Neil Patel Gave Me Access to his BigSpy Ad Tool: My First Take and Why Ad Spying?

Neil Patel Gave Me Access to his BigSpy Ad Tool: My First Take and Why Ad Spying?

If your line of work involves marketing and advertising, it is imperative that you always keep up with industry trends and practices. It’s easier said than done, though, especially since advertisers like to keep their strategies close to their chest and away from competitors’ reach.

Still, if you want to emulate the best practices of advertisers the world over, it would be useful to have a way to access their ad details, information, and results.

That said, you might want to welcome the idea of ad spying. In this article, we discuss ad spying and how a technology called BigSpy can help you do it.

What is Ad Spying?

Nowadays, the proliferation of digital ads is beyond what any person could imagine. There are numerous platforms to choose from when it comes to boosting ads, and there are different types of ads, targets, and objectives that you have to optimize to get the best results. 

Given all the available ad type permutations, it can be confusing to mix and match ad elements until you get the ad set that works for you. Save budget and boost ads that work by knowing what type of ads work and optimizing your ad according to that ad format.

On the surface, ad spying is all about observing the practices of your competitors and other advertisers. See how their ads performed and which advertisements you can try to adapt to your own ad sets. It may seem easy, but you’ll find out that it’s quite challenging to get useful data and insights if you do not have first-hand administrator access to their ad accounts.

What are the advantages and drawbacks of ad spying?

You have a lot to gain with ad spying. Yet, without the proper tools, the type of data you can access will be limited. To give you an idea of what you can and cannot do with ad spying, here are some of the advantages and drawbacks of this practice:


  • You will be able to review the best practices of your competitors.
  • It allows you to save money since you won’t need to experiment with your ad set-ups from scratch.
  • You can review the content of your competitors and see which practices to avoid when making ads.
  • It lets you see which platforms your competitors use when boosting ads.
  • You will be able to see trends in advertising and mold your ad to ride on that wave. 


  • You will only be able to see limited data since you do not have administrator access to your competitors’ ad accounts.
  • The limited information on their ad sets may lead to wrong conclusions, which means that the budget you spent on ads with wrong practices will be money wasted.
  • Just as you can have a surface-level view of their ads, they will likewise be able to view your ads and study the marketing strategy you are currently doing.

Will BigSpy be able to help advertisers have a better understanding of competitors’ ads?

The benefits of ad spying are practically endless, but there’s only so much you can do with limited information. BigSpy is one of the many ad spying technologies around. Let’s take a closer look at what BigSpy can offer to help advertisers in studying their competitors’ advertisements.

You can check what type of images and videos other advertisers use.

Facebook (which is one of the biggest platforms for ads nowadays) reported that they see 2.3 times more engagement when people post content with images.

Depending on your audience, some types of images may work better than others. Sometimes, styled images receive high reach and impressions, but there are cases when catalog images or layouts with messaging work better.

With BigSpy, you will be able to view the type of images advertisers use to see which ones work well with audiences similar to yours. From there, you can adapt the way they style and layout their images and edit their videos.

If your ad emulating the trend on images and videos worked, then it means your ad spying worked. If not, it may mean that other factors, apart from the image or video, played a big part in the success of the ad.

You will see the ad details and insights.

BigSpy lets its users view ad details you wouldn’t be able to usually see with basic ad spying. You will get to review the duration of ads that work well, the performance in terms of likes, comments, shares, and even the growth of engagement per ad on a 7-day to 30-day basis.

You can even get access to ad’s demographics— from the age range, gender, to even the localities of the people who have reached and engaged with the ads.

These details will help you have a read on what type of ad works faster. Since most necessary details are already indicated, then you will be able to more or less have a grasp on what type of strategy to employ for your ads.

You can check which ads other advertisers are tracking.

You’re not the only one doing ad spying. Most other advertisers from different industries are probably reviewing numerous ads to see what strategy they should use for their next ad sets.

