9 Must See Infographic Designs from Top Digital Marketing Influencers

9 Must See Infographic Designs from Top Digital Marketing Influencers

Do you want to make a great infographic? Perhaps just to make a better infographic is your goal. Infographics can have a powerful effect on your marketing campaign but only if they are good. We scoured the web to find some infographics that stood out that you may not have seen before. Some of them were created by well-known social influencers such as Neil Patel. Others have been set up by the individual organizations or businesses that they represent. You can click on the links to find out more about their authorship.

What do all of these infographics have in common? They are all great because of the way that they pull information together, feature great use of space and graphic design, and they all seem to know how to pull the information together to create the message that they want to create.

Take a look at these best infographic designs and infographic design templates to see if it inspires you to create something of your own using some of their must see infographic designs in your way.


Olympic Games

This infographics design inspiration of the Olympic Games is a great example that uses the “timeline approach.” As you’ll see, it chronicles the history of the Olympic games from 2005 to 2008 and how the Olympics are a billion-dollar business. The text is devoted to talking about how much business the Olympics generated during that period. The bottom uses rings like the Olympics logo to illustrate the amount of money made in the main categories by the millions. This includes licensing, ticketing, programs, sponsorships, and the broadcast of the Olympics. The best part of this infographic is the fact that it puts so much information about the Olympics in one simple and easy-to-read infographic that is also pleasing to the eye.


Facts About Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the most influential internet marketing gurus and infographic specialists online today. His “Facts about Neil Patel” infographic features a lot of information about Neil that is neatly segmented into categories. More than just a brag page, the infographic includes many facts about him that illustrate how he achieved his success, coupled with a humorous caricature of him in the middle of the graphic. He gives stats on how his various social media platforms are doing on the bottom of the graphic, as well as tips for fellow entrepreneurs and startups on how to make your business work.


State of the Blogging World

If you were to look up any information or resource guides on the concept of blogging, a name that would probably pop up in the search results a lot would be “Zac Johnson”. Through his personal blog and blogging resource guide at Blogging.org, he’s created a number of infographics to bring the amazing world of blogging and it’s insane statistics to life. One such example can be seen in his “State of the Blogging World” infographic, which breaks down all of the latest numbers in content creation, blogging and how brands are using both to reach new audiences and grow their business and exposure online.


John Williams, Master Composer

This beautiful infographic features John Williams, one of Hollywood’s legendary composers of famous film soundtracks like “Jaws,” “Close Encounters,” and “Superman.” Williams is known for creating some of the most powerful and memorable movie scores in the history of movies. In this infographic, the beautiful black background and photo of Williams serve to leave no doubt that the infographic is a tribute to Williams and his work. Another aspect that makes it stand out is the chart below his picture that presents the history of the awards that Williams received from his film scores. There is a timeline that illustrates when he created each musical score and some information on the movies. Williams is most known for partnering with Steve Spielberg on many big award-winning films.


SEO in a Nutshell

SEO in a Nutshell is a great infographic for a number of reasons. One is that it has vibrant, beautiful colors. The blue background is nicely complemented by the yellow highlights where the points are featured. The content of the infographic makes it easy to understand both onsite and offsite SEO and how they complement each other. This infographic by Neil Patel, infographic guru, definitely makes the statement it was intended to make and is highly informative. There is also a mention of “Black Hat” techniques and how they negatively impact the results of real SEO.


Lost Phone

This infographic on lost phones talks about what to do if you lose your cell phone. It starts off with an image of a cell phone that is lost at the top of the graphic, then gives a paragraph of information about lost phones, then gives the statistics of people that performed different actions on the phones when they discovered them. The point of the infographic is to illustrate with graphs and statistics just how easy it is to have your data compromised when you misplace your phone and how only half of the people who found a lost phone reported it or tried to find the owner. At the bottom, there is information and advice on what to do if you lose your phone and how to protect yourself from a security issue. This infographic brings a lot of value to the customer because of its specific facts on what happens when someone loses their cell phone.


