SEO Keywords & Conversions – How an ‘ or – Can Make You Seven Figures!

SEO Keywords & Conversions – How an ‘ or – Can Make You Seven Figures!

There’s a big difference in following proper English and grammar guidelines, and creating a proper experience for your end users.

A professional writer will write a word to follow guidelines created many years ago.  That is the issue.  There is a set structure which is not updated to meet current usage and regular standards.

Using common spoken versions instead of the “technically correct” versions is one of the ways I help my clients bring in more traffic and increase conversions, but only when it is appropriate.

Google does tend to prefer proper grammar and english, but it isn’t always the best experience for your user base (customers, readers, subscribers, leads, etc…).  That is why situationally we break from branding and corporate guidelines and do what is right for the end users.  By doing this in these situations we can increase traffic and increase conversions.

Finding the right balance should be your goal as a business owner, marketer and content creator.

Below are a few examples with explanations of these.

You can find these same terms and phrases using Google keyword tools as well as your own site search depending on how much traffic your website has.  I have the advantage of having some high volume websites as clients.  These are all based on campaigns and niches I have worked on for various clients in the past, but not the actual data or examples.

(please note I’m not comparing specific apples to specific apples in each example.  But I am keeping it in the family like a red delicious vs. a golden delicious, or a granny smith to a honeycrisp.  They are each to demonstrate a specific technique or SEO and conversion tactic).  

Example 1: Mother’s Day vs. Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is only 31 days away so I’ll start with this.  Browser’s and many writing tools will autocorrect Mothers Day to have an ” ‘ ” symbol before the “s”.  But if you look up the search volumes, the non apostrophe version has more traffic.

If you’re a blogger or content creator who does not have to deal with a branding team, this is an opportunity to capitalize where big brands cannot.

Bonus tip – One thing I’ve also seen in different niches is that the ‘s version can lead to different themes and topics.  Instead of a shopping page or review, a listcicle could be the better experience.  Checkout the double bonus tip in the next section for an even better one!  

Group 1: without the apostrophe

Keyword Volume
mothers day gifts 201000
mothers day gift 74000
mothers day gift ideas 60500
best mothers day gifts 12100
good mothers day gifts 9900

You’ll see “best mothers day gifts” above has 12,100 searches but “best mother’s day gifts” has 6,600.  That’s a big difference in traffic and sales!

Group 2: with the apostrophe

Keyword Volume
best mother’s day gifts 6600
last minute mother’s day gifts 4400
top 10 mother’s day gift ideas 4400
mother’s day delivery gifts 2900

Example 2: Microneedling vs. Micro-needling vs. Micro Needling

The spelling here and also capitalization make a difference.  If your audience uses two words and capitalizes both, using this on your website could make it more relatable to them.  But it might not follow brand standards or trademarks.  The added benefit here is that you’re speaking your customers’ language.

Although it may be incorrect.  A single word vs. two words or a hyphenated version can also have a substantial impact on the traffic levels.  Look below to see the monthly search volumes for each.

Bonus tip – I found a slight skew when working on a project for these phrases where the end user for one of the variations in particular also wanted “vampire facials” and assumed they are the same.  By combining vampire facials into the page we are able to let the end user know they found the right place and it may or may not have lead to an increase in conversions by adding the service in.

Double Bonus tip – Use Google Auto Suggest and also the “People Also Ask” to determine if these phrases are shopping ready, research phase, or just interested in what it is.  This will determine where the version of the content should go and the formatting of the page.  

Group 1: single word spelling

Keyword Volume
microneedling 135000
microneedling near me 14800
microneedling at home 12100
what is microneedling 9900
microneedling benefits 6600
microneedling cost 6600
microneedling pen 5400

The interesting thing to note between these two is that microneedling as one word is about a product and a service.  When it is split into two words it is about the results of and questions about a microneedling procedure.

This level of detail and research is exactly what you need to determine where to use which versions, how to relate to your current and prospective customers (or readers) and how to phrase your offering.

Group 2: two word spelling

Keyword Volume
micro needling side effects 1600
micro needling results how long 720
micro needling at home reviews 480
micro needling depth chart 480
micro needling for pitted scars 390
micro needling after one treatment 320

Example 3: A Modifier Makes a Big Difference

This example combines both of the above into a big ticket term, tshirts.  You’ll see examples with the apostrophe as well as single vs double words, and spellings.

Group 1: modifier one word

Keyword Volume
black tshirt 12100
black tshirt dress 2900
black tshirt women 1000
black tshirt for men 880
mens black tshirt 590

Group 2: modifier two words

Keyword Volume
black t shirt 22200
black t shirt mens 5400
black t shirt dress 3600
black t shirt women 3600

Group 3: modifier two words different spelling

Keyword Volume
black tee shirt 2900
black tee shirt dress 590
black tee shirt womens 390

There are some huge differences here.  Group one has less search volume than group two, but the modifiers begin to change as the longtail versions develop.  This is where you need to match your onsite search.  Which version do your customers use the most.

