5 Essential Tips to Find a Perfect Co-Working Space While Traveling

5 Essential Tips to Find a Perfect Co-Working Space While Traveling

In the past, very few people could travel and work at the same time. At the moment, we have so many digital nomads that are changing the narratives about working and traveling. Remote working has become so popular, giving all kinds of people the freedom to explore the world without putting their careers on the line.

While some business travelers can manage to do a few works in a café, many prefer co-working spaces. It may not be difficult to find a co-working space in some cities, but finding the perfect one can be tough.

Here are five tips that can help you out.

Determine Your Needs

If this is the very first time you are going to use a co-working space while traveling, it is important that you create a list of everything you need to do. Even if you have done it many times in the past, you should assess your specific needs at any time, since work goals may differ from time to time. Be sure of what you need to achieve and everything you will need in a co-working space. This will help you make an informed decision when you consider your options.

Do Background Research

A simple Google search will reveal the top co-working spaces in the city you are traveling to. Consider those that are highly rated. For instance, if you are visiting Houston, Texas, or the surrounding areas, a great option may be Novel Coworking Houston. However, do not depend on Google reviews alone. Go deeper to learn about the space and determine if it has the capacity to meet your needs.  

When it comes time to research possible co-locations for work while on travel, it’s important to know about the many different options available. As seen through the Novel Coworking site, office suites, office space, dedicated desks and virtual offices are continually among the most efficient and requested options available.

Consider the Location

If you are staying in the city for days, you need to consider the location of the co-working space from your accommodation, along with means of transportation. You also need to make sure that the co-working office space is located in a safe neighborhood. Consider office style, available amenities, internet speed, and other important factors. A physical tour of the space is also necessary if you are going to work there for a week or more. Make sure the atmosphere is conducive and aligns with your work goals. 

Consider Working Hours

This is one of the most important things to consider in choosing a co-working space. You want to make sure that it will be open during your most productive hours. If you work best at night, you will want a space that stays open at night.

And of course, while performing any type of work, you’ll want to eliminate as many distractions as possible. Such productivity killers include being on your phone, gossiping with other workers and internet surfing while trying to get work done in your co-working space.


Depending on what you are looking to get done, and when, some co-working spaces are open round-the-clock. Consider their working hours and make sure it is in line with your needs.

Make Sure It Fits Your Budget

You don’t have to create a hole in your pocket simply because you want a good co-working space. Consider your budget and the price of the co-working spaces in the city or town you are traveling to. There must be affordable options that will meet your needs.

In Summary…

Anytime you travel or find yourself in a new environment, co-working spaces can provide you with the ideal temporary workspace to continue working. However, you should determine your needs, research about the area, consider your location and working hours. With this, you can find the ideal co-working office that meets your needs and budget.

To Have What It Takes: Essential Skills Every Digital Marketer Needs

To Have What It Takes: Essential Skills Every Digital Marketer Needs

Do you want to become the very best digital marketer?

Being a digital marketer comes with a lot of responsibilities and can be stressful at times. More businesses are starting to rely on online sales and conversions rather than offline.

This means that you play a key role in the success of the business and you must get your tactics right.

So what skills do you need to master in order to get it right each time?

In this article, we’ll break down the most essential skills every top digital marketer needs. By mastering these skills, you’ll have a greater chance of success.

Read on for more information.

Be Able to Produce Engaging Videos

Even though memes and pictures have the potential to go viral, they’re nothing compared to videos. This is why Youtube and Tiktok are so popular, as they retain audiences for long periods.

So being able to produce stunning videos on a regular basis is going to help you. Not only are they fun for customers to watch, but they are more informative than pictures can ever be. Therefore this makes them great to showcase products and services.

You don’t need to be able to create oscar-winning videos, just something that’s well made, and that looks professional. If you’re stuck, take a look at how the most successful companies do it.

Learn and Keep Learning SEO

Ok, so you’re probably familiar with search engine optimization aka SEO, but if not, here’s a quick overview.

SEO is being able to make your website and content search engine friendly. This is so the search engine bots can scroll through the content and figure out what it’s about. It will then rank your website pages on Google based on relevance.

Of course, it’s not easy to get to the top of Google and there’s a lot of ranking factors. These are things such as relevant content, mobile usability, page loading speed, and more.

The thing about SEO is it’s pretty much impossible to master. This is due to frequent algorithm updates by Google and not knowing every ranking factor- there are over 200 of them.

Saying this, there is a lot we do know about them and you must do your research. But, once you understand them and find success, don’t get complacent. SEO is a lifelong learning process and you must keep up with the changes.

Be Able to Read Large Amounts of Data

When you’re a digital marketer you look at a lot of numbers and stats every single day.

This could be stats on how many views your videos have, engagement rate, organic traffic, and more. You need to know what everything means and what to focus on.

Once you’re confident in handling lots of data, it will make your job a lot easier. You’ll be able to spot patterns and what works in no time at all.

Essential Skills Every Digital Marketer Needs

We hope you have enjoyed reading our article and it has been useful to you.

