3 Evergreen Blogging Niches That Generate Affiliate Sales

3 Evergreen Blogging Niches That Generate Affiliate Sales

The outspoken blogger and author Mark Manson once wrote that “a blog is not a business plan” and you shouldn’t start a blog with the single purpose of making money. This is a good piece of advice that is ignored by millions of aspiring blogpreneurs launching blogs in a vast variety of niches (usually those in the spotlight) hoping to strike it rich online. They write about everything from smartphone cameras and operating systems to blogging tips and the digital marketing strategies that are likely in place.

And it’s also important to note that an awful lot of them are choosing the three evergreen niches that, in spite of the significant competition, are still considered some of the most lucrative “evergreen” topics to cover. These are massive niches with thousands of sub-niches each, and they are all closely related to the deepest and most common desires of every single human on the face of the planet.


One of the things we desire most is being free of any uncomfortable ailments or life-threatening health conditions. The fact that we keep poisoning ourselves in spite of this desire we have is a different matter altogether. In short, everyone dreams of living a long, happy life and one of the prerequisites of doing so is being healthy. Thus, the health niche is incredibly popular online. And also vast.

The “health” niche includes everything from cooking (various diets, healthy eating, clean eating, veganism, and everything in between) to herbalism, from health tech to fitness and running, from anti-science quackery to legitimate health advice, weight loss, and research, among many others.


Another thing we desire almost more than everything else is money – this is why so many people spend at least a third of their adult lives trapped in jobs they hate only to get more of it. The previous statement pretty much shows why the “wealth” niche is so popular online: people are constantly looking for methods of making more money easier.

The “wealth” niche is almost as far-reaching as the “health” niche, covering everything from tax returns and stock market investments to shadier areas like FOREX and gambling. The vast majority of websites active in this area don’t go this deep into the technicalities of making an extra buck, sticking to safer areas like frugal living, making money online, money-saving tips, sweepstakes, and such.


The third “evergreen” niche is none other than “romance”. After all, what is the use of a long, healthy, and wealthy life if you have nobody to share it with? There is no telling what drives us – it can be our innate instinct to procreate or the social norms that the world around us is forcing on us – but the fact remains: people will almost always look for a mate (more or less intimate). And the sad truth is that there are many people (especially men) that suck at finding one (or lack the self-confidence even to try).

The “romance” niche is once again covered on many levels. On one hand, there are relationship coaches with a vast (and proven) experience to share, on the other, the quacks selling methods of scoring high-profile dates in the form of a “super-effective, fool-proof, guaranteed to work, 30-page PDF or video series that can be yours for the surprisingly low price of $19.99”, with a whole spectrum of publications in between. Fashion blogs, makeup blogs, relationship advice and tips on improving the intimate times all fall into this popular and lucrative niche that will likely remain popular for as long as humans will be socially awkward.

How to Start Using Blogging for Your Brand

Now that you’ve seen some examples on how to use blogging and content creation and marketing to grow different brands and businesses, it’s time to implement these same methods into your own efforts. To learn more, be sure to follow our step by step process here.


Generate More Leads With Infographics : 5 Clever Ways

Generate More Leads With Infographics : 5 Clever Ways

Generating more leads is essential for every business organization. Finding the right target audience helps a company to flourish by boosting its profit. There are many ways for attracting more clients- marketers use specific marketing campaigns and advertisements. Amongst several proven generating sales leads ideas, Infographics play a huge role.

How to generate leads with infographics

An infographic is one of the most essential marketing tools. A well-thought-out infographic has the power to influence potential customers. Infographics are a beautiful combination of graphics, colors and texts, when designed perfectly will undoubtedly appeal the readers.

Why is infographic is essential for your business

Infographics are a form of visual communications and according to science 65%, people retain information provided through the visual medium. Digital marketers are of the view that publishing infographics have been one of the most influential social media marketing strategies.


Generate more leads with infographics: 5 clever ways

#1: Intriguing Infographics – gateway to promote other content

Needless to say, every online marketer aims for driving conversions and is concerned with generating leads or getting more subscribers. Infographics play a vital role in this regard. These beautifully designed communicative materials can be used as a gateway to promote other content besides the primary documents.