If your customers always want a tshirt vs. a t shirt, you may be able to relate to them better and bring more qualified traffic in.  The buyer base also changes substantially.

In the second group “black lives matter” began populating with a higher search volume than in the first group, and more frequently.  This could be a sign that a portion of the 22,200 monthly searches is not relevant to a plain black t shirt so you may want deduct that search volume.

Basically, if you sell black t shirts but not black lives matter t shirts, then that portion of the searches are not relevant for your store because you do not carry the products.  This is why this search volume should be subtracted from the main number.

In this case, the total search volume for t shirt as two words is still higher than the numbers in group 1 so version two is better volume wise, but not necessarily user experience wise.

Something interesting in the third group with tee vs. t is that girls appears to be one of the larger search volumes.  To verify if this is a thing, and you sell kids and adult tshirts, you will want to search for other color, style and size variations.  If it holds true, you may want to use “tee” instead of “t” in the kids sections and “t” instead of “tee” in the adults.

Branding will likely throw a temper tantrum over consistency here, but guess what, this is a business and businesses need money to pay for the branding.  This is how you grow sales and the business, it is also one of the ones I end up pushing for much harder because it is a bigger win.

Keyword research for SEO isn’t just about volume.  It is finding the right versions of keywords that your audience will use, and knowing when, where and which format to use them in.  This is what makes the difference in your bottom line, even if they are technically not correct.

Qualities of a High-Performing Website that Boost Your Conversions

Qualities of a High-Performing Website that Boost Your Conversions

In today’s era of online entrepreneurship, simply having a website isn’t enough for your business to survive. You can post pictures of your products with detailed descriptions, but in order for your online business to not just survive but thrive, it needs to perform.

For today’s digital entrepreneur, driving traffic and converting leads are two of the primary focuses for entrepreneurial success. But it’s a lot harder than you might think and presents itself as the most challenging aspect of running a business.

Sure, there’s market research you can conduct and engaging with your audience on social media to expand your reach, but did you know that the design of your website could be the very thing that’s keeping your online business from reaching its full potential?

And the thing about it is that it starts from the very beginning of your site’s creation. First and foremost, you have to pick the best website builder when building a website… That’s going to be a major contributor to how well your website performs. Once your website is built, you can then start implementing various aspects of web design and functionality to ensure you have a high-performing website.

Here are the qualities your website should have for high performance.

Qualities of a High-Performing Website that Boost Your Conversions

Impeccable Visual Design

As humans, we are visual creatures, and the way your website looks is going to play a significant role in how your brand is perceived. According to CXL, it takes one-tenth of a second for a person to form an opinion about another person, and that theory is no different from websites.

Research from Google revealed that it takes 50 ms for a visitor to your website to form an opinion about your business, and some people can form their opinion in as little as 17 ms. In creating a great visual design, you have to keep in mind that the visual design of your website is actually an extension of your brand’s visual identity.

So just make sure you’re implementing certain design principles like color theory and visual hierarchies to boost your website’s performance and overall functionality.

Easy Navigation

When a visitor enters your website, they shouldn’t have a hard time navigating it. In other words, visitors to your site should be able to clearly and easily find what they’re looking for and transition from page to page with ease. If your website is lacking in any way in this area, visitors will leave and find a site that’s easier to navigate.

In fact, poor navigation is one of the top reasons why lots of online businesses have such high bounce rates. One of the best ways to make navigating your site easy is to have a clear and structured menu. Also, to further assist visitors in finding what they’re looking for, you’ll want to incorporate a search bar as well.

Mobile-Friendly Design

When you think of how most people shop online, you’ll quickly realize that most people shop from mobile devices because people are always on the go. Nearly 60% of searches are conducted on mobile devices now; smartphones are the top device people use but tablets are utilized as well.

Lots of online business owners make the mistake of neglecting to make their site mobile-friendly and instead make it only compatible with desktops. This ends up costing businesses thousands of dollars in potential sales. So if you want your website to be a high-performing site, make sure you optimize your site to be mobile-friendly so that it can be accessed across any device.

Fast Loading Speed

When was the last time you waited a long time for a website to load? It’s been a while. People don’t typically sit around waiting too long for a website to load. In fact, if a website doesn’t load in 1.3 seconds, most people will leave that site. The latest a person will wait on a site is for two seconds but anything longer than that, they’re leaving.