With BigSpy, you can track the top ads other advertisers are looking at as well. You’ll be able to easily see trending ad sets that are catching the eye of other advertisers.

From there, you can decide if you want to ride on that trend or do something unique to stand out. The choice ultimately depends on you—but BigSpy gives you an edge since you will be able to see quickly what others are looking at currently.

Should you give BigSpy a shot?

The answer is definitely yes. BigSpy grants you access to the information you wouldn’t be able to easily see with surface-level ad spying. It scrapes information from numerous platforms as well—from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, to even Pinterest. Gathering ad sets from all the biggest platforms and organizing top ads will make your team work faster and help you utilize your budget better.

Give BigSpy a chance and see how well it could help you stay on track with your ads.

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OfferVault Launches First Top CPA Network Survey: Vote MaxBounty Now

OfferVault Launches First Top CPA Network Survey: Vote MaxBounty Now

Leading affiliate marketing campaign aggregator OfferVault have launched their first ever Top Network Survey.

Over the years, countless affiliates have discovered our campaigns through OfferVault’s database. From there, they’ve grown into long-term MaxBounty affiliates that continue to be the foundation of our network.

We believe OfferVault is a valuable affiliate marketing resource. That’s why we also believe that this survey is important. The results will expand on their ability to connect affiliates to the networks that will best serve them.

The form is brief and simple, requiring you to only:

  • Select whether you’re an affiliate, advertiser, or 3rd-party service.
  • Select your favorite network
  • Select where that network excels

If you’ve had a positive experience with our network in any capacity, we ask that you assist us in connecting more people to our network by voting for MaxBounty below.

Thank you.

Take OfferVault’s Top Network Survey.

How To Make An Infographic Resume? The Ultimate Guide To Create A Compelling First Impression

How To Make An Infographic Resume? The Ultimate Guide To Create A Compelling First Impression

You must have heard a lot of infographic resumes and wondering how to make an infographic resume and get the most desired attention in the market?

You have always known the magical power of visual representation. Didn’t you hear the famous adage which goes ‘a picture is worth 1000 words’? Today, the world revolves around pictorial representations- visual storytelling and in this regard, infographics play a vital role. Then why not use infographics to build resumes? Here are 5 tips and introduction to the tools that let you create the best infographic resumes that are sure to impress the hiring manager and land you with your dream job.

We can’t deny the fact that infographics interest people because our brains are wired to respond to visual narratives. Hence, needless to say, infographic resumes will definitely grab the audience’s attention and let you receive more positive attention. So without a second thought, create a stylized resume and achieve the competitive advantage.

According to Lauren Ferrara, Creative Circle, “An infographic resume is a great way to stand out from the crowd,”  She is also of the view that, as hiring managers have to review hundreds of resumes daily, presenting a resume with an infographic design will differentiate yourself from the rest and it definitely would give you the said opportunity.

Take a look below at the best tips on how to make an infographic resume:

1. Focus On Using Minimal Colors For a Minimalist Resume

Resumes are highly formal documents, so they aren’t as flashy as other infographics. When you design such a report, using varying shades or separate colors will help you create a useful yet pleasant creative.

Such a resume is more appreciable if you stick to using three to four colors, expert resume designers are always of the view that ideally, an infographic resume should have a solid light-colored background with darker texts. To bring the maximum effect, colors like blues and greens can bring in fantastic results.

2. Measure Your Steps While Including Graphics and Pictures

Being a professional document, a resume don’t serve the actual purpose if you include cute pictures or cartoonish graphics in them. Adding of such fun elements would spoil the whole nature of this material. Consider using images that reveal who you are. Presenting graphical presentations to depict your professional experience can be a good idea.

Besides graphics, texts also play a pivotal role in determining the seriousness of your document. Avoid using any kind of unconventional or highly-stylized fonts. One of the best ways to find out which font is in trend is to perform detailed research and find out which fonts are commonly used around the internet.

