Start Your Dating Campaign with ProfitSocial’s Summer Contest: 1500 Offers in 150 Geos

Start Your Dating Campaign with ProfitSocial’s Summer Contest: 1500 Offers in 150 Geos

ProfitSocial is a Smartlink platform that will help you effectively monetize your traffic. I have used their smartlink dating system in the past before. It has helped me find what dating niche and verticals work with my traffic sources.

If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra bucks, you got it! ProfitSocial is glad to announce the opening of its traffic contest. All you have to do is send traffic to ProfitSocial’s smartlinks and you could win up to a $5,000 bonus. That is a lot of moo-lah! This contest is till August 31st, so you have a lot of time to use their smartlink system.

What Is ProfitSocial?

We’ll be discussing the details of this contest pretty soon but what is ProfitSocial anyway?

ProfitSocial is a SmartLink platform that specializes in automated algorithms to unite all top offers. Among the strongest vertical are dating along with its respective niches namely: Gay, BBW, Ebony, Asian, Milf, and Mature. Concurrently, you can promote other verticals such as sweepstakes, webcams, gambling, and games.


In this platform, you are standardly given a minimum threshold of $250. But if it were up to me, you better challenge yourself to meet $1,000 a week. That way, you will be able to switch to weekly payments instead of the typical per month commission. 

Becoming a ProfitSocial affiliate gets better with time but they also have a bit of surprise for newbies. As a welcome gift to new affiliates, ProfitSocial will be giving you a welcome bonus. But you also need to prove that you are committed to becoming an active member of the platform. To receive the bonus, your spending for each first 3 months should exceed $3,000.

Send quality traffic. The more you do, the more cashback you will get. Here is the breakdown of your commission by percentage in you first three months in ProfitSocial:

  • 1st month – 5%
  • 2nd month – 8%
  • 3rd month – 10%

ProfitSocial is only one out of dozens of other affiliate smartlink platforms on the web. But here is how this platform benefits you:

  • ProfitSocial has automatically optimized funnels
  • It has high conversion through direct offers on top locations and latest creatives
  • Regularly offers bonus deals to affiliates
  • You get to attend meetups across countries if you are a top affiliate
  • You can get rate increase through high-volume revenue and quality of company partners

ProfitSocial Smartlink Contest

Now going back to their smartlink contest, let us talk about a couple of simple rules:

  • You need to be a ProfitSocial Affiliate
  • Should be able to drive as much traffic as possible to all GEOs 
  • Validate the traffic quality with your personal affiliate manager
  • Get your bonus at the end of each month
  • If you are a new affiliate who had just claimed your welcome bonus, you won’t be eligible for the SmartLink summer contest
  • DEU, AUT, ITA, CHE, BEL, KOR, ESP, TWN, and JPN GEOs give x1.5 the standard bonus amount
  • The bonus period is from May 1 to August 30

So, What If I Don’t Perform As Well Compared To Other Affiliates?

Regardless of whether you are a ProfitSocial partner, a veteran affiliate, or a new one, you are guaranteed to receive a bonus. The amount of the bonus just depends on the monthly commission growth in comparison with the previous month and is calculated during the bonus period. Take a look at their bonus calculation grid below for your reference. Read the community discussion here.


Commission growth (all GEOs except ‘premium’) Bonus
$1,000 – $3,000 $100
$3,001 – $5,000 $300
$5,001 – $10,000 $500
$10,001 – $25,000 $1,000
$25,001 – $50,000 $1,500
$50,001 – $75,000 $2,500
$75,001 – $100,000 $3,750
At least $100,000 $5,000
For each further $100,000 $5,000


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Facebook Contest Apps: How to Create a Facebook Contest

Facebook Contest Apps: How to Create a Facebook Contest

Facebook contests and promotions… they seem to be everywhere. This can be anything from a sweepstakes, referral promotion, a fan page event or even a landing page in itself — no matter what type of social contest or promotion you are seeing, it’s just further proof that this kind of marketing works.

