7 Digital Marketing Blogs You Need to Be Following

7 Digital Marketing Blogs You Need to Be Following

What is so great about infographics? Infographics are, after all, just a graphic that has information; that’s why they call them “infographics.” But there is more to infographics than meets the eye. They are extremely versatile, and you can put any information you want to within your infographics. Infographics are a real example of the cliche, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

You can include your company information, a unique logo and design, and top-quality graphics. You can include data that motivates your audience to take action and do business with you. It can be sales-based or information based or both.

7 digital marketing blog topics to Follow

To learn more about infographics, we drummed up these seven best digital marketing blogs that you need to be following to find out more about infographics and how it relates to digital marketing.


1. Duct Tape MarketingDuct Tape Marketing doesn’t sound like a digital marketing company, does it? At first glance, you might think they sell duct tape to use for your carpentry jobs. But they are digital experts who know their business when it comes to online marketing. Duct Tape Marketing’s blog stands out because of the way they focus on relevant topics such as keyword planning and research, as well as tips on how to make a business grow.

They even have a podcast page with several archived podcasts that allow you to listen to their recorded audio shows about the topic of digital marketing. You may get some useful tips from the podcasts, too so be sure to listen in when you can!


2. MarketingProfsMarketingProfs discuss a number of important topics in their blog, such as trending marketing statistics. If you follow their top digital marketing blogs, you’ll get updates on the latest trends and marketing tips that can help you grow your business at a much faster rate.


3. Rebekah Radice– If you want to find out how to creatively build your online brand, Rebekah Radice is a good mentor to add to your list of helpful blogs. If that doesn’t convince you, you might want to know that Rebekah’ blog was chosen as one of the top 10 social media blogs in the world by Social Examiner. She is a well-known digital marketing consultant, and she can show you a few secrets of the trade when it comes to uniquely marketing your brand.

Branding is sometimes thought of as “writing your own story,” and you need to make sure your first impression is memorable and unique. Rebekah seems to know how to do this when it comes to branding. So give her digital marketing blog topic ideas a try.


4. Content Marketing Institute– The Content Marketing Institute helps businesses learn more about digital marketing in a way that is both practical and innovative. One unique aspect of this site and blog is that features some different guest bloggers from various fields to discuss digital marketing.

Some of the writers on the blog specialize in marketing trends and report them to the group. Others focus on what they are doing to improve digital marketing for their customers. They have hundreds of pages of blog posts that you’ll want to check out as well as podcasts from other digital marketers sharing what they’ve learned with the community. It is a popular blog, and they have almost 300,000 followers through their blog subscription service.


5. Convince and ConvertConvince and Convert, as its name implies, is a blog that focuses on how to convince and persuade readers to purchase their products. They use a variety of techniques including influencer marketing and analysis of the customer experience to connect to a target audience.

They have an entire podcast library on various topics that you can download and listen to that may help you learn more about the intricate world of digital marketing.


6. Neil Patel– You could say that Neil Patel is the “god of blogging.” We say that with tongue-in-cheek, but he does qualify for the title of “guru” at the very least. His marketing consulting and blogging techniques have made small companies into mid-sized businesses and mid-sized companies into large corporations. He has increased the revenue of established companies to mind-blowing figures and single-handedly improved the branding of thousands of companies.

When you go to his website, you’ll automatically see a countdown that announces a webinar training that will start in “5 minutes.” Once the program ends, you’ll be taken to his latest online webinar with tons of information on blogging and online digital marketing. He has made thousands of dollars teaching others how to improve their brand through a systematic but creative blogging approach.

One of the reasons for his success is that he has managed to engage his audience directly by inviting them into an online webinar the minute they hit his website. Then he uses this opportunity as a teaching opportunity to pull his audience in. This can be an effective technique and a way to connect directly with his people.

Neil Patel’s blog is not quite as assertive regarding getting people to come to his online webinars, but it still has a wealth of information on what he does to help businesses grow their brand.


7. The MOZ Blog– The MOZ Blog is a great blog to follow if you are interested in creating hype for your business or learning about how to use SEO with your site to drive quality traffic. Their focus is on inbound marketing initiatives and how you can use it to build your empire. One of the unique things about their blog is in how they offer actionable insights that you can apply as soon as you have read the article that you can use.

