Lessons Learned from 175 Website Flips: Mushfiq’s Easy Win Strategies for 10x Growth

Lessons Learned from 175 Website Flips: Mushfiq’s Easy Win Strategies for 10x Growth

Mushfiq S. is a name I keep hearing more and more about. I’ve been aware of his work, but had never connected with Mushfiq until now. 

Mushfiq is the owner of a popular  website flipping newsletter and EasyWins.io. To date, he has completed over 175 website flips, whether buying, selling, or brokering website deals. 

Even more impressive, he’s done all of this while still holding a full-time job. 

How did he manage to flip so many websites? He’s created systematic processes of “easy wins”. These easy wins are tasks, or site improvements often overlooked but take relatively little time to complete and provide a big impact. 

He then took the processes and bundled them into a resource you can purchase at EasyWins.io. It’s not a course, but a growing database of 100+ strategic wins for website creators to 10X revenue and traffic

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100+ battle-tested strategies applied to 175 websites over 12 years to increase website valuations

  • 100+ strategies and growing!
  • Sort by category, impact, and effort required
  • Lifetime updates
  • Guaranteed impact or 100% money back

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How did Easy Wins get started?

Mushfiq started his first website as a college student in 2008. Then in 2010, he got an offer from an Australian company to buy his website. 

At the time, Mushfiq didn’t even know you could sell a website. This was just around the time Flippa and other website marketplace platforms were just getting started, and there wasn’t a lot of information on website sales.

The sale of his first site netted him $25k. The company that purchased his site is now known as Slashdot Media, the company behind SourceForge and other popular brands. 

As other college students were going into debt and working minimum wage jobs, Mushfiq got his first glimpse into website flipping and found his passion. 

Mushfiq says browsing websites for sale on sites like Flippa and Motion Invest is almost like a hobby for him now. Whenever he has a little downtime, he finds himself scrolling website classified listings. 

Website Flipping Examples

Mushfiq’s website flipping hobby is paying off big time. In the last few years, he’s been able to 10x a handful of sites. 

Example #1: Outdoor Website

In April, he bought a site in the outdoor niche from Flippa for $23,000. At the time, the site was only making $300, about a 70x multiple. By just about any standards, this meant the website was notably overpriced. 

As most people passed the site over as of the high asking price to revenue multiple, Mushfiq saw the potential. 

The site was receiving over 100,000 views a month. Mushfiq knew it was under-monetized. In just a few short months after adding advertising and affiliate links and applying several of his other “easy wins”, the site began making $3,000 a month. 

Ten times the original monthly sales, but he didn’t stop there. Last month the site did $7k in monthly revenue. 

I would maybe just chalk this up as good luck, but this wasn’t the first time Mushfiqs has 10x revenues. 

Example #2: Relationship and Dating Website

In 2019 Musfiq had similar results when he bought a relationship and dating website for $25,000. At the time, the site was making $1,000 per month with 30,000 pageviews. Again Mushfiq believed the site to be under-monetized and had plenty of potential. He was able to bring the site from making a mere $1,000 per month to over $8,000. 

100+ battle-tested strategies applied to 175 websites over 12 years to increase website valuations

  • 100+ strategies and growing!
  • Sort by category, impact, and effort required
  • Lifetime updates
  • Guaranteed impact or 100% money back

Get $50 Off Easy Wins

Using his systematic approach of applying his list of easy wins, he was able to quickly grow this site in less than a year.

What makes a good deal?

Mushfiq spends hours looking for great sites. He’s says finding these opportunities for a 10x revenue flip typically only happens once per year. There are a few very particular things to look for to make this happen. 

  1. Previous Owners.
    Mushfiq loves to find amateur bloggers or hobbyists that are writing about their niche because they love it. People who start a passion blog have great content but lack the experience to generate significant revenue from their online presence.
  2. Lots of traffic, low monetization
    Low monetization can mean a lot of things, and different industries have different benchmarks. It could also mean other monetization channels, whether that be from advertising or affiliates.
  3. Quick deals
    Mushfiq prides himself in fast deals. If there is enough potential in the site, he’s ready to strike a deal. Mushfiq won’t spend much time negotiating. If he can get the deal done quickly and the opportunity is there, he is willing to pay the full asking price.