Holidays by the Numbers

This holiday infographic is great because it is beautiful. It features a snow-covered background with Douglas firs that cannot help buy bring reminders of Christmases of long ago. Also, it is vibrant with red text illustrating the amount of money that is spent on various types of merchandise during the holiday season. The infographic quotes the amount of money that is spent on online shopping ($32 billion) and fun facts like the number of Christmas cards that are mailed each year, on average. This infographic is easy to read and digest, and it is fun. It gets you in the Christmas spirit just by reading it and would be a great tool for online retailers, as well as the individual.


The New World of Marketing

This infographic on marketing and how marketing has changed features a nice, organized graphic that is rich in data, statistics, and facts. It says what it needs to say in little verbiage and uses the graphs and statistics to speak volumes instead. One of the most interesting aspects of this infographic is the triangular pyramid that sits int he middle of the graphics and commands your attention. It states that the three new components of the new marketing trifecta are: email, mobile devices, and social media. These are meant to remind the reader that marketers today should focus on these three aspects to have to biggest impact. Then the other components of the infographic complement this information and show how you should integrate the three components in an organized, systematic fashion for the best results.


How to Start a Blog in 7 Simple Steps

With so many people jumping into the website and blogging space, there seems to be a never-ending supply of resources on how to start a blog. While there is plenty of text content and resource guides out there, there aren’t as many infographics to walk through the process. This is a perfect example of how to create pillar content that allows your brand to stand out from the crowd. This infographic was created by Cent M, who has made it a full-time business of creating high-quality infographics for clients around the world and to bring his own personal blog content to life.

Creating your own Infographic

Are you inspired now to create your infographic? Good. If so, then there’s no time like the present to get started. Start brainstorming on a legal pad or paper and think about what components and data you want to include in your infographic. Using attractive background colors and fonts, organizing relevant data, and creating value for your target audience is all part of the process of establishing a great infographic. Also, creating and using infographics within your own marketing and outreach is a great way to establish yourself as an influencer within your industry. This has been one of the most effective ways that we’ve not only help build brands for others, but also for our own company as well.

How to Choose Your Methods of Infographic Creation

The techniques you use in creating your infographic should reflect your branding as much as possible. But you should avoid making it too sales-oriented. Even if your goal is sell products, make it more about the information and the value that you can give your reader rather than some sales you can generate from it. Using this soft selling approach is more efficient, much like the blog is more efficient than a hard sell commercial that urges the driver to “turn that car around” and come buy out the store!

If you need help creating your infographic, you can call on us. See some of our own infographics too by visiting our online infographic portfolio. Also remember that we can also create video infographics, social infographics, and even PowerPoint presentations from your information.

The sky’s the limit when you are planning an infographic that will work with your branding. It’s important to keep your goal in mind and don’t get off-track while organizing your information. Consider what you want to achieve from your infographic. Do you want to sell a product, inform people about your brand, or just let people know what you are doing? Then browse through the best infographics websites. This should set the framework for your infographic and give you a guideline as to what you should include.

If we can help, feel free to contact us at infographicdesignteam.com. We enjoy helping brands create digital assets that help them thrive and to stand out amid the seas of digital media.

How Top Instagram Influencers are Making Money

How Top Instagram Influencers are Making Money

How Top Instagram Influencers are Making Money

Written by Zac Johnson

Influencer marketing is all of the craze lately. Businesses and brands of all sizes are throwing tons of money at kids, adults, pets and craziness of all types, in hope to reach new audiences through the use of social media updates, profile pics, status updates and super short videos.

It seems like all of this just came out of nowhere, but it’s been a growing trend that we’ve all not only been witnessing, but also a part of. Every time you like, share or upvote a status, you are essentially part of the influencer marketing madness.

For the average person, it’s all just normal social media engagement as usual. For the content creator and influencer, it’s just another little statistic that they can provide to brands and advertisers to demand more money for whatever new opportunities come their way.

Yes my friends, we are living in the age of influencer marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing and Where is it Taking Place?

Influencer marketing is just like what it sounds like. Someone joins a social networking platform and starts creating content (whether that be text, images or video) and starts to build a following of their own. As that following and ‘influence’ grows, so does the likelihood that brands and advertisers would pay that individual to write about, showcase and profile a product or service.

