Increase Affiliate Earnings with BlackFox Network

Increase Affiliate Earnings with BlackFox Network

Affiliate marketing is still one of the best ways to make money online. I get emails on a daily basis from blog readers asking me how they can start making money right away. The answer is always the same… start an ad campaign, back it up with some money and put in the time and effort to split test and tweak your ad campaigns until they are profitable.

It’s a science that works… but it also takes time and effort to master. This is where most people are getting it wrong.

Another problem is that when someone joins an affiliate network, the support and engagement usually stops there. Unfortunately this is where many ad networks are lacking and why the majority of affiliates sitting within their ad networks are just another random number instead of an asset to the company.

While big money affiliates don’t need support and daily engagement from network managers to propel their earnings and business to that next level, so many beginner/average affiliate marketers do. The networks that offers these services and show they care are likely the ones that will continue to pull in new affiliates that contribute to the success of the network instead of just joining and becoming a stale affiliate.

Todd understands this lack of support from ad networks all too well and has made the effort to teach others along the way. As a successful affiliate in prior years, Todd and his team now run the affiliate network at In addition to running the day to day operation at BlackFox, you will see Todd in many affiliate marketing forums actively answering questions and not only providing support for his network, but also any general questions relating to affiliate marketing as well.

You can see one of Todd’s recent discussions on WarriorForum below.

BlackFox Warrior Advise

What seems like basic knowledge to the average affiliate marketer can mean the difference between success and failure for someone who is just starting out or trying to scale their first campaigns.

Let’s take a look at how you can increase your earnings and affiliate knowledge with BlackFox.

Inside BlackFox Network

The majority of affiliate networks are all the same on the outside/inside… whether it be platform, payment threshold or offers within the next. The difference lies within the offers that are relative to your existing campaign market and how much the network can pay you per lead… and of course the support that comes with it.

BlackFox Network

Just to get some of the specs out of the way, BlackFox is running off the HasOffers platform and has a minimum payment threshold of only $100. Payments are sent out on a weekly basis for affiliates that earn $5,000 per week.

There are currently around 900 offers live on the network, many of which are dating, gaming, downloads and finance related with some of them paying up to $600+ per lead. We will be taking a look at a few of these now.

Legal / Injury Related Offers

The health and beauty niche is always going to make a lot of money, but the legal department related niche is always going to make more. There is currently a lead gen offer on BlackFox that is paying $300+ and while it’s quite a specific topic, conversions have been coming through in the 1% range, which means some affiliates are seeing $30+ earnings per click.  While it would be tough to scale this campaign to a high amount of leads per day, it could result in a high profit campaign with steady leads over time.

Consumer Injury

eCigs are Still Huge

With celebrities pushing ecigarettes on television commercials and more retails locations popping up everyday, making the same for ecigs online is becoming easier and easier. The hard part is getting your campaign in front of the right people. One of the best ways to do this is by creating your own ecig review site. Just think about it… before buying something or trying something new, what do you do first? You Google it of course! Create a ecig review site, list the reviewed items with your affiliate links and use organic or paid traffic to drive leads. This offer is paying in the $40 CPA range.


Gaming Related Offers

There’s always going to a market for gaming related offers. It doesn’t matter if they are mobile, download or web based… kids and adults alike are always looking for distractions online and reasons not to actually work on things that need to get done. For many of these distractions, I’m sure we can thank affiliate marketers, who are also cashing in while others play away. BlackFox has multiple gaming offers such as Super Mario, Pacman and Minecraft (which are downloads) that range in the .30-$1 range depending on the country selected. Promotional methods working best are banner placements on entertainment and gaming sites. Some gaming offers also allow for incentivized promotions.

Game Downloads

It’s All About Knowing How to Scale

The secret sauce to affiliate marketing isn’t about figuring out how to make a few thousand dollars over night now how to jump aboard the next hot campaign before it fizzles out… instead it’s about learning how to scale your campaigns over time for continual success. If you can make one campaign profitable, it’s very likely that you can do the same with others as well.

Take a few moments to head over to BlackFox and apply for their private network. Once approved, be sure to ask Todd about the best campaigns to run and how to can start scaling your campaigns for improved ROI.

6 Smart Techniques That Will Triple Your Affiliate Earnings in 30 Days

6 Smart Techniques That Will Triple Your Affiliate Earnings in 30 Days

Let’s just say that your monthly affiliate earning has never crossed $500.

But the bills are on your neck. You want to buy that new training course but no extra cash to do that.

Your web hosting provider is threatening to cut you off their server and you’re scared of losing your useful blog content. What is left for you?

The only solution is to triple that income. So instead of expecting a $500 check, you can expect $1,500 – is it possible to increase your income in as little as 30 days?

Absolutely yes!

