Influencer Marketing for E-commerce: Tools and Tips to Grow Your Brand

Influencer Marketing for E-commerce: Tools and Tips to Grow Your Brand

To have a successful e-commerce platform, you have to pay to play. Some of the top US brands spend billions on advertising to secure their internet advertising space.

If you can’t keep up with the big companies that spend billions of dollars on their advertising campaigns, there are still a few ways you can get your brand noticed.

One such method is an influencer promotion campaign. It’s a quick and effective way to help with brand recognition. You could also invest in some tools that will make working with influencers simpler. In this guide, we will break down these unconventional forms of marketing.

How Using Social Media Influencers Can Grow Your E-commerce Brand

Influencer marketing is the practice of working with well-known social media users to grow your brand. For example, if you have a popular skincare line, you might have a well-known lifestyle influencer try your product and tell their audience about their results.

This is a highly effective strategy. In fact, 49% of users say they rely on recommendations from influencers on Twitter to make purchase decisions.

Marketers like influencer promotions too. Nearly 89% of marketers say that influencer marketing campaigns’ ROI is the same or better than other marketing channels like SEO or PPC.

The problem is, most e-commerce brands don’t have the budget to partner with the likes of Kim Kardashian.

Working with micro-influencers, who have smaller but more targeted audiences, might be the way to go. However, you still have to deal with finding the right influencers, managing communications, making sure influencers create the posts you pay them for, and tracking campaign efficacy.

For smaller e-commerce stores or those with limited budgets, this can be more hassle than it’s worth.

So what’s the answer?

Try using influencer marketing tools for e-commerce brands that make working with influencers easier by bringing the influencers to you.

Why Your E-Commerce Business Should Use Influencer Marketing Tools

E-commerce is a highly competitive market. Currently, there are more than 7 million online retailers. That’s a lot of other stores for users to choose from.

The Baymard Institute found that after going through the difficult trials of browsing products, filling a cart, and committing to a purchase, two out of three users will end up abandoning their cart.

Even if you can grab shoppers’ attention, you also have to keep that attention if you want to drive conversions.

For e-commerce brands, influencer promotion helps leverage your consumer base to do your marketing for you rather than spending thousands on ads that may or may not actually work. Influencer marketing tools can help connect you with hundreds of powerful influencers.

In addition, influencer marketing tools often offer marketing tools such as automated emails that reduce other e-commerce challenges, like cart abandonment.

Here are a few other benefits of influencer marketing tools for e-commerce brands:

  • Letting the influencer choose the brand or product means the person using your product is more likely to be genuinely interested in it. This makes their content more authentic.
  • Tools give you access to a wider range of influencers instead of focusing on who you already know, including micro-influencers.
  • Influencer tools can help you track influencers’ niches, the quality of their audiences, and their engagement rates so you know the influencers you work with are legitimate.
  • Tools that take care of all communications, post content, and monitoring, thereby simplifying the process, meaning brands can sit back and enjoy conversions without the hassle of striking and sealing deals.

Statista, a company specializing in market and consumer data, found that 88% of U.S. consumers used coupons for shopping in 2020. Discounts and coupons are proven methods of retaining customers and increasing brand loyalty. 76% of consumers rate discounts as top-ranking factors for purchasing, according to RetailMeNot.

As a marketer, this offers an opportunity to cater to a wider audience while simultaneously promoting products.

By using influencer marketing tools, consumers can get a good deal and value for their money. The added incentive of discounts has the potential to attract new customers by drawing them in with savings and payment options.

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Influencer Marketing for E-Commerce: Tools to Help Grow Your Brand

Brands have stepped into the scene and are finding creative ways to leverage consumer marketing techniques.


SwayPay offers discounted rates for influencer promotion, which can offset added costs like shipping, tax, and fees. In addition, SwayPay offers a simplified payment option that tailors itself to consumer needs.

As users browse through online stores, they see special SwayPay pricing available on products. When they go to purchase a product, they will be asked to add their Instagram account handle. Adding this information lets them know what discounts they may be eligible for and how many Instagram posts will be required to earn the discount.

A user’s “sway” determines their discounts, which means the more followers they have, the less they have to pay. This ensures the posts you are trading for will benefit your business, not simply fade out into the social sphere.

In the SwayPay checkout, the user will pay the full dollar amount of the product, without the discount. Then, they have 30 days to make the required posts and keep their discount.

This means a shopper could pay for a $150 item with $90 and two Instagram posts. SwayPay requires shoppers to tag them in each post, so compliance is mandated.

For businesses, this system opens up a range of new conversion opportunities. Customers are now incentivized to complete their purchase and engage in online marketing of the product.