They offer a weekly video known as “Whiteboard Friday” that gives you some insight into the latest research and trends as applied to digital content. The Whiteboard Friday videos always focus on SEO and how you should work SEO into your content for the best results.

How This Relates to Infographics

Well, there you have it. These are seven of our favorite digital marketing blogs that we found for you to check out. We think you should get some value out of all of them. Just pick and choose the ones you like best and bookmark them for your future reference.

How does this relate to infographics? Well, remember that infographics are a digital asset. Digital assets include everything from podcasts, blog articles, SEO-rich content, videos, and more. Infographics can help you add to your growing list of digital properties and assets that can help you reach your goals in your digital marketing efforts.

Whether you are a digital marketing agency, a freelance blogger with a website, or a company of any kind with an online site, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about digital marketing and how you can use these various digital properties to your advantage.

How to Create Your First Infographic

If you don’t have an infographic yet, never fear. We can help you create an infographic quickly and easily using the information you give you about your brand and combining it with what we know about digital marketing.

Then you can take the infographic that we design for you and share it with your target audience to gain more leads and customers.

You can learn a lot from these marketing blogs, too to help direct you in the way that will help you maximize the impact of your digital marketing infographics have on your audience.

Quora Marketing 101: How to Grow a Loyal Brand and Following on Quora

Quora Marketing 101: How to Grow a Loyal Brand and Following on Quora

Quora is a relatively new social media platform that has drawn some attention from several circles lately. This platform is unique because of its approach. It asks a question that people can answer on the forum and encourages interaction and social engagement.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, the platform is not as “busy” regarding its design. It requires you to jump into a discussion that resonates with you to get started. Then other people will leave their answers as well and join in the discussion. You have an opportunity to interact with and reply to other comments or to start your question thread.

Since Quora is based on a “discussion thread” type system, it is more of a forum than a social media platform. But, because of its social engagement elements, it is also a social media site.


How to Use Quora for Business to Boost Your Brand

If you are looking for a different kind of social media platform that allows a high level of social engagement, quora marketing strategy might be a good option to use to encourage a higher level of interaction among visitors and customers.

Because of the question format that Quora is based upon, there may be some advantages to using this system also because of how you could find out what is on your customers’ minds.

Below are some ways on how to use quora effectively to increase your business:

1. Pose a question that is likely to be of interest to your readers.

Use customer service emails or social media comments to come up with questions to post on your Quora account. This will show your customers that you are interested in addressing the questions that they care about and you can open the question up to answers from others, as well as posting your answer from your company.

2. Offer credible answers that add value to your customers’ experiences.

As a business owner, you can increase your credibility with customers by answering questions on Quora in a valuable way. You can do this by first posting a question that others can attempt to answer, then come in with your answer on behalf of your brand. Your answer will appear to be more expert if answered professionally and if it offers value to the reader. Make sure that you sign the statements you make on Quora on behalf of your brand so that people will know that it is your official answer. You can also use this opportunity to reply to other answers that customers might make to inform them about what you can do for them.

3. Promote your Quora account on Facebook and other social media.

To get more reactions and interest about your Quora account, you can promote it on other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Quora is not as well-known or as popular as Facebook or Twitter, so why not post a link to your Quora questions or account on these other channels?

4. Include links to your Quora account on your website.

Remember when you are building a brand, you need to coordinate all of your efforts on your platforms. One way to do this is to include your Quora and other social media accounts on your website. Remember that people will go to your website more than any other asset, so you need to put the link to your various social media accounts on your site. Quora is becoming more popular than it has been in the past, so your web server may offer a Quora share button where you can enter this information.

5. Use an infographic to ask important questions.

Another way to promote your brand using Quora is to create an infographic for your website in which you include your social media links, including Quora. Put your links to social media on your infographic and include a statement such as “What question do you want to ask us?” This kind of enticing copy along with a dynamic, attractive infographic will serve to incite interest in your target audience to go to your Quora page.