Mushfiq’s Website Flipping Process

Each deal is held anywhere from 3 months to 1.5 years. Each site is different, but the operational aspects of Mushfiq’s website flipping process have been boiled down into a few categories: growth, stabilization, and maintenance. 


As a developer, Mushfiq says he loves to work in sprints. Each time he purchases a new website, he will put together a sprint of easy wins to build momentum for the project. 

The growth stage is when he is focused on income. This is where is putting in the changes to take the site from, say $300 to $3,000. 


At this stage, the focus is on infrastructure. Maybe a new website theme is needed, removing or adding plugins, site speed, or structuring keywords. 


Depending on whether he is planning for a quick flip or keeping the site in his portfolio, maintenance may look a little different, but ultimately at this stage, the goal is to look at page keywords, content, etc. Essentially he wants to keep doing the things that made it a great website in the first place. 

Using EasyWins.io Strategies for OwnTheYard

100+ battle-tested strategies applied to 175 websites over 12 years to increase website valuations

  • 100+ strategies and growing!
  • Sort by category, impact, and effort required
  • Lifetime updates
  • Guaranteed impact or 100% money back

Get $50 Off Easy Wins

Each phase will leverage different strategies found in the EasyWins database. To show exactly the type of strategies that are in the list, Mushfiq gave my site OwntheYard.com a quick audit and shared exactly what he would do to improve the site. 

I knew there was room for improvement with my site, but what surprised me was just how quick and easy the suggestions Mushfiq suggested would be to implement. 

These suggestions were things I could do once and be effective for the life of the website. 

I’ve included just a few of the recommendations he provided. You can see all his recommendations with the Youtube video here. 

  • Sticky Side Bar Ad

    I was already using Ezoic on my site and have been monetizing quite nicely this way, but Mushfiq shared a way that I could optimize to earn even more.

    The sticky sidebar ad is one of the highest-earning ad placements. On a handful of my pages the sticky sidebar ad was not enable. By enabling I should instantly see a spike in revenue.

  • Minimizing Featured Image

    Above the fold is one of the most valuable places on the page. By reducing the large featured images to be smaller, I could get more content above the fold and provide a better user experience.

    Making featured images smaller would also result in more ads being shown higher up on the page, providing additional revenue.

    Mushfiq also recommends using tools like Canva to add a customized logo or making the images unique as he’s seen a better performance than when using custom vs stock photos.

  • Adding Link Text

    I used the AAWP plugin  and the AmaLinks Pro plugin to push traffic to my Amazon affiliate links, but one area that I wasn’t linking was the link text.

    A quick, easy win would be to add link text when mentioning products and brands. Both text and image links are high converting links. By adding the link text we should see a significant increase in the number of on-page clicks. 

  • Replace Amazon Native Ads

    At the end of many pages, I include a “Shop Related Products” option using Amazon’s native shopping widget.

    Historically this native shopping widget provides low conversions. Mushfiq’s recommendation was to replace the native ad with AAWP product comparison or telling the readers my best product suggestion at the end of the article as a call to action.

Implementing EasyWins.io

Anytime I start thinking about optimizing my sites, I start feeling overwhelmed. Owntheyard.com has over 500 pages. Optimizing feels like a never-ending task. 

Mushfiq recommends only looking at the top 10 revenue pages or pages with significant traffic, and the suggestions like updating the themes featured image position would only have to be done once and implemented across the site. 

Mushfiq also sees some of his Easywins.io customers leverage the database of strategies to provide the list to a virtual assistant to complete the tasks. 

These just scratched the surface of the strategies Mushfiq and EasyWins.io have to offer. There are over 100 and the list keeps growing. 

You can get $50 off the database this week when you purchase EasyWins with the NichePursuits link here!


How to Develop a Niche Marketing Strategy that Drives Growth

How to Develop a Niche Marketing Strategy that Drives Growth

As of March 2020, over 804,390 businesses in the U.S. were less than one year old. Combine that with the 31.7 million small businesses vying for customers, and the competition seems even more fierce. So how can you possibly create a marketing strategy that stands out? Diving into a specific niche is the way to set your business apart.

Let’s look at how a handful of businesses use niche marketing to their advantage, before walking through the steps to create your own growth-generating strategy.

