How Tal Melenboim is Changing Influencer Marketing with Zoe Dvir

How Tal Melenboim is Changing Influencer Marketing with Zoe Dvir

Tal Melenboim is a leading expert in influencer marketing. He has recently developed a new project called Zoe Dvir, which will significantly increase the ROI of influencer campaigns.

Tal Melenboim is Reinventing Influencer Marketing in a Stellar Way

Tal Melenboim is a pioneer in the field of influencer marketing. He developed a new project called Zoe Dvir. This is a boutique influencer marketing agency that creates Instagram personas for customers in various industries.

The digital advertising industry has evolved significantly since the turn-of-the-century. In recent years, one of the biggest trends is the emergence of influencer marketing. Although the ROI of influencer marketing is difficult to measure, available data indicates that it is significantly higher than most other marketing channels. A podcast by Convince and Convert showed that the ROI of influencer marketing is 1,000% higher than traditional display advertising.

Marketers around the world are coming to terms with the substantial benefits of influencer marketing. A study from Linqia showed an astounding 39% of marketers said they were planning to increase spending on their influencer campaigns. By contrast, only 5% intended to decrease their influencer marketing budgets. There will be a strong demand for Zoe Dvir services, as interest in influencer marketing continues to grow.

As marketers become more invested in influencer marketing, they are exploring new ways to refine their strategies. They have discovered that Instagram is the best social network. In fact, 92% of marketers prioritize investing in influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram over those of any other network.

How does the strategy Tal Melenboim created work?

Tal Melenboim uses computer generated images to create influencer accounts. Each account caters to a different industry. Here are some of the benefits of this approach.

Tal Melenboim has developed an efficient and cost-effective approach with Zoe Dvir.

The most important aspect of any influencer marketing campaign is the reach and credibility of the influencer accounts. A majority of influencer marketing agencies forge relationships with prominent bloggers and users on major social networking sites. This tends to be a costly strategy, because these influencers recognize the authority of their brand and charge accordingly.

Tal Melenboim came to the realization that it is much more cost-effective to build his own proprietary Instagram accounts from scratch. He developed a novel strategy with Zoe Dvir, which relies on computer generated images.

Computer generated images are personas that are developed with computer generation technology. Since the agency can create Instagram accounts with computer-generated images, they don’t need to pay exorbitant fees to third-party Instagram users.

They retain full control of the influencer marketing funnel

Agencies that provide traditional influencer marketing services are at the mercy of the influencers they work with. As we mentioned above, they often need to pay premium fees for sponsored posts. However, this is not even the biggest drawback, which Tal Melenboim has addressed with the Zoe Dvir project.

Even if agencies are willing to pay influencers to promote their clients, they are still going to face other uncertainties. It’s also important to know when and how to use humor within your content and writing styles. Some of these challenges include:

  • Instagram influencers might have their own hangups about working with certain types of companies. Even if these companies are not controversial, it can be frustrating to hear that an influencer won’t partner with them. The approach that Tal Melenboim developed makes it easier for companies to connect with a reliable influencer.
  • Influencers might choose to abandon social media at any time. Nothing would be more frustrating than to have an ongoing, profitable partnership with an influencer that suddenly decides to delete their account overnight. Tal Melenboim is able to assure his clients that his influencers won’t disappear, so he can guarantee that their content will be posted.
  • The brand of a third-party influencer is going to be a lot more fluid. They typically see their social media platform as an extension of their own personality, just as much or even more than their professional brand. They might engage in behavior that diminishes their credibility or causes them to lose followers, such as posting obnoxious binge drinking pictures or expressing controversial political positions. This means that the intrinsic value of their brand is much more volatile. That is not always a good thing.
  • You are going to be on their schedule. Your agency might be paying them a large amount of money, but they might still schedule content weeks later.

Agencies like Zoe Dvir that retain ownership of their influencer accounts have much more autonomy. Tal Melenboim can guarantee his clients that sponsored content will be posted within a reasonable timeframe. He also has much greater control of the direction of the brand, because he won’t be mixing personal and potentially controversial perspectives with their content.

Engagement can be as high or even higher than with traditional influencer accounts

It is easy to see how using computer generated images with Zoe Dvir is much more cost-effective than reaching out to real-life Instagram influencers. You can create content more quickly and easily. You also don’t need to dedicate a massive budget to compensating third-party Instagram users.

However, it is easy to see why many marketers would still be skeptical of this approach. Their most obvious concern is that accounts with computer generated images might not be as engaging.

While it is easy to see the basis for this concern, it is not supported by actual data. Empirical data from Instagram account shows that they can be just as engaging.  Take a look at the most popular virtual Instagram model, lilmiquela. The engagement rate with this account is 27.3% higher than the average engagement rate of accounts with real-life models with similar appearances and follower demographics.

Since engagement rates with virtual Instagram users are relatively high and the costs of developing them are significantly lower, the ROI of using Zoe Dvir can be exceptional.