The Key quora marketing tips

Remember that, in the real world, you can shake the hands of your clients, offer them a seat in your office or store, and talk to them in person about how you can help them. But, online, you must develop and build your brand and your credibility in another way. Much of this is done by social proof. Social proof is a technique used to develop credibility by proving to people that you have something valuable to offer them. (Kissmetrics). You can see a great example of a professional profile above in Neil Patel.

Quora is just another outlet that you can use to build your brand and your social proof that you have something valuable to offer your customers. If nothing else, you can use Quora to provide helpful information to your potential clients in a similar way to a blog or other informational format.

It is a simple forum type system, but it can be a great way to initiate interaction and increased social engagement for your customers and target audience. When you show customers you care about the questions they have or offer your questions for discussion, you are offering proof that you are interested in their pain points and trying to help them solve their problems.

When it comes to online marketing, that’s everything.

How to Create Digital Assets

You probably already have some digital assets. These can include videos, podcasts, social media pages, and infographics. But you should consider the development of digital assets as something that you should continue to build on as you build your brand.

The key to success using Quora is to link it to your other digital platforms, assets, and channels so that people will find your brand on a variety of platforms. This brings in people from different channels, rather than just depending on your website or blog alone to achieve this.

Increasing your level of social engagement is essential, and Quora can help you to grow your brand, increase your following, and improve your level of social proof and credibility.

Start by creating a digital asset such as an infographic that you can put your Quora information on. Then come up with a smart byline to attract attention. You can gain a more significant following by utilizing these techniques and get the attention of your target audience in a big way and reap benefits of using quora.

If you need help creating an infographic, we’re here to help. We have been helping business and brand owners for many years with a professional infographic. We can do video infographics, PowerPoint presentations, static infographics, and more. Just check out our design process on our website to learn more.

Creating a stunning infographic that helps you promote your social media presence may be one of the best things you can do to grow your brand and increase your social media engagement and brand loyalty.

Let us know how we can help by filling out our form online. There is no obligation, but we’ll get back to you with a free quote. We love helping businesses succeed, and yours can be next!

How to Build a Social Media Following of 10,800 in 17 Days

How to Build a Social Media Following of 10,800 in 17 Days

So, you want to get famous on social media, huh?

Even if you personally don’t want to get famous, I’m sure you’d love for your business to extend it’s reach and influence. You’ve likely heard of the value that a great social media following can bring to your business and you’d like to get there as quickly as possible.

What I’m going to provide you today are a few unique strategies that can help you gain a presence quickly, rather than just the tried and true slow and steady approach of “being active” on social media.

To be completely up front, a few of these strategies I’ve implemented and seen great success with.  And a couple of these I have not tried yet, but will be over the coming weeks and months.

Stick around, because I’ll be sharing what I learn through this social media experiment in future blog posts.

To give you an idea of what I’ve done recently, I want to share a quick success story.  On Oct. 14th, 2017 I started a brand new Facebook business page.  I started with zero followers like everyone else.  However, in just 17 days, I grew it to 10,800 fans!  Plus, I have an additional private Facebook group in the same niche of nearly 500 highly engaged followers.

I’ll share exactly what I did below.

How To Build A Social Media Following & Increase Social Media Presence

How to Build a Social Media Following for Free

So, the way that I built a following quickly wasn’t free, but it’s a very valid strategy if you have a little bit of money to spend.

However, if you are more interested in building a following for free, there are plenty of options.  I will try to share a few general strategies briefly because I know you are smart of can fill in the gaps, but also because each social media platform is different.  (So, I’ll share more in-depth posts that are platform specific in the future).

If you are starting from scratch, here are a few ways that you can build your following (this can apply to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more).

Invite Your Existing Friends

Perhaps the easiest way to get started is to invite your friends and family to follow you on social media.  If you have a personal Facebook account, you can ask your friends and family to like your business Facebook page or Instagram account.

This might not move the needle a ton, but it will get the ball rolling.

Be Active and Engaged

You need to post multiple times per day with content that your audience will enjoy.  Not only post content, but also respond to comments and engage with your audience.  

Follow Influencers

See what strategies are working well for successful influencers in your niche and see how you can implement something similar.  Comments on influencer pages and share your links or content when it’s appropriate on those pages.

