Start Your Dating Campaign with ProfitSocial’s Summer Contest: 1500 Offers in 150 Geos

Start Your Dating Campaign with ProfitSocial’s Summer Contest: 1500 Offers in 150 Geos

ProfitSocial is a Smartlink platform that will help you effectively monetize your traffic. I have used their smartlink dating system in the past before. It has helped me find what dating niche and verticals work with my traffic sources.

If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra bucks, you got it! ProfitSocial is glad to announce the opening of its traffic contest. All you have to do is send traffic to ProfitSocial’s smartlinks and you could win up to a $5,000 bonus. That is a lot of moo-lah! This contest is till August 31st, so you have a lot of time to use their smartlink system.

What Is ProfitSocial?

We’ll be discussing the details of this contest pretty soon but what is ProfitSocial anyway?

ProfitSocial is a SmartLink platform that specializes in automated algorithms to unite all top offers. Among the strongest vertical are dating along with its respective niches namely: Gay, BBW, Ebony, Asian, Milf, and Mature. Concurrently, you can promote other verticals such as sweepstakes, webcams, gambling, and games.


In this platform, you are standardly given a minimum threshold of $250. But if it were up to me, you better challenge yourself to meet $1,000 a week. That way, you will be able to switch to weekly payments instead of the typical per month commission. 

Becoming a ProfitSocial affiliate gets better with time but they also have a bit of surprise for newbies. As a welcome gift to new affiliates, ProfitSocial will be giving you a welcome bonus. But you also need to prove that you are committed to becoming an active member of the platform. To receive the bonus, your spending for each first 3 months should exceed $3,000.

Send quality traffic. The more you do, the more cashback you will get. Here is the breakdown of your commission by percentage in you first three months in ProfitSocial:

  • 1st month – 5%
  • 2nd month – 8%
  • 3rd month – 10%

ProfitSocial is only one out of dozens of other affiliate smartlink platforms on the web. But here is how this platform benefits you:

  • ProfitSocial has automatically optimized funnels
  • It has high conversion through direct offers on top locations and latest creatives
  • Regularly offers bonus deals to affiliates
  • You get to attend meetups across countries if you are a top affiliate
  • You can get rate increase through high-volume revenue and quality of company partners

ProfitSocial Smartlink Contest

Now going back to their smartlink contest, let us talk about a couple of simple rules:

  • You need to be a ProfitSocial Affiliate
  • Should be able to drive as much traffic as possible to all GEOs 
  • Validate the traffic quality with your personal affiliate manager
  • Get your bonus at the end of each month
  • If you are a new affiliate who had just claimed your welcome bonus, you won’t be eligible for the SmartLink summer contest
  • DEU, AUT, ITA, CHE, BEL, KOR, ESP, TWN, and JPN GEOs give x1.5 the standard bonus amount
  • The bonus period is from May 1 to August 30

So, What If I Don’t Perform As Well Compared To Other Affiliates?

Regardless of whether you are a ProfitSocial partner, a veteran affiliate, or a new one, you are guaranteed to receive a bonus. The amount of the bonus just depends on the monthly commission growth in comparison with the previous month and is calculated during the bonus period. Take a look at their bonus calculation grid below for your reference. Read the community discussion here.


Commission growth (all GEOs except ‘premium’) Bonus
$1,000 – $3,000 $100
$3,001 – $5,000 $300
$5,001 – $10,000 $500
$10,001 – $25,000 $1,000
$25,001 – $50,000 $1,500
$50,001 – $75,000 $2,500
$75,001 – $100,000 $3,750
At least $100,000 $5,000
For each further $100,000 $5,000


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Dating Offers to Promote: Successful Combinations From Your Competitors

Dating Offers to Promote: Successful Combinations From Your Competitors

This is a post by our friends at Spyteg, the adult spy tool. Enjoy!

Today, our team want to share the best winning combinations for promoting dating offers for all summer. First, let’s look which methods are used your competitors: which traffic sources and devices are the most popular etc.

Bonus at the end of the article: You can download popular pictures for your future creatives and landing pages for free!

Catch new ideas for creating your own advertising campaign. Be inspired of successful advertising campaign and get ahead of competitors in adult advertising.