Download Now: Free Marketing Plan Template

5 Examples of a Niche Marketing Strategy

1. Flylow Gear

With 9.2 million skiers and snowboarders in the U.S, the pool of potential customers seems wide enough for all to share. But popular brands like Patagonia and The North Face can be found in almost every sports shop, making it hard to convince customers to seek out smaller brands with fewer offerings.

Flylow Gear figured out how to fight through the noise. Instead of targeting all customers interested in winter gear, their niche marketing strategy focuses on backcountry skiers looking for no-nonsense, quality gear. Their products are featured in all the right places — like Powder magazine — to reach their ideal buyers. Even their confirmation emails share that they’re a small, mountain-based crew of dedicated skiers.

flylow gear example of niche marketing

Image source

2. Octavia Elizabeth Jewelry

For ethically-minded consumers searching for jewelry, the most important factor is knowing about raw materials sourcing and product creation. That’s because this $300 billion dollar industry has come under fire for using child labor and causing extensive environmental harm.

Octavia Elizabeth understands the need for responsible jewelry. The company’s commitment to fair working conditions, legitimate living wages, and ethical production are clearly stated on its website.

Not only has Octavia Elizabeth honed in on customers looking for sustainably-sourced, handmade jewelry who are willing to pay a higher price, the brand has also elevated its niche offering by associating itself with celebrity clientele.

Octavia Elizabeth niche marketing

Image source

3. Natural Dog Company

Research estimates Americans will spend $99 billion on their pets in 2020 alone. So how can a pet-focused business stand out amongst the thousands of memory foam beds, custom carry-on bags, and dog-friendly ice creams saturating the market?

Natural Dog Company caters to a very specific kind of pet owner: the eco-conscious consumer who pampers their pooch. By giving their organic and all-natural skin care products names like PAWdicure Pack and offering discount codes for free dog treats, they put pups first — which is exactly what their customers do.

natural dog company niche marketing

Image source

4. Pimsleur

Learning a new language can be a struggle, and the options for doing so are definitely overwhelming. Will you really be speaking like a Parisian after spending $1,000 on a program?

Rather than making promises of perfect grammar and flawless accents, Pimsleur focuses on learners who need to improve their speaking and listening skills. The program includes a 30-minute audio lesson every day, with each conversation building off the previous ones. While not the most innovative language-learning app, its audio-first approach is great for customers looking to improve their conversational skills.

Pimsleur niche marketing

Image source

5. Photographers Without Borders

It’s one thing to entice people to buy a product, but it’s another thing entirely to attract donors for a nonprofit. While this type of organization may not seem like the right fit for a niche marketing strategy, it’s essential for bringing in donations and volunteers.

Photographers Without Borders has partnered with major organizations like Adobe, Sony, and Patagonia by honing in on a particular marketing technique: storytelling.

By prioritizing ethical storytelling, whether in a social media post, email newsletter, or online webinar, the organization has built a reputation for producing high-quality work that address the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and UNDRIP. Plus, their Code of Ethics makes it clear what type of community members and partners they’re aiming to attract.

Photographers without borders niche marketing strategy

Image source

Developing a Niche Marketing Strategy

Now that you have a better grasp on how brands from all types of industries create strategies that drive growth, it’s time to shape your own.

Step 1: Know your competition.

Developing a niche marketing strategy is impossible without scoping out your competition. That’s because it’s crucial to understand your unique selling proposition — what you do differently that makes customers choose your company over another.

Maybe you design ceramic dishware that can’t be found anywhere else, or maybe you’ve developed a tool that makes it easier for marketers to send emails. Whatever is it, find your speciality and craft a story around it.

Step 2: Narrow down your niche market.

Airbnb Co-founder Brian Chesky is famous for having said, “Build something 100 people love, not something 1 million people kind of like.” Put simply, it’s better to reach a small group of people who sing praises about your company, rather than a large group who thinks it’s just okay.

You can do this by honing in on the right niche market for your business. While this takes time and thought, it’s worth the effort to find loyal customers who will gladly choose you over competitors.

For instance, Thirdlove is the first underwear company to offer bras in half-size cups. Through their inclusive sizing options and emphasis on body diversity, they’ve built a loyal community of over 327,000 Instagram followers.