Following others can work quite well on Twitter in particular, since many people will follow you back once you follow them.  However, I wouldn’t recommend going overboard here.

Cross Promote on Other Social Media Platforms

If you have any kind of presence on Twitter or Instagram (for example), try to drive some of that audience to your Facebook on Youtube pages.

Blog and Email List

Be sure to add your social media links on your blog to make it easy to share content and for people to become your followers.  In addition, you can start adding your social profiles links in your emails as a way to generate new fans.

Hold a Contest

You can use software like Contest Domination to do a giveaway.  You give something away and people have a shot at winning by sharing the contest on social media.  This can build engagement and a following.

Make Something go Viral

I wish I could say I’ve had success with this, but I haven’t.  However, there are plenty of examples out there of companies that were basically non-existent that built up significant followings on social media with one video or other piece of content.

Creative content can generate attention and interest.  So, even though this isn’t easy to achieve, creating great content on a regular basis is still a smart business move.

How I Built a Facebook Fan Base of 10,800 in 17 Days

Now that you can see how valuable building up a social media following can be, how do you do it?

Well, there are 3 primary ways to build your following.  I’ll share all 3 with you.

First is good old fashion hustle.  I’ll share more details on this traditional option of starting from scratch.

However, the way that I quickly built up a Facebook page to nearly 11,000 “likes” in about 17 days was less traditional, I suppose.  I decided to run “like” campaigns to build up my social presence.

That’s right, this isn’t a free option.  But it’s an option that works very well if you have a little money to spend.  In total, I spent $997.31 running ads on Facebook from Oct. 14th to Oct. 31st (17 days).

On Oct. 13th, I had no “likes” on this brand new Facebook page (in a niche completely unrelated to Niche Pursuits).  Then I started running “like” campaigns on Facebook for the sole purpose of getting people to like my new Facebook page.

As you can see from the image below, it worked very well:

That equates to a cost of roughly 10.8 cents per like on average.  I should point out that our ad costs were closer to 15 to 17 cents per like, but we also got some organic likes along the way that brought the overall average down.

As soon as I created the page, I also made sure to post multiple times a day (anywhere from 2 to 7 times per day) to keep it active and the audience engaged.  Most of the posts were just motivational thoughts and images that were relevant to my audience.  However, I also mixed in links to my own website to start driving a little bit of traffic.

The social media traffic coming to my website increased about 20 fold from Oct. 14th to Oct. 31st!

You can see from the image below what my typical social media traffic is to my site and then what it grew to:

This screenshot from Google Analytics shows traffic coming from social sources only.  The traffic grew from roughly 10 or 20 visitors per day from social media to 200 to 500 visitors per day.

So, social media can absolutely drive traffic to your website.

What is a Like Campaign on Facebook?

This is not meant to be a comprehensive tutorial on how to run like campaigns on Facebook; however, I’d like to at least give you enough details to be dangerous.

I would also like to clarify I am not talking about “buying likes”.  There is a big difference between running like campaigns and buying likes.  Running ad campaigns to generate likes is a totally legitimate way to build a following.  Buying likes through services is not a legitimate way to build a following.  engagement and won’t drive real revenue for your business.

On the other hand, Facebook (and other platforms have similar tools) has ad campaigns you can create called “like” campaigns.  Essentially you can create a Facebook like campaign, which will put ads in the newsfeed of the audience you specify.  When they click the “like” button, they become your fans or followers.

Adespresso has a great guide on how to create your first like campaign.

There are 3 critical components to running a successful like campaign to build a following quickly.  First, make sure you target the right audience.  You can select from millions of options on Facebook, so be sure to think through the demographic and interests that you want to target.

Second, is the headline of the ad.  You can obviously test several variations of the headline, but again, think about the one phrase that your perfect audience would resonate with.  Use that as your headline.

Finally, is your ad image.  Try to find an image that both resonates with your audience, but also stands out a bit on Facebook.  Depending on your audience a lower quality image might do better than a higher quality image.  Or one with bright colors might do better than one with darker colors. 

With these 3 variables, you can then test different ads to see what gets you the lowest cost per like.

Setting up a like campaign on Facebook is very simple and you could be up and running in just a few minutes.