We are going to look at 3 popular advertising areas in the adult space:

  • USA and Canada
  • Europe
  • Asia

First, let’s look what was popular in USA and Canada in summer.


Here are the most popular ad texts for promoting dating offers:

  1. Would you like to meet tonight?
  2. New App For Dating in Montreal?
  3. Rich Mature Cougars from Boardman Want to Meet You Tonight!Click Here to Join Now for FREE
  4. hey! I am from Beauharnois, wanna meet?
  5. Mia, Toronto Ready to Chat!
  6. Talk to these girls now
  7. Sexy Babes Looking For New York Men Older Than 30
  8. Over 30 And Looking For a Fun Night in Montreal? Take Her Home Now!
  9. Meet Single Russian Girls Who Want Your Love
  10. Been A Good Boy? You Get To Meet The Prettiest Girls

Here is a breakdown of the most popular devices found in the US and Canada as well:


And the most popular traffic sources:


You can download the creatives for promoting US/CA dating offers for free in our Google Drive link here.

Next, let’s check European countries and adult advertising there.


The most popular ad titles for promoting dating offers in Europe:

  1. Single Euro Girls Are Looking For Love . Meet Your Ideal Match
  2. Want to meet a single woman nearbly?
  3. Click Here To Start Chatting With This Seductive Girl
  4. This Hot Russian Girl Wants To Date You!
  5. She Will Enchant Your Soul. Get A Hot Girlfriend Right Now !
  6. 10 Crazy Things Women Like to Do on a First Date
  7. Meet Someone You Might Like To Date Later
  8. Laura Want To Date! Send A Direct Message
  9. Single Ukrainian Ladies Looking For Their Soulmate (39+)
  10. I Dream Of A Man Who Will Become My Whole Universe

The most popular devices or Spain, Great Britain, France, Italy, and Switzerland are:


And the most popular traffic sources were:


We created a folder with the pictures for the creatives that you can find in this Google Drive.

And the last area we want to look at is Asia.


Girls with an asian appearance seem to be the most popular for promoting dating in Asia (makes sense). The most popular ad titles are:

  1. Seductive Asian Girls Are Looking For Your Love Register now to meet the girl of your hottest dreams
  2. These Pretty Asian Ladies Are Single!
  3. Ask A Beautiful Girl Out On A Date. She may very well be your soulmate
  4. A Little Flirting Is Never Superfluous
  5. Date hot girls near you!
  6. Beautiful Women In Bangkok Want To Date You
  7. Click Here To Start Chatting With This Seductive Girl
  8. You will be surprised! A lot of men have already found girls here!
  9. Single Girls Are Looking For Single Men In Sylmar
  10. Cute Girls Are Looking For Single Men

The most popular devices for Asian dating advertising campaigns is:


And the most popular traffic sources:


Download pictures for creatives free here.

And here 5 tips for creating dating creatives:

  1. Choose saturated and maximum real photos according to interest of your audience
  2. Ad text should be short and solve the user’s problem
  3. Use your audience language, for example Vietnam – Vietnamese, Thailand – Thai, Italy – Italian. Of course it’s possible to use English, but should consider interests of target audience.
  4. Try A/B test for different pictures for same offer promoting.
  5. Write target audience portrait. It will help you attract more traffic for your advertising campaigns.

You can download all creatives free in Google Drive here.

We hoped you enjoyed this article and found the information and creatives useful! Good luck on your affiliate marketing campaigns 👍

Catch the best ideas for your campaigns in Spyteg. Analysis all piece of competitors adult advertising campaigns and make more money from yours.
Create your account here.

Wish you high conversions!

How to Make Money with Dating and Relationships Offers

How to Make Money with Dating and Relationships Offers

No matter what happens in the world markets or with the economy, one thing is for certain — the world of dating and relationships is going to keep on strong! From online dating sites like eHarmony, Match and everything in between, the business and growth from these sites never seems to end.

The reason is simple. Every day thousands of people are dating for the first time or getting married, divorced or going through the ups and downs of their relationships. It’s the one constant that we can all rely on, no matter what is happening in the world around us. At the same time, we can also rely on one other thing — that there will always be services out there to compliment the ups and downs and love and relationships in the world today.