3. Create A Resume Layout Design That is Meaningful

The nature of a resume is to have a logical, chronological flow of information. So, when you design a creative resume, you need to maintain a layout that has a coherent sense.

Keep in mind how traditional resumes are designed. Similar to the conventional one, consider adding your name and email address at the beginning of the document. Also, present information in a clear yet concise way. Make sure you tell your story in the resume lucidly, a story that makes you the ideal candidate for the job.

4. Plan A Strategy – What Do You Want To Achieve

Before designing a resume, you should understand that the main aim of a resume is not just to look attractive, yet it absolutely must showcase the experience and talent of the candidate in a way that best reflects the position he/she desires to be in.

When a candidate wants to prove that he/she is adept at his/her job and is a perfect fit for an organization, the resume with the chart can do wonders. Utilize the logical methods of data visualization.

According to experts, it’s not ideal to use Venn diagram to represent your previous experience. They are quite confusing and don’t reflect the actual message that you want to convey.

Several infographic designers are of the view that timeline is the cleanest and most efficient way to display a lengthy work history such as promotions, dates, milestones into a single, legible graphic. Including line graph to represent the upward ascension at your previous workplace, with years, number of awards or completed projects as well as client satisfaction can be quite appealing as well as meaningful.

5. A Graphic Resume With a Combination Approach Works Wonder

Well, here’s the pick of the day, according to Anton Dobrosevic, senior marketing manager, you can try a hybrid approach for your job biodata. The idea is to present an infographic in the first part and include only work history in the second part as a traditional one.

An infographic resume that is designed with a combination approach is such a useful idea to capture the attention of HR. Besides being eye candy, a hybrid design allows them to read through the resume like a traditional one and discover the potentialities of the said candidate.

Besides the above tips, we can also provide you with more ideas how to make an infographic resume? The ultimate guide to create a compelling first impression.

If you are a newbie and are not a designer yourself don’t worry, several useful tools can assist you in creating a best visualization resume.


Venngage is one of the best sites that provides you every opportunity to create your infographic resume. The site offers you with a wide variety of style choices. The templates here gives you an option to design your own resume from scratch.

The site offers a basic free account with limited features and a premium account too. When you want to access all templates, themes, charts and icons go for the premium account.


  • Access to hundreds of images, symbols, pictograms, and icons
  • Large library of resume templates available with free account
  • Facility to upload your own photos and pictures
  • Ease to use as it takes only a few minutes to learn the process


If you are looking for a full-service site to create an infographic resume, then Piktochart is the best place. The site is known to have tons of great templates coupled with a custom design. Although quite similar to Venngage’s feature, yet there are certain notable exceptions.


  • Ability to download the document as an image with a free account
  • Download high-resolution image or a PDF after sign up for a paid plan
  • Offers easy to use drag and drop editor
  • A vast library of resume templates available limited with a free account
  • Facility to upload logos and images of your choice
  • Free access to icons, images, symbols and varied shapes


Visme is one of the newer infographic sites with varied user-friendly options. You can enjoy the facility of a large cache of free images, icons and templates.The moment you start your project at visme, choose your layout and then add animation to any object.

One of the crucial reasons to use Visme as your infographic resume maker –  it allows you to download your design as a JPG( free account facility) and if you want to download higher-resolution files go for the the paid accounts.


  • The basic plan allows access to free images, symbols, icons, charts and templates.
  • Access to templates for presentations, infographics, banners or custom designs
  • Easy options to insert animation
  • The basic plan also allows users to download and print as and when required

Create Your Own Infographic Resume and Startle The Hiring Manager

Resumes are our marketing document, through such materials we let the hiring managers know who we are and what we are good at and whether we are suitable for the said job or not. When the world is moving so fast, it’s time we think differently too. Let’s indulge in the creation of a professionally-designed infographic resume that mingles your achievements and information into attractive visuals and graphics to give an excellent first impression.