The SwayPay app boasts their retailers receive twice the number of branded Instagram posts, 17% engagement increases on SwayPay posts, and up to 13% of all processed sales coming through their app.

Currently, the app only works with Shopify and Instagram. They are hoping to branch out in the coming quarters and integrate their platform with the likes of TikTok and BigCommerce.

SwayPay plans to introduce more ways to sway, such as a SwayScore that would score user purchases and reward them with extra discounts or prizes. They also plan to implement a Live Receipt feature to let users generate sales more directly through affiliate payments.

At the moment, SwayPay offers the best ease and accessibility for consumers. Seeing the discount at point-of-purchase as well as a clear and direct promotion task is unique and, if their strategy works out, will help brands connect with influencers more often and more efficiently.

Dealspotr’s Influencer Marketplace

Dealspotr is an online platform that connects influencers to brands and offers discount codes through their website. They call themselves “the LinkedIn of influencer marketing” and are essentially a meeting place for brands and influencers.

Brands can offer “free product campaigns” that supply products directly to influencers, or they can choose a “promotional fee campaign”, where they pay influencers a designated rate in exchange for promotions.

This gives brands greater visibility without having to find the right influencers and adjust the process based on what works best for your brand. For example, you can offer influencers an exclusive discount code for their followers or partner with specific influencers that fit your niche.

You can fund an influencer campaign with as much or as little as you like, though Dealspotr does recommend offering at least $100 if you want to work with small to medium-sized influencers.

Unlike SwayPay, Dealspotr doesn’t offer a point-of-sale option. That means their customers can set up deals on the platform but will have to find workarounds to get those discounts applied to their orders.


Heepsy is an influencer search and marketplace that connects brands with more than 11 million influencers on sites like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.

Like other influencer tools for e-commerce, Heepsy makes it far easier to connect with influencers. In addition, Heepsy provides data about influencer audiences, engagement rates, and gives influencers an “authenticity score.”

You can also create influencer lists, make sure they don’t have a ton of fake followers, and even monitor the effectiveness of campaigns.

All this data makes it easier to find the right influencers for your e-commerce brand — and make sure your influencer campaigns are driving sales.

If you don’t want to deal with managing the influencer process, Heepsy can handle it for you with their influencer campaign management service.


Shopify is best known as an e-commerce solution for building stores. However, there’s a lesser known tool you can use with influencer marketing as well.

Shopify also offers group discount options, which can help you create special rates for your influencer community. By using the code, influencers can receive a predetermined commission based on your agreement.

You can also add influencers to a specific customer group so that no one else can use that code — which protects you from giving deep discounts to everyone if the code gets leaked.

While not as full-featured as some of the other influencer marketing tools (there are no pay features or influencer marketing metrics, for example), this is an easy way to leverage influencer marketing if you already have a Shopify account.


As the popularity of e-commerce continues to grow, finding cost-effective advertising platforms will become more and more important.

You can offer customers discounts on products in exchange for Instagram posts. These posts act as influencer marketing channels and allow your products to be seen by more people, more often.

By offering discounted rates, which research says improves buying behaviors, you open up your market to new customers.

Likewise, tapping into influencer promotion is a great way to spend less on advertising and keep your budget where you want it to be.

What benefits have you found through influencer marketing for e-commerce?

How Tal Melenboim is Changing Influencer Marketing with Zoe Dvir

How Tal Melenboim is Changing Influencer Marketing with Zoe Dvir

Tal Melenboim is a leading expert in influencer marketing. He has recently developed a new project called Zoe Dvir, which will significantly increase the ROI of influencer campaigns.

Tal Melenboim is Reinventing Influencer Marketing in a Stellar Way

Tal Melenboim is a pioneer in the field of influencer marketing. He developed a new project called Zoe Dvir. This is a boutique influencer marketing agency that creates Instagram personas for customers in various industries.

The digital advertising industry has evolved significantly since the turn-of-the-century. In recent years, one of the biggest trends is the emergence of influencer marketing. Although the ROI of influencer marketing is difficult to measure, available data indicates that it is significantly higher than most other marketing channels. A podcast by Convince and Convert showed that the ROI of influencer marketing is 1,000% higher than traditional display advertising.

Marketers around the world are coming to terms with the substantial benefits of influencer marketing. A study from Linqia showed an astounding 39% of marketers said they were planning to increase spending on their influencer campaigns. By contrast, only 5% intended to decrease their influencer marketing budgets. There will be a strong demand for Zoe Dvir services, as interest in influencer marketing continues to grow.

As marketers become more invested in influencer marketing, they are exploring new ways to refine their strategies. They have discovered that Instagram is the best social network. In fact, 92% of marketers prioritize investing in influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram over those of any other network.

How does the strategy Tal Melenboim created work?