Method 3: Buy a Social Media Account

In preparation for this blog post, I had the opportunity to connect via email with a social media influencer that had some interesting insights to share.

He really caught my attention when he said, “I currently manage over 10 million followers on social media and do over 10 billion impressions a month a times all organically through the various accounts I have.”

Wow, 10 million followers!  This must be someone famous that we have all heard of right?


Turns out that Kyle Van Dyn Hoven, really is a behind the scenes guy.  He doesn’t put his own name out there, but has several different accounts in various niches that all add up to millions of followers.

I had to get him on a phone call.

So, last week I picked his brain for an hour about what he does and how he does it.

My first question for him was, “Okay, so what’s the secret?  How can I build a social media following quickly?”.  His answer wasn’t what I was expecting.  He said, “Don’t build it from scratch, go buy a popular account”.

This wasn’t at all what I thought his strategy would be.  He then went into a long explanation of how he and many others buy and sell entire Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, and accounts on other platforms.  Rather than working for years to build up something with 100,000 followers, he just goes and buys an account that already has this many followers.

This got my wheels turning, as perhaps it is for you as well.

Is this legal?  Absolutely.  The owner of the social media account is completely turning over his or her account to you to own and run as you please.  In exchange, they get money.

Do Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram care?  Not really.  In fact, they all make it fairly easy to transfer ownership.

How much does something like this cost?  Well, obviously the price varies based on size of following, niche, but even more importantly, the engagement of the audience.  If you buy an account with 100,000 followers, but there is next to no engagement, then it’s like throwing your money in the garbage.

But if you buy an account with just 10,000 followers that is super engaged, then perhaps your investment will pay off quickly.

Kyle shared with me where he buys his accounts, but it’s an invitation only platform, so I won’t share it here.  However, if you do a quick search, you will see that there are plenty of marketplaces where you can buy or sell social media accounts.

To be clear, I have not yet purchased any social media accounts before, so I can’t vouch for how valid any of these marketplaces are.  However, a couple of websites that regularly sell social media accounts (just as examples) are ViralAccounts.com, FameSwap.com, and SocialTradia.com.

Like anything, I’m sure there are plenty of other places that you can buy accounts.  Or you can always contact account owners directly to see if you can buy their account.  While contacting people is more work, you are also likely to find better deals if you find the right seller.

For example, you could buy an Instagram account with 49,860 followers on FameSwap.com right now for $2,500.

According to the listing, the current owner makes $500 to $1000 a month from this account.  (Who knows if that’s really true, but it very well could be).  And if you had your own products in the body building niche, you could probably leverage this audience for much more than $1,000 a month.

Or you could buy this Pets Life Instagram account on SocialTradia.com with 104,000 followers for $2,000.

The more I spoke with Kyle, the more I began to understand how well a buying strategy could work.  Obviously some accounts are much more valuable than others, and you have to do your due diligence; however, you definitely can drive traffic and sales with social media accounts.

Now it’s up to you to decide which route you want to take.

What Should You Do With the Social Media Traffic?

Now that I have a Facebook fan page of over 10,000, what should I do with it?

If you are in the same situation, you COULD do a number of things:

  • Launch your own products (physical, digital, software, etc)
  • Drive traffic to an affiliate website and make money from Amazon Associates or display ads
  • Get paid to do sponsorship posts – see Famebit.

My personal plan is to create a membership site (digital product) that is a perfect fit for my audience.  A key part of this membership site will be a private Facebook group.

In fact, I’ve been mentioning the private Facebook group on my Facebook page (that I just built) and now have nearly 500 really active members in this group!  My plan is to then turn this group into a paid Facebook group for about $10 a month (it would remain free for any existing members).

I expect to launch this new membership site in the first week of December.

So, for now, I’m making very little money from my Facebook following; however, I have a new product I’m creating that will be launched in just a few weeks that I hope does very well.

I will share progress updates over the coming weeks and months, so be sure to follow along.

Why Be Good At Social Media & Build A Following? A Few Examples…

Is building a social media following just a vanity metric, or is there actually value in having lots of followers on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?

Certainly in some regards, building large social metrics can be useless if the people behind those numbers aren’t actually interested in you or your brand.