Tal Melenboim can reach a global audience with Zoe Dvir

Influencer marketing agencies are going global. They are working with brands all over the world to help them expand their reach. Unfortunately, some influencers focus on creating content that is only relevant to local followers in their own region.

Tal Melenboim has taken a different approach with Zoe Dvir. He has created influencer accounts that have much broader messages. This makes it easy to optimize content for brands all over the world.


How Attrace is Changing Affiliate Marketing with Blockchain Technology

How Attrace is Changing Affiliate Marketing with Blockchain Technology

Every once in awhile something new hits the industry and it grabs the attention of audiences around the world. In the business of affiliate marketing we all know the importance of technology and crunching the numbers as much as possible to make a profit —  however, the core foundation, basic principles, and how affiliate networks are tracking leads and paying out commissions to affiliates haven’t changed much over the years.

Sure, there are faster payments, more offers, and better tracking technology, but doesn’t it seem like we should be more advanced and have more control over such analytics and data? With so much emphasis on blockchain technology and everyone talking about Bitcoin as being the future of personal and business finance, I think the next question is how blockchain will disrupt the affiliate marketing industry.

That is exactly what Attrace, a decentralized affiliate marketing network, wants to do with their brand new and blockchain technology-driven platform. Today we are going to look at not only how blockchain technology can disrupt the affiliate marketing industry, save merchants money, and also help affiliate marketers earn more than ever before.

The Time for Blockchain Technology is Now

As mentioned earlier, if you’ve heard of the phrase blockchain, you’ve likely heard it associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The reason why blockchain is so popular and gaining so much attention, is because it’s changing the way data is transferred among users, makes only payments and transactions after, and also integrates the power of a decentralized internet in the process.

With so many companies using blockchain to protect their data, make transactions safer, and also keep all sides of the party safe and secure,  it seems like a perfect fit for affiliate marketing as well.

This is where Attrace comes into play.

Attrace Affiliate Network and Features

With so many opportunities in the world of affiliate marketing, every once in awhile you will come across a new network or tracking platform that takes advantage of the technology around it, and makes a solution that’s better for everyone. Today we can look at a trace and see that they are building a platform with the future in mind, while also catering to the affiliate and advertiser alike.

When you look at the impact of affiliate marketing around the world and see that billions of dollars are generated every year, it’s also important to realize there are hundreds of millions of dollars being paid to affiliate networks in transaction fees. With these basic concepts and financial figures in mind, it would make perfect sense for someone to develop a decentralized platform with minimum transaction costs to the advertisers, and making the withdrawal and payment process to affiliates more seamless.

That is exactly what Attrace has focused their efforts on creating, which we can see through the short explainer video below.

For anyone that has ever signed up to an affiliate network as an advertiser or merchant, you know there are several costs involved —  such as the initial setup fee, integration, program management and of course the ongoing transaction costs. If you are paying out several thousands of dollars to your affiliates, you will likely be paying thousands and transaction fees as well.

It’s not just on the merchant or advertiser side that you will find new improvements, features, and benefits, Attrace has built their network with the affiliate marketer in mind as well. As more people continue to use mobile devices and different types of browsers and ways to access the internet, it’s always a question of how well your leads and sales are actually being tracked. Just the smallest percentage of leads getting lost or scraped can be the difference between a successful campaign, or a failed one.

All of these elements and focus points are a top priority for Attrace, while also focusing on the following areas:

  • Very low fees
    Affiliate Networks charge 10-25% commission. Attrace reduces this to ~0.5%.
  • Faster Real Value payments
    Instant commission payout instead of waiting for weeks if not months, based on very precise definitions and dynamic scaling.
  • Fraud detection
    Smart contracts attached to every click/referral cannot be manipulated resulting in all statistics being the absolute truth.
  • No more tracking problems
    Every individual click/referral will have a unique ID, resulting in the fully reliable tracking of the Publishers’ performance.
  • Direct connection between Publishers and Merchants
    The Attrace platform enables direct communication between Publishers and Merchants via the advanced messaging board.
  • No Merchant restrictions
    Long Tail and Emerging Markets acceptance will be based on reputation, not at the discretion of Affiliate Network.

With so many features and benefits in place, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the floodgates open for advertisers and affiliates to join a new platform like Attrace. At the same time, with so many elements in play and the technicalities of the blockchain, this will likely be a transition and work in progress for months and years to come. You can actually see how all of this will come together through the timeline created by Attrace, while also seeing their projections and goals over the next year.

How to Get Started with Attrace Affiliate Network

There are two ways to get started with Attrace affiliate network —  the first is to sign up through their telegram group or to take part in their upcoming ICO token sale — which is also featured on their main page.

No matter which of the methods you decide to go after, it will be quite interesting to see how blockchain technology continues to change the way we all use the internet and especially in the world of affiliate marketing.