Tal Melenboim uses computer generated images to create influencer accounts. Each account caters to a different industry. Here are some of the benefits of this approach.

Tal Melenboim has developed an efficient and cost-effective approach with Zoe Dvir.

The most important aspect of any influencer marketing campaign is the reach and credibility of the influencer accounts. A majority of influencer marketing agencies forge relationships with prominent bloggers and users on major social networking sites. This tends to be a costly strategy, because these influencers recognize the authority of their brand and charge accordingly.

Tal Melenboim came to the realization that it is much more cost-effective to build his own proprietary Instagram accounts from scratch. He developed a novel strategy with Zoe Dvir, which relies on computer generated images.

Computer generated images are personas that are developed with computer generation technology. Since the agency can create Instagram accounts with computer-generated images, they don’t need to pay exorbitant fees to third-party Instagram users.

They retain full control of the influencer marketing funnel

Agencies that provide traditional influencer marketing services are at the mercy of the influencers they work with. As we mentioned above, they often need to pay premium fees for sponsored posts. However, this is not even the biggest drawback, which Tal Melenboim has addressed with the Zoe Dvir project.

Even if agencies are willing to pay influencers to promote their clients, they are still going to face other uncertainties. It’s also important to know when and how to use humor within your content and writing styles. Some of these challenges include:

  • Instagram influencers might have their own hangups about working with certain types of companies. Even if these companies are not controversial, it can be frustrating to hear that an influencer won’t partner with them. The approach that Tal Melenboim developed makes it easier for companies to connect with a reliable influencer.
  • Influencers might choose to abandon social media at any time. Nothing would be more frustrating than to have an ongoing, profitable partnership with an influencer that suddenly decides to delete their account overnight. Tal Melenboim is able to assure his clients that his influencers won’t disappear, so he can guarantee that their content will be posted.
  • The brand of a third-party influencer is going to be a lot more fluid. They typically see their social media platform as an extension of their own personality, just as much or even more than their professional brand. They might engage in behavior that diminishes their credibility or causes them to lose followers, such as posting obnoxious binge drinking pictures or expressing controversial political positions. This means that the intrinsic value of their brand is much more volatile. That is not always a good thing.
  • You are going to be on their schedule. Your agency might be paying them a large amount of money, but they might still schedule content weeks later.

Agencies like Zoe Dvir that retain ownership of their influencer accounts have much more autonomy. Tal Melenboim can guarantee his clients that sponsored content will be posted within a reasonable timeframe. He also has much greater control of the direction of the brand, because he won’t be mixing personal and potentially controversial perspectives with their content.

Engagement can be as high or even higher than with traditional influencer accounts

It is easy to see how using computer generated images with Zoe Dvir is much more cost-effective than reaching out to real-life Instagram influencers. You can create content more quickly and easily. You also don’t need to dedicate a massive budget to compensating third-party Instagram users.

However, it is easy to see why many marketers would still be skeptical of this approach. Their most obvious concern is that accounts with computer generated images might not be as engaging.

While it is easy to see the basis for this concern, it is not supported by actual data. Empirical data from Instagram account shows that they can be just as engaging.  Take a look at the most popular virtual Instagram model, lilmiquela. The engagement rate with this account is 27.3% higher than the average engagement rate of accounts with real-life models with similar appearances and follower demographics.

Since engagement rates with virtual Instagram users are relatively high and the costs of developing them are significantly lower, the ROI of using Zoe Dvir can be exceptional.

Tal Melenboim can reach a global audience with Zoe Dvir

Influencer marketing agencies are going global. They are working with brands all over the world to help them expand their reach. Unfortunately, some influencers focus on creating content that is only relevant to local followers in their own region.

Tal Melenboim has taken a different approach with Zoe Dvir. He has created influencer accounts that have much broader messages. This makes it easy to optimize content for brands all over the world.


Video Influencer Marketing Fires-Up Brand Visibility: Here’s How!

Video Influencer Marketing Fires-Up Brand Visibility: Here’s How!

Collaborating with influencers has become one of the most effective ways for building a strong audience base. These ‘professionals’ are considered as experts and thought leaders who can drive in audience engagement with intense credibility. Influencer marketing can be of many types like vlog influencers, Instagram influencers, video influencer, social media influencer and in this blog, we’ll be learning in detail about the lesser trodden yet unparallelly effective video influencer marketing.

The concept of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is considered as an amalgamation of new and old marketing tools. It revolves around the idea of selling a product or a service by involving a celebrity to speak about. This is an old trick, but the twist in a new way is that the celebrities are common people who gathered success on numerous social media channels overnight by reeling in a huge pool of audience hooked on to their interesting content.