The average load time for lots of sites is 8.5 seconds but if you can optimize your site for it to load in two seconds or less, visitors will continue returning to your site. Fast load times also prompt your visitors to visit other landing pages as well simply because they can quickly browse what they’re looking for.

Clear Purpose

All of the above qualities make for a high-performing website but there is one thing that tends to slow a lot of high-performing websites down… It’s a lack of purpose. Have you ever been on a website and not been sure what you were looking at or how that site will meet your needs? Well, it happens all the time.

When building your website, you need to make sure that your site’s purpose is clear from the jump. There should be no confusion to visitors as to what your business is about. Everything from your URL to your landing pages, your business’s purpose needs to be apparent in every facet.

You need to make special efforts to choose the right domain name… Being too trendy, using your name, the current year, and hard to remember names can all negatively impact the amount of traffic to your site and really confuse visitors as to what your site is about. For example, if you’re selling handmade pajamas for children and call your website, people might think you’re selling edible jams like what goes on toast or biscuits.

Not only will a clear purpose be helpful to your visitors but it will also gain your business brownie points with Google’s crawling algorithm. How? Because when users conduct searches, Google can better recommend your site on the results pages when it sees that your site is relevant to a particular query.

Everything from your tags and images to your site’s URL, the better your site’s purpose is apparent, the better chance you’ll have of ranking high in search engines for certain queries. This will in turn, drive more traffic to your site with the potential of boosting conversions.


How to Use Video Testimonials to Gain Social Proof & Increase Conversions

How to Use Video Testimonials to Gain Social Proof & Increase Conversions

In the marketing world, video testimonials play a vital role in influencing a consumer’s buying psychology.

It’s no surprise that people throughout the world want social proofs before they rely on some product or service. In this regard, testimonials whether video communication or written serve the purpose.

However, it’s a proven fact that videos have the maximum attention-grabbing power compared to textual testimonials. In today’s digital marketing landscape videos have emerged as one of the most effective content media for influencing the prospective clients.

If you want to maximize the value of video and use it on your website to increase profit, you must know how to use it efficiently.

Implications of testimonial in your business

When you want to extend your reach wider and want to augment customer acquisition process, a review from your real customers can be quite beneficial. Request a few of your existing loyal clients to speak about the potency of your products or service and upload the videos to your website. Then, notice the difference. Rest assured you will receive an overwhelming response from your prospective target clients.

Customer Testimonials are among the most powerful tools of marketing. Recommendations from satisfied customers affirming the quality and performance level of your product or service proffer an immense impact on a business. Not to mention, a testimonial is a proven way to help establish a company’s credibility, built trust and give you the perfect scope to prove the value of your product or service. Such creative video testimonials give you the opportunity to convert more prospects in to real customers. If done right your business will flourish and you will witness a soaring rise in your ROI.


Comparative analysis – Video testimonials and other forms of testimonials

Video testimonials are best options than written testimonies. Real-life testimonials perform better on websites converting at much higher rates compared to written testimonials.

Written testimonials without a consumer photo or any additional details of a company can lack credibility. Most of the times buyers don’t consider testimonials text forms to be legitimate, hence compared to client testimonials videos, written testimonials are not viable to use.

When comprehending video testimonials meaning, it seems these kinds of endorsements are more powerful than the other types in the lot. Due to the audiovisual presentation of a real customer, potential buyers get satisfied with the kind of message they receive. Hence, video clips of satisfied clients add value to the testimonial and serve the actual purpose of showcasing it.

Once a marketer incorporates video testimonials on the website, he is sure to achieve marketing goals and ultimately increase sales. An excellent video testimonial is idealized to capture your customer’s experience with your product or service. Simultaneously, it also grabs their passion – how your company’s products and services have helped them.

Why video testimonial is an effective tool for establishing social proof?

It’s quite natural to pose the question – Why should businesses use video testimonials to establish social proof? In any business, video testimonials are the perfect ways to establish social proof.

Do you want to know what is social proof and why do you need it?

Social proof is essential for every brand, as it contributes to increase conversion rates on the website. Hence, almost all brands consider using customer testimonials for persuasive results but through unbiased message delivery. Using reviews on the product page are the best testimonials examples for business, this proves to be profitable for every company as they bring tangible results.

Neil Patel says in his blog, ‘The Science and Strategy of Building Social Proof for Your Ecommerce Store’, “Social proof is a powerful marketing technique that can easily boost your sales, improve your reputation, and increase your website’s influence and power.”