As you can see, successful digital marketers require many skills. However, anyone can learn these skills and become successful in their job.

Why not check out the rest of our blog for more digital marketing tips?

Essential Content Scheduling Tips for Running an Efficient Blog

Essential Content Scheduling Tips for Running an Efficient Blog

Creating a blog can be a great way to build your business. However, it can be taxing at times. One of the biggest challenges is consistently creating great blog content.

The content creation process does get easier over time. Getting started can be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of things you will start to see some impressive results. However, the amount of work involved isn’t going to decline, as long as you keep your blog.

You need to make the process of developing new content more manageable by breaking things down into simpler steps. You should also try to make things more efficient by handling these processes in batches. Scheduling content is a great way to do this. However, there are some common mistakes that people make when scheduling pieces of content, which you will need to watch out for.

Grasping the Benefits of Scheduling Content

Creating great content is essential for engaging with visitors. You need to make sure that the web content that you are putting out is interesting, thought-provoking and optimized for SEO and social media. Readers are also going to expect your curated content to be published regularly, so you are going to want to have a system for delivering quality content on time. Fortunately, WordPress and other CMS platforms have content scheduling systems that you can use for better content management.

Here are some tips to make sure content is scheduled properly.

Start with a Content Calendar

Once you have your website up and running and have established a blog host you wish to use, then you need to start creating web content each month and produce a content calendar. You need to start by organizing your content ideas and prioritize the topics that you want to focus on.

You will need to be highly organized. Fortunately, there are some great tools that you can use. Google Docs, Airtable and CoSchedule are great options for managing your future content. Your entire team should have access to these content management tools.

Decide How Frequently You Should Publish Content

How often should you produce new content? That depends on your goals and your audience’s expectations. HubSpot recommends writing at least 16 blog posts every month.  You could increase your organic traffic (and revenue) by 550% with content publishing at this rate, as opposed to only once a week.

Assign Sufficient Resources to Your Content Development Strategy

Content curation will require time and man hours. You are going to need to determine the following:

  • How many posts you are going to produce?
  • How much time you are going to dedicate to each post?
  • If you have a team writing your content, decide who is going to write each post.
  • Who is going to be responsible for creating each post (it is best to assign topics to people that are best qualified to produce them)?

Devising a consistent blog post schedule is essential for the growth of your blog, just choose a cycle that works best for you and try to stick to it.

Make Sure Content Will be Topical When Published

Content needs to be able to inspire, spark interest or provoke a response. Therefore, you need to think about what your readers want to read and come up with a range of topics you know will satisfy your existing readers as well as entice new readers to your blogs. When you are doing this, you must consider the relevance of the content when it will be published – not just how great it will be when you first write it.

This means that you are going to need to factor for seasonal trends and probable events that are going to affect the reception of your content before scheduling it.

When creating content, you should consider the other content that is available on the Internet. Keep in mind that a new blog post in your industry could be a great starting point for your own content. However, it may be stale in a few months and people might not even think about it.

You need to keep this in mind when scheduling content that you wrote in response to other blog posts or videos you found online. It might be best to publish those articles right away if they are written about other online content.

When you are planning on scheduling content into the future, you should schedule evergreen posts instead.

Think About Topics that People Will Always Be Talking About

Some topics never go out of style. Creating blog posts about these issues can be a great idea if you need content that will be scheduled months in advance.

This is a strategy that bloggers that write about developments in the real estate industry are able to follow. Are there new properties coming to market that everyone is talking about on social media? Are there any changes in legislating surrounding the property market and the way people buy and invest? These questions are great sources of inspiration as you know there is interest behind these blog posts already. People will still be searching for information about these topics for months or years down the road.

If you are trying to create evergreen content, begin by brainstorming ideas. What are the most frequently asked questions people ask? How can you answer them in your blog post? One tip is to keep a notebook with you, so you can jot down any ideas when you are on the go, alternatively start making notes on your phone.

One of the best sources of inspiration is to look at other similar blogs that share the same subject matters as you. Observe what works well for them and what you would change about their content if you were to do it your way.

This is something else that we have seen work well with real estate bloggers. Numerous property investment companies use a blog as a way of marketing their services and developments to their readers. A perfect example of this can be see with RW Invest, who have opted for a buy to let news section on their website as a way of showcasing their content. This is a great idea if you plan to start your own property blog as it allows easy navigation around your site as well as helping to categorize your content.

Find powerful images

When you are scheduling content for the future, it can be easy to get lazy about it. You might feel that you don’t need to make sure that your blog post looks perfect, because it won’t show up for weeks or months. You may tell yourself that you will go back and tweak things later, but you obviously won’t get around to it.

One mistake, bloggers make is not including great images before scheduling their posts. Sourcing relevant images is part of creating content, as images are a crucial component in producing eye-catching content. When choosing images for your blog, find those that will spark the most interest, but be careful not to use copyrighted material. You may wish to create your own infographic material that will be unique to you. If you design these with your logo on or a link to your blog, if it ends up getting shared across social media platforms, or other websites use it to support their content, then your blog is gaining free exposure which is a great marketing strategy for promotion.