I love Facebook advertising. It’s never been easier to target my demographic audience and I don’t need to worry about annoying issues such as quality scores, keywords, landing page content. Instead I can simply create my landing pages or contest promotions and get them out there. Another huge benefit is that when people start sharing your social contests, they start doing the work for you!

In this post I break down some of the best Facebook contest apps and services that you should be considering right now. Best of all, they each offer their own free trial that allows you to sign up and test each of the tools, features and services they offer.

The Foundation of a Successful Facebook Contest

Before we start to look at the different solutions out there for creating, managing and tracking Facebook contests, let’s first get the basics out of the way. It’s much easier to create a successful contest promotion when you know the key points of what works, and some things you should stay away from.

Facebook Contest App within Facebook

Before going live with your first Facebook contest.

  1. Give Away a Prize that Relates with Your Target Audience
    Who wants to win a free Apple iPad? Everyone does! The problem with this is that it will gain a lot of attention, but only a small fraction will be interested in your real backend offer. If you were selling candles online, the best way to target your audience would be to give away a candle gift set. Apply this same principle to your business and next promotion.
  2. Promote Your Contest Before Going Live
    No one wants to go to a party that no one is at. The same applies for activity on the internet. Liven up your social contests and promotions by first sending them to any internal lists you might already have for your blog, brand or business. This will increase your engagement and sign ups.
  3. Collecting an Email Address is Your Best ROI
    Some sites are running Facebook contests and promotions that only ask for shares and likes. While this is a good method, it won’t provide you with a long term business model. Instead you should be collecting email addresses with every entry. This way you can follow up not only during the contest… but for months and years after!
  4. More People are Using Mobile, So Should You
    Running a contest that isn’t mobile optimized is a big mistake. We are all using our mobile devices more than ever and there is a good chance that people are going to be using them when they see your Facebook promotions as well. Don’t miss out on this huge audience by not having a mobile ready site.
  5. Email All of Your Participants After the Contest
    Many people are going to enter your contest and soon forget about your brand, the prize and even entering in the first place. When your contest ends it’s up to you to keep the conversation going. Since you are going to collect emails through your promotion,

Now that we got the basic foundation for a successful Facebook contest out of the way, let’s move on to the best sites to help you setup your promotion.

Recommended Facebook Contest Apps

Wishpond has quickly established themselves as the leader in not only Facebook contests, but many different social media and lead generation based tools. From landing pages, newsletter popups and split testing, WishPond is an all-in-one solution for thousands of online marketers and brands.

In terms of pricing, Wishpond is quite competitive in this space as well. Their plans start out at $45 per month and go up depending on your volume and needed features — if you sign up for a year in advance you will also save up to 35% off. Wishpond also offers a free 14 day trial for you to have full access to all features and tools available on their site.

Wishpond Facebook Contest App

Heyo has made the concept of creating Facebook contests and promotions much easier through their drag and drop system. In the past it was a big paid to setup Facebook promotions as you would sometimes need to get messy with coding, have to install applications and then format them to match the look and feel of your fan page. These problems are all put to rest thanks to solutions like Heyo.

Plans start at $30 per month, but you can join for a free 7 day trial (no credit card required) to put their system to the test!

Heyo Facebook Contest Apps


ShortStack has become a favorite tool for many successful and well known online marketers. Through their platform you can easily create campaigns that focus on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also create campaigns to promote outside of social networks as well. The end goal for ShortStack is to allow their users to easily create campaigns that can be measured on a lead generation and ROI basis. As they say on their site… “You dream it up, and we’ll help you build it“.

ShortStack plans start at $29 per month. Once you create your free account, you will be setup for their initial free trial period to test and tweak your first campaigns.

ShortStack Facebook Contest Apps

AgoraPulse allows their users to create contests and promotions, but their service actually does much more. Through their site you can manage both Facebook and Twitter, while also focusing on applications, analytics and CRM. You can also do feed management, monitoring and user qualification of your Twitter promotions as well. There are also a few useful tools on their site that a free to use and pull stats on your current social campaigns without the need to signup.