Step 3: Go where your buyers are.

If your ideal customer spends all of their time scrolling on Facebook, it wouldn’t make sense to develop a niche marketing strategy around email campaigns. Enter market research.

You already know who your buyers are, but research helps you go deeper to find out where they shop, how they find products, and what influences their purchase decisions. Once you have that information, you’ll get the most return for your marketing dollars.

Step 4: Listen to the word on the street.

Everyone has problems that need solutions. If you listen to people’s thoughts about a certain product or service, you can find opportunities to fill in the gaps.

David Barnett did just that when he engineered a solution for constantly tangled headphones. What started out as two buttons glued to the back of a phone case quickly turned into Popsockets, a company that brought in $169 million in revenue just seven years after its founding.

Step 5: Create a unique brand.

Once you’ve defined your unique selling point, outlined your buyer persona, found out where to reach them, and listened to their problems — all that’s left is to build a brand identity. A well-defined brand will help you develop a niche marketing strategy that’s authentic to you and attracts ideal customers.

For instance, Etsy’s position as the marketplace for independent artists has attracted more than 138 million buyers. In a 2020 TV commercial, the brand touched on the pandemic and used emotional marketing tactics to encourage support for small businesses that sell through the platform.

Creating a niche marketing strategy that drives growth for your business is more than creating a social media ad or sending a weekly email promotion. If you take the time to learn about your customers and differentiate your brand, you can develop a strategy that attracts the right buyers and helps you hit your growth goals.

Marketing Plan Template

Hack Growth By Introducing Livestream On YouTube For Your Business

Hack Growth By Introducing Livestream On YouTube For Your Business

YouTube Live is one among many exciting features rolled out by YouTube. Introduced in 2011, livestream on YouTube is an easy way to reach to your target audience in real time. This epoch-making event has made YouTube more likeable and more useful for modern marketers. Using live streaming, you as a modern marketer can connect to your target audience in no time.

How to Livestream on YouTube

It’s quite simple; you just need to follow a few steps. The first and foremost step is to enable your channel for live streaming.

If you are a beginner, confirm that your YouTube live account gets verified and you didn’t face any live stream restrictions in the last 90 days.

If you are live streaming on mobile, your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers.

How to enable live streaming

It’s easier when doing on the desktop, click the ‘Live Streaming’ tab on the creator studio tools.

On a mobile, go to YouTube live streaming app and create a live stream.

Although enabling a live stream for the first time may take up to 24 hours. Yet once activated, your stream can go live instantly.

How to create a YouTube live streaming Video

A webcam is the easiest way to create live stream without using Youtube live streaming software.

Here we mention some of the tips and tricks to ‘Hack Growth By Introducing Livestream On YouTube For Your Business.’

1. Use High Level of Lighting For Clear View

Lighting plays a pivotal role in videos. If your live video is not shot in a properly lit environment, it won’t render the clear message you want to disseminate to your target audience. People will not be able to see you properly in a poorly lit video and needless to say their attention would deviate.

Creating a live video means you want to talk to your audience directly, so to capture the attention of your audience it’s imperative that you make sure that the host and other guests are evenly lit and easy to see.

It’s recommended the lighting is flattering and presents a clear view to your audience. However, adding light for live video is a little different from traditional ‘narrative’ lighting. Traditional lighting tells a story, live video lighting is all about the content of your live broadcast.

2. Engage Some One to Monitor Your Streams

If you appoint someone to monitor your stream, live videos can bring excellent results. Most of the times, we tend to miss small details while creating a live video and this costs us in the long run. So, having an extra set of eyes on your live stream is extremely important. It doesn’t matter whether they are monitoring along with the same room or watching remotely from a different location; they must be in touch with you.

Monitoring is helpful as the appointed person can provide support and inform you of any problems regarding audio sync issues or jerky frame rates.

3. Involve a Co-Host Or a Special Guest For More Engagement

Want to make your live video more engaging? Consider adding vibe with a co-host or special guest. This added insight is sure to add a fresh perspective to your live show and make it more interesting for your audience.

There are several benefits of having a guest on your live stream, one of the significant advantages is – it’s the perfect opportunity for cross-promotion. To put it simply, you can promote your guest to your audience and similarly, your guest can promote you to their audience.