In fact, you would be so surprised to earn even more than that, just by applying a few of these 6 smart techniques. Let’s get started with #1:

  1. Add an upsell

Add an Upsell

Amazon is a company that uses upsell to sell their online shoppers more products. Upselling is the process of recommending other relevant and usually high-priced products to your customers. You could sell a bundle also – as shown in the screenshot above.

Through that coaching, you’ll explain some complicated issues, terms and how to get the most results out of your software or any other product you’re offering for sale.

As a freelance writer, I usually offer to write the first 1 data-driven blog post to the first 10 buyer to help them make more money. Does upsell work?

From 2006 – 2013, Amazon recorded a profit growth of $74.45 billion and they give 85% credit to their upsell strategy.

  1. Write step by step tutorials

Teaching sells, says Brian Clark of Copyblogger media. What your target audience is looking for isn’t another opinion based review, full of fluffs and marketing gimmicks. With that, you’d find it pretty difficult to engage them, and convey the right message.

Knowing that a huge percentage of your prospects are likely new to the game.

They haven’t understood those SEO and Social media secrets yet. But when you make your product reviews and articles step by step, straight to the point, you’ll win their heart and instantly get them to buy.

Your tutorial doesn’t have to be 1000+ word, just make it useful and use sub-headings to break up large chunks of text. Use screenshots to give exact explanation to a particular topic.

  1. Target ‘buyer intent’ keywords

Since 2013, I’ve succeeded in building 3 niche blogs, which generates decent affiliate income. Passive income for that matter!

From experience, I can say that you don’t need 100+ visitors to your “money site” before you can make decent income. In fact, one of my niche sites gets a little over 20 visitors a day, but the income from that blog alone is above $400/month.

How did I do that? I research “commercial keywords” and write decent content around them.

Marketing Keywords

Start targeting keywords that reveals the intent of buying. For example, can you differentiate the intent of these two keywords?

  • How to make money online
  • Best money making programs

The first keyword is informational in nature. People searching for it are seemingly broke, and wouldn’t want to invest any money before they can make more of it. But the second keyword is for those who are ready to invest money in a program that will work for them. See that?

If you’ve been targeting informational types of keywords, especially the ones that begins with “how to,” then you need to stop. Research buyer-intent key phrases – you’ll increase your earnings in 30 days if you rank highly in Google top 10.

  1. Set up a backend offer

A backend product is that one which you offer for sale ‘after’ you’ve earned the trust of your customer. In other words, don’t just offer a single product for sale to your hungry buyers, bring on more products.

This is how I do it: when I sell my kindle books, I’d recommend another of my book or copywriting services and it converts 1 customer out of 50 e-book sales.

Unlike upselling where the product is higher priced, a back end product could be a cheaper product or an additional feature to an existing product. It works well with software.

  1. Hoard your vital information

You’re an honest guy, I know.

But in the world of internet marketing, you’ve to be creative and understand the psychology of consumers. People hate to miss out on vital things that can improve their lives. Did you know that people are more careful not to lose $1 than gaining $1?

When you have information that’s so powerful and has the potential to make someone better, you’d benefit most if you hoard it, and reveal it to the lucky ones.

This is how experts host webinars and sell out hundreds of slots within hours of sending out emails to their subscribers.

Keynote speakers use this strategy also when making a presentation at a conference or workshop – they keep the best information for the end. Only to reveal where people can grab it – usually their coaching programs, paperback book or software.

  1. Use paid traffic

Matt Lloyd advocates paid traffic as the paid tactic for generating decent income through high priced products. And I’ve to agree with him. As an affiliate marketer, you’ve to invest in premium traffic – because the truth is that free traffic doesn’t exist.

Guest blogging, twitter and facebook marketing as well as blog outreach takes a bunch of effort to nail down, it drains your time – and time is money.

Sure, you shouldn’t shy away from writing content and creating useful videos that would funnel traffic back to your site, but by investing a little above $100, you can get decent premium traffic that are already qualified.

AdNetworks really is a great place to start. There are high-traffic blogs that will place your banner on their sidebar and above the fold for less than $100 per month. You’ll find such blogs at

Most importantly, when you use AdNetworks to buy traffic, don’t send the clicks to your sales letter or store.

But send the traffic to your landing page to capture email leads – then build rapport before recommending your affiliate offer. You’ll convert more subscribers into customers when the trust is there.


There you’ve it – the six smart techniques that are proven to triple your affiliate income in the next 30 days. However, knowing this wouldn’t make any difference in your earnings, but implementing them.

If I were you, I’d pay more attention to #1 and #5. Just by applying the techniques, you’d triple your product sales, build authority (just like had done) and establish a system that thrives for a long time.

What other proven techniques have you used to increase your affiliate earnings this year? Share your comments below. See you at the top!

Michael Chibuzor is a freelance copywriter and shows you how to get your first 1000+ blog visitors if you must make a living online. Get started today if you’re sick and tired of half-baked traffic generation ideas out there.