This has been happening in the world of entertainment and movies forever, usually through the method of paid placements. It’s also quite similar in that way that commercials and television advertising work. Brands want to choose a great spokesperson for their commercials, and for them to air during peak viewing times and to relevant audiences. However, with television viewership in decline and social media now giving everyone a platform and the ability to reach millions of users instantly, the business of influencer marketing is born and now thriving more than ever.

In terms of where we are seeing a great majority of influencers getting paid for such deals, paid placements and sponsorships — fashion, beauty and travel are the heavy hitters.

Take a look at any of the latest cosmetics marketing industry trends, and you will see there is a ton of money pouring into the ecommerce and online buying space for these markets. Not only that, but also where and how that money is being spent. A great majority of it is coming through social media and the influencers and users that continue to share and promote such products.

This can be backed up even more with the latest news about Kylie Jenner and how she’s built a $900 million empire thanks to her massive social media reach and cosmetics business. According to Business Insider, “Jenner has made her millions, from Kylie Cosmetics to TV appearances to product endorsements”, which are mostly all part of the influencer marketing process.

This is just one example of many, in where influencer marketing is quickly changing now only how customers find, review and buy products online, but also how businesses and brands must now adapt to targeting potential customers and reaching new audiences.

How Much Do Influencers Really Make?

When it comes to the actual amount of money being spent on influencer marketing, we know it’s in the billings, but when it comes to how much each influencer is actually making… it’s often a guess.

There are plenty of advertising platforms online to help you connect with different influencers, which also showcase their rates, but there are also many different factors in place as well. Such factors include how much the ad platform is taking per deal, the amount of deals in place, how many private campaigns are negotiated, and of course what industry the influencer is in.

Just like websites, businesses and blogs… influencers come in many different shapes and sizes. Some might have a following of a few thousand followers, while others may have access to millions across multiple platforms.

There are also plenty of resources and case studies online to help answer this question as well, as there really is no set price or answer. Later.com came out with a resource of their own, and in one section they reference Shane McCloskey, Director of Sales at influencer platform, who went on to say:

“An influencer with a million followers on Instagram may charge $100 for a post, while an influencer with ten thousand followers on Instagram also charges $100 for the exact same post on their feed,”

And further into the resource they also reference rates and advertising packages being offered by different influencers in various niche markets. One lifestyle influencer noted “She also adheres to the rule of $100 per 10,000 followers to calculate her rate.

But after doing some quick research of your own, you will also find that rates heavily swing in costs depending on your niche market, who you ask and what type of content you would like to publish.

According to this recent article on Fox NewsSponsored posts can range in cost from anywhere between $50 to more than $50,000, according to media news website Mic.com.”. The article also highlights that Kyle Jenner “can make more than $1 million per sponsored post shared with her 164 million followers on Instagram” — which further backs up our reference to how powerful influencer marketing can be in the cosmetics and beauty space.

What this means for advertisers and brands alike, is that there is ample opportunity for transitioning into influencer marketing without the need to blow through a budget in just a few posts. This can be best accomplished by going after smaller and niche specific influencers, versus just going after celebrity names or those influencers with millions of followers.

However, on the influencer side, it’s still a pretty successful and financially beneficial business model. The same article goes on to note that “Nano-influencers, or users with only a few thousand followers, can make anywhere between $30,000-$60,000 per year, according to the report.

How Businesses and Brands Can Get Started with Influencer Marketing

No matter what your business model is, or the product or service you offer, there is likely an influencer out there just waiting to showcase your brand to their audience–for a price, of course!

However, for new businesses and brands looking to enter this space, it can be quite confusing on how to best approach influencers, knowing what to say and also how much to spend. Even after all of that is done, how are you supposed to track the ROI from your campaigns and know if it’s a success or not?

This is all part of the research and planning process. Social Media Week has a great reference guide that points out the following five-step process to find the most success with influencer marketing.

  • Identify your main goal for influencer marketing
  • Define a suitable influencer profile
  • Discovering potential influencers
  • Providing rewards for the influencer
  • Measuring results

Whether you are excited about the idea of growing your business or brand through influencer marketing, or disgusted by the idea… it’s now one of the most effective ways to drive clicks, views, fans and customers back to your brand.

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