You will get the more beneficial result and attract an even wider audience if you can convince a popular influencer to collaborate with you on a live stream.

How to connect to influencers? There are a number of the helpful platform available to connect and collaborate with suitable influencers directly:

Famebit: Famebit is one of the leading platforms that helps you connect with the right influencers, enabling branded content that reaches the right audience at the right time and inspires action.

Upfluence: This tool helps to select your influencers, manage and analyze your campaign performance at criterion.

Mention: It’s an easy-to-use media monitoring tool that allows you to find influencers, track your social mentions, analyze competitors and generate leads.

4. Respond to The Comments in Real Time

Viewer comments are significant for brand building. In this volatile world, people trust consumers’ feedback while choosing a brand. But the comments put forth by the viewers have a limited shelf life, so it’s ideal for replying to them quickly.

And imagine if you do it while you live stream on YouTube will not it be the best thing ever? However, if it’s not possible to reply to them while live streaming, there’s nothing to think about reply straight after the show and see the huge boost on your engagement with your audience.

The best part is they would like to keep coming back to your live streams again and again.

5. Monetize Your Streams for Effective Result

Livestream on YouTube can get more popular if you monetize your live streaming. But owing to several conditions for monetizing the entire matter can get complicated. Here are certain prerequisites if you want to monetize your streams-

  • You must be over 18 years old
  • Your channel has over 1000 subscribers
  • Your videos have more than 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months

The moment your channel is enabled for monetization, YouTube will automatically start triggering ads on your content. But these ads are not viewable by your target audience; there are other eligibility criteria for ads live streams to be eligible:

  • Pre-roll ads both for mobile and desktop can be run before the live stream.
  • Mid-roll ads only for a desktop run can occur during the live stream.
  • Display and overlay ads only for desktop run beside or over the content.
  • Enabling ads and using Super Chat also allow you to earn revenue on your live streams

6. Make Use of YouTube Live Features

When going for YouTube Live, you can find a number of handy features to help make live streaming easier and advanced and with a little effort. Take a look at the feature available:

  • Live Automatic Captions– Using this feature you can provide accessibility for new audience members and allow people to follow along with no sound.
  • Location Tags– adding a location tag to your live stream allows your viewers to have a deeper insight into your content. This is especially useful for those contents that provide knowledge of different locations, for e.g countries, shops or restaurants.
  • Super Chats– It is a feature of the highlighted message that sticks out from the rest of the chats to gain the attention of the viewers during the stream. When your audience watches live streams, they can purchase a ‘super chat.’

7. Promote Youtube Live Stream

With thousands of videos uploaded in the second largest search engine YouTube it’s essential to know how to promote YouTube broadcasts.

Here are some of the best practices:

Promote the broadcast before you publish it

Let your audience know what you have planned for and what are you going to publish. This clear communication becomes easy for both your audience and you when they know beforehand how long is your streaming when it’s going to come etc.they will make exclusive time for it.

Add Teaser to provoke Audience’s Interest

You don’t need to go over the top with sensational content like a lot of the top YouTube stars. After all, you’re probably pursuing a YouTube Live strategy to complement your content marketing and to create success for your business.

Promise your Audience Something Valuable

Those questions I was just talking about? Make sure the answers you are giving provide actionable insights that people can use to succeed or make their lives better.

Don’t just talk to talk

Provide people with something concrete. When you do, that’s when the magic happens, because that’s when people share your live broadcast.

  • Companies like Royal Caribbean organized an influencer takeover and started streaming their adventures live.
  • Kohl’s partnered with vlogger ItsJudyTime and promoted their Black Friday sales on Facebook Live.
  • Nestle started the Drumstick Periscope campaign, took advantage of trending topic: #FirstDayOfSummer and then finally partnered with influencers like entrepreneur Olga Kay.

Happy Streaming

Make use of the above mentioned tips and tricks and elevate your live streams to the next level. Meet your audience live by using its YouTube Live Streaming feature; however, before you begin with your live video, YouTube. Live streaming is one of the fastest ways to spread your information on your product. In this new economic age, Youtube live streaming can be helpful, particularly for those who are running a business.

With animatedvideo.com you can create the best ever live streaming and amplify your business your business.