The best example of this can be the celebrity YouTuber PewDiePie. He collaborated with a few makers of a horror movie set in French catacombs present underneath Paris. His series of videos fetched him at one point a whopping 27 million subscribers, i.e., double the views of a movie trailer.

The idea of collaboration here is clear; a celebrity tying hands with a company and produces content that intrigues the audience till the last scene.

Unlike the conventional known-faced celebrities, influencers can go anywhere and also are not obligated to follow the diplomatic thinking (unless the topic is sensitive) while making content. They can address any issue on the social or industrial agenda and spread awareness faster.

The areas where influence marketers impart their expert knowledge

An influencer can be a photographer, traveler, makeup artist, fashion designer, cook, well-read cyber-security bloggers, an industry expert or simply a comedian.

How to work as influencer?

  • Bring organized is everything
  • Right amount of time is to be invested in strategizing for planning and executing
  • Be a good listener as well
  • Quit being judgmental
  • Developing a schedule
  • Planning out of newsletter distribution
  • Integrating with any kind of PR or press release
  • Arranging face-to-face meetings with clients and audience

The rise of influencers

The rapid rise of social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube has paved a solid way for many commoners to present their ideas to people through engaging storytelling. Gradually the concept of endorsing started as well where the brands gave those favorite Instagrammers and YouTubers money to speak positively about the items so that the people use them. This is nothing but video influencer marketing.

Influencers are The Guardian coined influencers as the ‘new stars of web advertising,’ and Forbes magazine announced them having economic value.

How can a brand become an influencer on its own?

If you are having a consistent base of genuine followers with an unfathomable pool of content to keep them hooked, then you can make your brand achieve the influencer status as well. Make good use of social media video influencer marketing platform like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and also Twitter by investing in video-based influencer marketing strategy. If you analyze closely you will come across not only full-length videos but also mini status videos that engage people quickly and convey the message captivatingly.

It is the ability of the influencer to create actionable content that will inspire the audience to make a purchase decision. The social media influencer impact with video, in this case, brings in significant fortunes in favor of the endeavors.

Here’s how you can turn your brand into an influential voice in the industry with the aid of video influencer marketing:

1. Conduct interview with other brands

Tagging in the industry peers by connecting with them through video interviews can establish your brand as an expert with the positive impression of your brand being aesthetically enriched as well. This way of video-based social media influencer marketing is also considered to be a type of word-of-mouth marketing, which, if the figures are to be trusted, can produce around 37% of customer retention rate with double the amount of sales that any other paid form of advertising. You can choose to interview the veterans of the industry who are pioneers and can also act as significant influencers themselves. The audience can benefit a lot from their views and you are thus able to create valuable content.

2. Focus on everything

A lot of brands make videos based on their niche only; I say, make some of them based on specific events of the society otherwise known as event jacking. This will showcase the humane side of your brand, making it look lesser marketing or business-oriented. This facet of your brand can bring in an actual speed for organic growth and thus helping you to achieve all goals.

3. Harness the hot topics

If you want to lead with maximum audience preference by your side, make contents that easily build your brand go viral. Make videos that directly connect to the audience, communicate with them live and also address the issues that they want to discuss about. In fact, in the latter point, you can cleverly promote your product or service by citing their concern. This will definitely expand your audience base to a significant level.

4. Keep your posts frequent

Keep your video marketing content frequently posted so that the audience never loses their interest from you. More frequency brings in the substantial engagement of an audience towards a brand.

Paid influencer programs truly work the best in today’s date. With a plethora of brands dealing in the same items or services, it is a fresh take on attracting the attention of consumers. Expect lucrative results from influencer videos that you will be posting from your company social media accounts.

Influencer marketing is not about…

To the brands, influence marketing is never about finding someone who has a large audience base and collaborating with them. Let’s get this straight, viral celebrities; every one of them has started from scratch to build significant popularity. They expect to be treated singularly with all (legitimate) demands met, which include a higher pay. They are naturally protective of their work and creativity and once they work for you, you should be always be cooperating without losing any focus. They have the organic customer resource that you want, so dealing with them with patience is the sign of virtue.

Influencer marketing is never about quick benefits; just like other social media marketing approaches, it will take time to sell your brand and achieve all kinds of marketing goals like demonstrating authority, establishing credibility and also reflect the thought-leadership in the industry. Joining forces to grow may seem to be tempting, but it comes with the necessity of being a cordial business relationship.

If you are the influencer, then seek professionals…

It is possible that as a business with the vision of being an influencer in the industry, you may lack the proper resources. For challenges like these, you have the boon of professional video producing agencies who, with their creative approach and fresh ideas will pull out the best influencing video for your brand that will bring the desired results. So what are you waiting for, pull up your socks and collaborate with the bright minds of the video designing agencies and become an influential industry leader soon.