However, if you have an engaged audience that is willing to click your links, share your products, and actually pull out their wallets and pay…then having a large social media following can be an immensely powerful asset.

Rather than just take my word for it, I wanted to share a few success stories of people building very real businesses off the back of social media.


Although it’s difficult to know exactly how much money BeardBrand is making each month, it’s safe to say that it’s alot.  A few years ago they went from non-existant to $120,000 a month in sales in about a year.

According to the founder, Eric Bandholz, the company generates roughly 50% of all it’s sales from social media traffic!

Eric started out being very active on Youtube and Reddit to start his brand.  However, you can see that the company does very well on a variety of social media channels.

They’ve clearly found a model that works by building a fanbase on social medial and driving that traffic to their online store.

Overall, BeardBrand has proven that social media can have a HUGE impact on a business.  Building the right following of raving fans can lead to massive sales.

Shawn Johnson East

Yes, she was an Olympian.  And her husband played in the NFL.

So, without a doubt they had an advantage in building nearly 500,000 subscribers on Youtube and 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

However, Shawn is a perfect example of someone that proves how valuable social media can be.  As explained in a recent interview, she makes much more now (as does here former NFL husband) with their social media following than they ever did before.

To reiterate, this couple makes more being active on social media than they ever did being an Olympian or professional football player.

Shawn regularly helps brands launch their products to great success, as she often explains on the TV show, Adventure Capitalists.  So, Shawn makes money with her social media following through advertising, direct sponsorships, and ownership in brands that she promotes.

Not a bad way to make money at all.

Bottom line, social media works.


What if you just have an affiliate website, and aren’t a celebrity (like Shawn Johnson)?  Well SneakerNews.com is a good example of company driving a ton of traffic through social media.

With over 6.7 million followers on Instagram and nearly 500,000 fans on Facebook, this brand can drive a lot of traffic through their social media channels when they want to.

The best part is that they are actually an affiliate website!   They simply make a commission when they refer someone to Nike, eBay, or other shopping website that sells the shoes.

Now obviously this company is smart and does more than just social media.  They are actively producing content that ranks in Google as well.  However, the raving fan base they’ve built on social media is quite impressive.

Oh, and they don’t follow a single person on Instagram.

My Social Media On Niche Site Project 4

Social media was a strong driver of traffic and links during my niche site project 4. But I took a bit of a different turn with my social media channels.

In the past, I think that Facebook was the no brainer social media channel for niche site builders.

I don’t think that’s the case today.

Facebook has become very much play-to-win. Ad costs are skyrocketing right now and it’s becoming more and more difficult to succeed on Facebook. Even if you have people liking a page, Facebook restricts how many of them can see your posts.

Unless, of course, you decide to pay.

For my site, I used Pinterest.

For each new post I published, I pinned two images to Pinterest. This ended up being a significant source of traffic before Google kicked in and helped me draw in some natural links. This tactic may not work for all sites, but my site was in a backyard/outdoors niche. 

Lots of my articles are about tools like lawnmowers or hedge trimmers. I wouldn’t have guessed that Pinterest would work as well for my niche as it did.

A Quick Recap and My Plans…

Overall, if you want to build a social media following, you have 3 options.

  1. You can use ads to get likes and followers.  Yes, this costs money.  But you get to target the exact audience you want and you can quickly build a following if done correctly.  I was able to grow a Facebook fanpage in my desired niche to 10,800 fans in just 17 days.
  2. You can go the standard route of building everything organically through content and social interaction.  While this method is free, it is usually the slowest option of the three.
  3. Finally, you can buy social media accounts and instantaneously have access to a large audience.  The downsides are that it might be hard to find an account that matches your audience perfectly.

Over the next couple of months, I plan to implement all 3 strategies as I use social media to grow one of my businesses.  I plan to blog about my progress here, so I hope you’ll stick around and follow along.  I’ll be sharing specific strategies for growing audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and possibly others. 

In addition, I plan to share exactly what works and what doesn’t for me as I implement these strategies.

Finally, as you follow along and implement some of these ideas in your business, I hope you find success!  I will be looking for success stories in the next 2 or 3 months of people that have implemented some of the things I talk about.

By Spencer Haws  

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