An Infographic is essentially a visual storytelling medium, use this mode to ensnare the potential customers. To create the most enticing infographics and stand out from the rest of your competitors, sprinkle certain personal elements in it. Include those engaging parts of your contents that are powerful to grab the attention of your readers.

This trick will intrigue your audience and compel them to check your entire site. Infographics can act as a magnet to draw the readers to the main source of your story, i.e., the landing page of your website, an eBook download page, your blog section or the email newsletter. Finally, it becomes a confirmed lead generating tool.

#2: Promote your infographics on Social media

Lead generation through Social media is not a new concept but generating more leads through sharing of infographics in the Social platform is a fresh concept. At present, it’s something that everyone should be using to gain new potential customers. Sharing infographics on social platforms is among the guaranteed online lead generation strategies.

Promote your infographic design massively on Social media. Sharing infographics on the Social platform and motivating people to make further shares is probably the best lead generation system.

Do you know why Social sharing of infographics is considered among the proven ways to generate leads?

Marketing analysis shows that buyers tend to rely on those companies that have a Social media account. Additionally, Social shares impact your credibility. The more the infographic gets shared, the more people read it thinking it to be a useful piece.

Infographics are the source of knowledge delivered in a concise form. When you share these on Social media, they grab the attention of your leads. When you focus on providing high-quality content and distribute it through multiple channels, you collect leads for your business.

When you get shares on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and so forth, the greater are your chances of improving your rankings in Google.

How to use infographics in Social media to amplify reach to your target audience?

You need to perform Social media marketing cleverly. As your infographic has certain key messages, you can reuse and redistribute your infographic in chunks and bits. Cut each separate section into smaller chunks and post those separately to gain multiple impressions. Link these sections into your complete infographic.

Take a look at a few tips to promote your Infographics for fruitful effect:

  • Send out your infographic multiple times using hashtags and through multiple channels.
  • Create a blog that tells the story of the infographic and allows readers to share it.
  • Have an account on maximum Social media platforms, so your infographic is widely distributed.


#3: Develop a plan to increase the visibility of your infographics

To make your infographics prominent and visible, sharing only in one medium is not enough. Hence, you need proactive plans to make your infographics visible to everyone.

Besides sharing the infographic on social media sites, promote your piece through options in places like SlideShare also. Owned by LinkedIn, SlideShare is one of the popular websites in the world. Uploading your infographics in Slideshare is a convenient process and beneficial too. You need to create a presentation using software like Keynote, Powerpoint or Google Presentations and upload it to SlideShare. This way you can convey your message to a large mass and pull much traffic to your website.

Experts suggest – for b2b lead generation you can further upload your SlideShare on your blog or YouTube and Vimeo.

In addition to that, you can also create a page on your website exclusively to publish your infographics and enable readers to find your written piece easily.

Smart Tip A: If you want to share your infographic with the entire world, then ask your users to subscribe to your infographic the moment they visit it.

Smart Tip B: Publish your content in popular sites like Huffington post, Medium and Buzzfeed for wider promotion.


#4: Communicate with a memorable Call-to-Action

Call-to-Action or CTA buttons are essential for finding leads for your business. Hence, put up your CTA button strategically- either ask your readers to subscribe to an email newsletter or an e-book or ask them to fill in a contact form.

The most prominent place to put your CTA is- directly on the infographic, or another intelligent place can be on a landing page where the infographic links back to.

Smart Tip: While asking people to fill in the form, keep the item short. Ask the people to fill in only with important details. Several engaging form designs can accelerate the process of generating more leads.

Experts say that your level of communication should be clear and specific. Don’t trick your audience into filling up a form at the end of your infographic or downloading a video or email newsletter.

Let them know at the beginning of your plan, this thoughtful gesture of yours will engage the audience more to you and they would be less hesitant in completing your call-to-action feature.

#5: Off-site promotion is essential

Get an idea from other writer’s blogs and drive engagement to your infographic resource. Additionally, you can also use other people’s podcasts or arrange an interview. There are different ways too, write a guest post and promote.

Infographics are a beautiful expression of graphics and texts. Hence, you need an engaging combination of both.  If you can’t design appealing infographics, don’t worry, take the assistance of Infographic Design Team to create amazing pieces.