AgoraPulse plans start at $29 per month, which includes full access to unlimited apps. Accounts that are billed annually also save up to 35%. Before joining, you can sign up for a free 15 day trial at no cost.

AgoraPulse Facebook Contest Apps

The Business of Facebook Contest Apps

Now that you have an idea of the different Facebook contest apps and services out there right now, it’s time for you to visit each of them and see which caters best to your budget, marketing efforts and end goal. The good thing is that each comes with a free trial, so you can sign up and view all of their features without needing to start with an upfront payment.

So here is your action plan to get started:

  1. Sign up for the free trial of the services mentioned above
    (I recommend starting with Wishpond)
  2. Think of a great prize for your target audience
  3. Create your first Facebook contest
  4. Build a mailing list and test your results 

Keep me updated on which of the recommended services above you like best.

Landing Page Resources and AdsBridge Tracking Platform Contest

Landing Page Resources and AdsBridge Tracking Platform Contest

If you want to make money with online marketing and specifically affiliate marketing, you are going to need a powerful tracking platform and landing page creation tool to measure and scale your results over time. With over 1,000+ original posts on this blog, it’s something I talk about all the time. I’ve mentioned a few of my favorite landing page articles below.

No matter what tracking tools or landing pages builders you use, the process is still the same. You need to target the right offer, tweak your ad campaign, hit demographic targets and split test your results. Without each of these methods in place, you are simply going to lose money and fail against the growing competition.

Last month I announced that I was running a promotion with for a full year of access to their tracking platform and landing page builder — valued at $948. The winner (Moazam) has been selected and contacted to claim his prize, however, there is still time for you to take advantage of this partnership with AdsBridge by creating a free trial account of your own and taking a look at what their powerful and revolutionary platform has to offer.

For an overview of how to create and track your first campaign through AdsBridge, watch the short video below.

Why AdsBridge is a Excellent for Affiliate Marketers

Online marketing tools and solutions are an affiliate marketers best friend. In addition to many benefits I’ve laid out in my original review, simply having a stats tracking system and landing page builder built within one platform is more than enough to excite any online marketer out there. However, AdsBridge also stands out from the crowd because of their low pricing and premium built in features, which are discussed below.


Flexible targeting options – Running ads campaigns across the board to all traffic types no longer works. To make the most of your ad campaigns you need to take advantage of multiple targeting options such as language, country, browser, OS, device, mobile operator, time and day.

Optimize Your Campaigns – Keeping your campaign optimized is key to keeping it profitable overt time. AdsBridge offers fully automatic campaign optimization settings that allow you to configure the best results for your traffic and conversions.

Alert Notifications – The only thing worse than running an ad campaign and not having it profitable, is running a campaign on full blast and having your landing page or the advertiser going down! Should anything happen to your existing campaigns, the AdsBridge system will automatically contact your through email, SMS or any other notification systems you prefer.

Conversion Tracking – Place a simple tracking pixel on your site or advertiser confirmation page, and you will immediately have access to your stats and conversions in real time!

Powerful Reporting – Ad campaigns aren’t just about the leads and revenue they generate, it’s also about the powerful goldmine of data as well! AdsBridge’s system can be configured to your specific reporting needs and allow you to download fully customizable data reports to your liking.

AdsBridge Pricing Structure

Unlike many other services, AdsBridge has a platform and pricing structure that was built to cater to online marketers and brands of all sizes.


Their BASIC plan is a great for anyone who is just starting out or wants to give the platform a run to see how it works. The STARTER plan is for existing affiliates and online marketers who would like to track up to 100,000 visitors per month. The most popular plan is the PROFESSIONAL, which allows for up to one-million visitors per month and a much lower rate for any traffic overages. With the Professional package being only $39 per month, it’s a no brainer for any online marketer that seriously values their online campaigns and scaling them to the next level.

Get Started with Your Own AdsBridge Account Today

Now it’s time for you to put all of this technology and information to use for your own campaigns. AdsBridge is currently offering free access to their platform for anyone that wants to start off at the “BASIC” level, while also offering account upgrades to STARTER and PROFESSIONAL for all of the serious affiliate marketers out there.