Take a look at the following, to understand why should you provide emphasis on video testimonials:

a) Video testimonial – A great source of personal referrals and recommendations

To establish social proof amidst tough competition, personal referrals are most effective means to influence your prospects. By adding video testimonials to your company website, you will provide your potential customer’s experience of the personal referrals. Through video testimonials, you would share thoughts of someone who has had the scope of using your products or services and had their requirement satisfied. According to experts, video testimonials are considered to be more personal and real while compared to the textual testimonies. With personal referral sharing their story, future clients feel confident about dealing with you.

b) Videos – An effective tool to increase client acquisition through advanced SEO

Adding video testimonials on website enhances the authenticity of your brand. Further, it adds more personal feel. These broadcast testimonials have more appeal to attract those website visitors who have the short attention span or those who access information only on the mobiles phones. Video programs would enable them to take further action; in short, the technique offers your website visitors more options to connect with you and your firm.


c) Customer video testimonials – The best method of social proof of work

When your company manufactures a product or offers a service to the society, it’s essential to highlight social proofs. Establishing this proof and earning a credible position within the industry in the midst of strife is quite hard. In this regard, video testimonials play a pivotal role. With the rise of social media, it’s intrinsic to share video testimonials on various social channels for more effective results.

Wondering how to use Video Testimonials to Gain Social Proof & Increase Conversions?

Here are 5 proven ways of video testimonials best practices to gain social proof, check out:

1. Utilize testimonials to flaunt product’s problem solving capacity

Testimonials can be the best way to showcase your product/or service’s utility. It’s a kind of case-study of your existing clients, who received solution by using your product. Through a testimonial, convey your satisfied clients’ message to the target audience. Tell your prospects about the quality of your product, how will your product solve a customer problem. Use testimonials as proof of credibility of your product/service. Use them as a source to eliminate doubts and generate trust on your prospective customers.

2. Display your received feedback and results as a selling point

Today buyers are fastidious; they want official results before making a purchase decision. Hence, use your customer testimonial examples to let prospective patrons know about the best results achieved by your products. Research confirms real-life examples can create a significant impact on an interested buyer. Provide your prospects with quantifiable results through the delivered words of your satisfied customers. E.g., tell them about the cost-effective feature of your product/service or how your product or service has contributed to an increased lead generation. However, to get all the messages right and gather the first-rate testimony ever, the tip is to frame appropriate video testimonials questions.


3. Nurture a long lasting relationship with your future clients

The survival essence of every company- when buyers and dealers rely on each other. They are loyal to each other and try to build a long and healthy association with each other. Consumers and marketers alliance is not only about buying and selling, but it’s also about having a strong tie. Hence, to nurture such a relationship, a marketer needs to provide the right opportunity to his prospects. Remember customers don’t buy your product or service, they buy a bonding.

4. Use video testimonials to persuade clients

Most of the times, although prospects are interested in your brand, yet they fumble to take the initial leap, in this scenario testimonials knowing how to use a testimony can make the difference. Next to a product’s description and features either on your physical or digital sales materials, add a testimonial from a customer who used and enjoyed your product or service. This way, the prospect will not only see what the outcome is and how it works, but they will see social proof to give them confidence in the solution.

5. Control spending on ads through testimonial advertising

You can use a customer testimony as advertising material. As testimonials are unbiased appraisals from previous and existing customers, they are authentic and ought to create a lasting impact on the future prospects. Use these testimonials to advertise your product and persuade a buyer to make the final purchase decision. This way spending on your traditional advertising would be less and you can focus more on other marketing channels.

Needless to say, customer testimonials through video are by far the most valuable material. Undoubtedly, these reviews give your website visitors exclusive chance to understand what’s behind the making and production of your products and services. Quality video testimonials design diminishes skepticism that might arise in new clients’ minds. So you need to focus on creating the best and most inspiring testimony clip. To receive excellent results, you can engage professional video testimonial service providers and immediately build trust amidst a vast client-base.


Have you heard about the greatest award-winning testimonial videos?

HootSuite, one of the most popular social media management platforms in the wired world provides the best example of video customer testimonial. Here you can find some of the useful examples of creating the best video testimonials and the most beneficial method of using it on your website.

You can find another best video customer testimonial pages on HubSpot. This software company is known for providing inbound marketing and sales tools to the businesses. Hence, they have created a testimonial page that showcases the greatness of their service.

Amongst the excellent examples of video testimonials, we cannot leave Shopify behind.

World’s best e-commerce platform offers the excellent “Success Stories” page. By taking a glance at it, you can make some useful video testimonials tips from Shopify’s customers review page.

Rounding off

Over the years, video marketing strategy is soaring high. Marketers are enjoying benefits by integrating video marketing strategies in their digital marketing. In modern content marketing scenario, videos proffer high returns. Besides a different variety of video contents, video customer testimonials have been working wonders. Keep your potential customers trailing you time and again through the best customer reviews you have. However, avoid negative reviews, provide what the truth is. Remember, it’s quite tricky to establish social proof, so never display anything about your brand to impress clients.