cohort.

Choose Your Social Media Channels

If you have ever been online, you will know that there are different platforms available that you can use as part of your marketing strategy. Some individuals will use more than one social media to stay connected, whilst some prefer to use their favorite one only, whatever that may be. You should not try to be on every social media platform as this may prove to be ineffective. When you investigate who your customers are, you can include research into what their most used social platforms are and focus on building your online presence on these ones.

Hire a Professional

You may have amazing skills as an entrepreneur and still lack some awareness of what social media entails or how to use this as part of an effective marketing campaign. If you feel that you need additional support with this, you should consult experts in digital marketing to boost the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. The professionals behind Northern VA Digital Marketing say that it’s vital to learn how to improve web design, the use of SEO, and the ways you are approaching your target audience. As a business owner, you should not take up every single role, therefore leaving the digital marketing to the experts could truly benefit you. 

Have a Social Media Calendar

Timing is an essential factor when it comes to running a marketing campaign so that you know exactly what to do and when to do it. You can develop your own social media calendar, detailing any tasks you may want to achieve, such as creating content, sharing of content, and updates of social media platforms. Having a calendar will help you keep organized and productive, whilst keeping your followers engaged.

Having an effective marketing strategy is essential, particularly when using Social Media platforms, as there are so many ways to achieve this. Make sure you follow some of the tips above, in order to maximize the benefits of social media to develop your marketing campaign.

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