Before the internet, this was market was heavily dominated by therapists, lawyers, divorce attorneys and relationship counseling. Now anyone can share their expertise, guides and resources, while also being a fraction of the cost of what a one-on-one with a counselor or lawyer might be.

This is where opportunities lies for affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs.

How to Make Money with Online Dating Offers

One of the best ways to learn how to make money through affiliate marketing is with online dating offers. The concept is usually simple, refer a new user to a dating site and get paid a compensation of around $1-$4 for each valid signup. The reason why the dating industry is a great place to get started with is because dating sites are free to join and there are a number of them to choose from. From a marketing and targeting standpoint, this audience is relatively easy as well.

Dating Industry Money

I’ve covered online dating many times on this blog, so I will simply reference my best articles for you here:

Each of the articles and methods above will help you with promoting dating offers online, however, these same methods can be used to promote higher paying relationship based offers as well.

Earning Higher Commissions Off Dating & Relationship Guides

Getting a user to signup for a dating offer is easy, but if that’s your only form of advertising and monetization you are still leaving a lot of money on the table. After all, what’s about everyone who is already dating or married? If you are already having experience with online dating offers, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to play around with some of your existing ad campaigns and test out dating and relationship on a CPS basis as well.

For example, let’s take a look at a simple search through Google Keyword Planner for the word “relationship”. Right away we can see thousands of people are searching for various terms relating to relationship problems, marriage counseling, love advice and much more.


As you can see, the audience is there, now you just need to cater to their needs and put a solution in front of them.

ClickBank is probably the best place to start making money in the relationship space since they pay super high commissions and there are a bunch of products already catered to this audience. One such offer that would be perfect for this type of marketing is “The Relationship Building Package“, which pays out a ClickBank maximum of 75% on every $49.95 sale. This comes out to $33.90 in commissions for each sale generated.


Once you’ve found a program worth promoting, you will then need to decide on how you want to promote it. Here are a few options that usually work well.

  • Content Site – Creating a site based around the contents of a ClickBank product or relationship guide is a great idea, but one that will take some time to develop. The benefits here is that you can rank organically within the search results and get people to your site that are looking for relationship advice.
  • Facebook Targeting – There are a ton of opportunities with Facebook, thanks to their awesome demographic targeting. Through Facebook Ads you can target men/women, based on their age, location and marital status. All important factors when building out pre-sell landing pages or ad copies that relate with your target audience.
  • Plenty of Fish Advertising – POF is an online dating network that has a self-serve advertising platform just like Facebook Ads — but on steroids when looking for dating targeting options. Through POF advertising you can sort your ad targeting by hair color, body type, income and much more. By the way… everyone on POF is looking for love!
  • Pay Per Click Marketing – While most search engines won’t allow you to direct link to an affiliate offer directly, it doesn’t mean you can’t create your own landing pages or sites to pre-sell the offer. This would also work if you were building out your own content site and trying to establish it with paid traffic. To find success with PPC and pushing affiliate offers, you would want to go long tail so you can have the most targeted traffic as possible while also lowering your competition and PPC rates.
  • Media Buying – Another option is to invest some money in media buying. This can be done through Google Adwords and displaying banner ads on relevant sites or even buying popunder traffic on other relevant dating/relationship sites.

No matter what method you choose, it’s all about testing and seeing what works best. In the case of “The Relationship Building Package”, you are looking at a $33.90 commission per sale. If your cost per click average is under .50 you will only need to convert 1 out of every 60 visitors into a sale to make a profit. The key is to make sure you are going after the right traffic and maximizing your click through rates to lower your costs.

As with all affiliate marketing, it’s simply a numbers game. Just one sale per day on an offer like the one above could result in extra $949.20 per month in revenue. Should you multiply those earnings, you would then see a revenue stream like the ones below. The traffic is already out there, you just need to build a campaign and keep split testing til it’s profitable.


The dating industry is now valued at over $2.4 billion dollars, and the demand for such services and products isn’t slowing down any time soon. To learn more about “The Relationship Building Package” and how to setup your affiliate links, simply visit theiraffiliate resource page or find them within the ClickBank marketplace (search for “relationship building”).